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A special thanks to those who helped edit this story.


Cheers filled the room as Alice wrapped her right arm around Jessica’s waist and pulled her close. Today was Jessica’s 18th birthday and her fellow cheerleaders were holding a private pool party in honor of the last of the group becoming an adult.

Looking into her eyes, Alice was still taken by the young woman. Jessica was stunning, a few inches shorter than herself, her body was lithe and lean with flawless skin. Her breasts, while small, were perky and complemented her figure, her ass was round and firm and all on display in the tiny string bikini she wore. However what really stood out was her face, Her large doe eyes gave her the look of innocence, her pixie nose hinted at being mischievous, her full lips were made to be kissed, her soft, flowing hair was a light shade of brown and hung loose down her back.

Jessica was the last of the senior cheerleaders from Nicole’s school Alice had yet to kiss and all of her fellow squad members, and most of her school, expected Jessica make the run complete. The five other senior members of the squad even setup this party just for the event with Alice being both the present and entertainment. Nowever Nicole also had a secondary motive in seducing Jessica, her cheer uniforms. Being the same build and only slightly shorter, Alice would be able to fit into Jessica’s old high school and competitive cheer uniforms giving Alice a new set of trophies for her closet.

Grabbing the base of her neck with her left hand Alice slowly pulled Jessica’s head towards her own. Their eyes still locked, Alice could smell the faint bubblegum aroma from Jessica’s shampoo just before she pressed her lips against Jessica’s, tasting the bubblegum flavor lipstick revealing she prepared for the intimate encounter. Her soft moans were barely audible to Alice as she pushed her tongue into Jessica’s mouth to the roar of the crowd. While nervous, Jessica did not fight it and accepted her first girl-girl kiss as Alice’s hands slowly worked their way down.

Reaching her lower back, Alice slid her hands over Jessica’s firm ass cupping and kneading each cheek before sinking her hands into the round flesh and pulling her body up. A high pitched squeal echoed into Alice’s mouth as Jessica stood on her toes to regain her balance as her body pressed harder into Alice’s making her nipples poke at each other.

Finally released from Alice’s grasp Jessica fell backwards a few steps as she regained her balance, her breathing hard and deep. Alice, breathing a little heavy as well, felt her body tingling and nervously wondered why she was becoming so aroused from kissing a girl. In her mind she knew she was not attracted to woman but her body was not in agreement and while she thought Jessica was beautiful and sexy she was not a lesbian and yet Alice had to fight the urge to kiss her again. Yes she had a few drinks as she waitressed the party and felt a little buzzed, but that should not make her horny. Not knowing that the punch was spiked with liquid ecstasy as well as alcohol heightening her body’s arousal. However her self examination was cut short as she saw Hannah approach Jessica from behind and wrap her arms around her shoulders. “So did the birthday girl enjoy her first lesbian kiss?”

“It was good,” giggled Jessica as she grasped Hannah’s forearms.

“We could tell,” stated Hannah as she lowered her hands and pinched Jessica’s hardened nipples.

With a squeak Jessica pulled from Hannah’s grasp and scurried to Alice’s side. “Oh, you should talk, after all of you spent the last several weeks saying how great of a kisser she is and how I would not want to go back.”

“So do you not want to go back,” inquired Hannah her hands now on her hips causing her breasts pressed into her fabric of her swim top showing that her nipples were hardened too.

“Maybe,” responded Jessica as she slipped her hand between the layers of fabric covering Alice’s ass. “She is so soft and smooth, no prickly hair at all, and she is such a good kisser. Do you think you would like to be my sex slave?”

Alice closed her eyes from embarrassment, but coming off as looking like lust to the cheerleaders. Even though Alice wore more covering than all of the cheerleaders she still stood out. The outfit Nicole had chosen for her was a stripper costume gifted to her by April. Made up of pull away blue sheer fabric of various lengths in a harem girl theme, the bottom reached her ankles but allowed her bare legs to slip through the panels to her upper thighs as she walked. The top left her mid riff exposed and had several panels wrapped around her chest and down the length of her arms. However the worst part was Nicole made her wear the gold collar, waist belt and wrist/ankle cuffs she gave her for Christmas. Four gold chains ran from her collar to each of the cuffs all slightly longer than her limbs giving her full movement but the illusion of slavery.

“Careful what you say,” purred Hannah. “Given your similarities I see you more as her fellow slave than dikmen escort her mistress. I can just see you in a cute collar and chains like your new lover. I’m sure her real mistress would be more than happy to calm you.

