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It had been a couple months since my mom and I had that first encounter in the club. Ted came home and didn’t suspect anything other than the usually, it seems, since he never suspected that I had been at the club. He and my mom went that next weekend and I stayed home to watch my little sisters. It was annoying, since Anna is 19, so I don’t know why I have to get tethered to Macy, the little one.

It’s probably because Anna is irresponsible. The whole time I was watching them, Anna was chatting with some dude on mom’s laptop and totally didn’t even notice when Macy started watching a gory horror film while I was making dinner. Not that I care about gory films, but Macy is only six, so we try not to spoil her mind with that kind of stuff.

My mom made it up to me by pretending to be sick that next Monday though. Once Ted had taken Macy to school and headed to work, and Anna went on her daily shopping spree, Mom and I engaged in a long cardio exercise in her bed and then again in her shower. I told her that I could watch Macy any weekend she and Ted went out if that was the payment I would get in return. She laughed it off and told me it was my payment for having to deal with Anna.

A couple of weekends passed after that and neither I nor my parents went to the club. Nor did I have any more of those special cardio sessions with my mom. Everything seemed to settle back to normal.

Out of the blue, Ted had to take a trip out to do a calendar shoot in LA and invited Mom to go with him. At first she declined, but then his agent called her and told her that the same people were doing a ladies shoot and would give her a substantial amount if she came too. So she did. I was left home to take care of Macy, no thanks to Anna. In fact, Anna was invisible the whole week Mom was gone. I had no idea where she was or what she was doing.

When Mom and Ted came home, I was livid. Macy had been a pain the whole time and I hadn’t been able to go to class or even hang out with my friends. It’s bad when you are wishing you had gone to chemistry instead of staying home with your little sister. After the first couple of days, she refused to go to school and there was nothing I could say to convince her. I texted Anna and asked for help and she told me that since she only went to school for the boys, there was no way she could help. Mom and Ted tried their best to apologize, but I just left and spent the night at a friend’s.

The next morning, I got a text from my mom. It said that she had told Ted she “needed” to go to the Blue Room. He had given her permission, but he wasn’t going. I relaxed and texted my mom back.

How are you going to make up a whole week? I asked.

I have a surprise. She responded.

Another gb? I asked.

No. 3sum. She texted back.

Unless you don’t want to go. I can always just go with my date.

I thought about for a long time. As much fun as it was watching my mom get used, I wasn’t sure how a threesome was going to be more fun. Still, it was my mom, and there was still that taboo. And I knew that my mom’s ass was tight and she was willing to give it to me. I could share her, especially if it meant that she was going to be entirely disheveled in the end. She did owe me, and I was going to make sure that me and the other guy take those payments from her.

Ok. I texted back. I’ll meet you there.

Wear your mask again. She texted back.

We’ll be there at 10, stud.

The rest of that day seemed to crawl along. I played several hours of GTA at my buddy’s place before I finally got myself a wheat grass smoothie and then spent an hour at the costume shop looking for a better mask than before. I found a half dozen than I liked, but eventually decided on a black and silver venetian mardi gras mask. I also bought a new suit to go with it. It’s great when you’re parents have money and they lend you some for this kind of stuff.

Showing up at the club when it opened around 9pm , I hung out in the bar area. I did a shot of Jager and then sipped on a rum and coke while I waited, not hiding in the corner this time. It wasn’t masquerade night, but I received compliments on the fact that I was wearing a suit the matched my mask. A whole lot of peoples girlfriends and wives came up to me, actually, but I just accepted their compliments and then told them I was waiting for someone. Apparently, it was threesome night, so most of the people there were looking for an extra person.

It was actually 10:15pm by the time my mom came in. If she had texted me to tell me she was going to be late, I didn’t know, since the rule was no electronics once you entered the club. But I recognized her by the build and by her tattoos again, even though she was wearing a fairly ornate mask that was mixture of blue and green while wearing a long blue dress. After saying hi to a few people that she clearly knew, she sauntered over to me.

“Sorry we’re late,” she said. She leaned in and kissed me. It was the first time we’d marsbahis güvenilirmi actually kissed, and I felt my stomach flip a little. Her lips were soft and warm, and tasted a little like cinnamon. I held the kiss for a long moment before I let her move away.

