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Jim (32)

Chris (13)

Jason (12)





Jim sat in the long line of cars waiting for the bell to ring that would let everyone know school was over till Monday. It was 3 pm and the bell rang, within a few minutes swarms of 7th graders piled out and headed to the waiting cars. He saw his son Chris with his best friend Jason running toward the car and jump in the back seat.

“How was school?” he asked the boys.

“It was great! Mrs. Buckley was out sick so we didn”t have to take any tests!” they both blurted out.

“You shouldn”t be happy your teacher is sick, would you want people to be happy if you were sick?” he said to the boys.

“She”s not really sick, word around school is she just wanted a long weekend to go out of town. I”ll bet if we called her right now she wouldn”t even be home!” Chris told his father.

Jim decided to let it drop and went on to say “So Jason, are you excited about your first sleep over?”

“I sure am! I”m glad my parents are letting me spend the weekend with you guys. I won”t have to spend all weekend watching my little brother!” Jason told him.

“How old is Justin now?” Jim asked.

“He turned 11 last month.” Jason said.

The two boys talked non-stop on the drive home. Jim pulled the car into the garage and lowered the door. “Okay, everybody out!” he said.

Jason had never been to Chris” house before so his best buddy gave him the grand tour. The living room had a large leather sofa on one wall and a 70″ screen TV on the other, there was a bookcase filled with wrestling DVD”s, the boys and Jim were wrestling addicts and Jim took Chris to the matches when they were in town. “Look in here” Chris said and opened a closed door.

Jason looked in the room and was shocked to see the entire room was set up like a wrestling ring. There was a thick mat covering the entire floor and the walls were painted with ring posts in each corner. He was amazed to see there were even spectators painted on the walls. “Who painted this? It looks so real!” he asked

“That”s not paint, it”s some kind of photo process, that”s why it looks so real. Dad and I are really into wrestling and we even have matches with each other in here. Dad even knows some of the wrestlers and when they”re in town some will come over and show us some of their moves. It”s a lot of fun!” Chris said.

“No way! Your Dad knows some of them.” Jason was impressed.

The two boys went to the next door “This is my room” Chris said and opened the door.

“WOW!” Jason said as he went in. First thing he saw was a large flat screen TV on one wall and opposite were two gaming chairs, the kind with built in speakers. The walls were covered with framed posters of the most famous wrestlers he had ever heard of. There were also several large framed posters of nude men posing for some kind of advertising, he didn”t understand the language, but they seemed to be selling cologne or small bottles of something. He didn”t pay much attention to them as he was overwhelmed by the wrestlers.

“Each of them is autographed” Chris said “I”ve met all of them!”

“You never told me you knew all these famous people” Jason said “Why not?”

“I never tell anyone at school, some people would just want to be my friend if they knew Dad and I are friends with famous people.”

Chris was right, he knew first hand what he was talking about. Jason was considered a math whiz and several of the other kids would want to pal around with him when there was a test coming up.

Jason looked around the room, he noticed something was missing “Where”s your bed?” he asked.

“Well, as you can see my bedroom is so full of stuff a bed won”t fit, so I sleep with my Dad, he has a huge king size bed, I”ll bet it would sleep a dozen people! We”ll sleep in it tonight, Dad won”t mind.” Chris told him. “Hey, you wanna try out the wrestling ring? I even have gear we can wear just like the real wrestlers.”

“Sure! That sounds awesome!” Jason answered.

Chris went to his dresser and pulled out two pair of yellow speedo trunks like the professionals wear “These should fit, and take a look at these socks! Dad had them made special.” Chris handed a pair of calf high socks to Jason, they were made to look like wrestling boots and even had real laces.

Jason went in the bathroom to change while Chris changed in his bedroom. They both looked at each other and started posing like their favorite stars.

“Looks like you boys are going to have a match!” Jim said when he saw the boys “I”ll change and be there in a minute.” he told them and went to his room to put on his gear.

The two boys were in the wrestling room when Jim walked in, his outfit was real down to the last detail, even the boots were professional. They were all shirtless and Jim looked at his son, the bulge in his trunks was a nice package and filled the front of them. He looked over at Jason and his mouth went dry. The 12 year old seemed to be oblivious to the fact that his cock was stretched across the front all the way to his hip and his balls filled the pouch to almost a bursting point.

