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“My husband doesn’t decide who I fuck,” Julia told the man firmly after he asked her if her husband was as open-minded as the other men here, if he allowed her to be with other men. “I am the one who determines who gets this pussy,” she said, coming straight to the point.”So if you’re going to ask someone for the use of it, that would be me.”

He smiled and nodded his head. “Of course,” he said, hearing clearly her attitude on the matter. “Then I am asking. What do you think? Do I stand a chance?” She leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“A chance, yes. Maybe slim, but a chance,” she said with a slight grin. “With me you have to prove you are worthy,” she added with a smile.

“Your husband seems happily occupied with Cheryl, Dan’s wife,” he said, nodding towards the other side of the room.

“He is. He likes her. I like her. She is a wonderful piece of ass,” she said unashamed of being so blunt. “She also gives good head. My husband has told me. Other men have told me. We are free here to be with who we choose to be,” she told him. “To be with a woman here you have to prove yourself,” she said.

“And how do I do that?” he asked.

“By being honest, and by making yourself desirable. By showing the women here you can be trusted,” she said. “We have to pick you,” she told him. “We don’t fuck phonies. Prove yourself to be a real man, a trustworthy man, then you stand a chance of fucking one of us. If you don’t, then you stand no chance. Just don’t try to charm us. We don’t react well to charmers,” she said with a guileless grin. “Be yourself, let us get to know you. You had to be invited here,” she said. “So you should know what we do here. Who invited you?” she asked.

“Cheryl and Dan asked me to come,” he said.

“That’s a good endorsement,” she said nodding. “They are a great couple,” she said. “Good people. As you can see my husband is fond of Cheryl.” He nodded and smiled. “She also cares for him.”

“Of course they told you about our guidelines here, right?” He said they had, although he wanted to just make sure, that is why he asked about her husband’s attitude. “I almost didn’t believe them.”

“Let us get to know you: dance, chat, visit, make friends with us,” she advised. “Don’t rush it. Just relax and enjoy yourself here.”

Later that night they met again in the social room. “Would you care to dance?” he asked her. “I’d love to,” she said putting out her hand. “The fact that you said you came here at the suggestion of Cheryl and Dan helps. They are a delightful couple,” she said. He agreed as they began to dance. Julia leaned against him and put the side of her head against his chest.

“I have taken your suggestion and I have met what seem like nice people,” he said.

“Do you like to soak?” she asked. He said he loved it, and she then asked if he would like to join her in the hot tub. “We can get towels in the changing room, leave your clothes there. We are a clothing optional resort,” gaziantep escort she said. “If you don’t mind being nude with me,” she said with a grin.

“That I would love even more than the soak,” he said, motioning for her to lead him to the hot tub.

She had decided she liked him. He was easy to talk to, not hard to look at, and had a nice set of ‘bedroom eyes.’ After a few minutes of getting to know him, talking about sports, some politics–which she was relieved to find they agreed on–and their academic backgrounds. They had chatted for a while, then she leaned over and let him know she was feeling comfortable with him by placing a kiss on his lips.

He returned the kiss and thanked her. “You’re welcome,” she said with a sigh. “Would you like to see the couples’ room?” she asked. Without answering he put out his hand and she took it, stepping out of the water and taking his arm. Then she led him into the house, drying one another with the towels before going inside. They walked naked, side by side, into the house.

They went right to the “couples room” and stood in the doorway for a second, kissing before going inside. After leaving the hot tub she had put on a thin, transparent shift and she tossed it to the side as she stepped to the bed. He placed his hand on her hip and kissed her before she stretched out on her back on the bed, holding her hands up to him, imploring him to join her.

There were numerous mattresses on the floor, spread out with a small walkway between each one, most were occupied, two people on each one. He and Julia found one that wasn’t occupied, then they stretched out on it and molded together into a heated embrace with her opening her legs for him and arching her back to meet the thrusts of his hips. He entered her with one quick push, sinking deep in her pussy.

There on the mattress in the couples room, he fucked her like a seasoned veteran of the swingers group, pushing repeatedly as deep as the length of his penis would go into her vagina. She moaned and encouraged him with her sighs. The new guest named Matt fucked his new friend with an eagerness that kept her coming and pushing her hips up to meet the force of his passion. She called out to heaven, loving the screwing she was getting. “Oh, Matt,” she yelled, calling out his name, repeating it over and over.

When he came with a rush, she scooted around and took his cock into her mouth and milked him fervently, swallowing as much as she could catch. A few couples on other mattresses turned to watch them as she eagerly sucked his cock. When they were spent and resting, trying to regain their breath, he asked if she knew where her husband was.

“I just hope he had as much fun as I did,” she said as she fought to get her normal breathing back. As she regained her strength he asked how long they had been members there. “For about five years,” she replied.

