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Wendy’s Young Paperboy

Wendy is a college counselor at a college. Her job is to counsel the young male students as to what classes they should take for what Major and to help them arrange funding, as most are from low income and with single parents.

Wendy had a number of years doing the job she has at the school and she moved up in seniority. She had a private office in a bungalow on the school grounds by the athletic field. Her office was equipped with a restroom that was separating two bungalows. The bungalow on the other side was vacate and has been for some time now.

Wendy sometimes would counsel students at home during this COVID scare that was going around the country. Which made matters easier for her to carry on with the desires she had developed over the years with some of the young students that came to her. Which was of a sexual nature at times. She only started doing this cause of her husband being away so very often with his work. Wendy needed more attention from young males.

She loved it that most were young and not very experienced with a mature womans sexual needs and desires. Taking advantage of this it was easy for her to tease, flirt and sometimes please and be pleased by them. It amazed Wendy at how many young guys have fantasies of fucking an older mature woman and learning about sex from them.

During the times she would counsel students at her home she met her new paperboy Billy, that had started a few weeks before. He was young and would put the paper on my back deck by the swimming pool as my home was the last on Ankara Escort his route and I told him that if he did put the paper there for me that I would tip him very good. [Little did he know of my intentions]. He was going to start college in the fall, I knew he needed money Plus he was just the right age for me tp prey on.

My home office was there through sliding glass doors with vertical blinds. This is where I would counsel new students. There was my desk and desk chair small table and 2 chairs for my clients to sit. Most times I’d only have one client at a time.

I knew that Billy would be delivering the paper about the time I had my next client so I put the vertical blinds at a bit of an angle to where Billy could see me but not the boy I was counseling. I did this so that if I decided to tease Billy,then I could be teasing both boys at the same time and my young client wouldn’t know. Billy wouldn’t know that I had a client in my office, so he see that I wasn’t alone. [ I had dressed in a wrap around skirt, nylon stockings with a garter belt and no panties and a sheer blouse with a half cut bra which would show off my nipples when they were excited].

Just waiting for the boys to arrive I was getting excited knowing that if I did both the boys it would be the first for them both. [ my cunt was more than ready for a young dick].

My client showed up first and I was counseling him as I seen Billy put the paper down and look through the slats of the blinds. I pretended that i didn’t Balgat Escort see him as I was facing the student on the other side of my desk. He was sitting far enough back that he could see my legs as the desk didn’t have a front and he could get a good view. I then let the wrap around skirt fall open some revealing the tops of my stockings to both the boys, when I did this I felt a wave of warmth in my pussy.

Billy was the first to see that I didn’t have panties on, then Malcum [having turned eighteen a month ago Malcum was legal mmmmm], my young black client seen. As I opened my legs more. Seeing Billy out of the corner of my eyes I seen he was rubbing his cock through his shorts that he was wearing and Malcum was viewing my nicely trimmed and shaved pussy with no obstructions. [ I wanted to reach down and finger my cunt as they both were watching so very badly, Fuck I needed young cock]!

Just as I opened my legs more Malcum got on his knees under my desk and was kissing my legs an rubbing my thighs. I lend back and spread wider as I see Billy with his white cock out jerking it as he watched. I turned my face to him and said for him to come in and let me suck his cock as Malcum was after my cunt.

Billy slid the glass door open and fought with the blinds and stepped inside with his cock in his hand pointing it at my mouth. I went Ahh and opened my mouth for his cock to enter and i started sucking and talking him deep in my mouth and he shot his load down my throat, I choked some but manged to Çankaya Escort swallow all his yummy young juices. All the while Malcum was licking my cunt with his tongue and finger fucking me. I orgasmed into his mouth and smiled at Billy saying that the second time he’d last longer. Billy asked if I was going to let him and Malcum fuck my pussy. Smiling at both boys I tood them to undress and to take me over my desk.

As I stood up and slipped my skirt off, noe just in heels stockings garters and I had opened my blouse up and my nipple on my tits were very hard. I lend over the desk Malcum was behind me and he slipped his young BLACK DICK deep into my cunt as Billy was feeding me his cock from the front of the desk.

The boys started egging each other on to fuck this slut good and all I could do was suck harder on Billy’s cock. Malcum said he was going to nut soon and I stopped sucking Billy and told him to trade places with Malcum so I could swallow Malcum’s juice as he, Billy cums in my cunt. I was in cock HEAVEN enjoying every minute and I had several orgasms already and I was building up to another soon.

I knew that as soon as I’d fell the boys start to cum that my pussy would explode with another orgasm.

Malcum was the first to say he’s going to nut and that spurred Billy on and he said he as close also. Billy was saying for an older woman that my cunt was surely tight and he grabbed my hips shoving his dick in deep saying AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh fuck I’m cuming Wendy deep in your cunt. Malcum was urged on with Billy cumming and He held my head and buried his nigger cock deep in my mouth saying SUCK this young Nigger dick you whore, swallow all me nigger cum. As the boys were saying that I orgasmed like there was no tomorrow!

After both boys had nutted in my pussy n mouth I stood up and wiped my cunt with a clean cloth and said that maybe next time they can join me in the pool.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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