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Disclaimer: I do not own Victorious and have no association with anyone involved in the show.

Victorious: Corrupting Cat Part 4
by KOP

Cat was what some might call an early bird, which was a fun phrase which made the little redhead giggle softly. She quickly quieted herself though because while she had been awake for what felt like hours and hours, because of the whole being an early bird thing, Jade was still very much asleep and Cat remembered the Goth telling her never to wake her up.

Ok, so she hadn’t exactly remembered it at first. She just kind of got caught up in watching Jade sleep, the normally kind of scary girl looking so peaceful and pretty. Not that Jade wasn’t always pretty, because she was, but Cat just kind of liked Jade like this. Not that she didn’t always liked Jade.

Recognising she was getting confused again Cat did her best to clear her mind and concentrate on her point, that being that she liked watching Jade sleep. She liked it so much she hadn’t been able to motivate herself to wake Jade up, or at least not before she’d remembered she was supposed to do that anyway. And sure, watching someone sleep was probably kind of weird, but since she was now Jade’s girlfriend it was probably ok.

Cat smiled. She was Jade’s girlfriend. And Jade was her girlfriend. Words which had been buzzing through her head as she had fallen asleep the previous evening, and were again now, and no matter how many times she thought them or in what variation they never failed to bring a smile to her face.

All of a sudden Jade stirred, her eyes slowly blinking open to find Cat staring down at her.

For a few seconds Cat was worried Jade was going to yell at her for watching her. It wouldn’t have been the first time. But instead Jade smiled softly, cupped Cat’s face and pulled her downwards so their lips crash together. Cat was so relieved that Jade wasn’t mad at her, and so happy that the other girl was kissing her, that she didn’t even realise that during the kiss the Goth flipped them over until Jade broke away and smiled down at her.

“Well done Kitty, you remembered not to wake me up. For that I think you deserve a treat, don’t you?” Jade questioned almost conversationally as she moved her thigh ever so slightly which meant that thanks to her position on top of the smaller girl she was gently rubbing Cat’s core.

“Uh-huh.” Cat whimpered softly as Jade’s teeth gently bit into her neck, almost but not quite breaking the skin only for the Goth to quickly kiss, lick and suck it better.

It wasn’t long before Jade moved lower, the Goth girl soon feeling a little conflicted whether to just continue straight to her inevitable destination or to spend a little time worshipping Cat’s perky little boobs. After a few seconds of debate Jade chose the latter, her lips travelling all over those soft hills of flesh for a few long moments before she latched onto Cat’s right nipple and again sucking on it, gently at first but quickly increasing the suction, making the redhead let out these adorable moans, groans, whimpers and even squeaks in the process.

As she began moving back and forth between those two little nipples Jade thought how grateful she was that she hadn’t needed to waste time removing those unflattering pyjamas Cat insisted on wearing. Of course the reason for that was that Cat had no idea that she was going to stay over when she originally came round to Jade’s last night but the little redhead had been far too exhausted to try and go home, not that Jade would have allowed the adorable girl to leave even if she wanted too. And now Jade had experienced the pleasure of waking up with a naked Cat in her arms she was determined that this would become a regular thing. She might even burn all of Cat’s pyjamas just so that this girl would always have to sleep naked. Now, there was a great idea.

Then again maybe Jade would make Cat wear one of her cute little pair of panties and a bra. Or maybe just the panties. Yes, definitely just the panties. That way Jade could have immediate access to these cute little titties and have the pleasure of seeing just how wet she could make Cat’s panties while not going anywhere near the other girl’s downstairs area. Because seeing just how wet Cat’s pyjama bottoms were right now was a major turn on, Jade briefly breaking away so she could stare at the pretty little sight before smirking and returning her mouth and tongue to Cat’s now incredibly hard little nipples.

When Cat had first woken up she had been a little embarrassed to find herself still naked. After all she tried sleeping in the nude ones and it just made her feel dirty. It still did, but with Jade things that felt dirty seemed ok. Kind of good even. And Cat had definitely liked that there had been no pause in the fun to remove her clothing, Jade’s lips and tongue just doing continuously naughty things to her which felt so, so good.