“That’s a lot of different men,” he said. Quietly she nodded. “He doesn’t mind you fucking that many different men?” She said that was the same number of women for him. “And you don’t mind?”

“We feel sex is just recreation. Something fun we like to do,” she said quietly. “It is not love. It is not what we married for.”

“I am glad you didn’t,” he said. “I enjoyed that.”

“You don’t think it is wrong then?” she asked.

“I liked doing it with you,” he said. “I am glad you want to recreate that way.” He chucked and said he wasn’t sure he would want his wife fucking other men. “My wife has been gone now for five years. It has taken me that long to want to be with someone else,” he said thoughtfully.

“I would like to meet your husband,” he said. “I would like to talk to him, to get to know him.” She said she would introduce them. He took her hand and kissed it. “He must be quite a guy,” he said.

“He is,” she said. “He is the man of my dreams.” They had met in college and for years had had a conventional marriage, believing as so many do that monogamy was the natural way for marriage to be. Then they began talking, reading, and wondering about what marriage actually meant.

When Matt and Julia were sitting together chatting in the reading room, after they made love in the couples’ room, her husband came in and sat with them. His name was Justin and Julia introduced him to Matt. “I hope you’ve enjoyed my wife,” Justin said. Matt nodded and put out his hand. They shook and Justin told Matt he was glad to know they’d had a good time.

“You two have been members here for a few years?” Matt asked. Justin said they had been active swingers for five or six years. “So you have no trouble having your wife fucking other men?” Matt ask. “I am not sure I could do that,” he said.

“You would see how much fun she’s having, and you would be pleased to be able to empower her to do something she enjoys so much, and because you love her you would do all you could to make that happen.” he explained. “You love her, you don’t own her,” he said. “She has to be the one to decide what she does with whom.”

“I applaud you for being able to do that for her,” Matt said. “And you like having sex as well.”

“I do,” he said, “yes. We have realized that sex is just a matter of pleasure, a pleasure we can allow one another.

We are secure in our love, and we trust one another. It is like any other enjoyment.”

“You are lucky,” Matt said.

“Would you like to come to our house and visit us?” Justin asked Matt.

“I would like that, yes,” he replied. “To get to know you both. Maybe I can learn to accept extramarital sex the way you do.”

“We would like to help you with that,” Justin said. They agreed that he would visit them. A week later he as at their house having dinner with them. “You can stay with us for awhile. See what you think. You can stay in the guest room with Julia,” he said. “If you like.”

Matt said he would like that. Their first night they had sex, then they talked about her lifestyle, what she thought marriage could be, what she wanted from her partner. She said she wanted trust and honesty. “If he likes a woman I want him to be able to tell me. If I like someone, I can tell him.” she explained.

“There are risks,” she said, “and we understand them. We could change, and we accept that as a possibility. We love one another. There is no reason not to be totally honest. We both like sex with other people,” she clarified.

“We want to stay together,” she said. “We also,like one another. That doesn’t mean we can’t like other people.”

He asked if she had ever thought get of leaving. “Never,” she said.

“I have always thought of marriage as being exclusive,” Matt said.

“And yet you will fuck another man’s wife,” she said without challenge in her voice. He smiled, nodded, said he obviously had an interest in the idea, just that he was not sure about it for himself, for the woman he chose to be with. “You are a great example to look at. I hear what you believe. Thank you for talking to me about it.”

She kissed him and said, “Anytime.” He thanked her again and took her into his arms. “When Dan and Cheryl invited you to our party, why did they think you would be interested?”

“Because they told me they were swingers and I asked them about it,” he explained. “They said the best way to find out was to come and see for myself, so I did.” He studied Julia for nearly a minute. “You are happy with the marriage and the arrangement you have?”

“Incredibly,” she said with a smile. “We enjoy sex with other people, we like each other, we like doing things together, as well as apart, so, yes, I do like what we have together as a couple.”

Matt began coming to Julia and Justin’s house on a regular basis. Once or twice a week he would be there for dinner, would often spend the night, and when he did, mostly, he would sleep with Julia. After a few weeks of visiting regularly at Julia and Justin’s, Matt was asked once again if he wanted to attend a party at the swingers event. Again he accepted eagerly and slept with Cheryl, Julia, and a woman named Paula whose boyfriend did’t attend.

He started sleeping with Paula each time he attended the swinger party, her boyfriend was living in her house but they had been starting to have difficulty, and Matt began seeing her a time or two each week at places other than the parties. Her boyfriend moved out after six months, then Matt moved in a week after that.

By then both of them were confirmed devotees of the swinging lifestyle, and although they lived together they maintained an open relationship, fucking others enthusiastically. In four months they decided to get married and to continue their swinging lifestyle. Matt had realized he could indeed handle his wife having sexual relationships with other men, and Paula had no problem with Matt being with other women. They have now been married for seven years and they are still active in swinging, still attend the parties, and still are committed to an open relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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