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From the safety of her kitchen window, Jill spied on Vic and Sasha lying together by the pool. Dark inside, the bright sun caused the glass to act as a mirror so Jill’s lurid interest was well hidden. Almost naked, the young couple were laughing and hugging as they soaked up the warm afternoon sun. The couple had pulled the two lounge chairs together and laid them flat to laze away the afternoon. Normally, the scene should have made any mother proud but Jill had changed her mind and wanted her son back.

No longer shy or awkward with women, her son had the perfect athlete’s body: long and lean with compact muscles. Her devilish mind added one more detail; only a dark, baggy bathing suit hid his most remarkable muscle. Jill’s eyes glazed over while recollecting a mental picture from her incestuous memories from her birthday.

Meanwhile, Sasha was dressed in the smallest of black bikinis, which Jill knew Vic appreciated because he couldn’t keep his hands off of her. Jill couldn’t find fault with Sasha except that, maybe Vic appreciated her too much. Even so, Jill knew she couldn’t get too mad since it was Jill that had terminated her relationship with her son, not Sasha. A lot had happened in the short time since her intimate birthday celebration with her son and now, Jill regretted ending her relationship with Vic. She needed to do a lot to get him back after the damage she caused.

In the beginning, Jill tried to deny she had slept with her own son but that failed the first time Vic tried to slip inside her bed. She kicked him out and then made a bargain with herself to help Vic recover from any possible damage from their sleeping together.

It all started with Sasha because Jill thought Sasha would give Vic another outlet. So, within a few days after her intimate birthday celebration with Vic, Jill had pushed her son into a date with their neighbor’s kid, Sasha. Jill had to do a lot of persuading to get him to agree but she convinced him it was best for both of them. Reluctantly, Vic had gone and luckily, the young couple had been dating ever since. Especially, since Sasha pursued Vic as much as Vic pursued Jill.

Even though Jill initiated his hookup with Sasha, a sharp stab of jealousy pierced Jill’s gut as she watched the couple intimately fondle each other. As she watched his hands on someone else, Jill realized that Vic had moved on since their incestuous tryst ended. Jill had successfully pushed her son away and he landed in another woman’s arms. She didn’t like it and regretted the events leading up to now.

Starting the day after she had slept with Vic in the hotel, Vic tried to hit on Jill whenever he could. But out of guilt and fear of discovery, Jill deflected Vic’s advances whenever he tried to touch her but he still managed to sneak little grabs of her ass and breasts when no one was looking. Even worse, Jill found herself weak and still wanting him. To mitigate the temptation, she started to lock her bedroom door at night.

Trying to go back to being just his mother, Jill tried to maintain her dignity and pushed Vic away whenever he tried to sexually approach her. To help counter her own weaknesses, Jill found a boyfriend, Duane, a week after Sasha entered their lives. Even though Vic was furious, Jill made it clear that Duane was the new man in her life and Vic should go on with his life without her. Acting like her son had been easily replaced, Jill emphasized that Vic was no longer the king of the house, which seemed to slow Vic down, but not entirely. To minimize the chances of a relapse when she was weak, Jill made sure Duane or Sasha were always at the house so Jill was never alone with her son. This didn’t always work.

The worst times were the nights when both Sasha and Duane were gone and she was alone with Vic because he always tried something to rekindle their affair. Even after being tossed aside, he still wanted to seduce her. He was insatiable. Sometimes, he inappropriately touched her. Other times, he said something inappropriate. One time, late at night, she heard Vic trying to open her bedroom door when he thought she was asleep. Even though he always retreated when she pushed him away, Vic kept trying. Thankfully, he didn’t know how close he was to scoring. For weeks after Duane entered her life, Vic aggressively pursued Jill until one night, she almost relented.

Vic had come home early from Sasha’s house and caught Jill alone in the kitchen right after her bath. Already two glasses down, she was refilling her glass of wine and wasn’t expecting him. When Jill turned to find him standing in the hallway, his dark, unblinking eyes betrayed his carnal thoughts as he leered at her thin, white robe clinging to her damp body. To her own disgust, the look in his eyes ignited her own lurid thoughts.

