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It had been a hot August night; I had gone to bed in the early hours of the morning, delaying sleep for as long as possible. I hated sleeping in the heat, it’s unbearable. I kicked off my sandals and slipped out of my strappy summer dress, and took my underwear off. In that heat, I never wore pyjamas to bed. I climbed into bed next to Ben, with my back to him, I tried to sleep. It was surprisingly easy to dose off that night, however I did wake up every few hours or so. Ben can sleep in any weather, hot or cold, I envied that.

The last time I woke up during the night must have been 4AM; I could hear the birds chirping outside the window. I looked over at Ben, so peaceful. I admired his body, his soft lips, strong arms, muscly torso and of course his powerful cock that had given me many orgasms. The more I thought about it the more turned on I felt, I could feel a wetness building up in between my legs.

I couldn’t ignore it, I cupped my breasts in my hands and massaged them and pinched my nipples making them harden. I ran a hand down my stomach and parted my smooth pussy lips. I glided a couple of fingers down my pussy. Oh my. I was soaking. I began to rub my clit slowly, in a circular motion. I always loved the way that felt. I increased the speed and rubbed it a little faster; I slid two fingers into my pussy and fingered it hard and fast. I let out little quiet moans, so as not to wake Ben, not yet anyway. I needed more pleasure, fingering myself was just not enough. I opened my bedside draw and pulled out an 8″ pink vibrator. I would be too noisy for in here. I walked out of the bedroom and back downstairs. I sat in the armchair with my legs over the arms.

I rubbed my clit very fast and let out louder moans. I put the tip of the vibrator at the entrance of my pussy and pushed it in ever so gently, I let out a loud moan. To start off with I fucked my pussy with it, shoving it in and out of my juicy pink pussy, making it even more soaking. I rub my clit as I fucked myself with the vibrator. Moaning very loudly now, I was coming very close to orgasm and just wanted to send myself over the edge. I switched the vibrator on along bahçelievler escort with the clit stimulator, placed it right on my clit and turned it up as high as it would go. I continued to fuck myself with it, a little slower this time. I wanted to feel all the vibrations. My body began to shake as I felt the orgasm take over. I moaned incredibly loudly, I’m surprised Ben didn’t wake up. I came hard all over the vibrator. I slowly pulled it out of my pussy and turned it off. I licked my cum off of it, every last drop. I may have had one orgasm but I was hungry for more.

I walked back up the stairs and into the bedroom, put the vibrator back in the draw and climbed onto the bed. By this time it was approaching 6AM. Ben was lying on his back which gave me a perfect view of his cock, which was semi-hard already, I wondered if he’d been dreaming of anything naughty. I felt so hot and horny, and all I wanted was what was in front of me. I positioned myself in between his legs. I took his cock in my hand and rubbed it up and down slowly. With the other hand I played with his balls. He must have been in a very deep sleep as he didn’t wake up at this point. I licked up and down his cock and kiss his balls. Still not awake. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it slowly and gently. His body began to stir; I knew he was waking up. I sped the sucking up, I took it hard and fast in my mouth and his cock began to harden even further. I heard this loud moan. Ben was awake. I didn’t look at him; I just kept sucking, and now deep throating his massive cock. He was moaning a lot more now, telling me how good it felt. Hearing this aroused me even more. His cock was rock solid by this point. I stopped sucking as I didn’t want him to cum just yet.

I crawled up his body and kissed his lips. I felt his tongue enter my mouth as the kiss became more passionate. He rolled me over so I was on my back and he was on top of me. He kissed down my neck and whispered in my ear “Now it’s your turn, slut” I immediately felt my pussy increase in wetness, I loved to be called slut, particularly his slut, being dominated really balgat escort turned me on. He took my breasts in his hands and pinched my nipples, he took one in his mouth and sucked on it and gently bit it, and he did the same with the other. He repeatedly did this for ages; knowing that all I wanted was my pussy to be pleasured and making me wait for it.

He got up off me and walked over to the wardrobe, opened it and bent down and opened a box. He pulled out two pairs of silver handcuffs. I knew what was coming. He took my wrists and handcuffed them separately to the bed. He ordered me to spread my legs. He lay in between them. Then Ben softly kissed my thighs, leading up to my glistening pussy. He kissed all around it. I let out little quiet moans again. I love to be teased. I kissed all down my pussy.

“How much do you want to be pleasured, slut?” Ben asked

“So much baby, please do it, pleasure my pussy” I replied

“No, you’re not begging enough, you filthy slut. You’re going to get it now!”

I lay there in anticipation of what he was going to do. He slapped his cock up against my pussy and I let out a loud moan every time it made contact. Then he got up off the bed again, went to my draw and pulled out the vibrator I had just used. He licked it right in front of me.

“You already used this, slut?” He asked. My response was just a nod.

He told me that he is going to make me pay for that. He just turns the clit stimulator on, on the lowest setting. He holds it on my clit. Ben then tells me that I’m not allowed to moan and if I do then I will be punished. As he holds the vibrator on my clit he kisses my tits one by one, his soft lips feel so good on my skin. Ben then turns up the setting to medium, this makes it even harder for me to not to moan, he knows that I’m trying so hard so he quickly turns it up to the highest setting, and turns the rest of it on to the highest setting too. Ben shoves the toy in my pussy and I let out a loud moan.

Punishment time. He takes the handcuffs off me. “Get on your hands and knees, slut. You are going to pay for being so naughty and disobeying ankara escort me.” He orders. I do as I’m told and he puts the handcuffs back on so I can’t move still.

He spreads my legs a little further to make access to my pussy even better. He tells me I am going to be spanked for my behaviour. I feel his hand hit my ass, again, again and again. I moan with pleasure as he does it. My ass becomes very pink so he stops. He tells me that my punishment is still continuing as I have been a very naughty slut. Ben spreads my ass apart and licks my pussy from behind as he rubs my pussy really fast. I moan so loudly telling him it feels really good. “It might feel good, but you’re not allowed to cum until I say so. Is that clear?” I moan that it is and he continues.

He rubs my clit and shoves two fingers in my pussy, rubbing my g-spot so fast. My moaning turns to pleasure screams, moaning his name at the top of my voice. He stops. Rams the toy in my pussy, and turns it on to the highest setting, fucking me hard with it. Telling me what a bad girl I am.

“Please fuck me, baby, my slutty pussy needs it, oh please baby!”

Ben pulls the toy out of my pussy and rams his cock into me; I let an almighty moan out. His cock always feels so good in my pussy. Ben continues to ram his cock into me and even he is moaning loudly. He grabs my hips and pulls me in closer to around his cock to make it go in deeper. I moan that I am going to cum and he tells me I’m not allowed yet. He fucks me so hard I begin screaming and resisting the urge to cum.

He suddenly pulls out of me and takes my handcuffs tells me to lie on my back. I do as I’m told. He then gets on top of me again, but in a 69 position. Forcing his cock into my mouth as he shoves his tongue in my pussy and rubs my clit. He tells me I’m allowed to cum now. I suck on his cock so fast. He fingers my pussy and rubs my clit faster than he ever has before. My moans are muffled but still very loud. My body starts to shake again, but more this time. This will be a massive orgasm. Ben continues to rub my clit so fast. I let out the loudest moan yet and squirt at the same time as my orgasm takes over my body. Ben licks up all the cum he can, and then climbs off me. He makes me sit on the edge of the bed and rubs his cock really fast until he moans so loud and cums all over my tits. I quickly lap up what I can.

Ben kisses me and tells me that was a great way to wake up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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