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Now this one gift he won’t forget, I thought to myself as I looked in the mirror. I had spent all afternoon preparing myself as a special Christmas Eve present for my beloved husband, Alex. Tonight should take the chill off from the snowy weather, I thought to myself happily.

My long hair was freshly washed and tumbled past my shoulders in shiny light curls. Half a tube of mascara had made my eyelashes Bambi-esque. Rosy cheeks hinted at sensual delights. Bright red lipstick completed the Christmas look.

But it was my outfit I was most proud of. My bright red velvet Christmas dress had a heart shaped neckline, nipped in waist and short flared skirt that showed both my legs and breasts at their best. I was insecure about my slightly small breasts, which my husband always assured me were wonderful, but in this dress they looked much more substantial, giving me added confidence.

The dress was trimmed with a soft white faux fur. It tickled the top of my thighs and grazed lightly against my breasts, sending shivers up and down to between my legs. A red lacy Victoria’s Secret thong nestled between my butt cheeks and provided only a scrap of lace to capture the honey wetness that ever so slowly was trickling from my pussy at the thought of seducing my husband.

A pair of Christmas bell earrings caused a little jingle when I swished my head. Let’s see if we can make them move tonight, I thought with a giggle. Bright red stiletto heels completed the sexy yet sweet look. I could only walk so far in the heels; fingers crossed there would be no broken ankles for Christmas.

Hmm, I thought, scrutinizing my appearance. One thing missing. I picked up a long red ribbon off my dresser. I tied it around my neck into a bow. I smiled happily at the image in the mirror. A present for my husband to unwrap.

Alex came through the door with a blast of cold air. It was snowing steadily outside, coating the trees and the streets with a crisp whiteness. Our cozy home seemed all the more inviting for it.

“Cami! It’s freezing out there, phew.” Alex strode into the lounge room where I waited, standing in the centre of the room, one hand on hip, teacup style, bursting with excitement and arousal at the thought of my husband’s strong hands unwrapping and exploring his gift.

Surprise crossed Alex’s face, then a slow smile,

“Well, well,” he said after a moment.

His eyes roamed over me, the little red dress, the heels, the bow, “what do we have here, hmm, little wife?”

I smiled cheekily, “Merry Christmas, honey, I’m your present to unwrap and enjoy.”

Alex grinned fully. His ‘I’m getting laid’ grin, I called it. “A present? For me? And it’s not even Christmas yet, how lucky a husband am I?”

“Well I’m a lucky wife,” I replied, my breath quickening.

He came closer to me, never taking his eyes off me – especially my perkier then usual breasts. My breath began to quicken as I caught the smell of his aftershave. Alex stood in front of me, his eyes holding mine. My husband is a tall man and quite filled out, making even an average girl like me feel small and feminine.

I could feel his masculinity and arousal. He is excellent at controlling himself, at drawing out a sensual moment, but a wife can always bahçelievler escort tell when her husband wants her. Men are not subtle. Especially when their erections are evident through their pinstripe suit pants.

“I hope you like what you see,” I said slightly nervously. I’m not natural vamp, I wasn’t a hundred percent sure I was pulling off the outfit.

Alex grabbed me, hard. Pulling me into his chest he pushed my hand onto his hard cock and kissed me roughly, his tongue probing and exploring my mouth. I caressed him through his pants as he held me tightly; I enjoyed feeling what I had done to him.

He broke for air, for only a moment, and continued to kiss me hard. I went with it, biting his lip in return for his roughness. He broke away and his dark blue eyes searched mine. A small smile lifted the corners of his mouth.

“Naughty girl,” Alex said.


He pulled up my skirt and smacked me across my butt.

“Owie!” I pouted.

“Santa will punish naughty girls who bite,” Alex replied.

We looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“I wonder if other couples struggle to keep a straight face during seductions, hey Santa honey?” I giggled, looking up at my handsome husband.