Knowing that she needed to escape before something regrettable happened, Jill quickly headed to bed without saying a word but Vic rushed to cut her off. With his young, hard body, he pinned her against the sahabet güvenilirmi dining room table and suavely said, “Where are you going, mom? I came home early to see you but now you are leaving. But, since you need to go to bed so soon, give me a little kiss before you leave.”

Vic was leaning his larger body on her and trapping her against the table so she couldn’t escape. As she tried to push him away, his hands were free to touch her. As she pulled one hand away, he kneaded her flesh with the other. Feeling his excited body pressed against her, she responded, “I am tired and need to go to bed. Get off of me, now.”

With his hard cock pressed against her, he laughed as his hands swarmed over her thin robe like a pack of coyotes feeding on a fallen prey. As his fingers searched for the robe’s openings, Vic’s voice changed, and became more demanding, “Mom, I need you so badly. I want to fuck you right now.”

Jill shot back her reply, “No.”

Vic changed his tack. Trying to sweet talk himself into her flimsy robe, Vic’s hands were squeezing her ass as he begged, “Please, I want to be with you again. Duane is such a goof and I can make you so much happier than he can. You are the sexiest woman I have ever met and I cannot stop thinking about you. I need you.”

As she pushed his hands away again, Jill deflected his verbal advance by insisting, “You have Sasha now. You don’t need me.”

With one hand on her waist, his other hand searched for more intimate spots to explore. As he cupped the underside of her breast, Vic reassured her, “Sasha barely interests me. I am only with her because you wanted me to date her. You are the one that I want and I don’t care who knows.”

Even though she tried to pry his hand away, Vic managed to fondle her full breast through the thin fabric. Feeling the power of his tenacious offense, Jill continued to resist until her son tried to kiss her. When Jill turned her head away, Vic planted a kiss on her neck and started to nibble right below her ear.

Not expecting it, his mouth short-circuited her defenses as she melted with the touch of his soft lips. Her sensitive neck had always been a chink in her armor but Jill wondered how her son knew her so well. Pushing her dark hair aside, he continued to nibble her neck as he begged, “Please.”

With his newest onslaught, her barriers started to erode as he pressed his hard cock against her pelvis. Still pinned to the table under his weight, her brain fired off a warning, “He is dry humping you. Stop him now.”

Trapped against the table, her hidden desire started to emerge as her nipples poked through her flimsy robe. Vic’s fingers discovered her excitement and he responded, “See, you want me too?”

Shaking her head from side to side, Jill silently cursed her body for betraying her as his hips ground against her. She could feel that her body wanted him too as it started to surrender to him. His large, warm hands felt good on her sensitive breasts and soon, her arguments diminished to a steady whimper of, “No, no, please don’t. Vic, we can’t.”

Ignoring her pleas, Vic pulled the opening to her robe aside and slipped his hands inside. His hands were now pressing into her bare flesh. As if he owned her, he reached around to fondle her ass with one hand and tried to wedge his other hand between her legs. Feeling defeat would be inevitable once his hand touched her wet pussy, Jill’s brain fired off one more salvo before she fell into a sexual fog.

A voice from the back of her mind screamed out to her, “Resist or you will always regret it. You are going to fail.” Finally, in a burst of adrenaline, Jill lashed out at his leering face with the palm of her hand. The sound was crisp and loud. It wasn’t planned but she was too close to relenting to his demands to do anything else. Vic stopped.

He pulled back with a puzzled look as if he had been shocked with high voltage. Rubbing the side of his face, Vic responded, “You didn’t have to slap me.”

Never expecting to resort to physical violence, Jill snapped back in desperation, “I already told you ‘No’ more than once, but you keep pushing me. I will continue to slap you if that is what it takes.”

In a flirty tone, Vic said, “Stop that pious crap, mom. You know you want me as much as I want you. Just like on your birthday, you know I can make you feel good. Damn good.”

Even if he was right, Jill was determined to stop him. Leaning forward, Jill started poking her finger into his chest as she spat her words at him, “You aren’t allowed to touch me like that again. Do you understand? We already settled this matter. Once we left that hotel room, it was over. I made a horrendous mistake with you.”

Jill realized she was fighting with herself as much as her son. No longer able to control herself, Jill broke down and started crying. Big, loud sobs.

Vic’s face turned white when he saw the big, wet tears running down her face. Caught off guard, Vic tried to soothe sahabet yeni giriş his mother, “Okay mom, I’m sorry. I’ll stop. Don’t be upset, okay?”