“”DING!” Jim hit the bell by the open door and the two boys started wrestling. Chris and Jason were having a great time, 13 year old Chris got behind his friend and reached up between his legs, his hand was full of his friends big cock and he easily flipped him on his back to pin him. Jim gave the three count and the match was over.

“Let me show you some counter moves” Jim told Jason “Chris, you be the referee this time.”

Jim got behind Jason reached up and put his hand on the 12 year olds cock and balls as if it were a natural wrestling move. He softly squeezed Jason”s huge cock while he talked about the move “If you”re in this hold , the best way out is to lift up you”re legs and drop your body down, then you can push back up and hit your opponent in the chin with the top of your head” He told him. “Okay, now you try it, just don”t hit me in the chin with your head! Just do the move.” Jim reached between Jason”s legs and put his hand back on the boys huge cock, he was a little surprised it was still as soft as before. He didn”t know the boy had never had a sexual experience, the boy didn”t even know how to jerk off.

Jason did as instructed and easily got out of the hold. Chris tagged in and the boys wrestled till the front door bell rang.

“Dinner”s here!” Jim told them “come on to the table.” he said as he carried a large handled bag to the kitchen.

The boys sat at the table, their bodies glistened with a light sheen of sweat and their nipples hardened from the cool air in the kitchen. Jim felt his cock harden as he looked at them “Chris, you sit next to me, Jason you can sit across from us, I like to look at someone when were talking.”

Jim put a plate in front of each of them then pulled containers of wings, celery sticks and bowls of ranch and blue cheese dressing from the large bag along with a pile of napkins.

“Dig in boys!” he told them.

The three started to eat and chatted between bites. Jim and Chris were horny from feeling Jason”s cock through his trunks and Jim was the first to lower his hand to his son”s throbbing cock. Chris reached down and pulled the waistband past his cock and below his balls so to give his father better access. Jason sat and ate wings, clueless to what was going on under the table.

Jim moved his hand to his mouth and licked his fingers “These wings sure are good, but they are messy to!” he said and licked the sauce from his fingers. He got his fingers coated with spit and lowered his hand to his son”s exposed cock, mixing his spit with the seepage that was coming from the tip of Chris” cockhead. Jim stroked his son”s hard cock while continuing the conversation with the boys. He twisted his fingers around his son”s cockhead, gathering cock slime then wrapped his fist around the hard cock, he slid his tight fist up and down his son”s cock till the slime turned to white foam.

Chris groaned from the feelings going through his 13 year old body and said “Wow, these wings sure are good!” Jason agreed and concentrated on the pile of wings and ranch in front of him.

When Jim felt his son”s cock swell and twitch in his hand he dropped his napkin “Whoops!” he said and bent over to pick it izmit rus escort up. But he did more than that, he lowered his mouth to his son”s cock just as the first spurt of boy juice shot out. Jim held his son”s cock in his mouth till the 13 year old stopped squirting, he sucked the last drops and raised his head, holding the napkin in his hand “found it!” he declared. He dipped a wing into the sauce and said to his son “That sure is some of the best sauce I ever tasted!”

“Yeah, this is the best I ever had!” Jason said, still oblivious.

Jim and Chris just smiled “We both love it too!” Chris replied and lowered his hand to his father”s trunks to squeeze his cock. The boy rubbed his greasy fingers up and down the length of his father”s hard cock, making a mess of his trunks. The boy ran his finger over the top of Jim”s piss hole and could feel the sticky sap on his trunks. Jim lowered his hand under the table and released his throbbing cock to his son”s probing fingers.

Chris moved his hand back up and started licking his fingers to get all the buffalo sauce off them. He was pretty sure hot sauce wouldn”t feel to good on his father”s cock! The boy put his hand back down and grasped his father”s 7″ throbbing cock flesh, pre cum was pouring out of the head and he knew his Dad wouldn”t last long. He knew the chance of getting caught by Jason turned his father on just as it did when he sucked him off in a public men”s room last week.

