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Author’s Note:

My apologies to the long-suffering editors, and dear readers. In my haste to post, I duplicated half of the story, and cut out the last half. I hope that those of you who were dissatisfied get the opportunity to read how it was meant to finish.

My stories tend to have a long fuse, so this is not for the impatient; I do believe that the story eventually delivers the goods.

A final caution, this story does have restraints, but it is all consensual, and frankly it is for fun, not pain.

As always, I love the feedback, and respond to each feedback that you provide. Thank you for reading!


As she stood there as the document courier yet again, She was peeved all over again that she had to cancel her Valentine’s date to haul documents to this man’s hotel room for the umpteenth time.

It wasn’t that he was rude; he had the essential social graces to say “please” and “thank you”, he looked her in the eyes when he spoke, and he didn’t undress her when she had to stand there and wait for him.

It occurred to her at that moment that what irritated her the most was he didn’t react to her AT ALL. It infuriated her; after the incident with the briefcase, she had tried flirting, and when that didn’t work, she had tried a variety of techniques that always got responses from men.

Jenn had tried the bitchy attitude, she had even thrown a mini-tantrum when he asked for her to run a shipping summary late in the day. She had dumped a stack of files on her desk, raised her voice, and asked him just what he was thinking in her best ice princess challenge.

She stood there with her hands on hips and her chin jutted out, scowling defiantly, waiting for him to start back-pedaling. Jenn didn’t usually have to resort to the tantrum, so the rest of the executive assistants and nearby office staff hushed and awaited the impending fold-job. Jenn had a reputation for putting on a great show, so multiple “prairie-dogs” popped above cubicle walls to catch a glimpse.

What happened next still agitated Jenn every time she thought about it. He looked into her eyes without blinking, then a small smirk appeared, and he had the gall to state “If you’re not up to it, I’m sure that someone else will get me what I want” with a laugh in his voice.

She was so stunned that she was still formulating a blistering response when he turned sharply and handed the report specs to that cow Melinda that had been mooning over him since he had first showed up.

“Melinda dear, would you be so kind as to run this report? It appears Jennifer isn’t up to it.”

That fool Melinda lit up like he had proposed, and gushed, “Oh right away Mr Casen!” She snatched the instructions out of his hands like he was giving her the ring, and then paused, blushed, and then said with a sly smile on face, “It would be MY pleasure, sir!”. She finished by sliding her eyes to her right to look at Jeen like she was gutter trash.

Of course, he took the opportunity to pile on without missing a beat, “That is awfully kind of you Melinda, I appreciate your willingness to serve me in this minor task. I look forward to working with you more closely.”

With that he had headed back into the conference room, never even sparing a look towards Jenn. With her light complexion, the flush continued to rise in her features, and she snapped out of her haze of emotions when she heard the first of the “oooooooooohs”. Her head snapped around like it was on a swivel, and the prairie dogs disappeared immediately.

Melinda was pounding away on her keyboard like her life depended on it, a beautific smile plastered across her face like she had seen a vision. Jenn hated her. Melinda had committed the cardinal sin of the female herd, never buck the lead females, just follow the herd and their lead.

Jenn hadn’t been there very long, so she wasn’t the top female, but everyone knew she was hired as the eye candy for the executive suite, regardless of her other skills. In short order, most of the executives flirted with her or feared her wrath, and thus her status was quickly established within the herd.

For most of the other women Jenn was easy to get along with, and she had picked up several skills doing the ill-fated tech startup that allowed her to excel most of the others females. She had always wanted adventure and challenge, this was just going to be another type of challenge.

Ever since Mr Casen showed up, he had been a thorn in her side. What made Jenn fume ever more was the CEO, Mr Pickers had personally assigned Jenn to be his assistant while he was working the company.


Her mind returned to the present, and she glanced across the hotel room, looking at that damn briefcase of his, it had started her problems. Jenn thought back to the day last fall when he had arrived.