All of a sudden Jade’s teeth dug into one of Cat’s sensitive little balls of flesh, causing the redhead to let out a little squeak of pain. That didn’t feel good at all, but truthfully it was something Cat was learning to expect and dread from Jade. Fortunately Jade always made it all better with her mouth and tongue, sucking and licking Cat’s nipple until she forgot all about the little bite. Then Jade repeated this process with Cat’s other nipple, then the soft flesh surrounding it, Cat feeling as if Jade was biting her so hard it would leave a mark on her boob.

While that was a frightening thought it was also kind of… exciting. The thought of being marked by Jade as hers, the Goth silently laying claim to Cat’s flesh… it was very, very wrong but Cat liked it. And in combination with Jade’s naughty worship of her body had the most intimate place Cat had throbbing with need for Jade to touch it. Luckily pendik escort after a few long moments it seemed like Cat was going to get just that, the Goth slowly kissing her way down the bubbly redhead’s flat little tummy until she was oh so close to where Cat really, really wanted her to be.

Then all of a sudden Jade ordered, “Role over Kitty Cat.”

Frowning in confusion Cat asked, “Why?”

“Because I say so!” Jade growled, rolling her eyes as Cat literally did what she said, although it wasn’t exactly a surprise the innocent girl didn’t get exactly what Jade wanted, the dark haired girl actually having to spell it out, “On your hands and knees Cat. Get up on your hands and knees. I mean on your elbows and knees… with the lower part of your arms and hands on the bed too. That’s it, good girl, now stay like that for me, ok Kitty?”

“Ok Jadey.” Cat said, completely oblivious to exactly what Jade had in mind.

Whatever annoyance Jade might have been feeling from having to explain her command in such detail was quickly forgotten once Cat was in the right position. Not that she was ever that annoyed by Cat, which was weird because the redhead possessed so many qualities Jade hated in other people and things, but… the brunette just found it impossible to stay mad at this girl for long. Besides on this occasion Cat had been wiggling her cute little bubble butt in Jade’s face, and now the other girl had finally done as she was told Jade was left to admire perhaps the best ass she had ever seen.

Before this whole thing with Cat had started Jade had found herself… from certain angles… admiring other girls. Like their butts. Like Cat’s butt. Cat’s cute little bubble butt which was so… well rounded. Not flat or fat, just right. Perfect even. And Jade wanted to do naughty things to that butt. Like kissing it, which after a few long seconds of just staring Jade did, the Goth slowly leaning forwards and then pressing her lips to Cat’s ass.

Jade then began covering that cute little butt in kisses, which predictably made Cat giggle, “Jade, haha, what are you oooooohhhhhh!”

The second Cat tried to say something Jade move to the other girl’s pussy lips and gave them one long slow lick which succeeded in shutting Cat up without saying anything, just as Jade thought it would. Jade then went back to kissing Cat’s butt while giving her friend’s pussy the occasional slow lick, each time moving her lips or tongue closer to her intended target without ever actually touching it.

After several long minutes of that Jade spread Cat’s butt cheeks with both hands, stared down at the smaller girl’s now very wet pussy and the little puckered hole right above it, and then lent down and slid her tongue directly over Cat’s butt hole. This predictably had Cat moaning, “Jaaaaddddddeeeeee ooooooohhhhhhhhh!”

What Jade hadn’t really expected was for Cat not to make a fuss when she started licking her ass hole, that instead of acting all surprised, shocked and even disgusted the innocent girl would just continue moaning happily as Jade gently lapped at her back door. That was a pleasant surprise, which also described the rim job itself. Not that Jade had fantasised about it being horrible or anything but she hadn’t imagined liking the taste of Cat’s butt hole this much. Sure, it had nothing on Cat’s tasty little pussy, but it was still thoroughly enjoyable and the sheer mental stimulation of doing something so taboo was enthralling.

