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My husband is in Kuala Lumpur for the next few weeks. While he is gone he has given me a hall pass to have sex with his poker buddies. Several weeks before he left, I lost a bet and that turned a corner in our marriage where my husband has been sharing me. He calls me every night and wants to know in detail what kind of mischief I have gotten into for the day.

I’m sorry these get so long but once I get going, it’s hard to stop. Please forgive any grammatical issues or spelling errors. I take full responsibility. It is tough keeping the tenses straight as I tell this so I’m sure I messed up somewhere.


I didn’t wake up until almost noon today and was dreading the inevitable hangover after all of the alcohol I had consumed last night when I went out with my girlfriends. Fortunately, I think staying up and having sex in the Jacuzzi with Tammy, Chris, James and Avery, helped work off some of the vodka and whatever was in all those shots. I feel pretty good, just a little thirsty.

You would think that after last night, I wouldn’t be horny either but that is far from the truth. I can’t wait to call my husband and tell him all about it. It is almost 10:00 pm in Kuala Lumpur so now would be the perfect time to call him.

I try face-timing him but he doesn’t pick up. I am disappointed but know that sometimes he has late dinner meetings that last until mid-night or later.

I go downstairs to make coffee and grab something to eat and just as I sit down, my husband calls.

“Sorry honey, I was in the shower. It was god-awful humid here today and I needed a shower before getting into bed. How was your girl’s night out?”

For the next 40 minutes, I sit in front of my husband on the iPad, totally naked and go through the evening, telling him every little detail, from start to finish. I know he is only slightly distracted by me playing with myself while I tell him the stories of last night.

I’m not sure how he will feel about the guy that finger-fucked me on the patio while I jerked him off but surprisingly, I think that is the most exciting part for him.

I promised I wouldn’t’ fuck anyone that he hadn’t agreed to but that wasn’t really fucking and I thought he would be okay with it. Boy is he.

Even after I tell him what happened later, after Diane and Lisa were both passed out and how Tammy and I were going at it, he wanted me to tell him again about the guy from the pre-bachelor party on the patio.

“Why are you so interested in that part?” I ask.

“I don’t know, it is just super-hot, knowing a stranger was fingering you and that you jerked him off. It really turns me on to think about you and a stranger.”

“Oh, that isn’t the reaction I expected. I was afraid you would be mad.”

“Of course not. I know I told you that you could only fuck James, Avery, Chris and Mike… and I guess Tammy too, and you didn’t fuck the guy although I’ll bet you wanted to didn’t you?”

“I… yes, I did but I would never do anything that would hurt our marriage so I didn’t. You know how I am when I get drunk and horny but I love you and I won’t break my promise to you.”

“I love you Tab and I just want you to be happy and I appreciate that you showed constraint. Although you did get him off, I’m perfectly fine with that. I was jerking off while you were telling me about it. Let me ask you this; if I did say it was OK to fuck him, what would you have done?”

I could see where this was going. My horny husband wanted to get off on me talking dirty, telling him a story about me fucking a strange guy.

“Well, if I had been allowed to fuck him, what I really wanted him to do to me is to bend me over that little wall, lift up by dress and fuck my hot little pussy from behind. I don’t care who could see us, your slut wife just really loves a nice hard cock banging away in her pussy. When he had his fingers shoved up in my pussy, it was so fucking hot but I really wanted to feel his thick cock stretching my cunt as he pounded me from behind. I wanted him to grab my tits and squeeze them hard as he fucked me. I wanted to feel his balls slapping against my clit as he drove his big cock into my slutty cunt. And when he was ready to cum, I would want him to turn me around, pull my dress down so that my tits were completely bare and then push me down on my knees so he could shoot his hot cum all over my tits. You know how I like it when you cum on my tits and then I can lick it off. I love the taste of your cum and wanted to taste his too. Would you want me to lick his sticky cum off my big hard nipples?”

“Oh Jeeeez Tab, you are so fucking hot. I’m almost there. What else would you want him to do?”

Now I am almost cumming as well as I pump my fingers in and out of my pussy.

