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When I graduated from college I felt patriotic and enlisted in the Army. Recruit, buck private, whatever you want to call it. Then, with no choice on my part, after I finished basic and a specialist school I was assigned to the Pentagon in DC, where I stayed for the rest of my enlistment. A clerk, mostly, using a computer. Sometimes I wondered if I wasn’t wasting three years of my life, other times I truly enjoyed it. The town is full of girls, even the Pentagon was full of girls. I had all the sex I could handle.

I’ve only deflowered one virgin and that was near the end of high school when I was also a virgin. On her eighteenth birthday we both were ready. It really wasn’t all that great at all. But we did it again and then again and it still wasn’t very good. I got my rocks off but she never did. Looking back I was horrible. Just shove it in and fuck her.

I must have said something to a friend because his mother obviously heard and decided I needed help. It wasn’t an affair. She just taught me. It didn’t go on and on, it was just three sessions where we were naked. She was happily married, didn’t feel as if she was cheating on her husband but rather being helpful to a kid. She told me that she knew she couldn’t do this for her son, it would have been way to hard to live with, so she got a friend of hers to do the same thing for him that she did for me. And believe me, I’ve remained grateful. It made me into a lover instead of a selfish fucker.

She started off making love to me. Kissing all over me, caressing me until I was going nuts and then finally sucking me off and explaining to me how she was sucking me. Using her hand to jerk me off while she used her mouth to suck and lick and bob up and down following her hand moving on me. Then she had me do the same to her. She stopped me, slowed me, over and over. Had me move more softly, caressing her breasts, her whole body. She had me lick her pussy, suck on her clit, told me where to do what. Eventually we actually fucked. I did get my cock in her. Even then she kept on telling me what to do. Then we did it all again, her still teaching, giving me nuances of what I should do, what I should say. Then everything one more time and I was expected to know what I was doing by then.

This was all the summer before I started college. So I went back to the girl that I had dated through high school and that I had bad sex with and did it all right. We both learned a lot. And she had orgasms all over the place. Learned to love sucking me, swallowing cum. Then we both left for different colleges.

I managed to practice what I learned often in college. Never seducing a virgin but getting right to it with girls who wanted it as much as me or perhaps more. I learned that my being with fairly many girls didn’t make me bad so I can’t make judgments on girls who do the same. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying sex. As the word got around (girls must talk more freely than guys) I had a large choice of who I could make love with. I tried to not have one-night stands but stay with one girl for awhile. I was very concerned about disease, always used a condom. I know just because a girl looks clean and good it doesn’t mean she is but I lucked out and managed to graduate without ever catching anything serious.

The value of using a condom was proven to me my sophomore year. This really attractive, sexy girl and I did it regularly for perhaps three weeks. Then I discovered I had crabs. Body lice in my pubic hair. So I told her. She sort of blushed and said that yeah, she had discovered the same thing. It can be cured at the student health center fairly easy. When I asked her more about it she admitted that she’d been at a gas station and there was this hunky looking guy, half naked like he had been working on a roof, and they fucked in the rest room. Shit, while we’re dating and making out she’s casually fucking some stranger. That means that I was down there licking her lice, slurping up her juices with crabs around. If she got crabs from him, what else could she have gotten? Well, I never had sex with her again and I did get the crabs eliminated. I have no idea if she got anything else from the guy but because I always used a condom, I didn’t get anything else. I was also glad I didn’t have a mustache or beard or I’d have had crabs in them, too, and the people at the student health clinic would have had some great stories to tell.

Anyway, I’m now home on a 30 day leave. I’ll go back for five days or so to get discharged, having finished my enlistment. Mostly I’m just relaxing, enjoying myself. I’m also lining up a high school teaching job for later but mostly just goofing off. So I’m in our back yard, laying next to the swimming pool. Actually it isn’t our pool. Our back yard and the neighbors run into one another. They had three children and my parents had three children and we have always treated it as one big yard, playing all sorts of games and mutually using the pool. I’ve cleaned the pool and handled the chemicals perhaps more often than the other family did.

It’s a lovely, sunny, warm day. I hear a noise and look up and a vision is coming towards cebeci escort me. A beautiful, sexy girl. Tall and slim. No waist at all. I don’t know how a human’s insides can fit in that small an area. Great, sexy ass that moves perfectly as she walks. Long, slim, shapely legs. At the top, they curve back toward the bone leaving an opening that I know would just fit my head as I licked her pussy. Not huge tits but big enough to fit her body. Dark blonde hair around a lovely face. The kind of girl guys dream of. A lot of thoughts run through my mind ending up realizing that this has to be Diane, the youngest daughter of our neighbors.

