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We didn’t plan to seduce her. At first at least.

My ex was bi and she was straight and had a boyfriend and me I was stoned out of my fucking tree.

And it was halloween and I was dressed as some punked out chick.

She was kind of taken aback at first when she saw me clean shaven (I usually rock a goatee in all my pics) and with shaved legs and fishnet stockings all ripped up.I was wearing some weird garter over some shirt of a band that broke up ages ago. My skirt was an authentic school girl skirt but with patches sewn on with such merry phrases as “fuck the world”.

The club was pumping rage against the machine inside. My ex Veroinca wasn’t there just yet.

I pulled back on my cigarette all suave like and checked her out.

Her name was Crystal. It scared me and turned me on.

She was wearing a tight red glittery club bangers dress. I don’t think she knew it was halloween. Her hair was shimmering black. She had a nose piercing that fixated my very fucked out my skull mind. For some reason I wondered if her nipple was pierced as well. Those breasts. Was I staring? They were probably a C cup. She had a whole sleeve of wierd exotic flowers mixed with skulls on her left arm.

“Are you done your fag?” Veronica asked with an edge of excitement. I turned around and saw her approaching quickly.

I replied by throwing my smoke on the ground and took her in as a hug was approaching quickly.

Veronica was still good close friends with me, She was wearing a rave outfit. You can fill the details in your mind yourself. Bright colors of the rainbow out the ass. A sexy skirt. Her black heels screamed fuck me and threw the whole motif into a spin.

I don’t know why I did it. We were just friends from what I knew; completely platonic. As the hug landed and we embraced she pulled me closer. My hand grazed her ass. She pulled me in tighter “I missed you!” She murmured. I squeezed it tight and then sild my hand down the back of her leg. I was very tempted to slip my hand back up under her skirt when crystal piped up ” Where’s my hug big man?”

Was she commenting on the fact I was dressed in drag.

I didn’t care.

The hug we then had was reflecting the fact we just met online and barely knew each other. I brought my ex along as a safeguard and social buffer just to sort of say that I wasn’t trying to get inside her. Oh how I was wrong about that.

After she let go me she ran her finger under my chin and said “I call dibs on first dance.”

The rage against the machine had shifted to some wierd mix between house music and a sudden burst of drum and bass.

I could feel the music beneath my skirt.

Crystal puled me by the hand into the middle of the floor and waved to Veronica “I hope you don’t mind”

Veronica headed the direction of the bar.

I didn’t know what Crystal had in mind. So I danced a little bit away from her. I went into my hardcore dancing mode with the beat swinging my arms this way and that. I looked probably like a poor sight but the way Crystal eyed me instantly aroused my spirit.

She started swaying slowly to the downbeat and starting to sashay downwards. Was she purposefully showing me down the top of her dress?

I didn’t care. I fully took in an apathy of the moment. She could do whatever she wanted. I was going to dance.

I became violent with my movements. People backed up. The music filled me. I was stamping my feet like an idiot. Throwing fists left right and centre. You probably think I’m an loser right now.

The music suddenly dropped a beat and a wierd synthesizer kicked. A house beat started slowly drumming in and out of existence.

Whatever I did Crystal was impressed. She went from being three feet away from me to being 3 inches away from me. Facing me she ran her hands along my back. She crushed herself forward into me.

I was having anxiety about the night which gave fuel to my recent outburst. All anxiety slid away as we both started sliding together rythmically. I could feel her perfect breasts that she showed me a glimpse of a moment ago against my chest, sliding up and down.

Was this turning her on? It certainly was for me.

Crystal’s hands were all over my body and I returned the favour. It felt good to feel someone close to me, to feel the warmth energizing off of her, to feel the curve of her shoulders, her lower back, she moaned pressuring me lower, and finally the upper reaches of her ass. I cupped her left cheek and pulled her tighter into me.

I don’t know if we were dancing any more but I saw Veronica coming with three beers. I didn’t know if Crystal was a beer drinker. I knew I was.

She whispered into my ear something about never dancing with a girl like this and i think she said something like she liked it.

I think she saw me looking elsewhere and we mutually broke the embrace.

Veronica gave me sort of a wink or was it something else, it was an encouraging look. We started walking towards a booth almost synchronistically without saying a word. Crystal started leading the way to one of the empty booths. I suddenly mamak escort felt Veronica slap my ass.

