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The night after everything had happened between Michael and Leeann, Michael found himself lying awake anticipating the events that would take place the next day. He knew that he had gone to far with Leeann, but he had waited so long and he couldn’t contain himself any longer. He had to remind himself that she’s still a virgin. He knew he’d have to go easy on her when the occasion would arise.

Leeann was just as excited and anxious as Michael. She too lied awake and went over the day’s events in her mind. Replaying every intimate detail. Getting wet at the thought. She was both excited and nervous for the next day, hoping that Michael wouldn’t pressure her to do anything drastic.

At about quarter to twelve Michael heard a quiet knock at the door. He knew exactly who it was: Leeann. She was earlier than normal and he immediately knew she was probably just as excited as he was. He opened the door coolly, trying not to come off too anxious or over excited.

“Hey!” she said casually, smiling.

“You’re earlier than normal.” Michael said with a silly grin.

Leeann wrapped her arms around Michael with a big hug. He immediately reciprocated. They stood there in the door holding each other for a few moments before he closed the door. He didn’t want any of the neighbors getting the wrong idea. Even though their thoughts would probably be accurate.

Leeann made her way to the living room and took a seat on the couch where she and Michael shared their first sexual encounter. Michael entered the room silently with a friendly smile. Standing, he leaned forward to give Leeann a kiss. Surprisingly, Leeann brought her hands up to grab Michael’s face and pull him in to her. He smiled as he gave in. She began passionately kissing him. Their tongues entwined in each other. Breathing heavily. Michael knew that Leeann wanted him just as bad as he wanted her. He slid his hand down her body feeling all of her beautiful curves. He worked his hand from her breasts down to her pussy. He slowly slid his fingers along the length of her slit. Feeling her smiling in mid-kiss. He could feel her warmth and wetness begin to grow. She could feel a slight bulge in his pants. Even escort kocaeli Michael himself was astounded at the restraint he showed not to get himself too hard too quickly.

Michael slowly pulled away from Leeann.

Breathing heavily he asked “upstairs?”

Leeann gave a smile.

Michael knew her answer and continued to get up off of the couch. He extended his hand to Leeann and she quickly took hold of it. Michael lead Leeann upstairs into his bedroom. It was dimly lit with sunlight from outside. Michael lead Leeann over to his king-size bed and sat her down. She pulled herself back a little bit to lay on his pillows. Michael stood there in amazement. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He had this beautiful, young, tight virgin in his bed. He was astounded. He could feel his bulge begin to rub on his pants. He began to unbutton his jeans as Leeann watched silently. He slowly removed his pants to reveal plain gray boxers with a lump outlining his cock. He took off his shirt and climbed onto the bed. He laid down beside Leeann and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Leeann rolled over and climbed on top of Michael, her cunt right against his bulge. He groaned a little bit and smiled at her. She began to pull up her shirt. Michael could feel his excitement building. She took off of tank top to reveal her perfect 32D breasts in a cute little black lace bra. She stared down at Michael and giggled. He began to unbutton her jeans. After undoing her jeans he slowly began to pull them down to hint that he wanted them off. Leeann rolled off of him and he positioned himself to remove her pants completely. As he slid them down he revealed she had no panties on.

“That explains why you feel so wet!” he smiled.

“Easy access!” Leeann joked.

Michael got up to his knees and pulled Leeann up to the same position. Facing each other Michael leaned in and kissed Leeann. The two began kissing wildly like before. Leaning back and forth like a tree blowing over in a storm. Michael wrapped his arms around Leeann and unsnapped her bra. He took it off and threw it across the room. He looked at Leeann in the eyes and pushed her down onto the bed. He knelt down and began to kocaeli anal yapan escort suck on Leeann’s beautiful pink nipples. She was groaning as he would play with her nipples, pinching one while sucking the other. Going back and forth between them as her anticipation built along with his. He moved from her nipples down to her naval. Kissing and licking. She had her fingers wrapped in his short hair almost begging him to go down further. And he did. He began kissing her mound and her hips writhed up into him. He smiled and moved down slightly more. Using his fingers to part her perfect pussy lips he placed his face between her thighs and began violently sucking and licking her wet cunt. He tongue fucked her hole and did circles around her clit with his tongue. His cock was throbbing in anticipation.

Leeann seemed as if she may come at any moment. Michael took this opportunity to stop and get his dick covered in her saliva before penetrating her. He didn’t want her to cum just yet. He slowly worked his way back up Leeann’s body until he was up to her ear. He gently nibbled her earlobe.

“I don’t want you to feel pressured…” he whispered.

“I don’t..don’t worry..” she whispered back.

She gazed in his eyes and gave him a reassuring smile before pushing him off of her. He rolled over onto his back on the bed. Leeann straddled his legs while removing his boxers to reveal his 7 inch cock to her once again. She moved herself forward and began to suck on his balls. He let out a soft moan. She was so talented. She worked her way from his balls up his shaft to the head of his cock. Licking and sucking. Looking up to Michael’s eyes seductively. She was being a lot more intimate this time around. After a few minutes of cock sucking Leeann climbed her way up Michael’s body. His cock resting between her pussy lips he almost thought he’d explode.

“Are we going to have sex?” Leeann asked.

Completely shocked that she would actually ask Michael nodded. “If you want..” he said.

Leeann smiled and nodded. “But I want you to go slow. Be gentle.” she said innocently.

Michael gave her a reassuring smile. izmit yabancı escort “Here, lay on your back” he said kindly.

Leeann positioned herself on her back as Michael pulled a condom from his bedside table. He placed the condom on his cock and rolled over on top of Leeann. He kissed her softly on the lips before positioning himself to penetrate her. He almost couldn’t control himself. He slowly slid the tip of his cock up and down her slit, going over her clit and hearing her moan. He placed the head against her hole and placed his hand around his cock as he slowly pushed. He could see Leeann wince a little bit. He knew it probably hurt her.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“…” she said with slight discomfort in her voice.

Michael pushed a little harder and was in. Leeann let out a slight sigh of relief. Michael was astounded that there was no blood as he thought that she would bleed, being a virgin.

“You’re not bleeding.” he sounded confused.

“I don’t know why not..” Leeann said.

Michael wasn’t at all worried that Leeann may not be a virgin, he knew she was. She was so tight. He began thrusting slowly as he bent his head down to kiss Leeann. He slowly fucked her as she groaned and moaned. Letting out little whimpers when he would pick up the speed a tiny bit. After a few minutes of fucking her tiny cunt he pulled himself out and put himself back in a couple of times to get her used to his cock. She liked it a lot and would moan super loud when he would go back in. Michael knew he was going to cum soon.

“Can I go faster or is this speed enough?” he asked patiently.

“Not too fast.” she said.

Michael re-inserted himself into her and began to pick up speed with his thrusts. When she would begin to moan loudly he would slow it back down with harder pounds. He was going to cum any moment. He began to thrust a little faster and began to rub Leeann’s clit with his thumb. She was almost screaming in pleasure. He could feel her cunt beginning to contract in orgasm. A few more fast thrusts and he too, came. He let out a few more pounds as he released his load and groaned.

Panting, Michael pulled himself out of Leeann’s sopping wet cunt. He rolled over onto his back and removed the condom slowly. Leeann laid there silently, catching her breath.

“This is going to become a regular thing.” Michael said.

Leeann rolled over onto Michael and kissed him on the lips. “I know.” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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