“Diane?” I ask out loud.

She smiles. God, it makes her more beautiful even. “Yes, Gary,” she says.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?”

She smiles even broader and moves closer. “Thanks. You look pretty good yourself.”

She spreads her towel on the lounge next to where I am and sits down, facing me. “How long are you home for?”

“I’ve got about a month here then I go back and get out of the Army and come back,” I answer. “You’ve really grown since I saw you last.”

She smiles, actually laughs lightly. “Yeah, it’s been several years. Since you graduated, I think.”

“How old are you? What are you doing now?”

“I’m eighteen. Almost nineteen. Finished high school, start college in a couple months.” Then she lay back on her towel, lifts her legs up and lays there, face up, getting some sun. Then we both lay there, quiet. I was thinking about how gorgeous she is, how sexy. Then she says something more. “I saw you last night at Charlie’s. You had a really gorgeous girl draped all over you. Looked like she was ready to eat you up.”

“Yeah,” I reply. “Nancy. She is pretty good looking, I’ll admit.”

“Are you planning on marrying her?”

I sit up some and almost explode out a “No.” Nancy really is beautiful, great body, loves sex and is great at it. I had first got with her about the time I graduated and went into the Army and when she heard I was back she called me. Liked sex with me, I guess. I hesitate and then add, “She’s going back to university for her senior year. She probably isn’t going to be interested in marriage for a while yet. When the time comes I think she’ll find someone with more money than me. I plan on teaching, not getting rich.”

A long pause and then I hear, “Boy, the way she was all over you I figured you were something permanent.”

I grin. “No, it’s just the male-female thing, just sex. She loves orgasms.”

I hear an “Oh.” and then we both lay there, quiet, getting some sun. It must have been a minute or more. “You give her orgasms?”

How do I answer that? “Welllll, yes. But it’s . . . uh . . . mutual.”

Another small “Oh.” Another long pause. I can hear her body turning. I open my eyes and look, she’s now still laying down but facing me. I turn my head to look at her. “So she wants to have sex with you?”

“Well, yeah. She enjoys the heck out of it. I’ve never forced anyone or anything like that.”

“I had sex and I didn’t enjoy the heck out of it at all. Then we did it again and it wasn’t any better. I thought it was going to be so great and it isn’t. It’s made me wonder if there’s something wrong with me.”

I sit up a little and turn to face her. “I doubt if there’s something wrong. I think maybe you were with the wrong guy, or a guy that doesn’t know anything.”

She looks at me and then lays back down. “Well, he knew enough to know how to push it in me. And I wanted him to. I was ready. But it hurt and it didn’t last very long. I like just hugging and kissing a lot more than actually doing it.”

Boy, here’s the same situation I was in at her age. “Let me guess. It was your eighteenth birthday and you decided it was time. Right?”

She sits up again and looks at me. “Yes. How did you know that?”

“I went through high school, too. And I fucked the girl I had been dating on her eighteenth birthday because she decided it was time. And it didn’t go all that well. I mean, we did it but neither of us thought it was all that great. We didn’t know what to do. What you need to do is teach him. Are you in love with him? Planning on marrying him?”

“No. I like him and he’s a real hunk. Gorgeous really. He could be with any girl but he goes with me, which makes me feel good. And, yes, I did decide it was time. We’d already done everything short of actually doing it. I’d jerked him off and he fingered me. But the real thing really wasn’t good at all. You said teach him. How do I teach him, what do I teach him?

“That’s why I asked if you loved him. If you do and you plan on his being your one and only lover then the two of you have to talk, communicate, and help each other discover what the other one likes and eventually you’ll figure it out. On the other hand if he was just the first of what you plan on being more lovers then maybe you need to have sex with someone who knows what they’re doing and learn how to do it right. How to do it so you love it, enjoy it. Get orgasms over and over. Then you can either go back and teach him çin çin escort or teach the next guy you want to have sex with or whatever. That’s what helped me. An older woman taught me how to make love, how to give a woman what she wants. And how the woman in turn can give me what I want.”

