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Clara parked her car at the end of the lot, farthest away from the door. She wasn’t sure if it was because she didn’t want people to see her going into the little shop, or because she really just didn’t want to be there at all. Really, she did know she wanted to be there. Ever since she had turned seventeen, she knew exactly what she wanted for her eighteenth birthday. She dreamed about it almost every night, thought about it during her last weeks of high school, worried about how it would go.

People whispered about the sex shop at the bad end of town. It was only half a shop with delights to buy, the other half, the eighteen and over half, was supposedly lined with fancy rooms to rent and use for personal pleasure. Clara heard rumors of the boys in her school making their trip into the back of the shop on their eighteenth birthday, and the girls, she heard bought their very first vibrators, and gag gifts for friends there. Clara’s dream was not just to purchase her very first vibrator, but much more. She wanted to lose her virginity.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want it to happen before she was eighteen, she really tried. She went to parties, had a good group of revolving friends, she even went on a date or two. And it sure wasn’t her looks, she had some of the biggest tits of all the girls in her school and she knew it. Her vibrant red hair and matching freckles made her stand out and look more fragile than other girls. Sometimes she was so graceful she didn’t look human, so it seemed many boys didn’t think they were good enough for her. Clara wasn’t looking for boys though, she was looking for men.

Clara took her last deep breath, and took a step out of her car. It was the hot heat of July and summer was in full blow. Walking into the shop she got sweatier than she could have even imagined, her loose dress started to feel tighter, and she started to feel less agreeable that she had promised herself not to wear underwear. They would be ruined anyway.

The moment she opened the door to the shop a cool breeze brought her nipples to attention, she was grateful for the air conditioning, but she was sure she would be sweatier still by the time she was done.

“What can I do for you?” Clara was brought out her daydreaming by the man at the counter, he held a magazine in front of his face and seemed only slightly interested in her appearance. She took another step forward, flattening her sundress against her taut stomach.

“I would like to use a room.” She said proudly, smiling a little bit at her own words. She was excited to be finally carrying out her dream. The counter man dropped his magazine almost instantly. She saw with a slight giggle that the inside of the magazine contained photos of naked women much younger than herself. A blush krept on her cheeks. He looked her up and down and almost immediately held out his hand to her.

“ID please?” He sounded skeptical but Clara was proud to fetch her ID from her purse. şişli escort He took it quickly and read her name, then clicked a few buttons on his laptop, sliding the ID quickly and waiting for a ding. “It’s real. You’re renting a room for yourself?” He looked at her again, then looked at the small laminated backlit sign on the counter.

Rooms: 18+ Enforced Strictly

– Green Room; Single room for couples of singles for pleasure

– Yellow Room: Opened only to those by invite or for special events

– Red Room: Special event room, anyone invited, watcher and players

“Red room please.” If she wasn’t blushing red hot she was no. The man at the counter smiled slyly, and tapped a couple of things on the laptop.

“Let me just get things set up for you. The rush usually comes in at five.” He winked and finally handed her ID back and went back to typing for a moment. Clara had a moment to look around at all the items around her, everything from fuzzy handcuffs to metal handcuffs, enormous black dildos to tiny vibrators. A couple of items caught her eye close to the counter, a small pocket size bottle of glistening strawberry flavoured lubrication, and a miniature pink rabbit vibraor. Silently she picked the two up and set them on the counter.

“Good choices.” The counter man laughed and scanned them, he turned the little laptop around to her and displayed a screen with a non disclosure agreement, she barely scanned the title before typing her name and hitting the accept.

And her fate was sealed.

Her breathing didn’t start to catch up with her until she saw the room, the front counter guy smiled at her when he unlocked the gleaming red door. The moment she stepped foot into there she felt excited, a small knot in her stomach started to release and excitement took over.

“Thanks!” She managed to say, waving at him before he went to shut the door, he just shook his head and laughed.

“Good luck.”

Clara placed her bag down by a chair in the corner, the whole room was red and made her cheeks feel even hotter. A king sized bed with black sheets took up most of the room, it seemed clean enough. Extra chairs and a small table were against the other side of the room.

Clara sat down on the bed and slowly took off her dress, her heart raced being naked somewhere other than her own home. She was suddenly glad she shaved everywhere this morning, her long legs felt soft against the sheets.

She waited a moment, and reached for her little bag of groceries from the store part of the shop. She set her new little vibrator and lube in her naked lap and inspected it.

From everything she had gathered it would be the best to slather her new toy in lube and dive right in. She took another last deep breath and dipped her vibrator in the pink smooth jelly. It smelled delicious, Clara lifted it up to her face and inhaled. She debated for a moment, and reached her little pink tongue out and licked it up and down. It tasted sweet and savory at the same time. It tasted dangerous.

