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Please read chapters one, two and three before proceeding.


Over the next couple of days mum made more of those suggestive comments, about how I was growing up and that I was becoming a man. More noticeably though was my awareness of Gail’s persona, she appeared to be a lot more liberal around mum and I, both in her dress and manner than when with the other girls, I guess that all three of us had an agenda and all very similar.

One day when Gail was out I decided to have a snoop around here room, I don’t know why I hadn’t done it before. To my surprise I found some very sexy underwear, considering she was only 18, she had excellent taste and it was hard at first to imagine that under her trendy street clothes she wore sexy demure underwear. At the side of her bed was a book which looked like any other romantic novel but was entitled “The Forbidden Fruit”. It intrigued me as the blurred image on the front was of two naked women. I flicked through the pages and read parts of what turned out to be a hot story about two women from different cultures, two women who found a fondness for each other that turned to friendship then desire and passion.

Well this was great, it cemented the suspicion that Gail might reciprocate mum should she make any advances towards her and also explained why she was more grown up and feminine than her elder sisters. It also explained too the noticeable lack of male pictures in her room.

The next thing I did was a bold step for me; one night when the house was quiet I entered Gail’s room knowing that she was reading alone on her bed. I was dressed only in T-shirt and jockey shorts and asked if she would rub my shoulders for me as they ached real bad. She too was very casually dressed and had bare legs and light blue panties under her T-shirt. I managed to catch a glimpse, as she sat up, of what appeared to be her dark haired pussy, tightly covered by the thin blue material of her panties, this obviously caused my dick to stir. Gently she applied some oil and massaged my shoulders and back with such a calming and soothing effect it felt almost sexual, we talked about this and that until I mentioned her book

“What you reading?”

“Oh it’s just a romance type thing, nothing too special” she replied

Not wanting to miss the opportunity I continued probing, “It looks rather raunchy to me, mind if I take a look?” Without giving her the chance to stop me I collected it from the floor and opened it, Gail made vain protests but I read out a few lines. It was describing the feeling from one of the characters to another in a strong sexual manner.

“This is great” I said “That’s my type of story, two girls getting it on is wonderful!”

Gail returned to my shoulders and said in a casual tone, “me too”

My dick sprang to attention like a soldier on parade, I guessed that Gail couldn’t see my condition from where she was but it would have been obvious should somebody walk in. I sat there half naked with a raging hard on as my sister, who was also half naked, rubbed oil on to my back. She seemed to enjoy taking care of me but didn’t seem to show signs of wanting to take it any further. I needed to get mum in the conversation and racked my brains for something to say, it was a little loose but I thought what the hell.

“You know Gail, if mum walked in now she’d think something funny was going on”

“Oh I don’t know,” she said calmly, “I think mum quite likes the idea of us being more open with each other.”

“Open, in what way?”

“Well, we’re all grown up and I guess there’s no need to behave like teenagers now.” She spoke with a sense of nervousness but continued, “None of us are shy and it’s so noticeable how you walk around half naked pointing that thing at us.”

As she spoke she prodded me in the back and pushed a little harder against my shoulders, “Did you think we hadn’t noticed it?”

There was only one thing to say. “Notice what?” sounding surprised.

“Stuart, you’ve been getting mum all hot and bothered now for 6 months and it’s a good job the others haven’t noticed, but I have.”

I was flabbergasted “So what has mum said to make you think that?”

“Nothing, but it’s obvious dummy, you can tell by the way she’s acting, she’s like a woman possessed around you. It’s obvious to me how she flaunts herself and gets your attention, she even asked me things about you last week.”

“Asked you, asked you what?”

“She asked if I had noticed how grown up you were now, and how you seem more confident with yourself, she jokingly mentioned she’d seen your dick and how big it looks.”

Just then, and out of the blue, Gail stopped massaging me and slapped my back, “Stuart, it’s me you’re talking to, you can stop this bullshitting and stand up.”

She pushed me away off the bed so I had to stand.

“Turn around.” By the tone of her voice it was an order not a request and one I complied with.

My dick was firm and bulging my pants, like relaxbet güvenilirmi the proverbial tent pole. “See what I mean, you walk around with that thing on show and expect us not to notice.”