Chris” hand was covered in slippery slime as he jacked of his Dad, he used slow strokes from the base to the tip, edging him closer and closer to orgasm. The 13 year old boy felt his father”s cock swell and knew it was time. He move his fist to the head of his Dad”s cock and cupped his hand to catch his creamy load.

“Damn, this is good!” Jim cried out and pushed a ranch covered wing into his mouth as he shot off into his son”s palm.

Chris pulled his hand up from his father”s crotch and put his cum filled hand to his mouth and licked it off. As far as Jason knew it was just the ranch dressing.

Jim and Chris sat, ate more wings and talked while their cocks deflated. When the three of them were finished eating they got up from the table to clean up the mess.

Jason saw the stained, greasy front of Jim”s trunks and thought to himself “he should have used more napkins!”

After the kitchen was cleaned up they went to the living room to watch TV, they were still shirtless and in their trunks. At 9 o”clock Jim announced it was getting close to bed time and the boys needed to take a bath before getting on his clean bedsheets.

“I usually take a shower at home” Jason told them.

Jim told him that taking a warm bath would be better for his muscles, he wouldn”t be as sore in the morning from all the wrestling he did earlier. “All the professionals take a hot bath after a match to relax their muscles. I”ll get the water ready and you and Chris can go in at the same time.” he said as he left to start the water.

“Okay boys, baths ready!” Jim called to them.

Jason walked into the large master bathroom, there was a large glass enclosed shower with a very large bathtub next to it, it wasn”t a normal bathtub, it was a spa tub, complete with bubbling water. The lights were turned off but there was a soft glow from a nightlight by the sink. “This is so cool!” he said to Jim “I wish we had a bath like this at home!”

“Okay boys, in you go!” Jim told them.

Chris and Jason took off their socks and pulled off their trunks, Jason was not the least embarrassed about being naked in front of them, he still thought his cock was just something to piss from. When it did get hard, he really didn”t pay attention to it as he was not aware of what else it could be used for.

Jim sat on a stool and watched intently as Jason pulled down his trunks, he sucked in his breath as the 12 year old boys cock came into view, it was soft but hung down his leg, he figured it had to be all of 8″ long and several inched around! He could see the boy also had one of the biggest sets of balls he had ever seen and they hung down between his legs. Jim could see the boy had a few pubic hairs above his cock but was hairless otherwise.

Chris and Jason sat down and let the warm water envelope their bodies. After about ten minutes Jim told Jason to stand up and he would wash his back. Jim started soaping the young boys shoulders and commented that his muscles were tight and he would massage them. Jim soaped his hands and rubbed his left hand over the 12 year olds shoulders and down his back, he used his soapy right hand and rubbed the boys chest, paying lots of attention to the nipples that hardened in his palm.

Jim became bolder with his soapy hands and lowered his left hand to Jason”s cute little boy butt and massaged each cheek while his right hand went lower and rubbed his pubic area.

“Gee, that feels real good.” Jason said in a low soft voice.

Chris watched his father”s hands work their magic on his 12 year old buddy and said “Dad does this for me all the time, it”s soooo relaxing!”

Jim soaped his hands again, he rubbed his left hand between Jason”s asscrack and slid a finger along the boys pucker.

Jason moaned aloud, no one had ever touched him like this and he bent slightly forward to allow the man”s hand more access.

Jim listened to the boy moan and understood it as a sign to continue his slow sensual caresses. The 32 year old man ran his soapy right hand over Jason”s upper thighs, then between them to cup the youngster”s large balls, softly massaging them with his skilled fingers.

Jim and his son watched as the 12 year old boy”s long cock responded to the caresses on his balls and asshole. The 8″ cock lifted before their eyes and grew as hard as a rock, lifting to a 90 degree angle up the boy`s stomach and past his belly button.

Chris spoke softly to his friend “It sure feels good when Dad does that to me after a workout. Close your eyes and enjoy it, Jason. Just let yourself go and enjoy the feelings.”

Jason closed his eyes as Chris said, he emptied his mind of everything but the hands caressing him.

