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This is the next part of my hookups with the college stud in my town. For background check out the previous parts!

I had Dave by the hand and we had crept down the hallway to the door to my room. It was left cracked open and we were peering in.

Jake was sprawled out on my bed. One leg hanging off the edge, the opposite arm stretched to the other side of the bed. His long frame and starfish position was covering a lot of my bed. There was my thin white sheet that was draped over one of his legs and his hips, barely hiding his big cock. You could tell the shape and girth through the sheet but still the view left a little to be desired.

I could feel Dave’s breathing quicken as we watched Jake snore deeply with his cock pushing the covers up.

“So what? Should I just run in there and jump on top of him?” Dave joked next to me, smiling at me.

“Fuck no man, just because he’s got a big dick doesn’t mean it won’t hurt if you land on it! Besides I’ve got a better idea, follow my lead!” I said as I grabbed his hand and gently pushed the door open.

We were both still completely naked and it was a thrill to be nude with this hottie and my big dick hookup. We slipped around to the other side of the bed and slowly got in.

I laid on top of Dave and started to kiss him. We made out while both of our cocks stirred to life between us again. I glanced over and Jake was still asleep.

I rolled over and pulled Dave into me while my butt backed into Jake’s hip. I felt him stir now and Dave and I kept making out. Our bodies squirming together and shaking the bed just slightly.

“Well what’s this?” I heard Jake’s deep voice say behind me as he woke up. He sounded still drunk a bit from the night before.

We broke our kiss and Dave smiled over my shoulder. I glanced back at Jake.

“Your friend here said he had heard some stories about that big cock of yours and shared some fantasies he’d been having. I figured the birthday boy wouldn’t mind helping him out with those!”

“Is that true? What did you hear?” Jake asked as he rolled over and I could feel his girthy cock press into my ass with the sheet between us.

Dave gulped and I could tell he was nervous. “I heard, that you had a pretty big cock and knew how to use it!” He stammered out.

Jake chuckled behind me. “Did you hear me and this little slut going at it and get a little horny for my big dick then?”

“Haha yeah I did…”

“Well I got to take a piss but why don’t you keep hang here for a second and then we can see if my dick is everything you wished it would be!” Jake said as he stood up, keeping the sheet wrapped around his waist to avoid showing his cock and went to take a piss.

What a fucking tease! I thought as his piss splashed istanbul travesti into the water loudly as Dave and I went back to kissing. “I told you he’d be cool.”

“God I’m so fucking excited it’s a dream come true!”

“Haha I can tell you’re excited!” I said squeezing his rigid hard cock and making us giggle together.

Jake fell down onto the bed behind me again and kept the sheet covering his lower body. What a fucking tease! He wasted no time in jumping in though.

“Come here.” He said to Dave as he reached around me and wrapped his hand around the back of his neck, pulling his face to his and planting a deep kiss on his lips.

I slid down between the two of them as they kissed and found myself kissing and licking Dave’s nipples. He was moaning above me into Jake’s mouth and I knew this guy was just a horny little slut like me!

I played with his nipples for a while before dropping down to his waist and slowly kissing his hips, abs, and this that perfect little cock of his. My tongue dancing and licking every inch of him while I felt Jake’s cock get bigger and bigger behind me.

I rolled Dave around to his back and Jake followed, not letting their lips and tongues leave each other for one second.

I dropped my head down and played with with balls. Licking and sucking his balls I felt Jake’s strong hand reach down and grip his inner thigh and pull it up and open. Then his hand rested on top of my head.

“Rim that tight virgin ass for me baby, finger him too, make sure he’s warmed up for my big cock.”

I looked up and smiled while letting him push my head down below his balls and I started to rim his sweet ass while he moaned and groaned for me mouth. Dave’s legs opened up and I pushed on the back of his knees for easier access.

Jake gripped Dave’s chin and pointed it up while he tried to look down at the bulge he was making in the sheets.

“You want to see my big cock don’t you Dave?”

“Yeah I do!” Dave moaned as they held their lips an inch from each other.

“You want to feel my big cock?”


“You want to suck me?”

“Oh god yes!”

I felt Dave’s pulse and squirming intensify.

“And you want me to fuck that virgin ass?”

“Please Jake, please!” He groaned.

“Reach under this sheet and grab my dick!” Jake said still holding Dave’s face and not letting him look down at his cock.

Dave reached his hand down and under the sheet. His hand finding and wrapping around his thick, hard cock.

“Holy fuck you are huge!”

“Haha stories are true I guess.”

“How the hell do you even fit this inside of you?” Dave asked me as he gripped and slowly stroked Jake’s cock.

I pulled my lips off of his soaking wet ass and istanbul travestileri answered, “Trust me when you want that big dick, you’ll take it all!”

