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You’ve gotta watch out for the quiet ones. Isn’t that what they always say? I guess I’m living proof that that statement is true. I’ve always been the shy one, the one that kept to myself, the introvert. At least that’s what people thought. I won’t say that they were wrong, just misinformed. I can be quiet and I sometimes do prefer to be alone, but there are times when I even surprise myself.

I’m not beautiful, nor am I as slim as I could be. But I’m not unattractive either. I’m what most would call cute. Even to this day at almost 30 years of age, I’m still just cute.

My name is Erin. I’m short, only 5 feet 2 inches. Soft, with curves in all the right places. Some may say too soft, but most don’t have any complaints if they take the time to get to know me. My hair is auburn and I keep it in long waves that fall down my back, nearly reaching my waistline. I have very expressive hazel eyes, a smallish, slightly upturned nose, and a beautiful mouth. With perfectly shaped lips that aren’t too big, or too small. I’m very light skinned with naturally pink cheeks, so I rarely wear any makeup, only light colored glosses on my lips.

Now that you know a little about me, let’s get back to my story. We’ll start in high school, senior year, where it all began. My two best friends, who hated each other, were Tanya and Justine. Both were more outgoing, both had had their share of boyfriends already. I was the tagalong at parties and at The Kurtain, a club we hung out at on weekends. But I didn’t mind it that way. Being the quiet one allowed me to watch everything and everyone around me. Watch and learn. The Kurtain usually hosted live bands, rock music mostly, and we knew all the bands well after a few months of hanging out on Friday and Saturday nights.

Justine and I didn’t go to the club one Friday because we didn’t care for the band that was playing. It was also pretty likely that Tanya had plans to be there, so Justine didn’t want to go for that reason as well. So we were just watching movies and listening to music at her house. We got hungry and asked her mom to take us to get something to eat. Neither of us had a car, and we knew she wouldn’t let us take off with hers. Justine’s mom was one of those “I don’t give a damn what you do as long is it doesn’t keep me away from me beer for too long” kinda moms, so we jumped in the truck and convinced her that we had to go to a hot dog stand on the Ave, nothing else would do.

The Ave was that street that every city has, the strip that you drove down and back 100 times a night for no apparent reason other than to see, and be seen by everyone else. So we got our hot dogs and were on our way back down the Ave when we saw a band leaving a club. Typical teenaged rock band types with long hair and tight jeans, packing their equipment back into a van, apparently done for the night.

We hung out the window, Justine yelled something at them and they waved and yelled back. We coerced her mom into pulling over and letting us out, claiming that we knew the band and that they would get us back home. Now your normal, decent parent wouldn’t have let us out to meet boys at 11:30 pm whether or not we knew them. But as I explained earlier, Justine’s mom was not normal or decent. So we got out and she drove off leaving us alone on the Ave at nearly midnight on a Friday night. I think about it now and cringe, considering the things that could have happened, that did happen. Then again, I’m grateful. My life as I know it began that night.

We walked the half block or so back to where they were parked and lounged around looking cute while the guys walked in and out of the club with amps and instruments, loading them into the van. As soon as they finished packing up, the flirty small talk began. Introductions revealed the names of the four guys. Danny, Chaz, Zack, and Sam were all good looking and doing their best to be charming. I knew as soon as we were up close and chatting with them they were definitely in their early twenties if not older, so when asked Justine claimed to be 20 and I followed her lead saying that I was also 20.

They said that they were unhappy with their set, and wanted to get some practice in tonight. We agreed to come along and listen while they practiced. Because the van was full of equipment, there was only room for the driver and 1 passenger. Justine wanted to ride with Chaz in the van, so I rode with the other three in Zack’s car. Zack and Danny were up front, Sam and I in the backseat talking quietly. Sam explained that they practiced in Anadolu Yakası Escort an old factory building 30 to 45 minutes away. He also told me that he was 26 years old! I nearly panicked, the almost 10 year age difference frightened and excited me.

Every time Danny turned the music up louder, Sam and I had to sit closer together to hear each other speaking. He said that the other guys were all right around the same age, Chaz being the oldest at 28. He asked again how old I was, and not wanting to scare him away, I said again that I was 20. Sam said he just wanted to be sure, that I looked really young, and he didn’t wan’t to get into any trouble. I told him not to worry, we were only talking, and I was perfectly legal. The music in the car was so loud now that I was practically in Sam’s lap just so I could hear him.

He put his arm around me and placed his other hand on my knee, asking quietly, “What if I want to do more than talk?”

I looked up into his face, only now noticing his eyes. Those beautiful green eyes were staring down at me. I didn’t know what to do or say. Never before had I been in this position, never mind the fact that this man was so much older, and so damn attractive. I found my voice and whispered that more than talk would be ok too, that I still wouldn’t say anything.

His left hand moved further up my leg to my thigh and he put his right hand in my hair running his fingers through it. I closed my eyes and swallowed hard, frightened and excited at the same time. His hand lightly touched the back of my neck causing me to shiver as he put his fingers though my hair again. This time stopping halfway though and holding on, pulling my head back and tilting my face up towards his. He leaned in close and pressed his lips to my forehead.

