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My name is Tiffany but I’m well known as Tiff or babygirl because of my adorable face (I’m not bragging). I’m always being told that I have cute features.

I would never forget this experience that I’m about to tell you. It was my first lesbian experience as well as gang-bang. I’m not a whore but I enjoyed every minute of it.

I awoke one morning and automatically reached over to my boyfriend’s spot in the bed, but it was empty. I got out of bed and realised that I was still naked after last night’s love making. I smiled and headed to the bathroom for a shower. After bathing, I dressed in a pair of short jeans and a sleeveless top. I could tell it was going to be a hot day so I wanted to be prepared for it. I brushed my long, brown hair and headed straight for the stairs where I could smell the sweet aroma of coffee, bacon and toast. I heard a voice that sounded familiar but it also sounded as thought the person was crying. I descended the stairs and entered the kitchen where I saw my friend Xania, I call her the town slut (she has probably fucked and sucked every guy in her town). She and my boyfriend were both sitting at the bar, she was crying and he was speaking to her in a soft, comforting, sympathetic tone.

‘Oh come on, Xania, if you think that crying shit is going to get Michael in bed with you, think again’ I greeted them as I grabbed some juice from the refrigerator.

‘Good morning to you too, I hope you slept well’ Michael said and gave me a slyish smile. I knew he was referring to last night’s rumble.

‘Hi Tiff’ Xania greeted me, I could tell that she was really hurt about something.

‘What’s up hon, why the tears’, I leaned over and gave her a hug and she began telling me the story of her break up with her boyfriend and what hurt her the most was that he said that you could never turn a whore into a housewife. I felt sorry for her, I knew she had really loved him but it was true. She had sex with almost every guy she met and I guess that Rick (her now ex-boyfriend) found out.

I sat down next to Michael and he kissed me and began playing with my thighs. They are really thick but well shaped and he keeps telling me he’s in love with my body. My stats are 34B breasts, 27 waist and 39 hips. A lot of curves and I work out regularly, so I’m very well shaped and I’m proud. Anyway, Mike’s hand was moving up and between my legs, I knew what he wanted but my jeans were too tight for his hand to reach inside. Xania didn’t know what was going on because she was on the other side of the bar.

Michael suddenly jumped up and said that he was going to take a shower. I was very horny and I knew I had to make love to Michael. I told Xania that I was going upstairs to get something. When I got there, I paused by the door and saw Mike in the bedroom, naked, and I could see that he had an erection. He was playing with his dick, rubbing it up and down and moaning. My pussy began to leak juices, I could feel myself getting horny.

‘I wonder what you are imagining’ I said with a smile and began walking towards him. I started playing with his dick and we kissed. I traced his lips with my tongue and he moaned into my mouth when our tongues met. I kissed his body all the way down to his torso. I felt his dick thicken in my hand, I kissed it, lick, suck and please Michael like I normally do. I love to suck his cock, it’s so big and hard. He pushed deeper into my mouth and moaned ‘ Oh baby, yes that’s it, suck it, ooh yeah’. I got up and he went to lie down on the bed. I took of my top, shorts and my thong and went to join him.

‘Sit on my face, I want to taste you’

I straddled his face and I felt his tongue enter my pussy, it felt so good. I leaned over and sucked his cock again, hard and slow, tasting every inch of his beautiful shaft. His finger entered me and then another and another until he was finger fucking me with four of his fingers. It felt nice and I was so wet and hot that cebeci escort they slipped into me easily. He told me that he was soon coming do I wanted to get it all in my mouth. I love to drink Mike’s sperm. I pumped his dick in one hand and massaged his balls with the other. I felt him pushed against my hand and I knew that this was going to be a fountain of cum. He gave one last push and came all in my mouth. It hit the back of my throat with such a sudden force, my mouth became so full that I had to swallow some and spit out some. I kept jerking him off until he cooled down. I then went to the bathroom to rinse my mouth and came back to the bed where was just lying there, eyes close and breathing hard. I kissed his nipple then his shoulder, all the way up to his mouth.

‘Girl, your mouth does wonders with my cock, I love you honey’

‘I love you too’

Just then Xania came into the room clapping.

‘Beautiful! Encore! That was marvelous. I asked her what she was talking about and she said that she was coming to tell us that she was leaving but we forgot the door open. I felt embarrassed and I buried my face in Michael’s chest who was fumbling with the sheets to cover his privates.

‘No need to hide Mikey, I saw everything’ Xania snickered.

‘Can any of you give me a ride, please?’