Without any warning she hooked the finger of one hand into my waistband and pulled, exposing my hard-on. She wrapped her other, oil coated, hand around my shaft. The feeling was surreal, my own sister, only 18 months younger than I was, was about to wank me off and mum was still downstairs in the lounge.

I wanted to touch Gail but she stopped me, I wanted her T-shirt off and desperately wanted to see her sweet young pussy, but saying that, what I was more desperate for was to shoot my load. Gail’s strokes were slow and firm, she held me at the base and pulled on my foreskin, she made no attempted to get closer or kiss but just gently stroked my old man as she looked into my eyes, I was at her mercy and she knew it.

I made another attempt to touch her but again access was refused. “No, not now,” she whispered and gave me the sort of smile that meant ‘No, not now, but maybe some other time.’ She knew I was getting close to the inevitable and began to pump me harder and faster, her attention was solely in making me come. Her free hand gently squeezed my balls as I rocked my hips in time to her strokes, she knew exactly what was coming her way.

“Oh God Gail, I’m gonna cum.” She didn’t look up or even acknowledge my statement but continued to watch her own hand pumping away at my old man. Her eyes were fixed and her smile was knowingly rude, I bucked a couple of times and as my pending orgasm approached it became obvious that she was intent on making me cum quickly. I couldn’t hold on any longer and with a deep throaty grunt I let loose a full heavy load of spunk. It left my dick like a bullet from a gun, hitting Gail on her chest and covering the back of her hand, I just couldn’t believe it! My sister had just pulled my dick from my pants and wanked me off good and proper!!

Well you can imagine how that left me feeling, standing half naked in my sisters room and looking at the dirty grin on her face and my jiss all over her T-shirt and hand! Gail told me to go clean up and if I was lucky she’d suck it next time, but only if I agreed to do something for her.

“So what is it you want?” I asked

“I want to watch you seduce mum!” The look on her face was so devilish I knew she meant it, “I know she’d let you, trust me.”

“So let me get this right, you’re telling me if I get it on with mum you’ll suck me off?”


I was dumbfounded, Gail wants to watch as I satisfy my greatest sexual fantasy, this was a bargain from my point of view. As I said before this was surreal, I’d previously not given my sister a second thought as I was so obsessed with mum, but now, she was the catalyst and incentive for me to finally nail mum.

The atmosphere the following night was so sexually charged I had a raging hard on all evening. Gail was again dressed in just T-shirt and panties and was doing her best to keep me desires at fever pitch. She knowingly flashed her open thighs to me on more than one occasion and made the most of showing me how hard her nipples were by pulling her T-shirt tight against her chest. I guess mum was aware that something was happening because her state of arousal was clearly obvious the minute she removed the jacket of her business suit. Her blouse was thin and her bra failed to hide her erect nipples and I think she knew it. She must have known because I caught her looking down at them on a couple of occasions and she did nothing what so ever to disguise them.

It was quite late before the others went out leaving the three of us home alone, I sat opposite Gail who was on one of the sofa’s, mum was in the kitchen fetching us all a glass of wine and Gail reminded me of her promise.

“Tonight’s the night big boy,” she smiled, “Mum is hotter than I’ve ever seen her before, and don’t forget, if I can watch you can have me too!”

Well that was a “no brainer!” How I was going to achieve it I didn’t know but Gail was right, tonight was by far the most aroused I’d seen mum (and Gail for that matter) and if it didn’t happen tonight it never would. Gail told me she would go out for the evening, but I was to leave the patio door curtains slightly open which would allow her to see everything should I manage to get mum into the other sitting room. Before mum could return with the wine Gail leant over, squeezed my dick and licked my face, “remember, do mum and you can do me!”

Mum appeared from the kitchen still dressed in her work clothes, black skirt, stockings, heels and cream blouse which did little to hide her bra and the shape of her breasts. Her nipples were still clearly visible (and erect) and again she appeared to be unconcerned about it showing. We all sat down and looked at one another, for a brief second there seemed an uncomfortable silence but Gail soon changed relaxbet yeni giriş that, “Cheers all, here’s to us and our future happiness.”