By now she’s on her side looking at me. She gets a big grin. “So what you’re saying is that you can teach me. You can give me orgasms.”

“Well, yeah. I am. But you sure don’t have to. I’m sure there are other experienced guys that could do it. But I’d sure love to. I mean, you’re gorgeous Diane. A really sexy body. And I’ve been with enough women to know you’d love everything I did.”

“I come out here to get a little rest and some rays and here you are trying to seduce me.”

“Hey, Diane, you’re the one that brought this up. I’m sure your tight little pussy would taste delicious but then so does Nancy’s. I’d love to make love with you but I sure don’t have to, there are a lot of available girls around.”

Her grin is even bigger than before. “Gary, I knew I was going to get you as soon as I saw you out here. I’ve fantasized about having sex with you since I was way to young to be doing anything like that. Back when you were dating my sister,Carolyn. The great looking neighbor that could do everything right.You’ve always been like a sexy movie star or something that was unobtainable. I really didn’t start this with the intent of succeeding so fast but now that it’s worked that way, there’s nothing I’d like more. What’s the old line, your place or mine?”

“We could do it right here. There’s no one in your house or mine so we’d have several hours without being interrupted. But I suspect there are parts of you that haven’t seen much sun and I don’t want either of us to get a sunburn so we’d probably be better going inside. Your house is closer so why not your bedroom?”

She gets up and reaches a hand out to me. “Let’s go. I’m starting to get a little damp down there just thinking about it.”

As we walk I tell her, “Diane, you’re gorgeous with a perfect body. You have about the greatest ass I’ve ever seen on a slim body like yours and your thighs curve back at the top as if they’re designed to let my face fit as I taste what I’m sure is a most delicious pussy.”

“We better hurry,” she says, pulling on my hand, “or I’m liable to have an orgasm before you ever lay a hand on me.”

In her bedroom we both strip immediately and she lays on the bed and looks at me with eyes that are about as lustful as I’ve ever seen. As I lay down next to her and kiss her, then down onto her neck I say, “The trick is to take it easy. Don’t rush. Caress softly. Raise the tempo slightly as we move along. I intend to have you pleading for me to fuck you way before I plan on actually pushing my way into your tight canal.”

As I talk, I caress both breasts and kiss her shoulders then kiss onto her breasts. I hold both breasts and kiss one nipple and then the other. I lick one nipple and move one hand down over her stomach to her mound. As I lick her other nipple I stroke her mound softly, letting my fingers run along her labial lips. Then I suck on her nipple and eventually move my mouth to suck on her other one. Through this I softly stroke her pubic mound.

“When you masturbate you might try this,” I say. “Caress your breasts, don’t maul them. Play with your nipples and then start touching yourself softly on your mound.” I kiss down over her stomach, moving one hand between her thighs to softly run up and down the inside of a thigh while the other hand starts using a single finger to slowly open her lips as my hand continues softly moving up and down from her anus to her pubic hair. I move my whole body down between her feet, looking up at her body. I run my hands up the insides of each leg and kiss one instep and then the other. I slowly move my lips after my hands, kissing her calves, her knees. One hand is now back up to her pussy, softly rubbing it and pushing a finger into her. I kiss the inside of one thigh and then the other as I crawl up between her legs further.

Her hips are jumping or jerking, pushing up trying to get my finger further into her. I slide it out and she moans but I then slide two back in and start masturbating her, sliding them in and out as I kiss her thighs. “Fuck” I could hear her saying, and then “I think I’m ready to cum.” I move my fingers in her faster.

“Go ahead, cum, enjoy it.”

Her hips jump even more and her moans turned into a light shriek and I can feel moisture around my fingers. A small orgasm. “You have a beautiful pussy, Diane. All pink and glistening.” Her pubic hair is darker than the hair on her head but she’s a real blond and not very hairy at all. A little shaving or shaping of that hair would leave her with a pussy that would make the centerfold if there was a magazine that featured pussies. As she lowers her hips again I move my head up close and lick up and down her lips. I put my hands under her knees and lift them, to raise her pussy up some. “Keep your knees up if you can so I can get a better taste of you.”

For ankara escort several minutes I relish the taste of her, getting my tongue as far into her as I can, licking from her anus up to her clit and back, flicking my tongue on her clit, then back to sucking her pussy and licking her insides. Over and over. She’s essentially screaming. Her whole bottom is jumping and she cums again. Much bigger this time. I get my mouth over her whole pussy and suck in as much as I can. Then I slide three fingers into her and get my tongue back onto her clit. “Fuck, fuck” she’s almost screaming “Oh, oh,” as she has a third orgasm.

