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It was a Long time since this German Squad had Found anything Besides Burned out Villages and Dead Soilders or Tanks in this Barren Stretch of the Italian Front..There up ahead was a small home still intact, Coming up to the door they pushed it open Quietly incase there was any American Soilders holding up n here,
coming into the Kitchen they saw an Italian Women in her Early 20s sitting at the table…not looking too suprised to see them…and an old women huddled in the Corner of the Kitchen..the Younger of the 2 Glared at the Soilders as the 6 men came into he kitchen..a few
smiled to see such a hot looking italian women…wearing a low cut blouse showing her 36 D Cleavege.
They Gathered around her after checking the house and finding only the 2 of them.
AS they Rested in this over hearing the Sparatic Gun fire in the Distance the youngst of the Squad reached out and stroked the hair of this Beauty…
…..Startled the women Swatted at the Corporal…
this brought all the men to life…
She Started to Cuss them and tell them to get out of her House..
Grabbing her to her Feet the Sgt Patted her for Weapons..she struggled even more,..the men grabbed her and got the Urge to Induldge them selves alittle…it had been a long hot War..
as 2 of the Men Grabbed her arms to hold her the Tallest of the Squad pulled her blouse down and ripped it off her leaving a bra showing the Round Tight Mounds pushing out this Flimsy materal.
fright came into her eyes as she realized what they wanted but still Defiant she spit at them..Causing the Sgt to get Mad, he undid his Rifle strap and Pushed her Belly 1st onto the Table.
pulling the thin cloth she used as pants reveaig white Panties and a Full rounded Butt, the Men held her down and he Took the Strap and Smacked!! her Ass..
AHhh…She yelped as he liftd it again,
AAWwww she yelled Louder…The red Stripes on her Legs and Hips were getting the Soilders Hard Cocks they wanted to Pound this Beauty.
Laughing as the Women Started to Cry..the Tallest reached into her Panties and Pulled them down and off as She Stepped out of them.
He rubbed the Tight Butt and took his own rifle Strap Off…each of the 2 Standing next to her they started SWATTing!!! her Ass in Rthyme…Stripes of Red and Screams of Pain were making this Italian Beauty more Complient..
Begging for them to Stop..they let her up..she Sobbed as Tears ran down her Cheeks and Rubbed her butt…
Take off your Clothes the Sgt Said..
Seeing She had no choise She Undid her Bra letting her Tittys stand Firm in Front of all these Horny Men!
One reached for her and she pendik escort pulled away again…the Sgt kicked the Old Women and the Italian Beauty let them Squeese her Tittys and Rub her now Blistered Ass.
Pushing her to the table they tied her arms to the legs and spread her legs as the Sgt sat on the Table and Pulled her Hair by a Handfull and pushed her Mouth to hs now Stiff Cock!
She Slid it into her Mouth still Crying from her Spanking and now her Rape!
Sticking a few Fingers into her the Men Put some Cooking oil into her Rectum and spread her Soft Tight Butt…Grabbing her Hips and sliding his Oil soaked Cock into her Rectum he heard the Women Moan in Pain…He pulled slowly enjoying the Tightness of her Asshole…Pushing Deeper he buried his cock in her ass and the Sgt had her Now Sobbing tears Soaking his balls as he Gagged her Bouncing Mouth.
After the they Pounded this Beauty Untill she had no resistance left…
The Last Man to have his way with her Told her to Beg Him to let her live..
Make me Belive you Want to live Slut he Screamed at her!!
She Looked Scared and Went to her knees and moaned for him to Fuck Her as Hard as he Could…Fuck me and Let me Live to Fuck you when you all Come Back thru here…Please..
The man Put his Cock into her Pussy and Slammed!! her Hips…Feeling the Cum Growing in his Dick he Pulled out and Cummed in her mouth making her Swallow Every Drop!
…Now Butt Naked, Cum Dripping from every Hole the men yelled at her to Fix them something to Eat…
..while the men grunted their way thu the Food the Italian Women They came to Know as Marie…when the old Women Mother They wer Guessing Called her name as they Pounded her…
Maries mother heard a noise from the Back Door and quietly an american Soilder had Heard the Screams and Came in the Back Door,
Cocking His Machine Gun he caught the Germans by Suprise..all had sat down Their Rifles…A LOUD!! Machine Gun Fire Filled the Room as he replaced the Empty clip, shooting the Soilders.
Frightened Mariea Fell to the Floor crying…the Now Still bodys he dragged to the OutSide and finished sweeping the home for more Enemys.