Taking hold of the two chains leading to Alice’s wrists Hanah slowly let them slide through her fingers. As they moved down Alice’s hands were forced to come together as her tethers became a leash. Turning the two girls so they once again faced each other Hannah released the chains.

“Now let’s see an encore performance,” ordered Hannah, “as you are still unsure of what you want.” Looking into Alice’s eyes Jessica wrapped a hand around Alice’s waist and the other around the back of her neck just as Alice had done to her moments ago to the cheers of the spectators.

Alice let out a quiet moan as her body tingled from the contact. Letting her sexual training take command Alice tilted her head and felt the soft lips adhere her own. Alice returned the kiss and accepted Jessica’s wet tongue into her mouth. Alice knew she was not a lesbian but it did not stop her from craving the kiss. Like Pavlov’s dog she had trained herself to become aroused by affection from another woman and now with the help of the drug her desire was moving to new heights. The conflict removed, Alice gave in to the urge to kiss Jessica a second time focusing on what her body and mind now wanted, to kiss another girl.

“Well as much fun as it is watching these two love birds get acquainted Alice has yet to give Jessica her present,” stated Kathy. All eyes turned to Kathy as she took one of the dining room chairs and started to move it to the open space between the TV and sectional sofa.

“As you girls know, Alice’s sister has a rather… revealing… career,” continued Kathy accompanied by the snickers of the other girls. “What you may not know is Alice is a very good dancer herself and today she will make her debut. Jessica, will you please take the seat of honor.

Nervously, Jessica walked to the chair and took her seat. Wanting a good view of the performance the other girls hurriedly took seats on the sofa.

With everyone waiting Alice tried to block out the fact that she was about to strip for a group of women. April had been coaching her for weeks describing the nuances of dancing for females, which is totally different than if she were to be dancing for a man. “Performing for a female is more like flirting or foreplay” explained April. ‘With women you have to draw them in with the visual art, appeal to their erotic senses and make them mentally accept it before appealing to their physical senses.’

When the slow Persian beat started to play Alice had disassociated herself from the seductress about to perform and understood why strippers liked stage names as they created a different persona. She was not Alice the straight shy schoolgirl, she was a lesbian temptress.

With a dancer’s strut Alice walked in front of Jessica and started to sway to the beat. Just as the tempo increased Alice began to spin, as she learned from all those years of ballet, the pieces of sheer fabric fluttering about offering glimpses of her body as she went. Alice could hear the cheers as she danced around the room. Reaching down she pulled the panel attached to the front of her belt breaking it free and turning it into a sheer scarf as she danced around the chair and wrapping it around Jessica to the delight of the other spectators.

Next she removed the panel covering her hips and ass and threw it to the audience where Stephanie and Tamara fought over it before the prize as claim by Tamara. Not to leave Stephanie empty handed Alice danced up to the young woman shaking her hips in front of the woman’s face. Backing away Alice leaned forward and pulled Stephanie’s face to her chest with only the sheer material separating her mouth from Alice’ upper chest.

“Bite,” whispered Alice as she held Stephanie in her bosom. As Stephanie’s teeth clenched Alice pulled back quickly leaving the material in Stephanie’s mouth.

Returning to the center of the room Alice continued to dance, removing pieces of the costume as she went. Exposing her arms and legs to the continuous cheers of the women. All the while she could not resist running her hands up and down her body nor the urge to touch and caress Jessica. At first it was sliding her fingers along her arms, then her thighs, then across her chest. It was almost like a drug, the contact felt electric and the touch was the reward pushing up Alice’s own arousal. Looking around Alice saw all of the other women were squirming in their seats, inflamed unknowingly by the liquid ecstasy. She no longer fought to keep her own arousal in check as she dance and caress Jessica who jerked and writhed in the chair.

Alice was down to three pieces of material. One wrapped around her chest and the remaining attached to the front and back of her belt. The one covering her chest was twisted in the back, drawn flat against her breasts, pulled up in emek escort the middle and attached to the front of her collar. The lower two were attached in their center to the front and back of her belt. Two chains, attached to the front point as well, curved around her hips before coming up over her ass and attaching in the back. The two pieces folded over these chains covering her most intimate parts but leaving her legs and hips above the chains exposed.

