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This is the continuation of the series “A Couple’s Voyage into Sexuality”. The main characters Robert, Vanessa, Edward and Pamela were introduced in the first story and this is the continuation of the voyage of these four people to discover new aspects of their sexuality and of themselves. New characters are introduced in this series and some of them will be developed in another story. I want to thank all comments received in the first story; they’ve been very helpful to me. I do encourage you to vote and to send your comments, both positive and negative are very encouraging and they help me to improve.


Vanessa was the first one to wake up. She got out of bed to go the bathroom and stood for a few seconds watching the couple on the bed. They were still asleep; Karen had her arm around Robert’s torso and her leg over his. Robert had a beautiful morning hard-on and Vanessa thought about the best way make use of it, he hadn’t fucked her the previous night and she ached to feel his cock inside her. But then she glanced at the clock on the night table. ‘Oh my God,’ she thought, ‘Bob has to be at the club for his first photo shoot in just over an hour.’ She went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Coming out of the bathroom drying her hair with a towel, she saw that Robert was awake and was tracing circles on Karen’s areola with the tip of his finger.

“Morning darling,” she said cheerfully bending down to kiss him, “Hate to interrupt whatever you were beginning to do with Karen, but remember you have to be at the club in an hour.”

“Oh damn!” Robert exclaimed, “I’d forgotten all about that.”

Karen stirred and opened her eyes stretching her arms over her body, “What’s happening? She asked in a sleepy voice.

“Bob will tell you,” Vanessa said, “I’m going to fix us some breakfast while you two take a quick shower,” and she walked out of the bedroom still naked.

* * *

Vanessa and Karen had decided to go with Robert to the club. When they arrived there were already a dozen girls waiting, Sugar among them. Vanessa was disappointed when Sugar told her Pepper and Mint had taken some vacation time to visit their relatives and would be away for a couple of weeks more. She had told Karen all about them on their way to the club and was looking forward to meet them.

Robert got busy setting up some lighting equipment he had brought along and when he finished, Karl told him what he wanted and Robert got started with the task at hand. Vanessa, Karen and Karl sat at one of the tables and Karl ordered some mimosas from a waitress that’d just walked in still in her street clothes.

Robert photographed every girl following the same pattern. The girl in turn wore one of the attires she usually wore at her show. The attires ran the gamut from just a bra and thong to negligees and teddies. Some of them wore garters and stockings and one had on schoolgirl attire, a checkered short red skirt, ankle socks and a white blouse. Another one had on business attire including horn rimmed glasses.

The girls stripped off their attires until they were totally nude. Robert snapped photo after photo while they stripped and when he liked a particular pose he would ask the girl to repeat it and hold it.

Vanessa and Karen watched the somewhat surreal scene, since the stage was lit with flashing colored lights accentuated by the harsh flashes of Robert’s equipment but the rest of the club lights were on as the waitresses cleaned the tables, a young man vacuumed the carpet and the bartenders made sure the had all they needed when the club opened later on.

After being photographed, some of the girls departed, but some stayed and watched. They sat on tables around the stage drinking from their water bottles. Most of them didn’t bother to put their clothes on. Vanessa was getting excited by the display of naked flesh and when she turned to look at Karen she saw her face was flushed, too and she guessed it wasn’t only the effect of the mimosas.

When Robert finally finished, he joined the others at the table and he told Karl he would make a selection of the best shots from the session and e-mail them to him in a couple of days so he could choose the ones he wanted printed.

“That sounds great Bob,” Karl told him, “Now you’ll have to excuse me since I have some things to attend to. But feel free to have a couple more drinks if you want.”

He got up from the table and kissed both Vanessa and Karen on the cheek, holding their hands a bit longer than necessary, before he departed for his office at the back of the club he told them, “Remember, the offer still stands.”

After he left, Robert asked Vanessa, “What was that all about?”

“Oh, he just repeated the offer he made the other night.” Vanessa told him, and leaning forward to kiss him softly on the lips she added, “He said we could come and strip anytime we wanted, and he included Karen too. And he said that if we wanted to do it regularly he would hire us, he thought we would beşevler escort be a great attraction for the older generation, as he put it.”

“Oh, and what did you say?” Robert asked, slipping his hand under his wife’s skirt.