Stepping to the side, I saw a tall blonde girl dressed in a similar outfit with a similar mask, her breasts filling her dress better even than my mom, smiling and looking at me. “Tada,” my mom said.

“Wait,” I stammered, feeling everything inside me drop, twist and return. “You meant with another girl.”

“Woman,” my mom corrected, “please. And yes, that’s what I meant. She came here last weekend and wasn’t satisfied with the creepers who bugged her, so I promised I would find her a really hot guy with a good sized cock to satisfy her.”

My mom leaned in and whispered in my ear. “I made her promise to share,” she said.

I downed my drink and stood up, almost tripping over myself in excitement. My mom laughed and stopped me, looking me in the eye. “Hold on, stud,” she said. “A real lady needs to be wooed. Why don’t we go to the dance floor and see whose got the best moves?”

I swallowed and nodded. My mom took my hand and then reached over with her free one and took the blonde’s. We walked into the next room over and I felt the music rush through me, causing my shivering to calm a bit.

The dance room wasn’t so much of a dance floor as it was a room with a little bit of dancing space between stripper poles and cushioned chairs. Moving to a free spot between some poles, my mom positioned placed me in a spot, placed the blonde in front of me and the slid behind me. A moment later, we were swaying to the music, entirely innocent at first, but once my mom’s hand reached around me and stroked the spot in my pants that was growing more sensitive by the minute, things changed. Without thinking, a grabbed the blonde’s hips and pulled her into me, grinding against her. She reached by laughing a bit and then responding in turn by placing her arms around my neck and grinding into me.

Looking down, I could see those round breasts pressed up against my hard chest and felt my heart starting to beat faster. If my mom wanted to apologize for a week from hell, she was going the right direction. I felt the stiffness in my pants harden and was surprised when the blonde started smiling. She leaned in and kissed me, her lips stiffer than my mom’s, but they also tasted like cinnamon and then I realized why. They had been drinking before they came.

Kissing the blonde, I continued to grind against her, feeling my mom’s body against mine. I felt her teeth on my ear lobe and felt myself getting even harder. Releasing the kiss from the blonde, I turned my head to the side and kissed my mom, feeling her passion. She was almost on fire.

Releasing the kiss from me, she turned to the blonde. “Did I find a winner?”

“Definitely,” the blonde shouted back. Despite the fact that she was right next to my ear, I was having trouble hearing her over the music.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” my mom shouted back. She moved around me, gently shifting the blonde off of me, she reached down and unzipped by dress pants. I flinched but a moment later, she had my hard cock out. I looked around and realized that we were alone in the room, and not that it would matter that much. In a sex club, you can pretty much do what you want so long as it isn’t causing a serious mess.

My mom knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. I locked my legs and spread my stance to keep my balance, but the feeling of her tongue on my balls while she slid my entire length deep into her throat caused me to shake as I fought the weakness. She hummed a little to the music while she bobbed her head on my shaft guiding my hand to the back of her head. Instinctually, I shoved her down on my cock hard, feeling her react pleasantly.

After a moment, she pulled herself off me and motioned for the blonde to join her. Without hesitation, the blonde knelt down and put her hand on my shaft. I watched as she said something, reading her lips rather than hearing her say something about it being big, and then she licked the tip. I leaned my head back and let the pleasure roll over me as the blonde took me in her mouth, choking a little and pulling back and just sucking on the tip. I felt a tongue on my balls and looked down to see my mom helping the girl by licking the places that she couldn’t get to.

Feeling myself being used by the blonde and my mom, I let the pleasure roll over me. I could feel the mounting orgasm and I reached down to stop them. When they realized what was happening, my mom whispered in the blonde’s ear. They both turned and looked up at me, coming together and presenting their cleavage, pressing their breasts together. Dropping my mouth open in surprise, I began stroking myself.