“As soon as I lick his cum off my tits, I want his friends to come looking for him and find me still on my knees, licking the last drops of cum off his cock. Then I would want two of his friends to make me suck their hard cocks. I want them to hold ankara olgun escort me by hair and fuck my mouth, pulling me off one and having the other fill my mouth with his cock, going back and forth until I swallow both of their cum.

Then I want the last two to stand me up and bend me over, the first one fucking my dripping pussy from behind until he fills my cunt with his cum. Then the last one, the one with the biggest thickest cock, would scoop up the cum running out of my stretched cunt and use two of his wet fingers to lube my asshole, getting me ready to take his big cock. Once he roughly stretches me with his thick fingers, I want to feel his cock against my ass, pushing against my outer ring. He is so big and hard that my poor, tight little asshole is burning as he pushes into my snug ass and fills me with his big thick cock. I want him to fuck my ass good. I want to feel the pain and pleasure as his cock tries to tear me in half. I want his friends to grab my tits and pull my nipples until I cum and cum and cum. I want the last guy to fuck me so hard that I can’t see straight and I want to feel his hot cum shoot deep in my ass.”

“Would you like that? Would you like to watch a stranger bend your slut wife over a railing and fuck her tight little pussy in public? Oooooh, and then his friends fill all my slutty holes with their big cocks and then leave me all sweaty and covered in their cum. Make we walk back inside with their cum running out of your slut’s cunt and asshole and down her legs?”

I think we are both cumming at the same time. I can hear James groaning and my fingers are buried in my pussy as wave after wave of my orgasm rolls over me. My hand is covered with my cum.

“Wow, baby, just hearing you talk about it made me cum,” James groaned.

“Me too sweetheart, but what I really want is for you to come home and be with me. I miss you so much.”

“I know Tab, just a little while longer. I really need to get some sleep now.”

“Wait, there is one more thing I forgot to tell you and you aren’t going to believe it. Lisa wants me to fuck Avery!”

“What? You’re kidding right?”

“Nope, it is their 10th wedding anniversary next week and she wants to give him a sexy present; me and her for the night. Can you believe it? I told her I had to ask you but I already know you are okay with it but I want to tell her something.”


“I want to tell her you said yes with one condition. That is, that you get the same treatment for your birthday in June. What do you think?”

“I love it. Do you think she will go for it?”

“I don’t know but I am going to talk her into it. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“Sure, but I wonder what Avery will think about it, although he better be okay with it after me sharing you on a regular basis.”

“I’m not even sure she would tell him but I hope she does. Maybe then the four of us could maybe play together on a regular basis.”

“I’d like that. I did forget that I need you to do something for me tomorrow if you can.”

“What do you need?”

“There’s a file in my credenza in the office that I need you to get and take to Mike. He needs some information from it to send to the investors.”

“In our home office?”

“Yes, and he needs it as soon as you can. I can have him send someone over to pick it up if you can’t get down to his office.”

“No problem, I can go this afternoon or maybe tomorrow morning. I need to go pick up some things downtown anyway.”

John tells me what file he needs and gives me the phone number and address for Mike’s office. I can’t help but think about what it will be like to see Mike again. The last time I saw him was at the second poker game where the guys had me dress like a school girl while I served (and serviced) them as part of paying off my bet.

Mike humiliated me in front of my husband and his friends, calling me a slut and making me beg him to fuck my virgin ass. He slapped my ass and tits and tortured my nipples while he pounded my ass with his cock, making me beg for more while they all watched. It was completely humiliating and I came in buckets. I can’t ever remember having a bigger more powerful orgasm. I nearly blacked out it was so intense.

I wonder how he will treat me in his office? I know John sent him the note telling him that it was Ok to fuck me if I wanted it. I am already close to another orgasm just thinking about it.

“Tab? Tabby? Are you still there?”

“Oh sorry, I was just trying to remember how to get down to that part of town. I haven’t been in downtown Dallas in a long time.”

“Okay baby, I have to go. You should probably call Mike to let him know you are coming.”

“Sure, I’ll call him right now.” As I say it, I can’t help but think that I might be coming and cumming.