She laid back on the bed and tried to relax, she had masterbated before, but not like this. She let her legs widen and she slowly turned the notch on the virbator on, sliding between her folds, Clara finally realized why women glorified these tiny machines. She could barely control a moan as the little pink vibe raced around her virginal pussy. Every time she touched her clit she felt herself getting more and more wet.

She never even heard the door open.

Suddenly a hand on her thigh made her eyes blaze open. She gasped from the thick fingers around her most delicate part of her leg. Her gasp elicited a laugh.

Two men stood before her, the one touching her was looking at her like a rare piece of meat. The second was already ripping off his shirt, she barely even noticed the door was still open.

“Any rules?” He growled, his thick fingers tightened around her leg, Clara didn’t feel trapped, but helplessly horny. Her breathing picked up even faster.

“I just want to lose my virginity.” She swallowed, trying not to shiver from someone elses touch, so new to her body. The pair of eyes on her only intensified.

She was still wearing a bra and it only took seconds before the man on her lifted her up like nothing and undid the clasp, throwing it carelessly across the room. Clara felt her nipples tighten under his grasp, the first pair of hands even slid across her engorged breasts, he brought himself closer gently bringing his mouth to taste her nipple. She moaned out loud this time, and opened her eyes again to see the second man standing by her bed, watching intensly.

He was naked now, and for the first time in her life she saw a real, throbbing, hot mans cock standing at attention so close to her. Her insides felt tighter just watching him slowly bring his fist up and down over the throbbing monster. Clara had doubts anything that large would ever fit inside her, but he seemed patient enough to wait his turn. She focused her attention to the man on her, who took a break from sucking on her glistening tits long enough to unbuckle his pants and dress shirt.

Clara meant to see if she could see a wedding ring or not, just to see. But she didn’t have enough time, the moment his pants were off he was like an animal. He flipped her over, no care to her tiny vibrator buzzing away next to her. With her stomach pressed up against the bed she felt her whole body turning red, she knew her whole pussy was on display to them. Her glistening lubed up folds exposed to these, strangers.

She opened her mouth to say something, she was going to try and look back at him but she never even had enough time to think.

Her fingers grasped the sheets so tight she knew her knuckles turned white. The words in her throat turned into copious vibrating moans that exploded into the air. It was almost a scream, as this stranger plunged a cock she could only imagine was as big as her arm, into her virginal tight canal.

Tears edged at the side of her eyes, rolling back into her head. The stranger started a rythme, sliding his thick monster in and out of her with ease, he was going so fast at points she felt out of the world. Her breaths in time with his sliding cock.

He suddenly grabbed her hips tightly, pushing her ass up enough to have a better grasp to hump. He went away at her, thrusting so hard she could feel her insides trying to accommodate him. She was so tight it hurt a bit, but pleasure was so much easier felt.

“Fuck she’s tight.” He hissed in her ear, clearly talking to the other stranger in the room, she tried to keep her eyes open long enough to take in his image, he was rapidly going to town on his own cock, watching them, entranced. His looked so big, so red, it looked almost angry at her, she wasn’t sure even why that turned her on so much.

Every slide of the strangers cock into her felt closer to a mountain of pleasure. She wasn’t even sure it was her moans anymore. A layer of sweat covered her body, and her own juices mixed with the strangers dripped down her inner thigh, tickling her.

“Oh!” Clara yelped, she was not prepared for her stranger to suddenly force himself into her hard, harder than she thought she could take. He grunted loudly in her ear, sounding more animal than human. He did it again, bringing his whole body onto her hard, she felt the tickle of a new sensation, a set of thick balls slapping her under. The tip of his cock reached so far into her it felt unnatural, she could almost feel her thin tummy bulging. She cried out one more time as he plunged into her and he suddenly fell limp.

Clara wasn’t exactly sure what happened. The weight of her stranger lifted off of her, the cock she was worshipping withdrew wetly. She only had a moment to flip back over and look at him again, before she was distracted by the slide of hot juices out of her throbbing cunt took her interest. She had never even seen a mans cum before, although she had tried to imagine. Clara wasn’t sure how much of it was hers and his, but she watched it dribble out of her quickly, pooling on the sheets under her. It was a creamy white with a small hint of red blood she had expected, it looked so clean and thick. She scooped a finger down and ever so slowly inserted it into her throbbing pussy, it felt so much easier gliding into her pussy than ever before in her life.

She scooped out a finger full of hot cum, and lifted it to her lips, tasting her finger, sucking off the strangers cum. She swallowed visibly.

“Thanks babe.” The stranger laughed, fully recovered and began putting clothing back on.

Clara was still reeling from the new knowledge she was no longer a virgin. Her mind was in full breeding mode, she hadn’t even cum yet. She was still intrigued by her cummy pussy when the second stranger finally came to the side of the bed.

“My turn, suck it!”

Clara didn’t have to be told twice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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