“Cheers”, we touched glasses and each took a drink, before I could put my glass down Gail’s mobile went off and she read the text message she had received, apparently her friend wanted her to go round for a couple of hours and it was imperative she went now!

Within minutes Gail had left mum and I alone in the house for the first time in years. Fear and panic came over me as I wasn’t sure what to say or how to say it, but the more I drank the more relaxed I became. Mum was asking me about this and that and the conversation was going nowhere, I had to do something and do it now.

“It’s too bright in here, I’m going into the other lounge,” I said as I picked up my glass and the wine bottle, “are you going to join me?”

“That would be nice,” mum replied, “it’s much more relaxing in there and we don’t often get to sit together do we?”

“Not really mum, in fact I don’t think we’ve ever had any time to ourselves, have we?”

I wandered through to the other lounge and checked the curtains, they were slightly parted though I couldn’t see a thing through the gap. I dropped to the soft comfy sofa and waited for mum to enter. A minute or so later mum appeared in the doorway and created another of those images that stay with me to this day. The darkened lounge and the brightness from behind her showed off her figure perfectly. In fact her skirt was a little thin and the outline of her legs was there for my eyes to enjoy. Mum was in no hurry to move from her pose, she seemed to sense my approval and stood with her legs slightly parted, as she slowly sipped her wine. I knew that something special was going to happen and that the games were over.

“Stuart, you have a very cheeky look on your face, tell me, what are you thinking.”

“To tell you the truth mum, I’m wondering how to tell you that you look very sexy standing there with the light behind you.”

“Sexy ey” she said seductively, “are you supposed to be thinking sexy thoughts about your own mother?”

“I can’t help it, and forgive me for mentioning it but you don’t seem to be discouraging it either.”

Still standing there in the door, looking hotter than ever with her wine glass poised to sip she continued her inquisition.

“So big boy, how long have you been having these sexy thoughts?”

“A while,” I said, “every since I watched you undress one night.”

“That’s a naughty and dangerous thing to do you know, I may need to tell you off for that!” A grin appeared on her face that was so seductive it could have made a dead mans dick stand on end!

My dick was beginning to become too difficult to hide and I decide to go for broke.

“To tell you the truth mum, I’ve been thinking of nothing else recently, I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help thinking about you, I’m sorry.”

“Oh son, don’t be sorry, I’m flattered you think I’m still attractive, it does a women good to know that she can still attract a man’s attention, whoever they are.” Mum remained in her pose and seemed to be enjoying the slow pace of our game.

I sat back in my seat and moved my hand from my lap, my hard-on was clearly noticeable and mums glance down lasted a little longer that just a quick look.

“You seem to be having a little difficulty down there, maybe its something I can help you with?” she said.

“Well,” I replied “It’s your fault I’m in this condition.”

“My fault!” She laughed, “well if I’m going to be blamed for creating it then I must help you to deal with it!” Mum looked back down and smiled at my condition.

My dick was now rock hard, there was no hiding the fact that I was in possession of one very hard and erect dick!

When our eyes made contact again mum asked, “So what is it you like Stuart, are you a tits or ass man?”

My dick twitched as I digested her question, “Well, as you ask, I guess I’m a tit lover. Saying that though, I do love good underwear and I know you have some very sexy stuff.”

“Oh, so it was you who’s been in my underwear drawer is it, I thought it was Gail trying my gear on.” As she spoke she moved into the room and stood much closer, I was sat looking up at her from only about 5 feet away wondering if life got any more erotic than this.

I suddenly remembered Gail, if she was where I thought she was she would have a side on view of mum standing in front of me. She must be loving the tension and excitement as much as mum and I. I gave myself a little smile remembering her promise and made a conscious effort to give her a good show.

Mum was a picture of pure sex, good shapely legs in heels and business skirt, see-through blouse with a quarter cup bra and nipples so erect you could hang your coat from them. She also had her hair up, which always turns me on, but it was her face which did it for me. Her cheeks were red and her eyes sparkled, relaxbet giriş her mouth was slightly open with wet red lips, she had the look of a woman possessed with sexual desires and passion. It was almost like she was in a trance and wouldn’t be able to stop herself even if she wanted to, we both knew something special was about to happen and we both wanted it.