In between sobs, she mumbled, “I am so sorry anything ever happened between us. I hope you can forgive me, but it is over. You have to stop.”

Shocked by her final rejection, Vic turned solemn and stated, “Don’t worry, I’ll leave you alone from now on. It will be okay now.”

As Vic walked away, Jill’s crying turned inconsolable and she buried her face behind her hands. When Vic closed the front door behind him, Jill knew where he was going and started to cry even more. With the sound of his steps fading, Jill wished she hadn’t come on so strong.

Since that night, they never spoke about what happened between them. He didn’t try to flirt with her anymore and he was rarely at home. As he said he would, Vic stopped making passes at her or fondle her. She had successfully stopped him but was now extremely unhappy. A part of her life had been ripped out.

If she were honest with herself, she would admit she loved being touched by Vic but didn’t want the guilt associated with fucking her own son. She wanted the pleasure but not the pain. Looking out the window at the young couple again, she tried to figure how to get Vic back into her life without making things worse.

Jill contemplated her situation until she heard loud footsteps behind her on the hardwood floor. Her new boyfriend, Duane, plodded up behind her and looked over her shoulder. In a voice that now irritated her, Duane said the obvious, “Your boy sure is a hit with the girls. Sasha cannot take her hands off of him.”

Jill knew that Duane would be checking out Sasha’s youthful body but it didn’t bother her since she could continue to secretly look at her son. As they both looked out the window at the couple, she bragged, “Vic knows how to treat a woman right and they like it. He is trying to be more outgoing and friendly.”

Reaching around and fondling Jill’s breasts through her white t-shirt as they looked out the window, Duane said, “I know how to treat a woman right too but your son doesn’t think so. He seems to have a problem with me taking his mother away from him. I guess he shouldn’t see me touching you like this, should he?”

As Duane worked his hand under her top, she added, “He will get over it. He is used to having me to himself.”

As the words left her mouth, she wished it weren’t so true. At that moment, Jill realized that hooking up with Duane so soon after her incestuous tryst with her son might have been a big mistake. Jill had panicked and selected her first suitor very quickly. Duane was supposed to be distraction for her rejuvenated sex drive and a barrier against Vic’s continued incestuous advances. He failed in both.

As for the latter, Vic had no respect for Duane and he constantly criticized Jill for picking such a dork and couldn’t stop him. Vic was right. It was Jill that had curtailed Vic’s lusty advances, not Duane. Worse, Duane made Vic feel like an intruder in his own house. Duane made Vic feel powerless and impotent. A cuckold.

In addition, although she selected Duane to curb her amorous feelings towards Vic, Duane didn’t do anything to excite Jill in bed so he actually made it worse. He left her frustrated. Just like now, she was severely unsatisfied as Duane pawed at her breast.

As Duane clumsily groped her, it reminded Jill that Vic could easily satisfy her. As she looked out the window at her son, a deep, empty yearning developed in the pit of her soul that wouldn’t go away. It was like an insatiable hunger. She had tried to get excited by Duane as much as Vic excited her but it wouldn’t work.

Even now, as Duane kept rubbing her, his touch did not exhilarate her like Vic’s would have if he were here. Troubled by the way her feelings were leaning, Jill knew in the back of her mind that she would let her desires for her son win out.

Jill looked out the window at her son longingly. As Duane pushed his way into her panties, Jill started to imagine being with Vic again. To satisfy her urge, she started to play act without Duane knowing. She imagined it was her son behind her, not Duane.

No longer wanting to be touched by Duane, she got down on her knees in front of him. Duane faded and images of Vic flashed in front of her. As she knelt in front of Duane, she imagined it was her son’s fly she was unzipping. She imagined it was Vic’s pants she was pulling down but she was disappointed.

Her son’s cock was so much bigger than Duane’s limp appendage. But, when she closed her eyes, she pretended it was Vic holding the top of her head. With passion and newfound enthusiasm, she gave a Duane a blowjob while he looked out the window. She swallowed the full length of his cock and she swirled her tongue around its swollen head. Duane quickly deposited his sperm in her mouth and slumped against the counter top. Afterwards, Duane commented, “What sahabet giriş has gotten into you? That was the best head I have ever had.”