“Are you cold?” he whispered. I shook my head no. I don’t know if I was shivering with fear or anticipation, or both. He kissed my cheek and then my neck, opening his mouth and lightly touching his tongue to my skin. His tongue made its way up to my ear, where he gently nibbled and sucked my earlobe.

Finally he brought his mouth to mine, kissing me softly as his left hand moved up my thigh to rub my crotch though my jeans. I opened my mouth and touched the tip of my tongue to his lips. His mouth opened and our tongues danced, swirling and probing. I sucked his tongue and his lips, and his hand rubbed me harder and faster. He took my hand and placed it over the bulge in his pants, grinding into my hand as he did. I got the point and stroked him though his jeans.

Sam broke the kiss and looked down at me as he slipped his free hand up under my shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra and he fondled my breasts and nipples. As he pulled my shirt up over my head I caught the eyes of Danny and Zack in the rearview mirror. Somehow I didn’t care who saw me and I only smiled back at their grins.

We adjusted ourselves in the seat so that Sam was leaning against the door and my legs straddled him. Sam brought his hand back to my rapidly moistening pussy as I undid the buttons on his jeans. His free hand brushed over my bare back and he brought his mouth down to my nipple, sucking it into his mouth and biting when it rapidly hardened as I moaned with pleasure. He moved his mouth across my chest and I finally freed his dick from the confines of his button fly jeans and boxers as he sucked my other nipple into his mouth.

He sighed when he felt my hot little hand circle around his cock and he unzipped my jeans and drove his hand down to my sopping pussy. I nearly lost my mind feeling his fingers probing my cunt as his tongue teased my nipples. I found a rhythm and jacked him off while his mouth again found mine and he kissed me passionately. I threw my arms around his neck and cried out when his fingers brushed my clit and he slid a finger between my slippery lips and into my cunt.

“I’ve never done this,” I whispered into his ear as he inserted 2 fingers into my snatch, causing me to groan against his neck.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked quietly. I thrust my hips into his hand to answer his question. “Good girl,” he said. “I knew you wanted more.”

He took his hand away and I whined in protest. “They’re watching us, doesn’t that bother you?” he whispered. I turned towards the front seat and sure enough, Danny was now facing the rear of the car so he could watch every move and Zack was focused on the rear view mirror more than on the road. Both looked slightly embarrassed when I caught them looking Pendik Escort for the second time, but I smiled once again and told Sam that I didn’t care who was looking.

That seemed to turn him on even more and his already rock hard cock seemed to grow another inch in my hand. I glanced down, getting a good look at his package for the first time. It had to be eight inches. My hand looked so small sliding up and down the length of his penis, and my fingers didn’t quite reach all the way around.

Sam moved my legs out from around him and moved me down the seat a bit so he could remove the rest of my clothes, then stretched out and slid his own jeans down his legs and onto the car floor. He leaned back towards me and kissed me again, sucking my bottom lip between his teeth, biting gently, as his fingers toyed with my nipples and slowly made their way south.

When his fingers entered me I cried out for the second time, lifting my hips and grinding his hand. He lowered his mouth to my neck, and then again to my nipples. Licking and blowing on them till they were hard as stone, all the while fucking me with his fingers. I slid my hands down his back and pulled his shirt over his head throwing it towards Danny’s head who laughed and muttered something that sounded like “sorry” and turned back to the front.

Sam kissed his way down my belly to my inner thigh and moved my legs so they were up over his shoulders. When his mouth touched my cunt I thought I would explode. He spread my pussy lips with his fingers and licked me from the bottom of my slit up to the nub, stopping and concentrating his efforts there as his fingers once again entered me. He slid in two fingers and then three, slowly fucking me with them as he tongued my clit and sucked it into his mouth.

I wrapped one hand in his hair, pushing him harder into my twat, and pinched my nipples with the other, rolling them between my finger and thumb while panting in ecstasy. My breathing became more ragged and I ground my hips into his face as I neared orgasm. I was begging him for more, finally screaming out his name as I came for the first time in my life.

I lay there quivering and exhausted, and he laid his head on my thigh, looking up at me and smiling. “You taste so damn good baby,” he said, as he moved over me to kiss me again. I licked my juices off of his lips and chin, kissing him hard and sucking his tongue into my mouth.

I could feel his rock hard pole pressed against my tummy and I moved my hand between us to once again take it in my hand. He wrapped his arms around me and rolled us both over so that I was then on top of him. I sat up slightly, positioned just over his thighs, and ran my hands over his muscular chest and abdomen.

He really was a beautiful man, and I would have done anything for him after what he had just done for me. His cock was standing straight up begging to be touched. I again wrapped my hand around it, close to his balls and slowly slid my fingers up to the head, running my thumb over the glistening drop of pre-cum at the tip.

“Please!” he groaned, “Please suck it, I can’t take it anymore!” I licked my lips, and lowered my head, sliding my lips over his dick and down as far as I could manage, swirling my tongue over and around the mushroom head as I did. He moaned loudly and thrust himself another 2 inches into my mouth. I wrapped my fingers around it and jacked him off as I bobbed my head on his cock.