A moment later, I shot everything that had built up over the day on both the women. marsbahis yeni giriş I want to say that it was a lot, but I’ve seen more in porn. It seemed like a lot though, they both had a decent covering of shiny liquid and sticky white. My mom smiled and kissed the end of my cock before she leaned to the blonde’s breasts and licked my cum off of them. The blonde laughed and lifted her chin to let my mom in and I watched, smiling. When my mom was done, the blonde did the same for her, but as she licked up my mom’s neck, my mom dropped her chin and kissed the blonde

I watched as they pulled each other in, kissing passionately like they wanted into each other’s mouths. I began stroking myself again as I watched them, seeing the blonde’s hand move to my mom’s breasts. I was shaking, but I was hard and excited again. I noticed that a couple of others had come in and were watching approvingly.

When they stopped kissing, my mom whispered something in the blonde’s ear again and she nodded. My mom looked up at me and they both stood. Leaning into my ear, she said, “We’re gonna move to a private room.” I nodded.

Putting myself back inside my pants, I followed my mom and the blonde through the beaded entryway that led to the rooms. They were all open, since most of the club’s action hadn’t started yet, and we found a fairly large room with a decently large bed and entered. Being the last, I closed the door and moved to close the blinds to the window.

“Leave it open,” my mom instructed. “I want people to be jealous.”

I smiled and turned around, seeing her drop her dress to the floor. She wasn’t wearing underwear, I discovered, and the only thing she had on was her mask. Turning to the blonde, she undid the girls dress and as it fell, I was pleased to see the blonde wasn’t wearing underwear either. Pulling my clothes off as fast as I could, I let the new clothes fall to the floor.

I moved to pull my mask off, but my mom stopped me. “Let’s play this game a little longer,” she said, her voice dripping with everything I wanted. I nodded and slowly began stroking myself uncontrollably.

“Isn’t he hot?” My mom asked the blonde. She was looking me over and she nodded. I had to say, it paid to have parents who were fitness freaks, that’s for sure. I looked over the blonde and realized that she was even better naked then in the dress.

Her breasts were definitely a good size, youthful and full, the nipple right in the middle and round enough for me to cup them in my hands. Her stomach was thin, with the slight impression of abs that curve inward the lower my eyes went. I noticed her smile at me as I looked at her bare, small vagina. I noticed that she barely had any labia and realized felt her eyes on my hardening cock.

I moved in toward her, but my mom stopped me. She held my hand as she slowly laid back into the bed, pulling me on top of her. “I want you first,” she said to me. I arranged myself felt her wetness against my fingers as I guided myself in. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me against her, reacting to the initial entrance and then spread her legs around me.

“No condom?” the blonde asked.

“No,” my mom said. “He’s clean.”

My mom was as tight as I remembered, but this time she wasn’t as worn. I began thrusting into her, feeling the texture of her stroking against all the sensitive edges of my cock. I pressed myself into her over and over again, feeling my everything. My mom was moaning, loud enough that I’m sure people on the dance floor were hearing her. When I looked up, however, there was no one in the window. The blonde, on the other hand, was rubbing herself as she watched.

My mom motioned for her to come down and straddle her face. I leaned up and positioned myself on my knees to continue sliding into my mom while the blonde rode her face. She obeyed and a moment later, I was driving my cock into my mom while I watched her tongue make circles around the blonde’s clit. I reached over and grabbed the blonde’s head, pulling her in for a kiss and she responded, kissing me deeply while I continued my thrusts into my mom. Her moans were lost in my mouth and I wanted nothing more than keep making her moan.

Suddenly, I felt my mom buck against me and broke my kiss. She bucked again and I felt her body tighten against my cock. Leaning myself down, I shoved harder into her, pushing through her orgasm. She broke off from the blonde’s vagina to shout, “Oh, fuck!”

After she had writhed against my for a while, my mom reached out and touched my hips, a sign I had come to realize meant that she wanted me to stop. I stopped but took a deep breath. “You owe me,” I said.

“I can’t,” she responded. “You have to give me a minute.”

“I can help,” the blonde suggested. Turning herself around, she slid down my mom so that she was straddling her. Bending herself down, the blonde presented me with her nice ass and her vagina.

I placed my hand on her ass and she shook it, marsbahis giriş looking back at me over her shoulder, a wolfish grin on her face. I smiled and smacked her ass, making a loud pop. “Oh,” she said and shook her ass again. I saw her bite her lip and I slapped the other side, leaving a red welt.