After I hang up, I get out my vibrator and masturbate to mental images of me bent over Mikes desk with his cock buried in my ass.

Finally, ankara ucuz escort after 20 minutes, I have worked up enough courage to call Mike. His secretary answers and after I tell her who I am, she tells me that he has been expecting my call and puts me right through.



“I am glad you called. How are you?”

“I’m fine thanks. John said you needed some files and I was going to bring them down to your office.”

“Great! I need to get them as quickly as possible. Can you bring them today?”

“I can try to get down there later this afternoon.”

“That would be great. It is going to take several days to process the work and John really needs to get this done this week. Would you rather I send someone by to pick them up?”

“If you really need them that quickly, I will drop them off this afternoon.”

“Tabatha, that would be a huge help to your husband. I’ll tell you what, if you can get them here by five, I’ll be able to review them to make sure we have everything and then I’ll buy you a drink.”

“You don’t have to…”

“It’s settled then; I will see you soon.”

He hung up. I hadn’t forgotten how forceful he could be and how I seem to be totally incapable of dissuading him from whatever he wants. I’m not sure what will happen today but I know it won’t be decided by me. I already know that he is going to get whatever he wants.

I quickly shower and put on make-up. I can’t decide what to wear. I keep thinking about what Mike would want me to wear. I giggle to myself thinking about how silly it would be to show up at his office wearing just a raincoat and high heels. I know he would like that and I would definitely end up bent over his desk.

I decide on a daringly sheer white lace bra that does little to hide my nipples. It lifts and holds my boobs with just the right amount of cleavage. I start to put on the matching thong but then decide to go commando. Instead, I put on a white lacy garter belt and white stockings.

The thought crosses my mind that I really want to end up bending over his desk and how much of a slut that makes me, but I can’t help it. In fact, I can’t stop thinking about it.

I decide to go with a cute little skirt that frames my ass perfectly and a white silk blouse that is cut low enough to show all of my ample cleavage and some 4″ heels. I can’t help it; I want to look sexy for him. I want him to want me and more than that, I want him to take me. He is on the list and I am growing hornier by the minute just thinking about what he might do to me.

Now, as I am driving to Mike’s office, I am getting that same feeling of apprehension I got every time before one of the poker games. I think to myself; am I really this slutty? I know that I want it. It turns me on more than anything but it definitely goes against everything that I have been taught about right and wrong. Am I really this sex crazed slut?

If being a slut is measured by how wet I am between my legs as I pull into the parking garage of the high-rise office building where Mike’s office is, then I am a slut. Probably like the highest level slut there is based on how wet I am just thinking about what might happen.

I press the elevator button for the 23rd floor. I have the files held in front of me which are the only thing keeping my nipples from poking through my blouse.

When the door opens onto the floor, I look around to see which direction the office is but quickly realize they take up the entire floor. It is much bigger than I imagined. There is a pretty blonde receptionist and before I can even ask for Mike, she says, “You must be Tabatha. Mike described you perfectly. He asked me to bring you right back so let me show you to his office.”

Mike’s office is at the end of the hall and had an expansive view of the city. His assistant, an older but very beautiful woman sitting outside of his office greets me warmly and asks me to wait just a moment while she lets him know I am here.

Just a few seconds later, she returns and has me follow him into his office. Mike smiles warmly at me and reaches to take the files from my arms. As soon as he takes them, I see just a little hesitation which means that he just got a close-up view of my cleavage and maybe a peek at my hard nipples. I don’t even have to look to see if they are hard. They are almost always hard and especially now with all of the anticipation of what might happen.

I can see the smile on his face change from being happy to see me, to being happy to see my tits. That brings a smile to my face.

He asks me to take a seat while he scans through the documents. I look to see if he is still watching but he is already buried in the files. He looks from one to the next over the next several minutes and then calls his assistant on the intercom.

She comes into the office and he asks her to get Rick, Jeff, Daniel and Thomas to come into ankara yabancı escort the office and then looks up at me.

“Everything seems to be here. Let me just get these divvied up to my team so they can start working on them. Then I owe you a drink. I really appreciate your bringing these files down this afternoon. It will be a great help to your husband if we can get through these by tomorrow.”