Backing up, Alice straddled Jessica’s legs and bending forward slightly began to shake her ass only inches from Jessica’s face. Not letting the opportunity pass Jessica’s moved her hands playfully over Alice’s backside. Pushing her hands under the cloth Jessica let her fingers slide over Alice’s exposed wet mound causing Alice to close her eyes as rub herself back and forth on the girl’s hand. Not wanting it to escape Alice reach back and held Jessica’s hand in place as she continued to grind against it. As she was approaching climax the final two pieces were pulled free as she came and Alice collapsed on the floor naked but for her slave chains in front of her female audience.

“YES! Now that was hot!” Yelled Hannah as she gave a standing ovation. “You made your stripper so horny she needed you to get her off.”

“She rubbed herself on me,” replied Jessica as she quickly wiped her hand on Alice’s discarded loincloth.

“Still not sure you want to go back,” teased Tamara.

“Tamara, that is not a fair question,” stated Hannah as she walked with a swagger over to Jessica. I mean she was not on the receiving end. You shouldn’t ask until after she experiences the pleasure.” Taking Jessica by the hand she led her over the the couch and sat her down between herself and Kathy.

“Well, our little lesbian,” purred Hannah as she rubbed Jessica’s thigh. “Time to return the favor.”

Still on her hands and knees from the orgasm and the humiliation of making a spectacle of getting herself off in front of the group of women the order did not shock her in the least. How could it, to them she was a promiscuous lesbian who just stripped and masturbated in front of them. Being ordered to perform oral sex on the birthday girl was what was expected of someone like her. Without even thinking she started crawling towards the young woman, thoughts or concerns that she was about to lick the girl’s pussy no longer affecting her as her body began to tingle once again.

“Wait, no, no, no,” cried Jessica. I’m not having sex with a lesbian for your enjoyment.”

“Not our enjoyment, your’s,” replied Hannah as she started to stroke Jessica’s thigh.

“And her’s,” added Tamara nodding towards Alice.

“That’s a given,” giggled Hannah. She is probably very good. Right Kathy?”

“Why are you asking me! She has never gone down on me,” lied Kathy. “Just because my best friend is a lesbian and her girlfriend is freaky doesn’t mean I’m gay. If you are so keen why don’t you go first.”

Staring at the fellow cheerleaders, Hannah turned her head to Alice kneeling quietly on the floor. “Okay, I’ll go first,” murmured Hannah, “but you are next. Now get over here slut and show me what you can do.”

Changing course Alice resumed her crawl now toward the demanding cheerleader. Hannah was a very beautiful, tall and athletic with wavy black hair and the face of a model. Her breasts were full heavy and firm, pulled up and displayed by the sport’s top of her bikini.

Hannah’s knees slowly parted as Alice crawled between her thick thighs. Alice could smell her targets arousal as she placed a kiss on her inner thigh causing Hannah to gasp. Twisting her head Alice continued to place gentle kisses on the crotch of Hannah’s bikini. Even trapped between her thighs Alice could hear Hannah’s heavy breathing as she squirmed in her seat. Feeling she was ready, Alice started to pull the bikini bottoms over Hannah’s shapely hips exposing her trimmed hairs glistening with her secretions. Returning to her position, between Hannah’s legs, she could actually see the thick liquid running down from her slit. Moving forward Alice plunged her tongue deeply into her body as pressed her lips over Hannah’s crotch and sucked the liquid from its source. The taste was a little spicy and creamy as Alice appraised Hannah’s flavor. It was a new game Nicole had started to play. She would be given several samples of cum and she had to identify their source based off of taste and texture alone. To her disgust Alice had become quite proficient at assessing the specific characteristics each woman produced.

Aaaauuuuhhhhh, Yes,” growed Hannah as she lifted herself from her seat and held Alice’s head to her crotch. “Eat me you lesbian slut.”

Held in place Alice had no choice but to follow as Hannah rose from the sofa. Wanting to keep her balance Alice moved her arms under her thighs and wrapped her hands around her hips. Wanting to get Hannah off as quickly as possible Alice licked up and down her slit wiggling her tongue over her cllit. Hannah came eryaman escort with a deep moan and her whole body shivered as she fell back onto the couch trapping Alice’s arms under her thighs and pinning her against her crotch.

“Oh wow that was good,” breathed Hannah. “You like that didn’t you bitch? You like eating my pussy?”

“Yes,” mumbled Alice still trapped between Hannah’s thighs.

“I bet you did,” continued Hannah as she caressed the back of Alice’s head. “A pro like you cannot get enough pussy.”