Crystal was drinking pretty fast and was halfway through her beer already as we sat down.

I ended up sitting opposite them both. They crammed into the tight spot across from me and looked pretty comfortable for two sexy strangers.

I was starting to burn out at this point and was realizing where I was and wondering what sort of night I was into.

Our small chat carried on for about twenty minutes as someone – I don’t know how we ende up with a second round – i don’t know who was running their foot up my leg. I tried gauging the looks from either Crystal or Veronica but couldn’t get any signal as to whom.

I don’t know when but Veronica had her arm around the back of the booth bench and every so often would accent a point she was making by twirling Crystal’s hair in between her fingers. She also would sometimes grace Crystal’s neck with a touch.

Our discussion got deeper into some sort of wierd attempt at theology. I noticed our second beers were empty at this point. I stood up and saw Crystal’s hand quickly leave Veronica’s thigh.

“I’ve got next round unless you ladies would like to dance it up.”

They squeezed their way out of the booth and Veronica leaned into Crystal’s ear whispering something. Crystal belted out a laugh. She reached and grabbed my shoulder and twisted my body towards the dance floor.

I heard them laughing again.

I suddenly felt someone slap my ass again and yet it felt like liberation.

I adjusted the bra underneath my shirt as it was riding up again like it likes to do.

Suddenly Veronica announced we were doing shots so we made our way to the bar.

We ordered something generic but tasteful.

Veronica noticed that Crystal had a bit of dribble on her chin. She inched close to Crystal and pointed to her own chin. Crystal returned a confused look when suddenly Veronica lunged her face forward and licked the remaining shot.

The liberation being decked out in drag. Hanging with two sexy chicks who were now both laughing behind me as a I led the parade towards the dance floor.

I looked back to see that Crystal had her arm around Veronicas neck and they were stumbling against each other’s body.

We got to the dance floor and Veronica pulled me into them. I knew there had to be a bit of predrinking going on.

Crystal wrapped her arm around my lower back and her other arm lowered around Veronica’s. Veronica raised her arms in the arm and started twisting left and right.

I didn’t know what kind of wierd triangle we were making. Crystal was just moving her shoulders and bopping her head.

I started grooving to the beat and I wrapped my right arm around Crystals back and my left arm around Veronica’s shoulder.

It was sort of awkward but erotic at the same time as the music flowed through us we became closer together. Crystal had moved closer and closer to Veronica until Veronica’s leg was between hers.

The music took me – the vibe took me – the energy took me – I decided to grab Veronica’s arm that was stretched out in the air and do a spin. It didn’t really pan out into what I pictured. Veronica ended up pulling my back into them both. I could feel that was Crystal was grinding her thighs against Veronicas leg. I felt Veronica’s chest through her shirt and her nipples were rock hard.

I suddenly felt Crystal’s grasping hand on my knee and it was running up plying at my skin through the fishnets until she nearly had her hand up my skirt. I was rock hard at this point and scared she would find out.

The song that was playing was one of those annoying pop hits which I won’t even mention for fear it’d get stuck in your head.

Veronica started playing with my nipple through my shirt at this point and caressing my chest.

She leaned in and licked my ear lobe and whispered “Naughty girls like their tits played with eh?”

Oh how that sent a vibe through me.

By this time Crystal’s hand was definitely up my skirt. She was inching closer to my panties. If I really were a girl she’d probably feel something wet by then.

Their bodies behind me were throbbing with energy. We swayed to the music like some gelatinous cube.

I leaned back and rested my head on Veronica’s shoulder and peered at Crystal who had her eyes closed. She was still grinding away at Veronicas leg as her hand danced under my skirt.

I sneaked a quick peck on Veronica’s neck. She breathed in a sigh. Her arm that was fondling my chest squeezed tighter and then started heading down my chest and over my adomen. I took a dare and gave her a full on kiss under her ear. Her hands splayed out and started dragging her nails up again.

“That chicks a fucking dude!!!” I heard someone yell.

“Fucking faggot!” Another voice yelled.

Crystal reacted first. She let go of both of us.

Veronica reached out to Crystal and said “Everything’s okay!”

Some guy was suddenly up in my face. He was dressed ofise gelen escort like he wanted to be some sort of gangster to make up for the fact he dropped out of highschool.