I volunteered, so I told her to give me a min to get dress. When she left Mike told me not to worry about it and to just hurry and come back home. I hurriedly got dress, kissed him and left him preparing himself for a shower. I ran downstairs and caught Xania out on the patio flirting with one of my sexy neighbours. I grabbed the keys from the counter, shove my feet into my sneakers and went out the door.

‘For goodness sake, Xany, he’s married and is 59’

Xania is 26 and I’m 25.

‘I can still give him some, probably better than his wife’ she smiled as I unarmed my car alarm we got in and headed for Palm Beach. She began telling me about this lesbian experience she had the previous night and how great it was. The way she spoke of the things that were done and how they were done made me a little queasy. She recognized it too by the way my knuckles tightened on the steering wheel until they turned white and how perky my nipples got. I pulled into her drive way and exhaled deeply. I guess by now she knew that I was horny.

‘Come in for a drink’

‘I have to get back to Michael, we have a lunch at 1p.m so I can’t.

‘Oh come on, he’s not a baby and besides you haven’t spend anytime with me lately’ she pouted and I knew that it was true so I gave in.

‘Okay, one drink and then I’m leaving’ I locked the car and we entered the house. Xania always had a taste for home decorating while I’m the one with the fashion taster. We went to the den and Xania poured us both a drink. She gave me a glass and I took a sip and sat down on a huge couch. She sat down in front of me on the floor and continued the story from where she left off. My queasy feelings returned and she noticed them. She rested her drink on a glass cart nearby with other glasses and got up and kissed me right no the lips. I was so shocked and she started playing with my tongue using hers. I pulled away.

‘What are you doing? I asked

‘Don’t worry Tiff, you’ll love it, wait and see. It’s not much different than with Michael. Try it’ and she kissed me again. I became very aroused but I never had a sexual experience with a girl before. She took my drink and set it down next to hers then she began removing my top and pants, licking and sucking my nipples as she did so. She told me my breasts were round and beautiful and she kissed them. When my pants and panties were finally off, she felt between my legs and realise that I was wet. She smiled and spread my legs wide. She licked her lips and started rubbing my clit with her thumb. I closed my eyes and moaned as çukurambar escort two of her fingers entered me. I moaned again.

‘I told you, you would enjoy it, just relax’ I felt a burning sensation in my pussy and I opened my eyes. Xania was licking my pussy, sucking my clit and fingering me at the same time. I felt like I was beginning to cum and I ground my pussy against her mouth.

‘Ummmmmm, yes Tiff, let go, you taste so good’ I came so hard, all of my juices were flowing out and she was drinking it all up. She removed her fingers and licked them clean.

‘Now it’s my turn’ she said while she took off her dress and I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She laid down on the floor and spread her legs. Her pussy was so wet and swell when I played with her clit and I wondered if she had fucked someone before she came by me. This was all new to me but I felt like I owe her for making me cum. Her hips were grinding against my hand hard so I slipped a finger inside her cunt and then another. She was screaming ‘oh gosh yes, more’. I pulled out my hand and licked one of my fingers. She tasted great. I then dipped my head to her crotch and started licking her pussy, sucking her clit, licking the labia until she was bucking off the couch. Suddenly, she jumped up and said that she was coming back. She ran up the stairs of the den naked as she was born.

‘Oh hell, what am I doing?’ I asked myself suddenly aware of reality and what I was about to get myself into but the doorbell broke into my thoughts.

‘Get the door for me, Tiff, I’m looking for something’ she shouted from where ever in the house she was. I grabbed her dress (the closest clothing I could find) and put it on then I went out the den door to get to the front one outside. There by the front door was a very tall and handsome guy.

‘Well hello sexy, I didn’t know Xania had company’ he greeted me with a flashy, flirtatious smile that would make any girl melt in her shoes.

‘Hi, we’re in the den so you can follow me’ I said ‘oh by the way, thanks for the compliment.’

‘No prob, sugar, anything for a gorgeous lady’ he said. Xania’s dress was really tight and short on me since my hips and legs are bigger than hers. I led him into the den and close the door.

‘Wow, in here smells like pussy’

I blushed and I became embarrassed immediately, I shyly smiled and wished that Xania was in the room. She would’ve handled the situation better.

‘I’m Everton and I love your smile’ he kept on flattering me.

‘Well, I’m Tiffany and I love my smile too’ I smiled and he laughed and said that I was a very cute brunette. We kept talking and I found out that he was Xania’s ‘handyman’. He saw our panties on the floor and laughed.