The Mother was on her feet Happy the Rapist had Gotten theirs after Hurting her Daughter so Badly!
hearing a noise the Soilder hid behind a door and watched as another Small Italian Girl came in shocked at seeing Her sister in such a State of Terror.
the soilder came out and sat escort pendik down while the mother explained the story to this Younger child.
maybe 17 she stood 5 ft tall with Tittys as Big or Bigger then her Sisters…she was wrapped only in a Towel tho..she had been down at the river Bathing.
this Sister named Gina took the Soilders Hand and Pulled Him into the Back BedRoom…Suprised he resisted but i guess she wanted to Thank him for his Courage and After Hearing the story,
She had Gotten abit Aroused.
kneeling Down in front of him without a word she unzipped his Pants pulling his now Stiffing Penis into her mouth,
Licking The Head Rapidly to Get him to Full Length, her Towel Dropped as she moved Back and Forth Sucking his Cock,
the Soilder looking Down at the Still Wet Child and Thinking this was his Lucky Day!
He Lifted Gina to her Feet and Fondled her Firm Breast..pinching her nipples till she Cried in Pain…He was getting excited…He locked the Door and took off is clothes..Knowing the rest of his Squad wasnt Far Behind he needed to Hurry if he was gonna Get lucky!
He kissed her softy..Spinning her around pushed her to the Wall pullng her Hips out so her Round Moistened Cunt Lips were within Reach of his jutting Cock!
She Leaned firmly into the wall and Puhed against his Penis as he put it Into her Soft Firm Pussy, She Cried alittle…he was 10 inches by now and he slowely Sank the full length of his cock into Her..
He started to Pump faster pushing her Butt Cheeks Flat as he Hammered her pussy…Groaning he pulled her hips and Sank his full length into her Spewing Cum into her Teenage Cunt!
…By this time he heard noise comng from outside the Door..He dressed and Pushed the Girl out naked in front of Him still dripping from his pounding!
His Squad had found the Women…seen the Dead soilders and figured out the Situation…Marie has washed herself at the River and Returned to find them in the House.
Marie ran to her Sister and Both Huddled in a Corner as the Mom tried to Speak to them in Italian..
Most of the Squad was Laughing at the Hero for Having such a Good Time without him.. as they kept eye-balling the Women the Mother Puled Chairs out for them and made Food for them to Eat…
the Women put on Short Skirts from the Bedroom and helped her…
They Decided to Camp here tonight..might be fun..5 Soilders in all..the Hero, 3 Veterans who had seen too much War already and a Young Recruit barely 18.
as pendik escort bayan night settled in the Men Lit Lamps and Found a Wine Cabinet in the Celler with a few unbroken Bottles still Left.
They Sipped the wine and got the Younger of the 2 Sister to Join them.
After awhile Gina was Giggling and took the Young Recruit into the Back BedRoom,
One of the Vets Pulled Maria onto his Lap, the Mother still Feeling for her Baby took Marias Hand pushed her ito a now dark Corner and unZipped the Vets Pants, reaching in she pulled out his Dick and Put it into her 60 yr old Mouth making the Vet Groan, Mom may have Been Old but Maria saw her mom was still pretty good as Her Mothers mouth went Deeper and Deeper down onto his now RockHard Cock, The Other Vets were wanting to Get into the Action too so 1 went to see How the Kid ws Doing..
She had the Recruit laid out on the Bed Sucking his Cock in a slow Rthymic Motion, the Vet reached over to let her knw he was there and Squeezed he Jutting Nipples…He Pushed her into a Doggy Style Position as he unzipped his pants…The Mom all the While was having her Face Pulled Down on his Dick Gagging her….Feeling for her Mom Maria lifter her mama Off the Vets Dick, Still Naked she lowered her mouth and continued the Pounding…he Groaned and plunged his Mouth deep into her throat and came Spewing his Cum into her Mouth.
Gina was not as Able as her sister and so far Oral Sex and an Ocassional pounding from a Drifter was all she ever Had,the Vet Slipped His Cock into Ginas now Soaked Pussy and Got it Very Wet, lifting her butt higher he sprised her by Pusing his Cock into her Virgin Asshole,She Cried as he sank his Penis ito her Ass and the Recruit Spewed his load as he came from the Crys exciting him More…Pullng himself free of her he let the Vet Savage the Young Girls Bottom..Now sinking his full length into her Soft Virgin Buttocks.
The Squeels could be heard in the other room as Maria got a concerned look on her face as she heard her Sisters Crys and the Vet quickened his Pumps and pulling her skinny little hips onto his Cock and slamming his balls up against her Butt…she was not ready for this and it mae her cry louder as he lost control and came into her tight virgin ass….Maria got to her feet wiped her mouth exausted from the sex she had service so many men in such a short time, she went into the backroom as the Vet pulled out of her Sisters ass…
seeing Maria he Grabbed her Hair and pulled her Mouth down on his cock to clean him self…The Passion of Sex can Leave you without Conscience when your excited enuff…all the men had finished with the Italian Sweethearts and the Hero was feeling abit guilty as he let the Women Go into te Back to Sleep.
But Having Married an Italian Women i know the Passion that They can Make.
The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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