“What kind of faggot dresses in girl’s clothing? Huh?”

“It’s halloween dude, just chill out.”

Suddenly I heard a bottle break and Crystal had a broken bottle in her hand.

“You want to fuck around buddy? He’s with us.”

I noticed a large dude in black from the corner of my eye taking notice to us. I assumed he was the bouncer.

“Drop the bottle.” I quietly said. “We’re leaving.”

The guy eyed me up and down.

Veronica grabbed Crystal’s hand, I grabbed Veronicas hand and we made a train out the door. The guy didn’t follow us of which I was glad cause I’m really no fighter. The bouncer tapped Crystal on the shoulder and shook his head as we walked by. I saw one of the bar tenders was already sweeping up the broken glass.

“Where we going?” I asked.

“Another bar?” Veronica replied in a question.

Crystal piped up excitedly. “I’ve got plenty of booze at my place. It’s only a block away.”

She skipped forward and grabbed Veronica’s hand and she started leading her down the street.

I just shook my head in a burnt out haze and followed.

A block was a quick skip and a holler for us. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about and I was perplexed by the fact I was strutting around in a skirt and fishnets downtown, even if it was halloween.

Every so often they’d laugh and either of them would place their hand on each other’s shoulder.

They were getting along quite well and I couldn’t help but check out their asses.

I tripped on a stone in my heels when I looked up and saw Veronica’s hand on Crystal’s sexy little cheek. Just for a millisecond and it was gone.

She led the way up a flight of stairs in a hallway tha was through a tiny unseen door off to the side of the street.

We were making awful noise as we strut up the the stairs.

I hear a jangle of keys and I hear Crystal say something similar to what she said earlier “I’ve never danced like that.”

“Well you got music?” Veronica asked and she placed a finger on Crystals lip.

Crystal barked and played pretend at biting her finger.

“Oooh frisky are we?” Veronica swayed her hips and then poked her finger into Crystals abdomen.

“Just let me get in the door” Crystal laughed.

We entered the apartment and it was a cozy little shack of a place. There wasn’t any posters on the wall, there was though a canvas of abstract art.

Crystal pointed towards the couch where I plopped myself down.

I heard beer bottles clinking in the next room that must have been the kitchen.

Veronica straddled me and whispered one word in my ear “Seduction.”

She then got off me and sat next to me.

Crystal entered the room.

She had three domestic beers. She handed one to Veronica and then one to me.

We twisted the tops off and clinked our bottles together.

Veronica announced “To new experiences” and she winked at Crystal.

Crystal stood up and approached the stereo. She bent over to press a button on the stereo.

She peered back at us still bent over. She gently swayed a little as a slow song started. She was hypnotizing us both.

“I hope you don’t mind a little jazz and a joint.”

Crystal must have been handed down from the gods the plan that must have been burning in Veronica’s mind cause she casually just pushed her way in between us. We had to adjust ourselves which involved near fondling of each other. All three of our dresses were riding pretty high at this point.

Crystal pulled a box out from under some junk on the coffee table in front of us.

The Jazz music seemed to egg on a sexual vibe in the room.

She began the ritual of cutting up and rolling a joint as Veronica went between running her hands through my hair and running her hands through Crystals.

She turned to me and handed me the joint. “Well sexy girl you gave me first dance you get first hit.”

Acquiring the lighter from her hands we sort of had a masonic slash I want to feel you more sort of exchange.

I lit the joint and pulled back hard. Fuck it, you only die twice right?

As I opened my eyes in a near cough I saw Veronica had her other hand that wasn’t around us playing with the now riding further up bottom to Crystal’s dress. Just innocently right?

I held the joint outward in a casual pose unsure of who to pass it to. Crystal grabbed it and passed it to Veronica. Veronica let go of Crystal’s dress and said she wanted to give a super to our beautiful hostess.

I don’t know how to do supers or how to describe them. My first one I ever did nearly turned into a kiss and that’s nearly what happened here. Their faces were so close as smoke billowed from one sexy mouth to another.

I could hear Crystal inhaling as Veronica quickly followed it up by taking a hit of her own.

We finished the joint after a interesting otele gelen escort conversation about whether or not men knew how to please women. I didn’t like the sexist overtones but I saw where Veronica wsa taking it – she was basically saying only a women knows how to please a women. She then leaned into Crystal and whispered something in her ear.

