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Edited by HJF

Brandon spent the next few weeks avoiding anything to do with Katy, which unfortunately meant avoiding his brother’s place as she and Gina were still best friends. However, near the end of October their paths crossed one time, much to Brandon’s dislike, but given the kids were present both adults had the sense to put on happy faces and be cordial to each other. Brandon left as quickly as possible though, but as he was leaving Katy stopped him on the way to his car.

“What?” He asked angry, annoyed at the whole run in. Katy said nothing but handed him a small card. He glanced at it, it was an invite to a dinner for her birthday.

“I would have sent it electronically, like I did for most everyone else, but I know you’re blocking me right now.” Brandon gave no response, but it was true. Katy continued, “Anyway, it’s the big two five, so some of my family and close friends are getting together.” Brandon went to speak and she held up her hands, “Brandon, I know you’re still angry will me and you’re right. What I did was wrong; I should have told you and she could’ve been dealt with in other ways. I was wrong and I’m sorry, I’m not going to stand here and beg Brandon, but I’d really like it if you came. It would mean a lot to me. Please come.” She then walked back in the house to finish her visit with Gina.

Brandon looked at the invite before pulling away. He thought over the invite for several days and came to the decision that it was just dinner and that she had seemed sincerely sorry about what she had done. It was only then that he remembered that he too had once lied to her, something that he had never truly apologized for, and yet she had forgiven him of his misdeeds. He felt it only fair to extend that courtesy the other way. If she was truly sorry as she seemed to be he felt he needed to honor her request.

So, later that week Brandon arrived at the restaurant and Katy’s eyes lit up when she saw him, “You came!” she said, moving to him and hugging him tightly. Brandon returned the hug and smiled. Despite the somber nature of what he felt he needed to get off his chest, he could not help but smile at seeing Katy so happy and knowing that he had been the cause of it. “I wasn’t sure you would; thank you so much for coming, it really means a lot.”

He smiled and said, “My pleasure.” His brief happiness covering some of the discomfort he felt at the moment, but apparently not enough.

“What’s wrong Brandon, and please don’t lie, we’ve done enough of that to each other don’t you think? I know something’s up so please tell me,” she asked, her voice full of concern.

Brandon was ready to lie. The party was going to be seated soon and they would be holding up the group, but since she insisted, he decided against it.

“Can we talk outside for a minute?”

Catching his meaning Katy said, “Absolutely.” She then told one of her friends that they were going outside for a minute and to go head and get seated if the waiter came, they would catch up. The pair then stepped outside and walked to a bench near the door. They had no sooner sat down than the cold October wind hit them and Brandon realized his mistake.

“Geez Katy I’m sorry, I forgot,” he said, noticing she was wearing a sleeveless dress and no coat, “Do you want to…”

“I’m fine Brandon, please just say what you need to so we can go inside.” Her voice had a slight shiver and Brandon immediately had his coat, which having just arrived he had not yet taken off, off and handed it to her, smiling at Katy’s reaction as he did.

“Brave of you Katy, but I’m the idiot got us out here. I’m the one who should be cold. Besides, the birthday girl shouldn’t be cold.”

Katy put the coat on immediately and he saw her shiver stop and she smiled.

“Katy, I need to ask for your forgiveness.”

“About the cold? Brandon it’s…”

“Well yes, about that too, but more because of what an idiot I’ve been. You came here trying to protect me from myself and I snapped at you, never realizing that in order to do what you did, you would’ve had to forgive me of my own deception which was far worse. You asked me for my forgiveness the other day when I realized I should be asking for yours Katy, and that I never really apologized for what I did. It was horribly selfish of me and I’m so sorry. I truly never meant to hurt you, I only wished to spare you pain. I thought I could fix it and you’d never know. I know now that the only way we would’ve gotten through everything was to stand together. You did your part and I failed you. Worst of all, though, I abandoned you when you needed me the most. You had just lost our child and I left you alone. So I’m sorry for all of it, I was an idiot. Please accept my apology and forgive me not only for last year but a few weeks ago as well.”

