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I met April on a dating site. As is usual when you first start chatting with someone, we spent a couple weeks getting to know each other before agreeing to meet in person. April lives about 45 minutes from me, so for our first meet we agreed on a restaurant about half way between us, and when that Saturday came we met for an early dinner.

My first thought about April is she looks exactly like her pictures. She is about 5’8″ tall, shoulder blade length dark brown wavy hair, and as I quickly saw very full figured. With easily a 44DD chest and a slightly smaller but nicely round ass, some may call her body type big boned, but the only bone I could see was the one she raised in my pants when I saw her.

We gave each other a quick kiss as we met up, and as we sat down I rearranged myself as best I could, trying not to be to noticeable about it. We ordered drinks and an appetizer, studied the menu and ordered our meals and got down to talking.

The conversation flowed easily, we had already covered the basics in our online conversations, so we were talking deeper than one would expect for a first date. As I expected it would, the talk quickly turned to my being a nudist.

April asked how I became a nudist, and I thought about it for a minute and told her that it just kind of happened. For as long as I could remember I have loved being sans clothes, and have always taken every opportunity to shed them as quickly as possible.

She told me she understood that, and that was one of the things she liked about me was that I was so open about it. She told me she is often into nudism at home, but it was something she wanted to explore more. She knew I had been to nudist camps before and asked me about them.

I explained to her that nudist camps are usually have a family type environment. After all, if your going to see all of a person, there isn’t really anything to hide. I told her it is very relaxing, and one of my favorite things was playing sand volleyball.

She asked me if I always had an erection there, and I laughed and told her no. The atmosphere there isn’t sexual at all, no one is there looking for a quick hookup. I told her there are some great people at the camps, very friendly, and very easy to get along with. We share dinners together from time to time, it is just like your neighborhood back home.

April was very attentive as I explained to her about the different camps I have been to, occasionally asking questions when she wanted clarification on the issue. She finally asked her if I would ever take her to one of them, and I said sure, if you want to go sometime just let me know, we will make plans for it. Since she is a school teacher, we agreed that it we are still friends later in the summer we would go.

As the night continued, she told me she had a confession to make, but she hopes it doesn’t scare me off. I told her we would never know until it is brought out in the open, so she continued. She told me she had a boyfriend that she lives with. He is railroad conductor and is gone more than he is home. She said she got on the dating site with his blessing.

His name is Darren and he is a great guy. He takes care of April and doesn’t mind her always naked at home. His only gölbaşı escort problem is he is addicted to porn, so much so that he can no longer get it up for normal sex. The will put on a porno and she will give him blowjobs, but she is left feeling frustrated. He is willing for her to meet someone that she could have sex with, provided that’s all it was, and she would always come home to him.

I kind of chuckled and said that doesn’t bother me at all. I Have been divorced for a couple years, and was unsure if I even wanted to get involved with anyone else, so right now this actually works good for me. She said she was glad because she really liked me and could see us sleeping together, but she didn’t want to ruin things with Darren.

That night ended sooner than I wanted, but Darren was waiting for her at home. She said next time we meet she is going to fuck my brains out, she has wanted good hard sex for a while now. But she promised Darren not tonight, she would first report to him how the night went and he would give his final blessing.

True to her word, we started meeting, most often her coming to my place. It was never long before we were in bed together. As I expected her blow jobs were out of this world, and I was glad to blow my first load rather quickly. She sucked me hard again, I was able to last much longer once I slid my cock inside her than I otherwise would have lasted. The first couple times it was so very hard to slide inside her. She was incredibly wet but since she hasn’t had a cock inside her for a while her pussy was very tight. Her first orgasm came when I was only halfway deep inside her. I lost count of the number of orgasms that followed, but it made me feel good to know I could make someone orgasm that much.

We continued to see each other off and on for the next couple months, careful to not to get to deep into it. I was grateful that Darren was letting me fuck her, and amazed he couldn’t get it up over her.

One day she showed up and it started like most others. As normal I was naked when she came in my back door, and her clothes were already mostly off by the time she had taken three steps. She must have been loosening everything since she drove up.

She grabbed me and kissed me deep, grabbing my cock and stroking it hard. She pulled away and lead me to the bedroom. She pushed me down on the bed and took me in her mouth. I haven’t seen her this hungry since the first time we were together. After about 5 minutes I blew my load into her mouth and she sucked it all in, then licked me clean.

She had brought in a bag that I hadn’t noticed at first and pulled something out of it. She said she is changing things up a bit, wanting to try something we had talked about. I wasn’t sure what she was referring to, and didn’t really care. I laid back back and told her to do whatever she wanted.

Her tongue touched my balls, and it was like a shock of electricity shot through me. Then he tongue slid down and started probing my ass. I could feel my ass puckering, and I suddenly realized I was moaning. Suddenly she started sliding a dildo inside my ass, and she smiled as my cock was suddenly hard.

She slid the dildo in and out of my ass, and keçiören escort was telling me how turned on she was when I was telling her about my relationships with Rodger and Mike. She said most girls she knows would love to see that happen, and knowing how much I liked it she wanted to do something like that for me. She went faster and faster then, sucking on my cock as she fucked my ass, until I exploded again, and she sucked me dry once more.