Cat was also receiving some pretty powerful mental stimulation. So powerful in fact that it took her several seconds to figure out what was going on. Then she blushed and almost said something but instead just moaned. Why? Because it felt to good for her to ask Jade to stop. Which again made Cat blush, but it was true.

Unlike when Jade was licking her downstairs lips this felt wrong, and Cat was pretty sure it was, that girls went supposed to allow anyone to touch them back there. But it felt so good, and the wrongness of it all just seemed to make Cat so much… wetter. Her private area was on fire with wet heat, once again everything that Jade did to her making Cat feel wonderful things she could have never imagined, which all things considered weren’t really a surprise at this point. So no matter how wrong it felt, how naughty, Cat just moaned and let Jade do whatever she wanted to her.

At first that just meant long slow licks to her back hole, but after a while Jade became more adventurous, the Goth girl’s licks slowly becoming harder and rougher. Then all of a sudden Jade was trying to push inside her. To… to push her tongue inside her butt hole. And to Cat’s amazement Jade kind of succeeded. Not that she got a lot of her tongue inside Cat’s bottom, but the redhead definitely felt it… and it felt good! After that Jade began thrusting her tongue in and out, almost as if she was having sex with Cat’s butt hole. That was another thought which initially made Cat blush, as did the feeling of Jade’s lips wrapping around her little rosebud and beginning to suck on it, but as with everything else it felt so very, very good.

For what felt like an eternity Jade switched between those different acts, giving Cat a long, drawn out rim job. Then all of a sudden Jade removed her mouth from Cat’s butt and the redhead felt something a lot firmer than Jade’s tongue pressing against her back door.

“Cat, has anyone ever touched you back here before?” Jade asked huskily.

“N, no.” Cat murmured softly.

“Good.” Jade grinned, roughly pushing her finger forwards.

Cat let out a tiny, almost mouse-like squeak as she felt something entering her back there. Something which was a lot harder and longer than Jade’s tongue, or at least something which was able to push into Cat’s butt a lot further, the little redhead struggling escort pendik to figure out what it was for a few long seconds and then when she did once again she blushed.

“Wow Cat… you’re so tight.” Jade murmured lustfully before beginning to gently pump her finger in and out of Cat’s ass.

This again had Cat moaning joyfully, the sharp pain she had initially felt and the duller but no less noticeable pain quickly forgotten as her butt relaxed around Jade’s finger. Soon the only thing Cat could feel was pleasure. Amazing pleasure. No, just pleasure was what she felt when Jade pushed two fingers into her pussy and began thrusting in and out of there at the same time she was pumping Cat’s back hole, that was amazing pleasure, which only got amazinger as Jade quickly increased the pace. So much so in fact that Cat felt herself rushing towards a climax, and unlike on a few previous occasions Jade didn’t tease her at all, the redhead welcoming the sensations which never failed to melt her simple mind and leave her an incoherent mess.

Jade had intended to draw out fingering Cat’s ass at least a little bit, but once she got her finger into that exquisite tightness she just couldn’t help herself. All of a sudden she needed to make Cat cum, a feeling Jade was becoming rather familiar with. She’d never wanted to make Beck cum like this. No, that had felt more like an obligation. This was something she never really wanted to do, but crave too. Not that it meant anything. No, it did, but only that when Beck came it was the end of their fun as opposed to Cat who’s orgasm meant that it was Jade’s turn for pleasure… which didn’t explain Jade’s eagerness when she’d already had her turn and was too ‘well fucked’ for another round, but that was just gratitude and it didn’t matter anyway.

Quickly refocusing on the task at hand, pun not intended the Goth thought with a scowl, Jade curled her fingers inside Cat’s pussy and twisted the finger that was inside the innocent girl’s butt, looking for an mostly finding the redhead’s sweet spots so that her little girlfriend could cum again. Jade also kissed Cat’s ass again, although that was mostly for her own amusement, as was her decision to remove her fingers from Cat’s sex and replace them with her tongue, Jade beginning to tongue fuck her girlfriend to orgasm. That didn’t take long, Jade barely pausing to swallow Cat’s cum before going right back to tongue fucking the other girl, this process repeating over and over again until Cat collapsed down onto the bed in a whimpering heap.