Vanessa saw the bulge in his trousers and figured the idea excited him. “Oh I just told him I would think about it:”

Robert turned to Karen, “And how about you?”

“I said I would also think about it.” Karen replied slipping her hand over Robert’s thigh placing it over his erection, “And how about you Bob, does the idea of your wife and sister in law stripping in front of a room full of strangers excite you?”

“I think I’ll have to think about it.” Robert answered playfully.

“Well, I think we better get out of here before I fuck you right here, dear Bob.” Karen said giving his cock another squeeze before she pulled her hand away.

Robert put away his equipment and asked one of the bus-boys to help him carry it to his car. As they were leaving the club, Sugar came running up to them, her large breast bouncing. “Wait,” she said, “I think I’m going to need another set of pictures, are you available next Saturday.”

“Yes, I think so,” Robert said. “But let me give you my number, call me during the week to confirm it.”

“Can I be there and watch?” Karen asked.

Sugar looked at her quizzically and Vanessa said, “Sugar, this is my sister Karen.”

“Oh, nice to meet you,” Sugar said extending her hand, “Sure… I mean I’m sure it’s OK for you to be there, after all, you’ve just seen all I’ve got.”

Sugar gave Robert a quick kiss on the lips, “OK, I’ll call you.” Then she gave a similar kiss to Vanessa and was turning away when as an after thought she turned around and kissed Karen too.

Karen was caught by surprise but she liked the contact with the young woman’s lips and the sensation of her breasts pushing briefly against her own. “See you,” she said as Sugar turned around and headed for the back of the club.

* * *

When the doorbell rang, Vanessa was in the kitchen fixing a second pitcher of margaritas. Karen and Robert were sitting outside on the garden chairs under the shade of the tree. The three of them were naked. Vanessa opened the door and Edward and Pamela walked in and they exchanged kisses.

“You might want to leave your clothes at the guest room.” Vanessa said heading back to the kitchen.

A few minutes later Edward and Pamela walked out naked out to the backyard, when Edward saw Karen sitting naked on one of the chairs he said. “Wow! What do we have here?”

He walked up to her and taking her hands in his he pulled her up and kissed her. Karen was again taken by surprise, sure she was looking forward to having sex with Edward some time today but his move caught her unaware. However, it didn’t take her long to respond, and she sucked his tongue as it went into her mouth. Edward’s hands went down her back to hold her ass and Karen wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Well, it doesn’t seem they’re going to cut that anytime soon.” Pamela said going over to Robert and sitting on his lap she kissed him too.

When Karen and Edward finally broke their kiss, they were breathing rapidly and when they pulled apart, all could see Edward’s cock standing straight out.

“Mmhh, seems you really like Karen honey?” Pamela said.

“Let me tell you your husband is a really good kisser.” Karen replied wrapping her hand around his cock. “She got me all wet too.”

“So, are you going to do something about it?” Pamela insisted.

Karen looked at Ed, “What would you like me to do Ed?” she said provocatively.

“Do I really need to answer that?” Ed answered fondling Karen’s breasts.

“This is really getting interesting,” Robert said, “How about before you decide what you want to do you let me go get my camera.”

When Robert returned with the camera, Karen was already on her knees sucking Edward’s cock. Pamela and Vanessa were sitting on the grass fingering each other. Robert got the camera rolling catching all of them on the first frames and then zooming in to get a close up of Karen’s lips wrapped around Edward’s cockhead. After a sucking him for a couple of minutes, Karen pulled back and said.

“God! I want you to cum in my mouth but first I need you inside me.”

“I think we can work that out,” Karen said pulling Edward down on the grass.

Edward laid on his back, his cock pointing right up and Karen straddled him and guiding his cockhead to the entrance on her vagina she sank down on his shaft slowly. Robert was flat on the ground so he could get the best angle of the penetration.

Meanwhile Pamela and Vanessa had gone into a sixty-nine eating each other’s pussies. Robert got up and circled around them to get some close ups of their tongues buried in the other woman’s cunt. He got a nice shot from the side, Pamela’s legs wrapped around Vanessa’s head and büyükesat escort Karen’s body in the background riding Edward, her breasts bouncing in synch with her movements. He continued circling around until he was behind Edward’s head and with a full frontal view of Karen riding him as he fondled her breasts and nipples.