Pulling my cock out, I repositioned myself and slid into the blonde. She was incredibly tight and it took a moment of slowly working back and forth until I was completely in her. The blonde was no longer looking at me, her gasps indicating that she was feeling the tension as well. I began to slide in and out, feeling the grip squeezing me with each push.

The blonde moaned as loud as my mom, who was sucking on the woman’s tits while I fucked her from behind. As I slid in and out of her, I felt the blonde pushing herself back against me, clearly enjoying it. I reached up and grabbed the woman’s hair, pulled her head up as I began to slam into her harder, slapping her ass as I drove in.

“Yeah,” she said. “Spank me. I deserve it. I’ve been bad.”

I smiled and slapped her again. Then I leaned forward, bringing myself to her ear. “You’ve been bad, huh?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she responded somewhere between words and a whine.

“Then I should punish you more,” I said. Placing my left hand under her shoulder on the bed, I wrapped my arm around her and neck and began driving myself into her hard and fast. The blonde squeezed her eyes closed, opened her mouth and unleashed a sound that was two parts animal and one part horror film.

My mom laughed. “Fuck her as hard as you fucked me,” she said. I gritted my teeth and slammed my cock into her as hard and as fast as my body would let me. The blonde’s head dropped onto my mom’s chest and screamed “yes,” with every thrust, her body going rigid under mine. I felt her tighten and release several times, her body going limp aside from her jaw that opened and closed with each thrust.

Finally relenting, I stopped and let the woman go. She shook lying there on my mom, her eyes still closed, her breath coming in short quick gasps. I was soaked throughout my groin and down my legs and I smiled. I had obviously done something right.

“Ah,” my mom said, feeling herself. “You’re a squirter too. I didn’t know that.”

The blonde laughed a weak, airy laugh and opened her eyes, her mask solidly on her face. “So much better than last week,” she said to me. I smiled and slapped her ass again, causing her to laugh once more.

My mom moved, sliding the blonde onto her back. “Well,” my mom said, sliding down the blonde’s body. “We’re not done yet.”

“We’re not?!” the blonde asked.

“Nope,” my mom answered. “Now he gonna take me from behind and then finish in your ass.”

“Oh,” the blonde said.

“Oh,” I responded. “I will.”

“Yep,” my mom said. “You’ll like it. You’ll probably think about it for years.”

My mom moved so that she was bent over it front of me and I didn’t hesitate. I slid into her and watched as she began licking the blonde as I drove myself home. Feeling the textures of my mom’s vagina, I was reminded that I came out of there. I smiled and felt myself hard as I fucked her.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Of course,” my mom said. Her words were muffled. “The best.”

I placed my hand on the small of my mom’s back and shoved into her. I heard her muffled moaning as she licked the blonde. Reacting to my mom’s tongue, the blonde began to move with us, rolling her hips so that my mom had the maximum amount of coverage while I took her. I slapped her ass, excited as it rebounded as readily as the younger blonde’s had.

I continued to take my mom this way even after I felt her body stiffen and she screamed, grabbing the bed. I pushed through and continued to drive into her even after she repeated the actions and then reached back to touch my hips. Pulling her hand up to the middle of her back, I drove her into the bed and continued my thrusting until she had screamed a third time started shaking. Only then did I stop thrusting.

My mom collapsed onto the bed and laid there. Without wasting time, I climbed on top of the blonde, who was rubbing her clit in the absence of my mom’s tongue. Kissing her, I grabbed her breasts, satisfied to feel their tension in my hands. Pulling away, I looked down at her.

“I can take you in my ass,” she said. “That’s probably better. I feel like you did me in.” She smiled at me and I nodded. Reaching down with my right hand, I pushed myself into her ass, still wet and slippery from her and my mom. Sliding myself all the way in, I slid my right arm under he left leg and lifted it up, pinning it to the bed so that it was perpendicular to her other. I then raised my right knee and began thrusting deep inside her smooth interior.

She moaned gently, still rubbing her clit, matching her movements to mine. Her ass was as tight as her pussy had been and I shoved myself deep inside of her. I felt every movement, even though I was taking her really slowly, and I liked every moment. Leaning myself up, I looked at my cock sliding into her ass while my mom quivered next to us in the bed. Forcing myself in her, I looked at her soft, wet, open pussy and smiled. I had destroyed her, I could tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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