I was about a third left of my beer as when we were casually talking about some annoying subject when Veronica got up to used the washroom. Crystal gave her directions and as soon as she was gone Crystal leaned into me and started sucking on my neck and caressing my leg. She then gasped to me “I have a confession to make.”

I started casually running my hand along her stomach playing a game of doubt whether or not I should totally find out if she had a pierced nipple.

“I’m so fucking high and horny and you in a skirt is turning me on oh so bad.”

The moment was broken as Veronica announced. “Okay I want you two to dance and I want to give you guys suggestions on what to do as you dance.”

Crystal laughed “Okay”

Crystal stood in front of me and I stood in front of her.

I noticed for the first time her eyes were a brilliant green that complimented her glittering red dress, like the shoes from wizard of oz. I also noticed her strap on her left shoudler was hanging down and was opening up brave new voyages into her cleavage.

She saw me looking. She saw me looking.

“Hey mister I wish you had something there for me to look at.”

Both Veronica and Crystal started laughing.

“You’ve always got me!” Veronica said as extended out her arms and shook her chest.

“Now” Veronica announced “Grab him at the waist and keep apart by at least 6 inches”

“What is this? grade 8 graduation dance?” Crystal asked in a bit of a giggle.

We did as we were told though. Veronica had me place my left hand on her hip and my other hand her shoulder. We swayed to a playful solo of a trumpet that broke into a drum roll and somewhat of another musical solo.

Veronica told us just to feel the music and to feel each other’s vibe through each other’s hands.

Slowly she told us to start inching towards each other.

“Now” Veronica conducted us. “I want you turn around.”

I started turning around when she said “No, Crystal and put your back to him.”

She turned a cursty and then started grinding her way back into me.

“Now put your arms around her waist just like that and sway to the music.”

She then directed us to feel each other’s bodies as she welcomed herself to another beer from the fridge. I inched my hand and started playing with her belly button through the thin material. My other hand was doing a game of caressing up and down from just below her breast to the tops of her legs.

“Crystal are you feeling good.”

I took some liberty and kissed the side of her neck right under her ear.

She just moaned in response something that sounded like ‘Mmmhmm”

“You want to play a little pretend game to help your new friend out?”

She just murmured another moan in response. Filled with erotic pleasure.

“Pretend that he’s a girl. Pretend you feel a sexy pair of tits pressing into your back. I see your hand caressing up his skirt. Pretend those are girl legs.”

Her other hand was now behind her and behind my head feeling up the back of my skull. She was grinding into me.

She moaned again “Sounds beautiful” sounded muffled and distorted.

“Feel her all over. Feel free to touch her wherever you want.”

I was stoned and feeling tipsy at this point. I started feeling her left tit with my one hand and my other started inching down and down where it may have crossed the line.

“Keep kissing her neck, make her feel good.”

“Now Crystal are you picturing a sexy girl feeling you up.”

All she could say was a grunt of an “Unh” and a gasped yes. I was nearly at the point of fingering her now and my ex who was completely platonic with me was watching.

This is when things started to heat up. This guided meditation experience was definitely in good hands.

Veronica then approahced Crystal from in front. she wrapped her hands around the back of my neck and shoved her leg between Crystals.

I moved my hand out of the way that was going to town at that moment. She was soaking through the dress.

I saw that their chests were mashed together. I didn’t even notice at this point both straps on Crystal’s dress were down and her tits were hanging out.

Veronica started sucking on the other side of her neck.

She then planted a timid kiss on Crystals lips. Crystal gave out one of those indistinguisable primal grunts or some sort of gasp of sexual lust.

and then she started kissing down her chin.

She started to suck on the top of her breasts.

I saw now that Crystal did in fact have a nipple piercing.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?”

“No.” She replied.

“I thought you had a boyfriend.”

“It doesn’t matter.” She sighed.

Veronica started sucking the pierced nipple.

Veronica made an art of casually just placing her lips from one nipple to the other. She was rather crass with her sucking sounds but with Crystal’s moans and me not knowing where to place my hands at this point – I was stuck in a sexual limbo. I decided to start massaging Veronica’s neck while grinding my crotch into Crystal’s ass.

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