I can’t help but look at his smile. He has the straightest, whitest teeth I have ever seen and his smile is a great cover for what I know lies beneath the façade. I know how dominant he can be and how submissive he can make me and it is making my pussy wet just thinking about it.

A moment later there is a knock on the door and one after another, four incredible looking guys come through the door, each better looking than the last.

Mike introduces me as Tabatha, first to Daniel, a tall, handsome guy with sparkling green eyes and from what I can tell, under the suit he is wearing, an athletes body. Lots of lean, well defined muscle I imagine, the kind you find on a 20 something professional athlete. Next is Jeff. He is a little taller, maybe 6′ 1″ tall, dark hair and a full, closely and well-trimmed beard. He too looks like he has a great body. Thomas is next. He is the tallest at about 6″ 3″ if I had to guess. He is black and big, built like a football player. Solid muscle, a killer smile and a warm handshake. Lastly, he introduced me to Rick who was tall and thin, built like a runner or a swimmer with really pretty blue eyes and the longest eye lashes I have ever seen on a man. These guys looked like something you would pick out of a catalog if you could shop for cute guys.

My mind is going in all directions thinking about what these guys would do to me. And, I have seen every one of them staring at my boobs. I know how sheer my blouse and bra are and just wonder how much they can actually see. I doubt they can see much of my areolas because as hard as my nipples are, the areolas have to been almost all drawn up into tiny circles beneath my stiff, and now aching nipples.

Mike hands each their assignment and tells them to meet back in his office at 7:00 pm, tonight.

I was thinking that I would be the one getting a workout tonight, not these poor cute guys that just had their evenings ruined. Oh well, maybe I am just overthinking this whole thing and exaggerating what would happen when I next saw Mike.

Mike smirks as he watches me watch his guys walk out the door. As expected they all have really cute butts and I was staring.

“I don’t hire them for their looks but my female clients seem to think my team is pretty good looking. They are all top-of-their-class graduates and will all be very successful in this firm if they make it through the next year or two.”

I must have turned a bit red because Mike looks at me and says, “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“Well, you caught me. They are a good looking group.”

“What do you say we go get a drink and then maybe some dinner later, unless you have to get back.”

“Oh, no, I don’t have to get back. I could use a drink. Let’s see how we feel about dinner. I’m not that hungry right now.”

“Fine but I want you to eat something. You have to keep your strength up.”

I didn’t ask why although I really wanted to know what he meant by that. I pick up my bag and he escorts me to the door.

As we pass his assistant he asks her to call for a car to pick us up in the front of the building and tells her that he will be coming back to the office later but she needn’t stay. She responds with a “Yes sir.”

I wonder if that is standard protocol with the firm or just with Mike the dominator. He guides me to the elevator and by the time we reach the lobby and walk to the front of the building, a black Town Car is pulling up to the curb. The driver hops out and holds the door for me as I wiggle into the car and across the seat. My skirt makes it a little more difficult than it would normally be but I manage.

It is a short trip to the restaurant and is still early so there are very few patrons in the bar yet. Mike asks the hostess to seat us in one of the booths at the edge of the bar area. She seems to know Mike and his preference for which booth.

We sit down and the waiter comes to our table right away. I am about to order a glass of wine when Mike says, “We’ll have two Manhattans.”

I look at him thinking I should tell him that that isn’t what I want. He looks back at me straight in the eyes. I decided not to say anything, I just smile at him.

“How have you been doing without John? I’m sure that you must be missing him by now.”

“Yes, I miss him terribly but my friends are keeping me company and I talk to John every night which helps.”

“I talked to John yesterday as well about which files we needed and discussed the urgency to get the information so he could close the deal. I hope you don’t mind, but I also asked him for a favor.”

He paused and so I asked, “What kind of favor?”

Just as casually as if he were talking about the weather, he said, “I asked him if it would be alright if I let my team fuck you.”

I could feel my eyes open wide, just as the waiter approached with the drinks. As soon as he left the table, I took a huge slug of the drink and almost choked as the whisky burned my throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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