I see you two have been busy, that’s the norm for Xany’ he said ‘ come on there’s no need to be ashamed, let us get better acquainted’ and with this he leaned over and kissed me right on the lips. I was so shocked as well as deeply aroused by this and I moaned. He moaned too and guided my hand to his crotch where I could feel the heat of his erected shaft penetrating through his pants. It felt huge and suddenly I felt as though I wanted to take this monster inside of me right there and then. I unzipped his fly and played with his dick. He took of his pants and boxers to reveal the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. He was about 12 inches in length and very thick. He caught me staring and chuckled.

‘Come here and suck it’ he grabbed his dick and shoved it right into my mouth. I sucked on the head and licked it but it was so big, my jaws hurt. I kept sucking and licking, pumping and massaging until he was moaning and pushing further into my mouth. He grabbed my hair ‘Suck it hard, yeahhhhhh like that’.

I could tell he was enjoying it and that made me very horny. I started rubbing my clit, which was very wet and swollen.

‘Well, demetevler escort I can see the two of you have already met’ Xania smiled as she entered the room with a huge dildo and a vibrator. Here Tiff, let me help you.

I kept on sucking Everton when Xania pushed two fingers roughly into my cunt. I moaned and Everton pushed harder into my mouth. Xania was finger fucking me hard and I could feel my pussy expanding as her four fingers slam inside of me. I then heard the vibrator turned on and Xania was rubbing it up and down across my clit. I felt myself cumming again. Just then Everton pulled out of my mouth and told me he wanted to fuck me. I took of the dress and laid down on the rug. He took my legs and spread them wide. I felt his dick rubbing against my clit, up and down and sideways. I moaned and began to grind my hips against him.

‘You want it, don’t you, tell me how much you want it’

I hate being teased but his teasing got me hornier by the minute.

‘Yes I want it, give it to me, I want you to fuck my pussy, push it in rough, ummmm give it all to me.’

With that he slammed it into my cunt with such a force that he had to hold my hips to bring me back to him.

‘Ahhhhh, yes, uh uh uh, ooohhhhh yeahhhhhh’ I screamed and he pumped his dick in me harder.

‘Oh gosh, faster, ummmm, yes’ I rubbed my clit as he hammered away in my pussy.

‘I want some of the fun too’ Xania said and she came and sat on my face.

So here was I, getting the shit fucked out of my pussy, sucking another girl’s pussy and having my clit teased with a vibrator: my first threesome. Suddenly Ev pulled out and told me to ride him while he licks Xania’s pussy. I got on top of him and I impaled myself oh his cock. It felt so good. I rode him hard and fast while Xania was busy being pleasured by his tongue. His dick was so huge but it felt good in me.

‘I’m going to cum’ he shouted, so I got off and he came all over the sheets and his stomach. Xania leaned over and began sucking his cock while I began licking the sperm from his stomach.

I took the dildo and placed it into my cunt. I wanted to cum so bad. It was very big and only 8 inches got inside. Xania came and put the other side into her own cunt. We lay there grinding hips, rubbing clits, massaging breasts and moaning until we both came. This scene made Evvy horny again and his huge dick became erected, only this time it seemed as though it swelled twice the size before.

Xania snapped on the dildo to a leather belt and then strapped it on around her waist. She then told me to spread my legs, she want to know what it’s like to fuck my pussy. I couldn’t believe it, a girl was actually going to ‘fuck’ me. She rammed it into me. I screamed because it hurt at first because it was not a real dick but as she pumped into me, it felt better. Ev then got behind Xania and pushed his cock into her from behind. I couldn’t believe it. We were having a three-way fuck. Xania ramming the shit out of my pussy and Ev ramming the shit out of hers.

I rubbed my clit and massaged Xania’s breasts. I bean to cum and so did Xania and Everton. Everton came inside of Xania, while she removed her own ‘dick’ and drank all of my love juices that were flowing from my pussy. We all laid down on the floor, all wrapped up into each other. About 5 minutes after, I remembered my lunch date. It was after 12 and the lunch meeting was at 1. I jumped up and hurriedly got dress in my jeans and top and sneakers.

‘Where you off to, sugar’ Everton asked.

‘I got to go’ I said briefly.

‘Tiff got a lunch meeting’ Xania gave her input, which I thought Everton didn’t have to know.

‘Well, nice meeting your acquaintance, love your smile and your pussy. I enjoyed our little meeting’ Ev said and gave me that flirtatious grin.

‘Bye Tiff’ said Xania

‘Yeah bye’ I felt my pants pockets for my keys, took them out and ran out the door.

I sped down the freeway back to my house while I replayed what just went on in my mind. To be honest, I felt quite okay with it. As I pulled into my drive way, I wondered about Xania and Everton.

Who knows what went on between them after I left, but I will tell you what happened with me in part two to this story.


To Be Continued…

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