“You are not forgiven,” Katy said. Brandon looked at her in shock, but understood. he went to rise but she caught his arm and pulled him back to the bench. He fought but she said, tandoğan escort “Let me finish, you are not forgiven because you really did nothing wrong, that’s why I needed no apology from you baby. While I don’t like that I was lied to it was out of love you did it, misguided love, but love nonetheless. You loved that baby and me so much you didn’t want to cause us extra stress. I can understand that way of thinking, I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I understand it.

“As for abandoning me, you did it because you loved me too much and couldn’t stand to watch me denying myself what I wanted because daddy said so. I told you weeks ago that your confidence in me was the reason I was able to move out and get my own life, and I meant it. I was told by so many that I couldn’t do things. I believed it until you came and for once demanded more from me, but not for you, but because you knew that it would make me happier, and you were right.

“So, you ask for my forgiveness and to accept your apology then I accept both and forgive you, but only because you feel you need to hear it. Neither of us has been perfect and I have been just as wrong in many cases as you have been, but please don’t blame yourself or feel guilty about your misdeeds. Let’s just forget the past and move on.” Brandon nodded in agreement and Katy smiled and rose, “Now if you don’t mind I’m late for my own party. Would you mind escorting a birthday girl to her table?”

“It would be my pleasure,” he said as he rose and took her outstretched hand.

They joined the others and dinner went rather well. Brandon was surprised to see that that Katy’s friends and family seemed to hold no grudge against him. After the previous year’s fallout he expected some backlash but he got none. After dinner people stood around chatting in the room they had booked for a bit. During which time Mr. Hemmings asked for a word with Brandon, alone.

Brandon was not thrilled by this but he agreed and followed Katy’s dad.

“I don’t want to draw attention to this chat, so I’ll be brief. I know with you two living in close proximity that you and my daughter are circling the possibility of getting together once more…”

“And you disapprove,” Brandon said, cutting the older man off.

Mr. Hemmings glared at him and Brandon went to apologize, but Mr. Hemmings stopped him, “Don’t apologize, I deserved that. You and I have not exactly been allies during your time with Katy.” Brandon was floored to hear the use of Katy’s preferred name over his usual use of her formal one. “However, it is quite the contrary. I would be glad to see you and Katy together again. It is no secret I have never understood my daughter as well as I should, but I do love her. She was the light of my life when she was younger. However, I knew she would grow up a wild creature like her mother and I feared I would lose her forever so I sought to control her. Needless to say I failed miserably,” he said with a sigh.

“When I deemed I could not control her and I knew I would lose her I distanced myself from her in hopes it would soften the loss. In my ultimate act of foolishness I turned her into an asset in my mind, instead of a treasured daughter. So, like in any dealing of an asset I sought maximum value from losing her. I looked to benefit grossly from the man who took my greatest treasure from me.

Once again, though, Katy proved much wiser than her fool of a father. She did not choose a rich man but one with a good heart and a sharp mind. A man who understood that the best way to hang on to Katy was not to try to control her but embrace her wild and kind nature, and to simply love her and support her for what and who she is, not what we wish her to be.”

“But I am just as guilty of that sir,” Brandon said, “I left her because she would not be what I wanted out of her.”

“No, you didn’t. You only asked her to be free and be what she wanted, to throw off the chains that we her family put on her. Before she left she came in and said she loved me dearly and she would always be my little angel, but that I had to let her go, let her be free and live her life the way she wanted. It was the hardest thing I ever did and I was so proud of her when she made it. I got the light of my life back and it’s all because of you Brandon, so thank you. Hell, she even got her younger brother off his ass and making something of himself and I never thought that would happen.” He said the last part with a chuckle then realizing his ‘short chat’ had gone for several minutes he said, “Anyway the point is, son, whatever you two decide know that Katy’s mom and I are behind it, including marriage, not that she or you need a fools permission, but you have it. I’d be proud to have as a part of this family and call you son.”

Brandon was deeply touched by the older man’s words and thanked him. To which Mr. Hemmings added, “Not a problem son, figured I’d save you the trouble of tunalı escort coming out our way to ask. I know you and Katy like to surprise each other so I thought I’d make it simpler on you. Now let’s get back to the party, shall we?”

When they got back several people had left. In fact, it was mostly Katy’s girlfriends and her mom left.