Jeen always kept the entrance hallway to the executive suites in her peripheral vision, and what she noticed first about Casen was even at akyurt escort a distance, he was different. He was distinctly not Texan in his attire, having neither a cowboy hat or boots. At the same time, he wasn’t East Coast uptight either; he came down the hallway with a casual gait, scanning, greeting folks, and dressed in comfortable jeans with an untucked dress shirt under a well-tailored sport coat.

Then she noticed the no-escort visitor pass, and she was immediately alert – the only other visitor she had ever seen make it past security, much less get a no-escort pass, was Mr Picker’s chairman of the board and golf buddy.

At that moment his eyes caught hers, and there was a twitch of his small smile as he zeroed in on her. His face was neutral, but there was something about how his eyes scanned; they roved quickly, even though his head moved sanguinely. Watching him close on her desk, the hair tingled on the back of her neck – she should have known then that he was trouble.

She felt more than saw Mr Pickers move past her desk, angling to intercept the mysterious stranger with a fierce hand-shake. “Good to meet you Shawn, Beau tells me great things about you!” The stranger returned the handshake firmly and smiled as he maintained eye contact, “Beau said you’re every bit as fierce as when you two played football at the U.”

Mr Picker laughed, and then pointed to Jenn’s guest chair, “Take a load off Shawn! Leave your bag of tricks with Jenn here, and let’s get you introduced to the rest of the boys.”

As soon as the bag was set down, Mr Picker was off with his arm on the shoulder of the stranger, leading through the office suite introducing him to all of the other executive staff. A few minutes later, laughing and in high spirits, they all headed into the conference room.

Just before Mr Picker closed the doors, he turned to Jenn, “Darling, this here is a very important meeting, hold all our calls.”


The meeting went on for hours, with the only interruption when they had Jenn order in lunch for all of them. She knew better than ask them what they wanted to drink, there was a fully stocked bar built into the back wall, and as the general volume rose through the afternoon, it sounded like it was getting a full work out as well.

Late that day, the room spilled open as some of them headed for the washrooms, while others headed back to their offices to catch up on things. Several had a bit of a sway as they moved, and more than few had flushed faces; spirits were high in all cases.

Mr Pickers and the COO, Mr Spaulding, rejoined the stranger in the conference room, leaving the doors open this time as they gathered around a whiteboard, now full of diagrams, notes, and lists. She couldn’t hear exactly what they were talking about, but they were excited.

She could see the stranger over the shoulders of the two executives considering something that Mr Spaulding was fired up about. His hand covered his mouth and grasped his chin, further emphasizing the close-cropped beard and intelligent eyes.

The stranger started to move past the men towards his large briefcase when Mr Pickers placed his hand on his shoulder to stay him and turned toward Jenn, “Jenn darling, Mr Casen needs his notes out of his briefcase.” He turned and got some specifics and then turned back,”It’s a brown leather bound journal. Would you bring it here for him?”

Jenn was increasingly curious what the story was with this stranger, so she welcomed the chance to dig through his bag. She was tingling with a little naughty excitement, that should have been her first warning of imminent trouble.

As she began to rifle through the contents, she was amazed how much the bag held, it must weigh over 50 pounds, but there had been no indication as he walked up; again, she should have realized he was not just what he appeared, she was getting in over her head.

Jenn was so intent on exploring the contents of the mystery man’s bag, she did not notice the increasingly irritated looks Mr Pickers cast her way each time he diverted his attention from the animated conversation.

Having had his fill of waiting, Mr Pickers raised his voice, “What in the hell is taking you so long Jenn?”

Jenn started at his words, but then something in the conversation caught the CEO’s attention and he turned back and re-engaged, gesturing to something on the whiteboard. Jenn had no time now, and she realized she had no idea where the damn journal was – she started to panic now, glancing up at the men while fishing around with her hands – her hands came across something smooth and metallic, and it felt so out of place she drew it out without looking, and in hindsight, definitely without thinking!

She had no idea that her increasingly frantic search had drawn the attention of the other women, so her first clue was the gasp of several of them when her hand cleared the bag. Startled again, she looked down to see a softly lined cuff with ayaş escort a sturdy velcro closure and an unmistakable polished metal ring extending from the cuff.