Chris looked at his Dad with pleading eyes, Jim knew what his son wanted and he moved his right hand up, past Jason”s balls and circled the base of the boy”s cock. Jim pulled it down, aimed it toward his son and nodded his head.

Chris looked up at Jason, the boy”s eyes were closed and he had a look of peaceful bliss on his young face. The 13 year old moved forward, opened his mouth and slowly engulfed his friends cock. He heard Jason moan and moved his head forward to take more boy cock in. Chris new how to suck a large cock, he learned how to deep throat his father when he was only 7 and his skill grew over the past few years to where he could easily swallow the 11″ cock of one of his Dad”s friends.

Jim watched his son slowly take Jason”s cock into his throat, when he saw his son”s lips pressed against the base of Jason”s cock, he moved his hand back to the boy”s balls and slid his middle finger into the boy”s ass up to the second knuckle.

“Unhhh! Ohhhhhh!” the 12 year old moaned aloud. Jason was overwhelmed with his first sexual experience, he never knew how much joy he could get from the thing between his legs that he thought was only good to piss from.

Jim and his son worked methodically on Jason, every time Chris backed off to just having the cockhead in his mouth, Jim pushed his middle finger all the way in the boy”s ass. Back and forth the worked on Jason, his asshole loosened with each thrust of Jim”s finger.

“He”s getting close” Jim said to his son when he felt the boy”s hole tighten around his finger “get ready, he”s going to shoot soon!”

Jim then whispered to Jason “It”s okay son, let it go. There”s nothing to worry about, you”re with friends.”

Chris” mouth was halfway down his friend”s cock when the boy let loose. Not counting nocturnal emissions, Jason had never cum when he was awake, he shivered and shook as pent up sperm jetted from his young cock into his friend”s hot mouth.

Jim felt the boy”s asshole squeeze his finger, he felt the boy”s balls tighten between each jet of spunk that shot from his cock into his

13 year old son”s hungry mouth. He watched Chris” eyes bulge and water as he tried to swallow the massive amount of spooge izmit escort shooting form Jason”s big cock.

Chris wasn”t prepared for his buddy to shoot so much cum, while he loved cum, he didn”t know there would be so much. The 13 year old swallowed as quickly as he could, then pushed his mouth forward to deep throat the spurting cock so it would shoot directly into his belly. When Jason”s cock finally stopped spurting he backed off to suck the last drops of jizz from his cockhead.

Jason”s knees went weak and Jim slowly lowered him back into the warm tub water, the boy”s eyes were still closed and he was panting from his first orgasm. Jim and Chris didn”t say anything and the room was quiet for the few minutes it took for Jason to come back to earth.

“Hey sport, you okay? You feel more relaxed now?” Jim whispered.

“Mmmmmmmmm” Jason moaned “Yeah, I”m fine. I never did anything like that before.” he told them.

It was then that Jim and Chris realized Jason was as much a virgin as any boy could be, he had never even jacked off before.

“You never touch yourself when you get hard? Like, you never jerked off?” Chris asked.

“What”s “jerked off?” Jason asked.

“You know, you rub your cock till stuff shoots out.” Chris answered.

“Nope, never done that. Didn”t even know I could!” Jason honestly answered.

Chris stood up from the warm water, his 5″ hard cock stuck straight out and he wrapped a fist around it “watch me” he said and started to stroke it back and forth.

“Hey Son!” Jim said “you know you should never let a good load of cum go to waste!”

“Okay Dad, why don”t you show Jason how to suck cock?” Chris said and moved toward his father.

Jim moved the stool closer to his son and wrapped his hand around the 13 year olds” cock. “Get closer Jason, get real close and watch this” Jim said as he lowered his mouth to the hard boy cock.

Jason moved as close as he could get, his cheek was touching Jim”s as he watched the man slide his mouth down his son”s throbbing cock. The boy”s eyes got big as he watched the man swallow the 5″ cock all the way to the base. Over and over Jim slid his mouth up and down his son”s cock.

“Want to give it a try?” Jim said as he removed his mouth and aimed the 5″ cock at Jason.

The 12 year old didn”t hesitate for an instant and took his buddy”s cock into his mouth. It didn”t taste bad and he decided he liked how the hot hardness of it felt, he started to slide his mouth up and down his friend”s cock while the boy”s father urged him on.