“Yes,” squeaked Alice. She didn’t even want to eat pussy let alone be good enough to be a pro and was somewhat happy to be trapped between the girl’s thighs as she had a place to hide her shame.

“Good because the birthday girl is next,” commanded Hannah. “It’s time to see if you can keep her from going back to boys.”

“What you want me to have sex with her!” stated Jessica nervously as she pressed her legs together tightly.

“No,” replied Hannah, “you are not going to have sex her. She is going to perform oral sex on you. There is a huge difference. Don’t worry she is very good and once you try it you will be happy you did. She will rock your world.” Placing her hand on Jessica’s knee she slowly started to pull at her leg. Understanding what Hannah was doing, Kathy placed her hand on Jessica’s other knee and started to pull as well.

Gradually her legs were pulled apart and Alice slowly crawled into the space. To keep her from interfering Hannah and Kathy grasped Jessica’s hands and pinned them to her sides, holding her in place. Looking up Alice could see Jessica staring at her, her breathing heavy. Lowering her gaze Alice focused on Jessica’s bikini bottoms, the last obstacle to her goal and she could clearly see a wet spot in front, proof that her breathing was at least partially from excitement. Reaching up Alice pulled at each side of Jessica’s string bikini, untying and exposing Jessica’s mound as she squirmed between her two captors. Unlike Hannah, who was only trimmed, Jessica was groomed with just a landing strip above her clit.

Seeing Jessica was indeed wet Alice leaned forward and slid her tongue along Jessica’s slit licking up her juices as Jessica stiffened and let out a deep moan. Pausing for a moment Alice could taste the zesty flavor and liquidy texture, then playfully flicked her tongue over her engorged clit. A soft nibble causing Jessica to gasp.

“You like that, don’t you girl,” soothed Hannah, “you like having a lesbian go down on you?”

Jessica didn’t answer. She simply continued to moan as she tried to break free.

“Stop squirming or I will make her stop,” ordered Hannah. To which Jessica sat still.

“Good girl,” continued Hannah. “Now answer the question, you like it don’t you?”

“Yessss,” hissed Jessica her body shaking from pleasure.

“Now do you want to go back, back to boys, back to Steve? Because I can make her stop if you do?”

“Please don’t, whimpered Jessica, “I want her to continue. I, I, …”

“Don’t want to go back,” interrupted Hannah. “Say it and she makes you cum, otherwise you wait for Steve.”

“I can’t wait,” moaned Jessica as she tried to grind on Alice’s face, but was held in place by her fellow cheerleaders, “I don’t want to go back, please I need to cum!”

“You heard the convert,” laughed Hannah. “Rock her world.”

Alice knew she could not keep Jessica on edge much longer and doing what she was told, used her experience to push her over the edge. Jessica screeched and her body started to twitch as she had what looked like the greatest orgasm of her life.

“See how good that was,” stated Hannah as she released Jessica. “Now why don’t you give your new lover another kiss.” Grasping the ring on Alice’s collar Hannah guided Alice up over Jessica’s panting body. Alice felt Hannah shift her hand to the back of her neck as she positioned the two for another kiss. As she was trained Alice pressed her lips against Jessica’s as she kissed the cheerleader deeply. Jessica offered no resistance or hesitation and accepted the kiss pushing her tongue past Alice’s own.

Pulling the two lovers apart Hannah pushed Alice back to the floor as she caressed the back of Jessica’s head. “Now back to work our little sex slave,” purred Hannah, “you still have four more women to pleasure.”

Looking to her left Alice could see the smile on Kathy’s face as she gently caressed her breasts through her top.

“We’ve been teasing Kathy about being a lesbian long enough it’s high time she tried the other team,” stated Hannah taking sole possession of Jessica.

Dropping her head Alice crawled towards Kathy. The irony not lost on Alice that she was straight and was forced to play a lesbian while Kathy was a lesbian hiding as a straight girl. Knowing what she liked after going down on her many times already Alice was able to finish her off quickly.

Straightening up Alice looked over to her next target, Stephanie. With a large chest and a plump round ass she had a similar body type to Vicky, and like Vicky Alice was mesmerized by Stephanie’s voluptuous D cup breasts. Breasts that were being groped and played with by Stephanie’s own hands. While Alice was not sure if her fixation was due to actual preference or jealousy because of her own petite frame and A cup breasts Alice could not deny the desire to play with them herself.

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