Katy’s mom didn’t ask where they’d been, but she gave them a wink before she whisked her husband away. Brandon went to follow, but Katy stopped him, saying her friends wanted to go for drinks and she’d feel safer if he were along. He reluctantly agreed and followed Katy and her friends to a nearby club where the girls each had one drink and left.

“Oh yes, Katy, really heavy drinking crowd you’re with,” he said sarcastically.

Katy smiled and replied, “You need to listen better Brandon I thought I told you I have more responsible friends now.”

“True, but it is your birthday and you almost always do something crazy, well except last year for obvious reasons.” Both were silent for a moment before Katy then got her trademark mischievous smile and Brandon nervously asked, “What?”

“Oh, I do plan on having a wild night out for my birthday baby, which is precisely why you’re here.”

“Why do I not like the sound of that?”

“Oh, come on baby, it’ll be fun. Just promise me that for my gift you’ll do this for me, and I promise you’ll enjoy it.” He nodded and she smiled, shrieked with joy, and kissed him deeply. “Thank you, now remember that thing I always wanted to try but you didn’t because it would’ve been cheating on me and you weren’t comfortable with it.”

Brandon remembered and said, “A threesome, with another girl?” Katy nodded.

“Well, we’re not together in any official sense so it’ll just be you, me, and another lovely lady enjoying a night of passion together, just three consenting adults having some fun. What do you think?”

Brandon shook his head smiling, “Yeah, like I’m going to turn down sex from you and another woman; of course I’m in.”

Katy smiled, “See, I told you you’d like it.” Then looking out at the bar she said, “So who do you like?” Brandon listed off a few girls but when he was finished Katy was frowning.

“Then again you’re the birthday girl, so who do you want?”

Katy smiled and said, “I was thinking that yummy redhead standing at the bar.” Brandon looked at the girl in question. She was about 5’10 with long red hair that fell just past her shoulders. She wore a tight top that displayed her ample tits well while showing her toned stomach. Her very short skirt clung to her wide hips and although she was facing them and he could not see it Brandon knew the woman had to have a great ass. He finished his inspection with her long shapely legs before Katy brought him back to reality.

“I take it you approve,” Katy said with a smile.

“Yeah, but there’s no way she’d fuck someone like me.”

“Such low confidence,” Katy said, disappointed. “Besides it’s me that’ll be doing the picking up as she’s probably straight so I’m the harder sell. As for you once I get done talking you up she’ll practically jump you right here.” Katy gave him a kiss and went to work.

Brandon watched her walk away and smiled. Katy definitely looked hot tonight, hopefully hot enough to snag her target. As Brandon waited, trying not to appear to be paying Katy too much attention, he wondered whether she really could pull this off. To his surprise though not long after Katy was leading the hot redhead toward where he sat. Just short of the table, though, the redhead said something to Katy and moved toward the center of the dance floor. Seconds later Katy joined him.

“No luck?” he asked hoping he was wrong.

“Oh, she’s interested alright, or at least intrigued, but we got a problem. She’s here with a friend. Her best friend got dumped recently and this was supposed to be a ‘get-my-friend-laid’ trip, but apparently it isn’t going well.”

“Okay, so what do we do about that? Cut our losses?”

“No chance,” Katy said, “I got this one on the hook and don’t tell me you don’t want a piece of her too.”

“Alright so the question stands, what now?”

“Well, when Carly heard what I wanted to do she wasn’t too sold at first, but when I pointed you out, and thanks for acting causal it seriously helped a lot, she seemed to be more open to it.”

“I sense a ‘but’ in there…”

“If her friend can come too…”

“Whoa, this was supposed to be a threesome, now we’re rebound sex for some broken hearted girl?”

“Brandon Metcalf I’m surprised at you! The man I fell in love with would have no problem with helping a nice girl on the rebound out, and for the record that operation isn’t a ‘we’ buddy, it’s a ‘you.’ Carly maybe alright with hooking up with me, but she’s sure her friend isn’t. Besides why are you complaining? Your night just got better as you’ll now have three women türbanlı escort eager to fuck you.

“And if you’re still thinking about this, which I think you’re crazy if you are, remember it is my birthday and this is my present from you. Now this whole deal could hinge on you, so please Brandon just show the girl a good time like I know you can.”

Brandon sighed, “What do you need me to do?” Katy smiled.