Alex smiled back at me.

“Santa doesn’t do it for you, naughty girl? And did I say to stop touching my cock? No presents for you.”

“Yes, honey,” I replied, attempting to bat my eyelids and look coquettish, hoping I didn’t look like I had something stuck in my eye.

I resumed caressing Alex’s cock, eliciting a low moan from him. His hands began to slowly roam over my butt; the heat of the spank had settled now into delicious warmth. My husband stroked each cheek in turn, and then firmly grabbed a handful of my ass. It was my turn to moan; I loved having my ass squeezed.

“Baby that feel so good,” I breathed into his chest.

I turned my face up for a kiss. We kissed slower, deeper, more gently than before as we continued to touch each other. I could feel his cock throbbing through his suit, wanting to escape.

Breaking the kiss Alex moved his mouth to my sensitive ears. I cried out in joy as he kissed and sucked my ears and moved his mouth up and down my neck, undoing the bow.

“My little naughty Christmas girl likes that,” Alex whispered in my ear.

His hands moved from my butt to my chest. He began to silently feel my breasts through the red velvet. His fingers lightly traced over the soft fur trim, brushing the fabric against my naked breast.

I was caught up in his intent looking face when he slipped one hand into my top and into red lacey bra. He twisted my nipple, hard, just as his other hand slipped into my pants and he shoved his fingers into my wet sex, causing me gasp and a flood of desire to dampen my panties.

“Get down on your knees little wife and pleasure my cock,”

“Yes, husband,” I struggled out in reply as I moaned at the pleasure and pain he was causing.

I loved it when my husband dominated me. For all the times I loved tying him up and teasing him for hours there was nothing that made me feel so womanly as having my husband take control.

I knelt on the rug and looked up at Alex. On my knees, where balgat escort I should be, ready to pleasure my husband at Christmas.

I unbuckled Alex’s belt and slowly unzipped his pants. His suit pants fell to the floor. His cock sprang free and tantalizingly close to my mouth as I pulled down his underwear.

“I’m all for you, husband,” I said and smiled up at Alex as I then bent my head and took his cock in my mouth.

He groaned, deeply. His hands came to my head and stilled. As I took my first deep suck of his cock he pushed his hands through my hair over and over, trying to stop himself for forcing my head down.

“Oh baby, that feels so good, suck me deep, please,” Alex moaned.

I teased him, sucking deep and slow then stopping to lick and suck his balls, then sucking shallow and quick. I knew what he wanted, but he was going to have to wait while I enjoyed him first.

“That’s it Christmas baby girl, on your knees, my cock in your mouth,” Alex panted.

I looked up at him and our eyes met as I picked up pace, drawing his hard pulsing cock in and out of my mouth. He watched me suck his cock, watched it go in and out of my mouth, I knew he loved to see me on my knees. And what a splendid sight I was tonight.

Alex tilted his head back and closed his eyes.

“I need to fuck your mouth,” he moaned.

His hands tightened their grip around head; I felt his thighs tense and harden, as he stood firmer. I opened my mouth into a loose O just in time for my husband to push my head down firmly on his cock by grabbing a handful of my hair. I sucked hard on him and enjoyed the feeling of submission as he forced his cock in and out of my mouth.

He is the perfect size, big enough to make my mouth feel full but not so big I can’t take all of him in my mouth. I gagged as he hit the back of my throat. The choking noise made Alex moan even more.

“Baby I have to stop,” he said, slowing his strokes in my mouth.

I pulled my mouth off his cock as his hands loosened from my hair. A drop of pre cum glistened on the swollen tip of his cock. I leaned forward and licked it off hungrily. He tasted so good; the only man whose cum I had ever liked the taste of.

“You’re so good Cami honey, but I don’t want to cum just yet.”

Alex held out a hand and pulled me to my feet and into a deep kiss.

“I like tasting myself on you,” he said as he took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom.