One thought immediately leapt to her mind, and it both terrified her and made her wet. She quickly scanned the room, and saw that every woman within sight reacting to what she held, and none were left un-moved.

Realizing that the men would see as well, she swiveled around to see that damn stranger was watching her over Mr Picker’s shoulder, and there was that twitch of a smile before he spoke again to Mr Pickers.

Damn him! He knew that was in the bag, and he let me dig around until I found it! And he used me to show it to every woman here – he was a manipulator who played me into advertizing his lusts! She stuffed it back into his bag and opened it further to find the blasted journal. Like magic, she saw it tucked UNDER the other restraints.

She fished it out, and jumped up and quickly walked into the conference room to hand the journal to the the stranger, but Mr Pickers wheeled as she approached. “Damnation Jenn! what took so long?’

Before she could reach past the CEO to rid herself of the journal, the stranger lit up with a disarming smile, “Jenn, did you find what you were looking for?” The smile lingered, and she had to bite back a vicious response.

With the CEO watching her, she looked at that irritating man, and bit out, “Yes sir, I’m glad I was able to find what I was looking for” She also found what he wanted her to find, and embarrassed herself in the process.

Walking back out to her desk, she was amazed at the amount of sideways glances the other women were giving her, the little knowing smiles, but they wouldn’t make eye contact. She was never going to live that down, and the rumor mill would be going hog wild with the kinky things that this stranger was capable of doing.


Staring at that bag, Jenn wondered if the restraints were in his bag now – he had come with another document delivery from Mr Pickers the other night, and she had seen them out.

That had been startling enough, but seeing them attached to smooth white lines fed through the rings on his custom weight bench had shocked her. It had also made her wet and nervous the whole time she was in his room.

She just couldn’t help herself, she wondered who had been up here with him? What had he done to her? Where was she now? Jenn looked at the lines, wondering how it worked, and she wondered what it felt like.

He sat there in the chair, in a sleeve-less workout shirt and loose shorts, a sweaty towel hung around his shoulders, and the sweat was still bright on his large arms. His build wasn’t as obvious at the office, but he usually was in workout clothes when she came by, and he was big, bigger than most of the twenty-somethings at her metro gym.

Waiting for him to start with the questions, her eyes wandered back to the custom weight bench. The General Manager of the hotel was a friend of Mr. Spaulding, so he had gotten a top floor suite near the gym, and they had removed the other furniture so there was room for the bench and weights. The articulating bench and seat were broader and more heavily padded than most, and the base was also wider.

At first she had thought it was stupid, until she realized the other night what those rings were for, and suddenly it was blindingly obvious. This was his custom bondage rig, which he displayed in full view, and now it taunted her.

Mr Casen couldn’t know, but she had fantasies of being taken by a stranger, of being tied up, exposed, penetrated … She shook her head, trying in vain to make those thoughts disappear. Even though she hated this man, she knew those arms were strong enough to hold her down, spank her ass, make her feel his control, make her beg ….

She shook her head again, wanting to banish those thoughts – her small town Mom would have a fit if she could see even the mildest imaginings. Growing up in a small coal town, Jenn had wanted to move to the big city as long as she could remember, and explore these fantasies.

“Do you have the fork-lift maintenance records I asked for?” Jenn snapped back to the here and now, and started digging through the stack of reports, glad to have a distraction for her imagination.

There was polite knock at the door, and he slipped past her, his right hand grasping her upper arm, it was both warm and firm, and she enjoyed the touch even if he was a big ass. Looking for the report he had directed, she was vaguely aware of a flurry of activity behind her.

Then he grasped her arms from behind her and moved her forward and to the left, towards the bench. “You’re going to have to move Dear, or they will surely run you down”. He let her go just as quickly as he had grabbed her, but his words rang in her mind as she was looking at the bench again. He had called her “Dear”, and the feeling when he laid hands on her and moved her – she was tingling ankara escort now.

She found the report, and turned to give it to Mr Casen, to be confronted by Mr Casen seated at a fully set dining table for two, complete with a two elegant chairs, and a server with the other chair drawn for her, and a sommelier holding a bottle of red, ready to uncork it.