When Duane went to the bathroom, he left her with nothing but frustration and time to reconsider her relationship with her son. At that moment, she decided she wanted to be desired by Vic again. Even more, she wanted to be fucked by his hard cock. She wanted to be his mistress but not his lover. She would leave that for Sasha. Jill wanted to satisfy her primal urges without damaging her son. She remembered their first time together and decided it was perfect. He could fuck her without admitting it and she could enjoy it without hurting him. All she had to do pretend to be asleep.

Jill’s mind started to develop a plan to get her son horny enough to try it again. Her heart lightened as she granted herself the freedom to pursue her son. As the days passed, her plan started to unfold and she became even happier.

She never locked her bedroom door again. *** First, Jill waited for when she would be alone with her son and soon, a Sunday morning gave her the perfect opportunity. With both Duane and Sasha gone, Jill waited at the kitchen table for her son to wake up by watching the morning news, drinking coffee and planning her morning’s show. With time on her side, she had changed outfits a few times but finally settled on tight yoga shorts and an over sized sweater. Not overtly forward but without underwear and shoes, she felt sexy but casual.

Jill purchased the cashmere sweater while shopping for an outfit to tempt Vic. The butterscotch color looked luscious against her skin and dark hair. Feeling naughty without a bra or shirt, Jill wore the V-neck sweater askew so one shoulder was completely bare. When she moved her arm to her side, the sweater would slip down her shoulder and display a generous amount of her breast without showing too much. To whet his appetite, the sweater appeared to be on the verge of fully exposing her breast but it never did. With a wry smile on her face, Jill knew the limits of the neckline because she had tested it numerous times at the store to make sure she picked the right size that could get Vic’s attention without too much effort.

As she waited, Jill found herself becoming aroused as she thought about what she wanted to do with her son. Manly and virile, Vic had become exactly the man she wanted. As she thought about him, she started subconsciously touching herself as she waited for her son to rise. Her fingers found the cleft of her pussy in the tight shorts and she pushed deep into the fold as she thought about her son.

No longer buried, the sexual tension was building inside her as she let her perverse feelings have freedom. As her horniness built up while she waited, she found herself slipping her hand under her sweater and squeezing her aching breasts. When she had worked herself up enough, she momentarily squeezed her fingers inside her tight shorts and caressed her electrified clit. She was soaked. When her touch became too stimulating, she went back to fondling her breasts under her sweater.

Focused on stimulating Vic’s desires again, Jill had spent all night thinking about this morning. As she continued to plan exactly what she would do and where she would stand, Jill found herself dipping her fingers deeper inside her wet pussy for even more relief.

Finally, Jill heard noises from upstairs and she prepared herself. The aroma of her pussy filled the air. Groggy from the night before, Vic came down in just a t-shirt and boxers. When he entered the kitchen, Jill had never been so aroused before and could barely control herself.

Acting as if nothing unseemly was happening, Jill walked up to him, pressed her body against him with a hug and kissed him on the cheek. Like a good boy, Vic tried not to stare at her swaying breasts hidden inside her sweater but Jill knew he noticed. Hanging on his neck, she felt like a kitten rubbing against him and begging for attention. Lingering, her lips stayed on his cheek too long and was too soft to be ignored. To set his carnal instincts in motion, she smeared her pussy juices from the hand she had used to masturbate across the back of his neck. With her breasts pressed against him, he didn’t consciously notice anything but his nostril’s flared as he whiffed her pheromones. Finally noticing her son’s interest rising in the front of his plaid boxers, Jill hugged Vic again and said, “Good morning. We don’t get to see each other enough anymore.”

With her arm wrapped around her son, Jill knew her unbound breast was still firmly pressed into Vic’s upper arm. Jill knew that Vic noticed too. Still leaning her almost naked body against him, Jill asked, “How did you sleep? You slept so late that Duane has already left. It’s almost 10am.” Jill added with a laugh, “I was wondering what you were doing up there?”

Unsure of what to say, Vic blushed, “I slept in because was out too late with Sasha.”

Changing the subject, Jill pushed her son into the dining room chair she had artfully preselected and said, “Do you want some freshly baked cookies for breakfast? I waited to make you breakfast but since you slept in, I decided to make cookies instead. I know it is decadent but who cares.”

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