Throwing his shirt aside Alex was naked, his cock jutting out from his body, ready for me. Reaching under my skirt he pulled down my panties and spoke,

“On your hands on and knees and the edge of the bed, wife,” he ordered.

“I think we’ll leave your dress on,” he added.

I felt him stand behind me as I assumed the all fours position, inspecting me.

“Show yourself to me,” he commanded me.

Our ritual. I pulled my butt cheeks wide open so my tight anus showed for him. I wondered if he wanted me that way tonight. Tonight was his special present; I would give myself how he wanted. Next, I reached down and spread the lips of my wet sex.

“I’m all yours, husband, Merry Christmas,” I said perkily, wiggling my behind.

“Mmm what a perfect Christmas gift, you ankara escort look adorable,” Alex replied with a laugh.

He moved close behind me and grabbed my hips and pushed his thick cock deep into me.

I moaned in ecstasy, “oh god yes, that’s so good.”

It felt so good to be filled with his cock. Not just the physical sensation in my sex but also the feeling of connecting with and pleasuring the man I loved. Alex began to stroke in and out of me, slowly, teasing me. He pulled his cock right to the entrance of my sex, making me beg him not to pull out of me, to leave me empty and wanting.

When I could take no more teasing he pushed into me hard, fast, deep. We both cried out in pleasure.

“Oh yes, Cami, you feel so tight, so good around my cock,” Alex moaned.

“Pull my hair, Alex, please, I need it,” I begged in reply.

Alex wrapped a handful of my hair around his wrist and firmly tugged, forcing my head up. He started to fuck me hard, properly, causing my bell earrings to jingle back and forth. His cock pushed in and out of me at a steady rhythm in time to the tugs on my hair. I moaned with pleasure and reached back to feel Alex’s balls; we knew by now how we each liked it.

“Smack!” Alex smacked my butt cheek as he rode me hard, making me cry out pain and pleasure.

“Whose my little pony hmm, you like being ridden don’t you girl,” Alex cooed at me as he picked up his pace and fucked me harder while pulling my hair and smacking my ass. I dropped my hand from his balls and gripped the bed, focusing on holding steady as he gripped my hips tightly and took me.

“Yes, Alex, I love it, I love it when you ride me,” I struggled to say as my breath overcame me.

Suddenly Alex slowed and pulled out of me. With shaking legs I turned to look at him, my dress up around my waist, my hair everywhere. Alex held his cock, which jutted out from his body, angry looking and glistening with pre cum.

“I want to look at your face when I come,” Alex demanded fiercely.

I quickly shifted for him to climb on top of me. His solid body covered mine, lightly sweaty from our exertions. I ran my hands over his broad chest and played with his nipples as he held his upper body up, protecting me from his full weight. Alex started to fuck me again, starting slowly and caressing my breasts, but quickly he was beginning to lose control.

“I can’t stop baby, I need to cum, I need to fill you,” he moaned as his hard cock pumped in and out of my sex.

“Oh please,” I said running my hands over his back and grabbing Alex’s butt, pulling him deeper into me, “fill me up, fill me with your cum, you know I love it.”

Alex groaned deeply and scrunched his face tightly. His breathing became shallower. He was close, so close. I knew how to get him over the edge.

“I’m all yours husband, your wife, I belong to you, only you cum in me, no other man touches me, no other cock enters me, only you can fill me right,” I whispered to him as he sought climax.

“Ohh, ohhh,” Alex’s mouth dropped open to let out a deep moan, his faced scrunched right up, his back arched. “Yes, yes, oh god ohhh.” Alex’s cum face held for a moment as he filled me with his hot seed.

Finally he collapsed on top of me, his face nuzzled into my neck. I held him and kissed the top of his dark head.

“Merry Christmas, husband.”

Alex lifted his head up to look at me.

“I love you, Christmas wife, thank you.”

And with the snow falling outside we curled into each other and enjoyed the Christmas moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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