“Good job, Jason! That”s it, now you”ve got the hang of it! Feel it son, feel how good a nice hard cock in your mouth is. You can pull off when he cums if you want, Chris won”t shot in your mouth if you don”t want him too.”

Jason hadn”t even thought about his friend shooting cum. Did it taste like piss? What if I don”t like it? He thought. As he sucked his friend he said to himself “What the hell, if Chris swallowed my stuff, I might as well try his.” Jason was getting into a rhythm, he liked sucking cock, he liked how it felt in his mouth and the rush of adrenaline that went through him as he heard his 13 year old friend moan and groan.

Jim watched the 12 year old suck his son”s cock, the boy was tentative at first but then started sucking cock like it was the best tasting thing on earth. “He”s a natural born cocksucker, look at him go!” Jim said to himself.

Jason was really getting into it, sucking and slurping his buddy”s cock as if his life depended on it.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I”M CUMMING!!!!!!” Chris cried out “pull off or your gonna get a mouth full!”

Jason had no intention of pulling off, a few minutes ago he wasn”t sure if he wanted his friend to shoot off in his mouth, but now everything changed, he wanted to taste Chris” cum more than anything.

“HERE IT CUMS! FUCK YEAH! I”M FUCKIN” CUMMINGGGGGGGG!” Chris yelled with pleasure.

Jason started swallowing as soon as the first blast hit, he moved tongue across the spurting pisshole to feel the hot blast. Jason went from being a virginal boy to being a hungry cum slut as the jizz poured into his mouth.

Chris pulled his well satisfied cock from Jason”s still sucking mouth and sat down in the warm tub with a look of bliss on his face.

Jason looked at Chris” father with a glowing look in his eyes.

Jim knew that look, the boy wanted, needed more cock! The 32 year old father stood and offered his now throbbing hard 7″ cock to the hungry boy.

Jason moved forward with the instinct of a natural born cocksucker, he took half of Jim”s cock into his mouth and only stopped when it hit the back of his throat. He started gagging, got tears in his eyes and had to pull back.

“Whoa Jason, don”t try to take it all at once! Learning how to deep throat is a skill and takes time to learn. Take it easy and just enjoy sucking my cock, I know I will.” he told the boy “I don”t have to be throated to cum. That”s what you want, isn”t it? You want me to fill your mouth with jizz, don”t you?”

Jason nodded his head, he was dizzy from cock lust, it was as if the floodgates had opened his mind and all he could think of at the moment was getting another mouth full of creamy cock juice. The thought of sucking off his friend”s father spurred him on, he moved his mouth faster and faster up and down the cock stalk of the 32 year old man as Chris looked on.


Jason was ready, he moved his hands to Jim”s thrusting hips and held on while the man fucked his face.

Jim pumped his 7″ cock in and out of the

12 year old boy”s mouth, he felt the kids throat start to open and pushed his cock in harder, not caring that the boy hadn”t been trained to deep throat. Jim felt Jason”s throat open further and his balls were against the boy”s chin.

“OH SHIT, HERE IT CUMS YOU SWEET LITTLE COCKSUCKER!” Jim cried out and shot hot volleys of man spooge down the 12 year olds throat.

Jason felt the 7″ cockhead enter his throat, he wanted all the man”s cock in him and started to swallow as he pushed his head all the way to his cock root. The boy started to shudder when he felt the first cum blast shoot along the big tube of Jim”s cock and across his tongue, he swore he could feel the hot cum travel down his throat and into his stomach. The boy pulled back, he wanted to taste the fatherly spunk before he swallowed it down to join Chris” jizz in his stomach.

Jim milked off the last remaining drops of jizz into Jason”s mouth then climbed into the tub with the two boys. The three of them relaxed in the warm water and closed their eyes, re-living their experience.

“Time for bed, guys.” Jim said “lets get dried off.” The three dried off with big fluffy towels

“Jason, Chris and I sleep in the nude, you can wear your PJ”s if you want…or you can sleep naked like us.” he told the boy.