He wrapped his hands in my hair and held my head still while he thrust into me, fucking my face and grunting with pleasure. He raised his hips, forcing his dick again and again down my throat, gagging me until I adjusted. He withdrew to concentrate the friction near the head of his cock where it was most sensitive.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he yelled, and after a couple of twitches exploded what seemed like a gallon of cum into my mouth. I swallowed what I could of the unexpected blast, but most escaped my lips and ran down my chin onto his balls and lower abdomen. He fell back against the car seat and ran his hands through his own hair, sighing as I licked the cum from his washboard stomach and sucked his balls into my mouth, lapping them clean as well.

As I sat up I could see that both Danny and Zack were jerking off in the front seat, and that the car was no longer moving. I had no idea how long we had been stopped, and at that point I didn’t care. Sam put his hands on either side of my face and pulled me down to kiss him, his tongue exploring my mouth, tasting Kurtköy Escort himself just as I had tasted myself earlier. I moved to nibble his ear, and quietly asked if I had done alright. “Mmmm, yes,” he whispered back. “You’ll be a pro in no time.”

We sat up and got ourselves semi-clothed as both guys up front continued to jack themselves off. I wondered what Justine and Chaz might be up to since we obviously hadn’t made it to the practice site. I looked out the window and saw that we were parked at the beach. The time on the dash said 12:15 and I realized that only half an hour or so had passed, though it felt like so much more. Sam pulled me onto his lap and I snuggled into his neck as he stroked my hair, running his hands down my back.

“I need to take a fuckin walk,” Danny said as he tucked his dick back into his pants and climbed out of the car.

“Me too,” Zack mumbled, and followed Danny towards the water.

I giggled as we watched the two of them walk away moping, “I think we’re alone now!”

“It didn’t seem to matter to you if we were alone of not,” Sam mused, grinning down at me.

I laughed, and teasingly bit his neck, “It didn’t!”

“Mmmm, don’t get me started again,” he warned as I teased his nipples with my fingertips.

“Why not?” I asked, looking into his eyes.

“You asked for it!” he said, tossing me back down onto the seat of the car. He pulled my shirt back over my head, yanked my panties down and threw them into the front seat. He sat staring down at me. Looking into my eyes and then covering the rest of my body with his gaze.

He whispered, “I love the way you look, Erin.” I smiled and reached up to run my hands over his sculpted chest, unable to believe that this perfect man could love anything about me.

I moved my hands up to his neck and pulled his face closer to mine. We kissed, softly and slowly, and he ran his hands up and down my body, barely touching my skin. I shivered and dragged my nails down his back, causing a moan to escape his lips. He brought his hand back down between my legs and very gently slid one finger into me. Slowly entering and withdrawing from my pussy until I was begging for more. “Please fuck me, Sam!” I cried out, fumbling with the buttons on his jeans.

“Are you sure?” he asked, sitting up on his knees in front of me.

“Please,” I moaned. “Please, I need you!”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered, almost inaudibly. “Please tell me if I’m hurting you.” I nodded in agreement and he slid out of his pants.

Positioning himself over me he kissed my neck and my mouth. He backed away so that his face was an inch or two from mine, and I felt him rubbing the head of his dick against my moist pussy lips. He held himself above me and gazed into my eyes as he slowly guided his cock into my cunt. I gasped as I felt myself being stretched wide. He entered me slowly, an inch at a time.

When I bit my lip and tears came to my eyes Sam knew he’d taken my cherry. He held himself up with one hand, and brushed the tears from my cheek with the other. “Are you ok sweetie? Do you want me to stop?” he asked, looking so concerned it nearly made me cry more.

“I’m ok, don’t stop.” I whispered.

He gently moved his cock in and out of me, sliding his hand between us and circling my clit with his thumb. Once the initial pain passed the pleasure began to build, and I moved my hips to meet his thrusts. His eyes never left mine, and he saw my face change as I neared orgasm. He took his hand from my clit and held himself up with both arms for better leverage. His thrusts into my dripping cunt came harder and faster until he was slamming into me, causing me to grip his biceps and cry out with every thrust.

He sat back on his knees and pulled my hips up to his level, spreading my legs as wide as he could manage in the small space. He drove his cock into me, filling me completely. As he fucked me senseless and neared orgasm himself he once again attended to my clit. He was pressing my little button hard, rubbing in a circular motion.

Within moments I was crying out and bucking against him as wave after wave of the most incredible orgasm crashed over me. My pussy pulsed and tightened around his shaft as I came, causing him to groan and twitch as he blew his load deep into my cunt.

Sam rested on top of me, with his head in the middle of my chest and his fingers idly touching my face and hair till his breathing was back to normal. “Are you sure I didn’t hurt you?” he whispered.

“Only for a second,” I answered, running my fingertips over his back.

He looked down at me, holding my face between his hands, “I’m sorry for the second.”

I smiled lazily, still not quite myself. “Don’t be sorry, I’m not,” I sighed. “That was incredible.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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