Taking the hint Jade removed her mouth from Cat’s sex, pulled her finger out of Cat’s ass hole and sat down next to her friend. The first thing she noticed was how much her knees and back ached from keeping herself balanced, however that was quickly forgotten when Jade remembered a couple of her fingers still had some delicious girl cum on them. Jade quickly took care of that, and then used those fingers to scoop up any escaped Cat cream so she could eat that too. Then she looked at the finger which had been in Cat’s butt, staring at it for a few long seconds before popping it in her mouth. It… had nothing on the sweet flavours from Cat’s pussy, but Jade kind of liked it.

Once her fingers were clean Jade was feeling fully rejuvenated. Cat obviously less so, but she had found the energy to turn over and look up at Jade with those big brown eyes of hers.

They stared at each other for a few long seconds and then Cat softly said, “Th, thank you Jade. That was really nice.”

Jade smiled at Cat’s gratitude, then slowly climbed on top of the smaller girl and with a wicked glint in her eye murmured, “You’re welcome. Now, are you willing to return the favour?”

Cat bit her lip, “You want me to… to…”

“Yes.” Jade finished for her.

There was a brief pause, Cat feeling really nervous at the idea of this, but the last thing she wanted to do was disappoint Jade so eventually she mumbled, “Ok.”

Then Cat tried to get up but was almost immediately pushed down by Jade.

“No! Stay.” Jade said firmly, pressing her lips to Cat’s when it looked like she might have upset the fragile girl. The kiss lasted longer than Jade originally intended as the Goth loved making Cat taste herself on her lips and this time was extra perverted, but eventually the dark haired girl broke the lip lock, turned around and positioned her ass over the redhead’s face, “Kiss me here.”

Cat bit her lip again as she looked where Jade was pointing, her nervousness quickly returning after a few wonderful moments of forgetting it and everything else during the kiss. Of course while this seemed not only wrong but gross Cat still felt like she should do anything Jade wanted considering all the other girl had done for her. Besides, they were girlfriends, which surely meant they should do things for each other, and trust the other knew what they were doing. And Cat would have never have known she loved doing things like licking other girl’s private areas if she hadn’t tried it, so maybe she would like this too.

With that in mind Cat lent forwards and kissed Jade’s butt, which was… ok. It didn’t feel gross, but it wasn’t as nice as kissing some of the other parts of Jade’s body. Still, it was what Jade wanted, so once she was feeling sort of comfortable with it Cat began sliding her lips all over Jade’s full, round butt. This seemed to make Jade happy, at least for a while.

“Mmmmmm yes, kiss my ass Kitty Cat! Kiss my ass. Cover my ass in kisses you little ass kisser! Mmmmmm, that feels good.” Jade moaned softly, pretty much repeating those words in variation for a few minutes before reaching back with one hand to spread one of her ass cheeks and ordering, “Now I want you to kiss me here Kit Kat. I want you to kiss my ass hole. I want you to lick it. I want you to pendik escort bayan suck it. I want you to make me feel good. Please Kitty, make me feel good. Please ohhhhhhhh yesssssss! Just like that baby girl, mmmmmm lick my butt hole!”

Jade said a lot more but Cat wasn’t really paying attention. The redhead was sort of learning that it might be better that way as what Jade said normally embarrassed her, but on this occasion Cat was solely concentrated on licking the other girl’s back hole. Nervously at first, Cat expecting this to be gross far more than simply pressing her lips to Jade’s butt cheeks, yet it didn’t seem all that gross and didn’t taste bad at all. Not as yummy as Jade’s pussy, but Cat really kind of liked it, the little redhead finding herself pressing her face upwards into the crack of her girlfriend’s butt.