Jason said he would sleep naked like them and they climbed into the king size bed. On the wall across from them was a 50″ TV mounted to the wall and under it were several low bookcases filled with DVD”s. The room also had a large walk-in closet and two dressers.

Jim moved to the middle of the bed, Chris and Jason got on either side of him and they drifted off to sleep.

Jason”s dreams were filled with images of hard cocks, he had visions of all his favorite wrestlers naked, with their big hard cocks pointed at him, begging to be sucked. The dream turned into an orgy of him sucking and being sucked, of fingers in his ass and hot mouths sucking his balls. The boy suddenly woke up, his hard cock was stretched across his flat stomach and he could feel the bed rocking, along with low moans and groans.

The 12 year old looked over and saw Chris on his hands and knees, the 13 year olds father was behind him with his hands on the boys hips. Jason watched Jim thrusting against his friend and with every thrust Chris let out a low moan.

Jason was still half asleep and asked “What”s going on?”

“Sorry if we woke you, Jason” Jim whispered “Chris and I were still horny and he wanted me to fuck him.” he told the boy “You can go back to sleep, we”ll try to be quiet.”

“I”m awake now, can I watch?” he asked and looked at the clock on the nightstand, it was 1:15 AM and kocaeli escort he had only been asleep for a couple of hours, but now he felt wide awake as he watched the father and son. His cock ached and he squeezed it for relief.

“Move down here so you can see my cock slid in Chris” asshole. I”m gonna cum soon so you better hurry! Jim told him as he continued to fuck his 13 year old son.

Jason put his face close to the union of father and son, he saw Chris” asshole was stretched around his father”s thick 7″ cock and he pushed his ass back as his father pushed forward. Jim”s cock was shiny and Jason saw the tube of lube on the bed next to them. “Does it hurt?” he asked his friend.

“No, it”s fucking great!” Chris grunted “I love a cock in my ass, any cock, all cocks! Cock, cock, cock, cocks fucking me!” the boy”s fuck lust took over and he started talking nasty, he knew his dad loved it when he was nasty and verbal and now he had an audience to show off to. “FUCK ME DADDY! POUND MY FUCKING ASS! FILL ME WITH COCK SLIME, DADDY!” he wailed.


Jim pulled his hips back till his cock left the boy”s hole, Jason could see it gaping open before Jim thrust forward, driving his cock all the way into his son. Over and over he pulled completely out then thrust back in his son.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” he chanted with each thrust “OH FUCK! I”M CUMMING! I”M FILLING YOUR HOT ASS WITH SPUNK! FUCK!” Jim cried out.


Jason watched Jim drive his cock as hard as he could against his son”s ass, the man”s back arched and tightened as he unloaded into his

13 year old son”s tight asshole.

Jim slowly pulled his cock from his boy”s ass, he watched his cock slime drip from his cock onto the sheets “That was great Chris, I could fuck you all night if my cock stayed hard!”

“Me too Dad, I love getting ass fucked!” Chris told him “I need more cock Dad! I”m so fucking horny my ass is on fire!”

“Sorry son, but I”m all fucked out. Maybe Jason will fuck you with his big cock?” Jim said as he looked in Jason”s eyes. “Well, would you like to stick that big cock in my son”s ass? I”ve got him nice and loose…and slick inside!”

Jason”s hard cock did the thinking for him, he didn”t say a word, he just moved behind his friend “I don”t know what to do” he said “what should I do?”

“Let me help you get started” Jim said and took the boy”s hard cock in his hand “I”m gonna put some lube on you just to make it slicker” Jim said and squirted lube from the head to the base of the boy”s 8″ thick cock, he slid his hand up and down getting it nice and slick, all the time he was thinking how much he would love to feel the 12 year olds huge cock in his ass. When Jason”s cock was completely covered, Jim held his cockhead against his son”s asshole. “Okay, now push forward, don”t worry, you won”t hurt Chris-he”s ready, look at his hole open for you.”

Jason watched as Chris” hole opened, he pushed forward and his cockhead entered his friends tight hole. “Ooooohhhhh!” he moaned. “Aaaaaaagh!” Chris groaned as inch after inch of thick cock slid in him till there was no more.