Karen was moaning and breathing heavily, “Oh Gosh!,” she exclaimed, “Keep doing that… I’m almost there…” she panted, “but don’t cum Ed, I still want that in my mouth.

Edward held her by the waist raising her hips slightly and he began a rapid pumping action thrusting his hips upward. Karen watched as her sister let out a muffled moan, her head still buried between Pamela’s thighs as she came and this triggered her own orgasm. She collapsed on top of Edward and kissed passionately on the mouth, fucking his mouth with her tongue just as he was fucking her pussy.

Vanessa had lifted her hips after cumming and bathing Pamela’s face with her juices. Pamela placed her hand over Vanessa’s outer lips pressing them together as her orgasm faded. Vanessa was sucking Pamela’s clit with rapid butterfly licks and Pamela exploded in her mouth and she avidly stuck her tongue in Pamela’s cunt to lick her juices.

Karen had gotten off Edward’s cock and was between his legs sucking his cock hungrily. She had her hand wrapped around the base of his shaft and she pulled her mouth away from his cock and began masturbating him rapidly. Every now and then she would lick the head as she continued moving her hand up and down the shaft until Edward arched his hips and started cumming. Karen had her face just inches away from his cockhead, her mouth open. Edward’s cum landed mostly all over her face, although some of his spurts went straight into her mouth and she swallowed them. Then Karen lowered her head taking Edward’s cock into her mouth again to suck the cum that had dripped down the shaft. She squeezed his cock to milk the rest of his semen into her mouth.

When she was done she straightened up and crept over to Robert, who had filmed on and now shot some frames of her cum covered face as she came to him.

“No it’s your turn,” Karen said, a wanton expression on her face, “I also want your cum all over my face.”

Robert stood up and Karen wrapped her fingers around his hard cock and began masturbating him. Robert handed the camera to Edward and concentrated on the sensations Karen’s tongue and mouth were producing on his cock. She was licking the underside of his shaft from his balls to the tip and then she took the head in her mouth while her hand pumped the lower part of his shaft.

Robert knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back his ejaculation for long. After all, he had woken up between two naked women, he had photographed twelve very hot young women and he had just watched his sister in law fucking his friend Edward while their wives ate each other. He just began pumping his hips back and forth, sinking more and more of his cock into Karen’s mouth until she gagged and had to pull back. The sight of his sister in law, her face covered with his friends cum sucking greedily on his cock was too much and he shot his first spurt inside Karen’s mouth, she immediately pulled back and the rest of his cum landed all over her face. Then Karen wrapped her lips around his cockhead sucking the last drops.

Karen just knelt there her face full of the cum from two men, she slid one of her hands between her legs to masturbate while she stuck her tongue out to lick all the cum she could reach and suck in into her mouth. Edward was still catching all of this on film while the other three just watched.

When Karen began gathering some of the thick drops with her fingers to lick them, Pamela went over and knelt in front of her, “Here hon, let me help you with that.”

Pamela licked some cum from Karen’s face and then gave her a French kiss, transferring the cum from her tongue to hers. They continued like this until Karen’s face was clean and she shuddered as she came, her own fingers buried inside her cunt. Then Pamela pushed her back on the grass and licked her way down her body, pausing for a while to suck her nipples until she buried her face between Karen’s legs, her bottom sticking up in the air. Vanessa crept behind her and began fingering Pamela’s cunt with one hand and buried her other hand in her own cunt. They went on like that until the three of them had another orgasm in close succession.

Afterwards Karen went into the guest bathroom to take a shower while the other four headed downstairs to watch the pictures Robert had shot that morning. When they finished Edward and Pamela left, they said they wanted to get a good rest because they had invited their neighbors over and had every intention of seducing them.

Robert and Vanessa checked on Karen and found her fast asleep on top of the bed in the guest room. They went into their own bathroom and showered together. Afterward çankaya escort they just lay in bed talking about Karen.

“I’m glad she decided to make love with you hon.” Vanessa told Robert and quickly added, “And also with Pam and Ed.”

“Me too,” Robert said, “you know, I’ve always felt attracted to her.”

“I know, I could tell,” Vanessa said lovingly, “but if you’d tried to get into bed with her before this last year I would have killed you.”