Jenn just about dropped her papers and purse, but was able to stammer, “Uh, um, here is the report -” He smiled lightly and cut her off, “Jenn Dear, the steaks are going to get cold if you keep waving papers around, please do sit down.”

This turn of events so disarmed her, that Jenn placed her things on his desk, and that did as she was told. She had no idea of what he was up to, but she was stunned, curious, and after his repeated touches, wetter than she wanted to be.

The server deftly slid her chair in, and with equal elan the wine was uncorked, sampled and served in short order. The steaming plates were uncovered, revealing beautifully plated steaks, broccoli, and small seasoned potatoes. The aroma reminded her of how long it had been since she had a meal this good.

As quickly as they had arrived, the servers gathered their things and disappeared, leaving her seated with Mr Casen, wondering just what had happened in the last five minutes.

Like he could read her mind, “Jenn Dear, Melinda mentioned that you had Valentine’s Day plans for tonight, and while work had to come first, I wanted to make it up to you.”

The cow Melinda! Jenn’s blood started to rise, and she started to formulate a blistering a response, as she ate. He had forced her to cancel her date indirectly, and now he sat there like the cat that caught the canary. Ooooh, she was going to tear into him, but before she threw down, she was going to eat this food, drink his wine, and plan because, as Mom would say, a girl’s gotta eat.

She was on the last bite of steak when he spoke again, and stunned her again, “Lest you think me a complete barbarian, please consider accepting this gift as well. I have good reason to believe that you have been secretly wanting this since we met.”

The package was fairly large, and wrapped in a deep red fabric that gave it a class that didn’t fit him, Jenn instantly decided that another woman had wrapped it, and probably bought it too! She also wondered what else that terrible Melinda had been telling him – she had no idea what Jenn wanted.

But, Jenn was curious now, and she wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, so she took the package, and continued to chew as she opened it. The fabric was luxurious, and it almost poured off the box once she un-did the lace knot that held it in place. This man and his knots, she mused as her curiosity grew.

Underneath the wrapping was a light-weight but well-crafted wooden box. She slid off the lid, and almost choked on the last of her steak. Nestled in the richly lined box was a set of four restraints done in dark red.

Time froze as Jenn sat there and just stared at them. She knew what they were, she knew what they were for, and as soon as she had laid eyes on them, she had wanted them. In fact, she wanted to put them on, feel them close around her, and take her somewhere she had never been before.

But this man! Damn him and his presumption! He had barely talked to her before tonight, made her come by after work almost every night with this or that random report, and never responded to any of her flirting, even when she wore that daringly cut blouse and push-up bra that the girls almost burst out of when she leaned over.

She had even wondered if he liked men instead, but he turned on the charm with Melinda and the other women, and a smile and a pleasant word got him anything he wanted. The women would talk in the lunch room, he had a presence that just enveloped the woman he was focused on, and they loved it.

He had a habit of walking up behind a woman, speaking quietly to her, leaning over and touching their arms or shoulders, point out things on their screen, and hovering behind them as they rushed to please him. Made her furious every time she saw it, and wished we wasn’t buddies with the CEO, or she would call those biddies in HR herself.

She had even seen Mr Pickers nod towards her while talking quietly to Mr Casen, and while she couldn’t hear what he said, the leer told her it wasn’t about her Excel skills. Jenn had been smart, and only tolerated some light ass-grabbing from the executives – she had only had to break out the ice-princess stare a few times to make it clear she wasn’t easy when one of the boys tried for more.

Mr Casen on the other hand, treated her like she was a potted plant, or well-trained work-horse. He was polite and clear, but noticeably distant compared to the attention he lavished on the other women, and she had caught a comment that trailed off as she walked into the lunch room other day that ” … maybe Jenn just wasn’t his type”.

What the hell was his type then? Besides that bitch Melinda, the rest may all have Dallas big hair, or enough perfume to choke a bull, but none of them were eye candy status! She got angry every time she thought about these things, and it was just offensive that he paid them all of his attention, and ignored her!

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