“So you’re a tit man are you, your father was a tit man too, he could never keep his hands off them.” As she spoke her hand reached up and caressed her chest, she gently squeezed her tits together and momentarily went into a world of her own. Her eyes rolled and mouth dropped open as she captured that moment.

“You know,” she said, “there’s nothing turns me on more that knowing that somebody is watching me, watching me dress or undress, especially if they think I’m unaware of their presence.” She grinned wide as she finished that line and my real burning question had now been answered, all along mum was indeed performing for my (and her) benefit.

Watching mum standing there with her tits in her hand was enough to make any man cum, I really wanted to pull out my dick and wank but knew I’d shoot my load too quickly.

I was aware of putting on a show for Gail and so wanted her to watch mum undress for me. With this in mind I needed mum to stay where she was and undress, the only way was to ask her to strip for me.

“You know mum. Nothing would please me more that to watch you undress for me. Right here, right now, knowing that it’s for my pleasure is the most wonderful thing I can imagine, you can see the effect you’re having on me.” As I spoke I squeezed my dick through the material of my shorts, mums gaze instantly focused on my fist as it grasped my shaft and she gave a deep sigh.

“Uuum, I think I can manage that, and in return you can do something for me.”

“OK, what would you like?”

“I want to watch you wank!”

It not a request you often hear from your own mother but I wasn’t complaining one bit, in fact I didn’t give myself chance to change my mind. Lifting my hips and tugging my shorts down and onto the floor. There I sat with my raging hard-on pointing to the sky for my mother and sister to enjoy… surreal!

“Very Nice,” mum said “You did better than you father when they were handing out dicks!”

I wrapped my hand around my hard shaft and looked up to mum, who was now standing right over me. I’d never felt so aroused whilst masturbating and the best thing was that this was not porn video or mag, this was my vision of perfect womanhood standing over me about to undress and hopefully be responsible for my impending orgasm.

Mum wasted no time and quickly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her bra and as expected her nipples were clearly visible and standing to attention. To my surprise she also reached behind and quickly disposed of her skirt too. So there she was, stockings, heels, bra and panties, a picture of pure sexual womanhood. My pleasure was only heightened by the sight of a sheer see-thorough panel in the front of her panties and her dark public hair clearly visible against her pale skin. I again looked up but this time our eyes didn’t meet, mum was focused on my hand around my dick and looked like a woman sexually possessed!

In no time at all mum dropped to her knees between my thighs and took my stiff prick in both hands, she never took her eyes from it and with a smile to die for she looked up at me, grinned and took me in her mouth. Pushing my own hand away she clamped her soft little hands around the base of my dick, pulled on my foreskin and groaned a deep satisfying groan as she swallowed my dick. The feeling was so fantastic I almost filled her mouth there and then, fortunately I managed to hold on and readjust myself enough to be able to reach out and touch her breast.

Still encased by her bra, they looked even better as the squashed against my inner thighs and the feeling that gave me was wonderful. I knew I couldn’t reach to undo her bra strap and so ordered mum to release her tits for me, which she duly did without even removing my dick from her mouth. She continued to suck me off as I struggled to reach her nipples and in realising my situation she knelt up, moved closer and allowed her soft breast to fall around my dick.

At first I pushed her breasts around my dick and pinched on her nipples, she loved my touch and allowed her free hand to move down to her panties and play with her pussy, it was pure ecstasy, my horny mum giving me a tit wank and sucking my dick.

Again it dawned on me that Gail was still watching, and probably wanking herself silly at the show. The thought made my dick twitch, as mum licked me like a lollipop, taking great care to slide her tongue up from the base all the way to my hard knob. I knew my orgasm wouldn’t be too long in its arrival and so needed to slow the proceedings down a little.

“I want to fuck you mum, I so much want to fuck you.”

Looking up and grinning she replied “You naughty boy, you shouldn’t be saying those sort of things to you own mother.” She then proceeded to stand up right between my open thighs, I could clearly see her damp dark pubic hair and could smell that distinctive aroma of passionate pussy!

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