I pull my face back and slide up over her and get my very erect cock aimed into her. She reaches down to help aim me, and I start pushing with my hips. She’s tight. Tighter than I expected. I get in a little, pause, get in a little further, pull back a hair and then push in a little more. Eventually I’m all the way in. I can see her face, red and flushed, her eyes staring off at something in her mind. She grunts as she pushes back with her hips and I start pumping, in and out. She’s primed and way before I have a need to cum, she orgasms again. Her insides clamp on me and her fluids gush. Her long legs come up around me and push on my butt, holding me into her. Her internal clamping sort of pulses. If I had just cum she was milking my cock, inolunarily just from some primal instinct, to get all the sperm out. I stay in position until she calms slightly and then pull out, lift myself back and off her and lay next to her.

“Fuck, Gary, that was unbelievable. I’ve never felt anything so great. I thought I was going to pass out it was so much.” she almost murmurs, laying on her side to look at me and putting a hand on my chest.

“That’s the beginning Diane. Now, you do the same to me. Make me believe you love my body, my cock, and want it. Learn how to be a great cocksucker.”

Well, the girl’s a natural. I think she really wants to. I did mention using her hand to jerk me off while she’s sucking on me, did a little teaching but she doesn’t need much. She kisses me, kisses down my body, does my nipples, kisses my cock and licks around it. She tells me what a sexy cock it is, how it’s all hard and big and then darn near tries to swallow it. I tell her that I purposely pulled out of her before I came, partly because I don’t want to get her pregnant and partly because I wanted to stay erect so she could do what she’s in the process of doing. I also tell her that when I cum she can do whatever she prefers. She can swallow it, taste it, or she can pull back and let it shoot wherever. Some girls seem to think it helps their breasts to rub some cum in. She interrupts herself to quickly ask what I prefer. I tell her that all things being equal I think it’s sexier if she swallows, like she really wanted it.

And that’s what she does and claims that she loves it all. Then we hold each other and kiss and talk a little, building up to doing it all over again. I ask her about Carolyn, her sister. Carolyn’s married and has a baby. Makes me realize that it’s been seven years since I dated her. Actually more since we started our junior year of high school. I probably shouldn’t tell Diane but Carolyn was the virgin that I, also a virgin, first had sex with. That would have been when Diane was, what, eleven or twelve.

I must have had a look on my face when Carolyn’s name came up because Diane grins and says, “It was Carolyn’s eighteenth birthday when you both did it for the first time wasn’t it?” She grins, moves one leg to bend it and open up between her leg, takes my hand and puts on her pubic mound. Then she reaches for my cock and starts pulling on it a little, trying to wake it up and get it up. “Which of us is better?” she asks.

“You and Carolyn?” I ask as I stroke her labia and start pushing a finger into her. “There’s no answer to that. You’re both great. You’re different.”

“You’re just trying to be nice. One of us has to be better than the other.”

“Diane I don’t know how to answer you, to compare you two. Let’s see, who’s better, Catherine Zeta Jones or Gwyneth Paltrow? Carolyn is physically more a Jones, takes more after your mother. You’re more a Paltrow, probably more after your father. But that may not be right, comparing you to Paltrow. No, probably Cameron Diaz. Yes, with that great ass of yours, you’re more Diaz. So, how does anyone say Jones is better or worse than Diaz? They’re both great.” By now I have two fingers sliding in and out of her and she has my cock almost fully up.

“You’re still evading making a decision so I’ll make one,” she tells me. With that she moves quickly, causing my fingers to come out of her. She climbs on me, sits on my face and leans down to get her mouth to my cock. So I do what’s expected and start licking and fingering her pussy, working on it, sucking on it, getting my tongue to her clit. I use my hands to spread her open more and get my tongue up in her as far as I can. I can feel her sucking on my cock. I can hear her lips slurping. She’s not masturbating me with her hand though, just holding my cock as she sucks on it. I keep my tongue and mouth busy on her and I can feel her getting wetter and wetter. It doesn’t take long and she’s in a real orgasm, her bottom jerking around. She still has hold of my cock but she isn’t sucking on it. She sits down on my face, as she covers my chin with her juice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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