She told me how she loved the taste of my cum, and could eat it all day long. She climbed up on me and we started to 69. Not that she needed any extra wetness, her pussy was glistening with moisture that wouldn’t go away, no matter how much I licked.

A couple minutes later she pulled up off me and turned around. She grabbed my cock and slid it inside her and she started riding it like she was in a rodeo. I squeezed her boobs together so I could suck on both of her nipples at the same time. I felt her cum, then cum again. In the 15 minutes she was on top, I swear she came 7 or 8 times.

She finally tired and we rolled so I was on top of her. She wanted it doggy style but was to tired to get into position. So I just slid in and fucked her another 10 minutes, until I exploded deep inside her.

We fell asleep, and the next thing I know I felt her nibbling on my nipple. She was stroking my cock, and I could tell it was already hard. She climbed back on and started riding it slow and easy.

She said she had something to ask me. She said that Darren wanted to watch us fuck, that maybe she would blow him while I was fucking her. She said she also wanted to try having sex with another woman like I have with other guys, and she has been talking to one of her girlfriends about it.

April had grown up with Jill, and they always had a vibe together. April said she knew Jill wanted to try another women, even back when, but April was scared to try it, she didn’t want to lose a friend if it didn’t work out like she wanted it to. I told April to set it up, and even that if she didn’t want to suck off Darren I would do it, as it has been a while since I had a cock. She said she would love to see that, but she was sure Darren wouldn’t have anything to do with it. She had already kind of suggested it but he just wanted to see me fuck April. Darren was also okay with April having sex with Jill, so would I be interested?

April knew I wouldn’t refuse, and after making me cum again, said let’s go for a ride and talk about it. It was already dark, so we walked naked to my car and started out. April popped the sunroof, and soon stood through it, her hair and boobs flapping in the wind. I reached over and played with her pussy while the occasional car went by honking in appreciation of the view. We were out for about 20 minutes, with her cumming twice.

We pulled back into my driveway, and she said it was time to go. She went in and grabbed her clothes. We kissed goodbye, and she said she will try to set everything up for next Saturday.

The Thursday before that Saturday she called me and said it was all set up. Jill and Darren had agreed, and they would be over about 2pm. I pulled the bed out of the bedroom and set it up in the living ankara escort room, pulling up the couch up beside so Darren would get a good view. April had also asked if there was a way we could tape it, so I set up the camcorder out of the way but at an angle that would catch the majority of the action.

It was just before two when they walked in the door. April quickly joined me nude, and Darren and Jill were a bit hesitant. I told them I understood and do whatever made them comfortable, We walked into the living room, and April was happy to see what I had set up. April jumped on the bed, and I went and turned on the camcorder and then went to her. I kneeled down started licking her pussy. It took about three minutes, but next time I looked Darren was naked and stroking his cock.

I looked over at Jill next and she had her top off, one hand pinching a nipple and other rubbing her pussy. April looked at her and told her to come over to her, and Jill moved slowly toward her. As soon as she was within reach, April pulled Jill down and started sucking on her nipples. Jill was moaning and rubbing herself harder. I reached over and unbuttoned and unzipped Jill’s shorts, and gave them a quick yank. Jill wasn’t wearing underwear and she gasped when her hand touched her clean shaven pussy. She wiggled and flipped on her back as I pulled her shorts all the way off.

April saw what I had done and pushed me out of the way. She moved down and started licking Jill, saying she tasted as good as she had always dreamt. I moved behind April and she moved into doggy style so I could fuck her. She kept her head between Jill’s thighs as I pounded her from behind, and I switched between watching April eat Jill, and Darren jacking off.

Jill said it was her turn to taste April, so she pulled April up to her, April sitting on Jill’s face. I went up to Jill and slid my cock into her pussy, and I watched as her fingernails scratched April’s ass as she grabbed and clawed in ecstasy. Jill’s eyes were rolled into the back of her head, and April was wiggling back and worth on Jill’s tongue. Darren had moved in front of April, and she was trying to blow him, but we all had trouble concentrating. Suddenly I felt Jill jerking, and felt her pussy grow warm as she came. It felt to me like it took at least a minute before her body stopped cumming. Darren also saw what was happening and I watched as he pulled out and stroked himself, cumming all over Jill’s face. April rolled over and I started fucking her hard and fast, and soon we came in unison with the one last deep stroke inside her.

Darren had sat back on the couch and Jill, April and I were collapsed on the bed. I got up and got a towel for Jill, then turned off the camcorder. The entire affair had taken about an hour and a half, and Jill said she didn’t have much time left, her boyfriend was expecting her back by 5pm. April and I wanted more, but she was insistent. You could tell Jill was scared if she didn’t get back in time, but there wasn’t anything we could do about it.

Darren and Jill started to get dressed as April and I started fucking again to get in a quickie. I fucked her doggie style, and as soon as I felt her cum I let myself peak, but this time pulled out so Darren could watch me cum all over April’s back. Darren smiled and said thanks for the show.

As April got dressed I popped out the tape and gave it to Darren. I told him hopefully he gets a good view and enjoys watching it. I kissed April goodbye, and they left-until the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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