“Oh fuck! Your stretching my ass so good!” Chris told him “Now fuck me Jason, fuck me with your big cock!”

Instinct took over, Jason pulled his cock back till just the head was in, then he thrust forward. Cock slime leaked from Chris” asshole with every thrust and a puddle formed under the two rutting boys.

Jim didn”t want to just watch them, he wanted to join them but knew he wouldn”t be able to get hard again for awhile. He got behind Jason and scooped up some cock slime from the sheets and rubbed it against the 12 year olds asshole. “You”re gonna love this Jason” he said as he slid a finger in the boys ass. But that wasn”t all he did, he reached between the boys legs and wrapped his hand around the boys low hanging ball sack, he circled his fingers around the skin above his balls and started pulling up and down as if he were milking a cow. The 32 year old man reached back into the puddle of cock slime, coating his fingers with more goo. He timed his motion with care, as he pulled down on Jason”s ball sack he pushed two fingers in his ass.

Jason stopped moving his hips when he felt Jim slide the first finger in his ass, he didn”t have to move as Chris was doing all the work, sliding his asshole up and down his 8″ boy cock. He closed his eyes and was lost in the feelings of a hot tight asshole fucking his cock and a thick finger sliding in and out of his ass. The sensations increased twofold when he felt strong fingers milking his ball sack. “Ooooohhhhh!” he groaned “Ooooohhhhh! Yes, yes, yes!” was all he could say.

Chris felt full of cock, he loved how his friend”s thick 8″ cock felt, stretching him, filling him, fucking him. He slid his ass back and forth against his buddy”s cock when the boy stopped moving. Chris knew his Dad must be doing something to have made Jason stop moving but it sure wasn”t going to stop him! He heard his father talking to Jason.

“You like this son, you like being finger fucked in the ass? I know you do, don”t you? I have two fingers in your asshole now Jason, just imagine how nice a hard cock would feel in your ass, sliding in and out, fucking you over and over till it shoots it hot load in your ass!” Jim was talking nasty to the boy, filling his head with thoughts of pleasures he hadn”t yet experienced. “Don”t worry boy, you”ll get a nice hard cock in your ass before the weekend is over. Just think of it, a hard cock sliding in and out, fucking you till you shoot your boy spunk all over the place.”

Between the nasty talk, the fingers in his ass, the milking of his ball sack and the hot asshole sliding down his cock proved too much for the

12 year old and he started shooting his cum load.

Jim felt the boy”s asshole tighten on his fingers and knew he was about to shoot his load, he felt the first shot fire deep into his son”s ass. He pulled the boy”s massive cock from his son”s asshole and quickly covered the spewing boy cock with his mouth. Jet after creamy jet of boy jizz filled his mouth, he was amazed how much cum came out of the kid and he thought back to a Peter North film, that guy could drown someone with jizz, but he was sure Jason would beat him in a `huge loads” competition! Jim sucked and swallowed till the last drop of jizz slid down his throat along with his son”s ass juice and the remnants of his own cum.

Jason felt lightheaded and a blinding light went off in his head as he pumped his huge cum load into Jim”s mouth. The 12 year old boy crumpled into a heap as post orgasmic tremors shook his young body. He watched as his friend Chris rolled over in the same condition as he was, exhausted! Jason noticed a pool of cum where Chris had been and figured his friend had shot his load. He slowly inched toward the slimy pool of cum, moved his face above it and started lapping it up like a kitten with a bowl of milk.

Jim had already gotten up and went to the bathroom to clean himself “You need to get up boys, go get cleaned up and I”ll change the sheets” he told them.

The two boys slowly got up and headed to the bathroom, Chris turned on the shower and they both got under the warm spray. Jason had no inhibitions, he soaped up his best friend, paying special attention to his asshole to clean the cum from it as best he could, he slid a soapy finger up the boys ass and felt the jizz slide down his hand, he continued till no more slime came out.

The two boys walked back into the bedroom, the bed looked comfy and inviting and they climbed in next to Jim, ready to sleep for the next few hours.

“Good night boys” Jim said, but it was too late Chris and Jason were sound asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.

The End of Part 1

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