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To avoid suspicion Bridgitte wasn’t due back for a sleep over for three weeks. It also gave ‘the pill’ a chance to kick in. Some afternoons the girls would use the appartment after school for an hour to slake their lust. Mary of course had Ted but in Mary’s absence Bridgitte only had her fingers or the handheld shower head at home for love.

Ted had even wandered into the ktichen one day to find Bridgitte on the bench her uniform skirt up and panties hanging on her shoe. Mary didn’t hear Ted as her ears had thighs clamped around them. Ted walked up behind Mary threw her skirt up roughly yanked down her pants and pulling out his cock coupled with her in one thrust. Bridgitte smiled at him and carried on humping Mary’s face.

She came quicky out of frustration and excitement. She made a bold decision and asked Mary if she would let go of Ted so she could suck his cock. Ted was happily surprised and Mary graciously stood aside masturbating as Bridgitte gave her first blowjob.

“Are you going to swallow?” asked Mary.

Bridgitte nodded and only had about thirty seconds to wait for her first proper taste of Ted’s cum. She didn’t get it all so Mary helped. Bridgitte had to pull her panties up quickly and head home to avoid suspicion.

She’d sleep over that Saturday night and give her cherry to Ted of whom she had grown exteremly fond.

Mary decided on a bit of role palying when Bridgitte left. Mary had been itchy for a spanking for while and so with Ted sitting on the sofa she came back from kissing Bridgitte goodbye.

“Daddy I know Bridie and I were very naughty and I’m ashamed you caught us. I know I can’t avoid punishment and so I’ m going to be good and not put up a fight. She handed Ted her panties knelt down across his knee and raised her skirt.

“I’m so sorry Daddy. I’ve been a very rude and naughty girl. I guess I can’t complain about you seeing my bottom anymore. I’ll do anything to make it up to you.”.

Quietly reaching between her legs she started masturbating şişli escort while she waited for the first blow to fall. Fall it did, ten good hard blows punctuated with Ted stroking her cheeks. She was sobbing by the end of the punnishment and shaking with sexual arousal as her fingers moved in her sex. She didn’t get up. Ted’s hand crept along cleft of her cheeks and scooping some lubrication from her sex he centred in on her anus running a finger around it which he new she liked. As her rear hole opend slightly her slipped his finger in and began to fuck her rear gently with his finger.

As his finger sank right in her fingers went mad and she tensed and cried out through her tears that she loved her ‘Daddy’ especially for loving her so much. Her orgasm threw her off his knee and she curled up on the floor her hand clamped between her legs. She’d actually fainted.
Ted picked her up in his arms and craddled her as she slowly came round.

“W..what happened?”

“You fainted I think or maybe you hit your head as you fell. Are you hurt?”

“I don’t think so. My bottom stings but that’s nice. I think it was that finger of yours right up me that did this. We must get Meg back to show me how to take you. God Ted, we’ve got Bridie this weekend too. I’m going to have to stay in my room for the rest of the week and get through my homework……… Sorry Hon.”

Ted kissed her and carried her to bed, lifting her skirt to kiss her on the sex lips her left her curled up reading some novel for English homework.
Ted contemplated his task for Saturday night and stroking himself spurted onto the moist little girl panties Mary had handed him earlier.

Mary relied on her vibrator for the next few days and caught up on her school work.

On Saturday Brigitte arrived and to mark the event the three lovers went out for the day finishing up with a nice dinner at one of the city’s big hotels whereTed had hired a suite with the all important spa and huge bed. Bridgitte wasn’t too nervous because she had become so comfortable with Ted and Mary. She just told herself that this would be something new and fun. She knew exactly what went on thanks to watching Ted and Mary so everything should go well. She really wanted this and her pussy had been wet all day.

She liked the hotel and it all added to the fun. Everybody made their way up to the suite and once there hit the spa with a few drinks. Ted let Mary and Bridgitte make out while he watched and stroked himself. After about half an hour’s soak and forplay they toweled off and headed for the bed.

Ted’s cock was bouncing along in front of him. Bridgitte lay on her back in the centre of the bed and spread her legs. Mary had brought a towel from the bathroom just in case things got a little messy. During the many times she’d pleasured Bridgitte she had inspected her closely and noticed that her maidenhead was intact and quite obvious. Knowing that, she was more nervous than Bridgitte. She’d told Ted and he promised to go very easy.

Mary had brought ‘Little Ted’ just in case things got difficult. They were all prepared and Bridgitte became their centre of attention. Ted and Bridgitte began to kiss while Mary went to work between her lover’s spread legs. She brought Bridgitte to a peak about four times in the next half hour and let her fall back. She moved aside as Ted had come around to lie between Bridgitte’s slayed legs. Lubrication was no problem she was soaked.

Mary Took Ted’s cock pulled his forskin right back and placed it at Bridgitte’s hole. The big head pushed her opening wider than it had ever been before. She took a big sucking breath and said how big things felt down there.

“I’m alright it’s not hurting.”

“I’m just inside you Dear. Want me to go a bit more?”

“Yep she breathed just push gently unless I tell you to stop”

And so it went but Ted did hit resistance and Bridgitte got nervous and tightend up. Ted withdrew and lay on his back.

“Come and sit on me….Mary can you help?”

Mary knew what to do. As Bridgitte got on Ted she went to work between her splayed buttocks. The sensation of the rimming relaxed Bridgitte and when her maidenhood came into contact with Ted’s cock she was much more at ease. She also was much more in control of the action.

She felt so full as she rocked gently. She looked down to see how much more of Ted there was to go. The news startled her a bit but bitting her lower lip she took a plunge that caught Mary off guard and knocked her off her target. Ted felt the pressure on his cock and felt the membrane give as Bridgitte gave a sob.

“Fuck that hurts. That really hurts.”

She was completely settled on Ted and leaning over to kiss him her saw her eyes water.

“I’m sorry I never meant to hurt you babe”

“You didn’t. Believe me I wanted this, I wanted to have a cock and I’ll be alright in a minute. This is my doing please don’t worry. God I feel full. I don’t know if I’ll be much of a fuck. Can I just sit here and get used to you.”

She had a grip like a vice he was not going to object and just nodded. After about five minutes Bridgitte lifted herself up a bit.

“I’m not sore just a bit uncomfortable. Can I get off and have Mary fuck you.”

“No you can’t.” said Mary firmly., “You can get off but tonight you are the centre of our attention. I’m going to tend to you and make sure everthing is alright and Ted is going to pamper you with kisses in all sorts of rude places.”

Bridgitte rose leaving a pinkish trace on Ted’s shaft. Mary leant in and looked her over carefully before very gently licking her clean. Ted was then deputised to suck on Bridgitte for as long as she could stand it while Mary massaged her from head to toe.

And so it happened that even though she wasn’t able to fuck Ted properly that night her lovers gave her the time of her life including a session with ‘Little Ted’ in the morning that went spectacularly well without any blood but with tears of extacy.

The next sexual achievement was to be a proper arse fuck for Mary. From Ted an Meg and…. Maybe…. Bridgitte.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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