Apparently trying to assist her in this Jade pushed herself down so she was literally sitting on Cat’s face, only this time instead of the dark haired girl’s core being pressed into her mouth it was Jade’s butt hole. Plus Cat’s face felt as if it was being more directly covered by Jade’s butt cheeks, so much so it was smothering her even more than the Goth’s pussy had been yesterday. However Cat didn’t complain because Jade was making it very clear she was pleased with what Cat was doing and the redhead love the idea of making her girlfriend happy. And… it kind of made Cat blush to admit that there was something about the naughtiness of this situation she was really enjoying.

Jade was definitely loving every aspect of the situation. She’d had certain twisted fantasies for a while now which she had been hesitant to bring up with Beck, but Jade had a feeling that there wasn’t a single thing Cat wouldn’t do to please her. That was an extremely intriguing and exciting thought that Jade was very much looking forward to testing out. Not that she was going to dive headfirst into it or anything. No, she needed to dip her toe in the water first, see if she liked it, and if this was any indication she definitely did.

Of course Jade didn’t want to throw Cat in the deep end either, which was why she had chosen this particular position as it allowed her to give her girlfriend a distraction. Her girlfriend. She supposed she should get used to thinking it, after all that’s what they technically were now, but the thought kind of made her feel weird inside. Not bad weird, but… well, Jade was now the one getting distracted when she was supposed to be doing that to Cat.

After briefly cursing herself Jade reached down and began playing with the little treasure in between Cat’s legs, at first just gently rubbing it with her fingertips before gently increasing the pressure so that she had Cat moaning into her butt hole pretty consistently. Then Jade shoved two fingers back into Cat’s core, the smaller girl rewarding her first with a loud cry of pleasure, then with the feeling of Cat’s soft little tongue trying to push its way into the Goth’s ass hole. Sadly that seemed like an impossibility, but Cat made up for it by sucking on Jade’s back door while shoving a few fingers into the dark haired girl’s front entrance. This showed much more initiative then Jade was expecting, but nowhere near as much as when she felt something hard entering her virgin ass hole.

It took Jade a few moments to realise Cat had shoved a finger into her ass hole. Then Jade felt impressed by what Cat was willing to do to please her. Then she really, really wanted to please Cat, Jade pretty much losing her mind as she moved downwards so she could replace her fingers with her mouth and slam her tongue as deep as it would go into the other girl’s sex. However no matter how hard she tongue fucked her girlfriend Jade struggled to bring Cat to the point of near climax that she was currently experiencing. Then, just as she was about to cum, Jade tried something desperate, namely trying to push both of her cream covered fingers into Cat’s ass. Surprisingly, with a significant amount of force, the Goth was able to get those two digits inside Cat’s butt, the action causing both girls to simultaneously cum.

After that everything was kind of a blur. Jade was dully aware of Cat removing her fingers from her cunt so she could replace them with her tongue, no doubt so she could join Jade in swallowing delicious girl cum, but other than that both girls became completely lost in their passionate 69.

Half a dozen orgasms later Jade found herself panting on her back. She didn’t even remember rolling off of Cat, but there she was, barely conscious and horribly aware she needed to get up and go to school. Looking at her bedside clock it was clear she was already late, but then when Jade turned to Cat she honestly found it hard to care.

Cat was more or less having the same experience, accept when awareness returned to her she had the fingers that had been in Jade’s pussy in her mouth and she was sucking on them greedily. Once they were clean Cat looked at the finger that had been in Jade’s butt, bit her lip, and then popped it into her mouth.

Like when she licked Jade’s butt this really wasn’t that bad and Cat found herself happily cleaning that finger before beginning to scoop the girl cream covering her face into her mouth, concentrating only on eating as much of that heavenly liquid as she could until she felt someone or something on top of her.

Opening her eyes, which had been closed so she could savour what she was tasting, Cat smiled up at Jade. Then Jade pressed two fingers to Cat’s lips, the redhead parting those lips, allowing Jade to push them inside and even beginning to suck on them before she realised where they’d been. Luckily again she didn’t mind the taste, Cat doing her best to suck those fingers clean which to her delight seemed to make Jade really happy.

“Good girl… I’m very proud of you Kitten.” Jade murmured with a wicked smile on her face.

“Yay!” Cat mumbled happily around the fingers which had been in her butt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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