“I knew you’d come around,” she said. “I gave Carly some of your finer points to tell her friend and it seems she wants to meet you, so when they get here just be nice to them, and please don’t be nervous. We’ll talk a bit then Carly and I will go for a dance, okay, and leave you with her friend. Just be yourself and you’ll do great. Just try to seal the deal by the time we get back.”

“Just a bit of pressure there, Katy.”

“True, but I believe in you baby, plus she’s super horny and by the time we leave the table we will have spent the past few minutes hearing about what a kind and giving lover you are. Carly and I will set you up good, you just have to close. Do this and you’ll get three women tonight, fail and…” she trailed off and he got the point. He nodded and she gave a signal to someone behind him he assumed was Carly. Brandon composed himself the best he could before the two ladies joined him. It was a good thing Katy was handling the introductions because seeing the two beauties up close struck him speechless for a moment. Carly was even better up close and Brandon could not help but notice that her friend was one of the girls he had pointed out to Katy.

“Hi ladies, please join us. I’m Katy and this wonderful man is Brandon. Brandon, this is Carly and, you must be Ella.”

Ella quietly nodded. She was average height with light brown hair, and her breasts were slightly above average. Big, but not large like Carly or Katy’s could be considered. She was neither skinny nor overweight. What extra flesh she did carry did not hinder her beauty. In some cases it enhanced her femininity giving her a full butt and adding to the swell of her hips. Brandon also remembered loving her beautiful light green eyes.

Brandon felt a slight kick as Katy jarred him into reality. He smiled.

“My apologies ladies, it’s going to sound corny but I truly mean it. I was lost in your beauty.” Carly rolled her eyes a bit but to his delight Ella blushed. Knowing his assignment he then said to the quiet brunette, “I’m sorry I know Katy said your name but I’m afraid I missed it, you are…?”

“Ella,” she said in a very soft and pretty voice. Brandon smiled and slid over “Well, Ella, why don’t you and your friend take a seat,” he said never taking his eyes off her. To the pleasure of all Ella wasted no time in sliding into the booth next to Brandon as Carly sat next to Katy.

As promised Katy and Carly talked for a bit before leaving him alone with Ella.

“I know what you’re trying to do, and while I appreciate it…”

“And what am I doing exactly besides sharing a booth with a very lovely companion?”

“You, Carly, and your friend are trying to seduce me. You all mean well, but really I just want to be alone tonight. I don’t need the charity, so when they get back Carly and I will leave.”

Brandon panicked, but then he remembered Katy’s words and threw caution to the wind.

“You’re absolutely right, that is exactly what we’re doing,” he said and she looked at him in shock. “Or at least it was until you walked up to this booth. Katy wanted to bed Carly for a threesome and being a loyal friend she wouldn’t abandon you so they left me with you in hopes I could seduce you into coming back with us.

“Trouble is, I suck at seduction. I know Katy purely by accident and as for Carly, I’m pretty sure if Katy hadn’t told her a few stories about me that she’d want nothing to do with me either. Look, I’ve been where you’re sitting.” She looked confused and Brandon added, “You know with the whole bad break-up thing.”

Ella seemed to understand and then added, “I seriously doubt that my ex humiliated me in front of half my family and friends.”

“I can do you one better. You know that psycho cheerleading coach that was all over the internet a few weeks back?” Ella nodded, “MY ex, you try living that down. Not to mention knowing your girlfriend would rather fuck high school kids than you, not a fun week for me.”

“No, I imagine not,” Ella giggled amused at his plight, “So how’d you get out of it?”

He pointed to the floor at their friends, “Katy, she took me out one night and didn’t rest until she got me laid.” He paused then said, “Sound familiar?” Ella nodded, looking at Carly. “She means well, Ella, she’s just trying to be a good friend, even if she did pick the least smooth guy in the place to try to seduce you.”

Ella smiled “No I like you, you’re honest with me unlike most of the pricks that are only talking to me because they want Carly.” Brandon smiled and she asked, “What?”

“Now I think I have proven I’m not the suave pickup artist right?” she nodded, “And for the best of your knowledge I think we can agree I’ve been pretty honest with you.”

“Almost overly so. You told me your last ex preferred a high-schooler to you, not the best thing to tell someone your trying to sleep with, but yes I’d agree you’re honest.”

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