“Well, it was worth waiting for.” Robert said, understanding how Vanessa felt, “I’m glad I finally got to make love to her, but I’m even gladder about the way you’ve changed. About the way we’ve changed. I don’t think that many women would accept it if their husbands fucked their sisters. But I’m so glad you do. I’m glad for me, and also I’m glad for Karen, because I think that deep inside her she also felt attracted to me.”

“Yes, I’m glad for both of you. Now I feel I’ve never been closer to my sister. There are still many things we have to talk about, but I’m glad she’s part of our circle now, and I only hope it stays that way.”

“Ready for some dinner?” Vanessa asked Robert.

“Sure.” Robert answered.

“What would you like?”

“Mmhh, let me think.” He began tracing circles with his finger around his wife’s nipples and continued moving his finger down her belly to her pubic hair and placed it where her cleft began. “I think I’d like some of this to begin with.”

Vanessa opened her legs and said, “Help yourself sir.”

Robert slid his finger along her slit, she was still dry but as he continued moving his finger back and forth, he felt the tissue moistening. He got his between Vanessa’s legs and replaced his finger with his tongue. Vanessa moaned and raised her hips, pushing her vagina closer to her mouth.

The door opened and Karen peeked inside, “Mind if I join you?”

She hesitated before joining them on the bed, but Vanessa signaled her to come in and she went inside and sat on her knees at their side. “I guess it’s my turn to watch.”

Robert was flicking his tongue against Vanessa’s clit, just the way she liked it. She moaned and told Karen. “Why don’t you do something so he can fuck us after I cum.”

Karen reached beneath Robert’s legs for his penis and he turned on his side to give her better access.

“I don’t think he needs much help,” Karen said wrapping her fingers around his erect cock, “but I think it might need a little lubricating.”

She bent her head and began licking Robert’s cock, sliding her tongue up and down the shaft and all around it. Then she took it into her mouth and sucked it with gusto.

Vanessa was already moaning and whining, feeling her climax approaching. Robert sensed this and started to fuck her pussy with his tongue, just the way he knew she liked when she was about to cum. Vanessa was tweaking her nipples between her fingers as her passion grew. She clamped her legs around her husband’s head and exploded, her juices gushing around his swirling tongue.

Vanessa was still breathing heavily when Robert slid his body over hers and kissed her on the mouth, he knew she liked tasting her own juices in his mouth. His penis brushed against her pussy and she clamed her legs; Robert began moving his hips up and down, rubbing his cock around the sensitive flesh.

Karen pulled Robert’s head to her and kissed him on the mouth, she perceived the strong taste of her sister’s juices in his mouth.

“Who do you want to do first?” Vanessa asked him when Karen finally ended the kiss.

“I think you should fuck Van first.” Karen said.

“Or you can fuck us both.” Vanessa said, “Come on, get off me.”

Robert raised his body and knelt on bed waiting to see what his wife had in mind. Vanessa turned around and got down on all fours, “Come on Karen, come here by my side.”

Karen assumed the same position next to her sister and Robert was presented with a view of their up turned asses and their gaping pussies. He penetrated Vanessa first and as he pumped his cock into her, he slid his fingers inside Karen. After a few strokes he switched, fucking Karen while he fingered Vanessa. Every time he switched from one to the other his cock glistened more coated with the juices of the two sisters.

Robert was in heaven, who would have said that he would be here fucking Van and Karen almost at the same time. He reveled in the differences between the two women’s pussies. Vanessa’s was slicker and Karen’s was tighter and even though both women’s inner muscles pulsated around his cock, Karen’s clamping was stronger.

He was ready to cum again after Karen and Vanessa had cummed. He wanted to cum inside both of them, so right after he shot the first load into his wife’s pussy, he pulled back as another spurt came out of his cock, and he moved to shove his cock into Karen, shooting the rest of his sperm into her gaping hole.

He pulled out and remained sitting on his knees, his cock still semi hard, glistening with the mixture of their combined juices. His fingers, slick with the juices of the two sisters.

“Let’s lick him clean,” Karen said turning around and taking his cock into her mouth. Both women took turns licking it clean and while one was sucking him, the other licked his fingers, the ones that had been inside the other one, clean.

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