I went back to licking him and then started to enter my fingers and finger his tight ass. Stretching him out slowly.

Jake kicked the sheet off of the bed and let go of Dave’s face to start to play with his nipples. Dave stared at his cock as he added his second hand to stroke him. Both of his hands wrapping around that girthy dick.

Jake moved up to lean back against the headboard and said he wanted his sluts to suck his cock.

I lifted off of Dave’s ass now wet and stretched from my fingering. Dave moved between Jake’s legs with me and we both laid prone as Jake stretched his legs wide.

We glanced at each other and I said, “Let me start, then you can suck his cock.” And leaned forward to slip Jake’s big cockhead into my mouth. Jake put a hand on each of our heads and moved Dave’s lips down to his balls while I softly sucked on his cockhead.

“Fuck that feels so good. Don’t worry there’s more than enough cock to go around!” He said chuckling as I pushed his cock into my throat and sucked him hard.

Dave was licking and kissing and sucking his big balls like it was giving him life.

I lifted up with a loud pop and told Dave he needs to get his mouth on that cock.

Dave and I switched places and I heard Jake coaching him on how to please his big dick the most.

“Fuck you’re a natural cocksucker, should have had those lips on my dick the day we met!”

“I wouldn’t be complaining!” Dave said before going back to sucking him.

After a couple minutes on Jake’s balls, I moved back and started to finger and rim Dave again while he was on all fours.

Jake was watched me like an animal in heat and I knew he needed to fuck someone bad soon.

“Switch places with me?” I asked him and Jake practically growled yes. Dave stayed on all fours and I went down against the headboard and he immediately started to suck my cock. Jake got behind Dave and inbetween his legs.

“You ready for his slut?”

“Mmhmm!” Dave moaned back around my cock while Jake rubbed his cockhead against his ass.

I saw Dave’s eyes go wide and I knew that Jake had pushed into him. Dave let out a muffled cry before pulling off of my dick and holding onto it with one hand.

Jake was slowly feeding his dick into his ass while I coached him to breathe and relax and let him fill him up.

Jake was going slow with his virgin ass and it must have taken him 5-10 minutes of stretching him, pulling out, stretching again, letting him breathe. Finally Jake said he was bottoming out inside of him and Dave whimpered that his cock felt so good!

Jake rested travesti istanbul inside of his ass while he got used to that big dick penetrating him.

“Now you’re a real slut for my big cock baby.” Jake praised him. Dave started to stroke my cock.

“You want me to fuck you now? You all good?”

“God yes please fuck me you big stud!”

Jake laughed and started to fuck his butt. Slowly at first. Half strokes, one long stroke, slowly pushing into him. Then he added some more lube and picked up the pace.

Dave cried out that he loved that big cock and he could barely focus on mine. I got out from in front of him and kissed Jake and watched his big cock get swallowed up by that virgin ass.

“Get on all fours.” He groaned to me and I dropped onto my knees and elbows next to Dave. We locked arms and Dave looked into my eyes while he moaned in delight from being taken the first time.

Jake pulled out of him making him whimper and I felt Jake moved behind me. He poured some lube on me and then pushed into me. I was well fucked from the night before and he didn’t have to go slow.

Straight away he was grabbing my ass and plowing me as I cried out for him. He fucked me for a few more minutes before switching back to Dave.

“I want to breed this virgins ass!” Jake said as he poured lube onto his ass and dick and entered him again.

He fucked him hard now. Dave was stretched out and horny as hell. His ass just took the beating from Jake’s large member. Jake reached over and fingered me while I stroked my cock.

Dave started to stroke himself too as best as he could. It took like 5 seconds before he was cumming all over my sheets. I was right behind him and at the same time Jake bellowing that he was going to breed him.

I watched Dave’s eyes as Jake took his ass and bred his virgin butt. He was never going to be the same. A big dick slut forever.

Jake pushed into him. His cock spurting like a firehose into his butt. Dave’s hands were white from gripping the sheets.

Jake slowly pulled his fingers out of me and then guided his dick out of Dave’s ass. Completely bred and soaked in his seed.

“Good boy!” He said patting Dave on his ass. His legs shaking and his butt sore as he lowered himself to the bed. He could barely clench his stretched asshole and Jake’s cum was pouring out between his legs and onto my sheets.

I leaned over and kissed him and took him to the bathroom to clean up while Jake changed the sheets.

We came out to Jake still nude and laying in the middle of the bed on fresh sheets. We curled up on either side of him.

“So how was it?” I asked.

“Fucking incredible!” Dave said through half lidded eyes.

“That’s what I like to hear. Going to tell everyone about my big cock too?”

“Haha maybe I’ll keep it to myself and those who know about it already!”

“That’s a small list but good luck!” Jake said as laughed and then wound up passing out again together.

It had been a long night and morning!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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