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Alessandra Jane

At twenty-three years of age, Vickie was technically still a virgin. Ever since she’d become sexually active in a manner of speaking, Vickie had still managed to hold herself to the notion that she would not have intercourse with a man until she was absolutely positive he was the one. Not that she was even saving herself for marriage. That idea was as archaic to her as never masturbating, which was something she did each and every day, if not several times a day in fact.

And it wasn’t as though Vickie couldn’t have her proverbial “pick-of-the-litter” as far as guys went either. She wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, she did have her normal everyday little flaws, but Vickie was by most accounts a very attractive looking woman. Ever since she was a child, her mother had called her, “My pretty little Cupie-doll.” She’d worn her nearly coal-black hair long, which was thick and shimmered like glass, reaching well past her waist ever since she’d been a tiny little girl. That feature alone caused many heads to turn and look at her with amazement in some ways. And appreciation from others in the horrendous length of time she’d have to spend brushing it and taking care of it on a daily basis to keep it looking as beautiful as it did. Added to that, Vickie’s cobalt blue eyes that could pierce a man’s soul with one quick look; added to the overall sultriness that she exuded.

In many ways, Vickie imagined herself as a female “Clark Kent” on one hand. A shy demeanor, not really outgoing or even outspoken amongst most of her close friends and co-workers, most of which knew of her chastity and desire to remain virginal. Though most of these had the mistaken perception that she was in fact a “virgin” in every sense of the word. And of course, there was the other side of her personality, the side that she enjoyed letting out as often as possible, but always in some disguise, or at least out and away from anyone she knew or might possibly run into. And this side, the “Super-Woman” side of her self was the erotic, naughty, sensual “Super-Hot” almost comic book character of her personality.

By day, she worked as a Dental Technician. A job she enjoyed doing very much. She was good at what she did, and received very little supervision from the Dentists she worked for. Vickie always had a bright and cheery smile on her face for a very good reason. One of her biggest secrets of course, was that she very often was busily (and slowly) masturbating while performing her job functions, with no one ever the wiser!

Vickie would quite often wear one of her favorite and many toys into work. She’d even gone to some considerable expense on many of them, ensuring they met her “secret” needs, as well as her pleasured ones. One of her very favorite toys was a miniature thin sleek bullet type of affair that slipped up inside her pussy quite easily and comfortably. It had no attached wires, didn’t make any loud buzzing noises, and was easily controlled with a tiny little remote control device that she kept inside of her pocket, handy at all times. With it, she could control the intensity of the vibrations she gave herself, as well as having an auto-timer that she had programmed to stimulate herself with varying degree’s of length of time if she wished. Quite often, as she prepared to work on a patient, she would quickly slip into the woman’s restroom, program her toy to begin with a very low degree of vibrating stimulation for say ten or fifteen minutes. And then gradually every five minutes or so, cause the device to slowly intensify with its vibrating pleasures. Vickie would then begin working on her patient, and over the course of cleaning his or her teeth, happily enjoy herself quite secretly in a way and manner that no one in the world could have expected her to be doing. She had quite often, climaxed and enjoyed her, what she called “mini” orgasms, at the exact moment and timing when she’d finished with whatever patient she’d been working on. For Vickie, it was always a thrill to be standing there, making small-talk with the person, and feeling her cunt going through spasmodic thrills and chills as her pussy clenched, contracted, convulsed, and sent shivers of satisfying release up and down her spine. And all the while she stood smiling, demurely, and professionally as any good disciplined Dental Technician would do.

But this was only one of her favorite and private ways that she enjoyed playing with herself. She had other very enjoyable games and adventures as well, but for these, she usually ensured that she traveled away from anyone she might know or run into, and added the additional stimulation of danger and possible discovery to the mix.

It had in fact been a while since she had ventured out for a truly erotic and adventurous afternoon of this type. Since it was a weekend, and as Vickie was feeling particularly amorous anyway, she decided to take the short drive over to one of the neighboring shopping malls several miles away from where she lived.

For her, this was one of Vickie’s favorite beşiktaş escort haunts, and one of the more dangerous as well. She took special precautions to ensure whatever avenue of escape, should she need was easily available to her. Additionally, she also usually wore some sort of minor disguise, which could be anything from making herself look almost homely if she chose, to wearing a wig in covering up her long dark beautiful hair.

Just the planning alone was enough to cause her pussy juices to begin flowing, which was all a part of the self-foreplay that accompanied any adventure of this type. She’d awoken hours earlier, already randy and decided right then and there what kind of a day she had intended for herself. She’d chosen one of her blonde wigs, and fixed her self up to appear sexy though not slutty or homely as she sometimes did. Today, she wanted to catch a little attention, all a part of the ongoing foreplay, and then see how things went from there.

In addition to the blonde wig, Vickie had also picked out a matching low-cut ‘V’ necked blouse that would show off ample cleavage, and as she also discarded the idea of wearing even a sheer bra to further accentuate her full firm breasts, which would no doubt cause her nipples to become erect and strain against the tight material. The matching skirt, light colored lavender was short enough to be considered “mini” though not so tight that she couldn’t easily adjust and maneuver around in it as the situation dictated. But the most important part of all of course, was after she’d gotten up and gone into shower, she had carefully shaved herself so that her bald smooth pussy accentuated her bright pink pussy lips in every glorious and delicious detail imaginable.

Once her carefully chosen ensemble was laid out on the bed, she next went to her treasured “Toy-Box” as she referred to it. And this was no small box either, nor did it even remotely fit the name, as was her description of it. What she had was a tall free-standing chest of drawers that had three large pull out drawers, and an upper cabinet that opened with shelves and various nooks and crannies inside. The drawers contained various articles of what could only be described as sultry, sexy even naughty lingerie. There were of course a variety of peep-holed bras, crotch-less panties, sheer nightgowns, or leathered garments, which she’d often wear beneath her normal looking working attire, all entirely dependent upon what kind of mood she was in of course.

But it was the upper cabinet that was in actuality the real “Toy-Box”. Here, she had dozens and dozens of various toys. Everything from rubber dildo’s, to various sized vibrators, each one with a different function or purpose and for a different satisfaction or mood, but especially for causing a wide variety of pleasurable sensations.

Even as she stood before the cabinet, touching and then playing through the various scenario’s and possibilities in her mind, she imagined herself using this toy or that, picturing clearly her intent, her purpose. But more importantly, what it was that she wanted or hoped to achieve by choosing one specific ‘fun-toy’ over another.

Even this preparation was all a part of the personalized foreplay for her. As she considered all the naughty erotic looking devices, she could feel the moisture gather inside her cunt, and often was tempted to do something about it right there and then. Vickie finally picked a primary pleasure device, inserted new fresh batteries and then checked to ensure that it worked and functioned properly. She would then select a second toy, in the event that she couldn’t act upon her primary self-seduction, and then enjoy the fantasy routine of considering another scenario entirely.

Once having selected the specific toys for her adventure, she carefully placed them inside her purse, and in this instance, began putting on her clothing with ever-growing excitement and anticipation for the afternoon’s enjoyments ahead.

Once Vickie was dressed and ready, she went out and got inside her bright red Mustang convertible. Another of her toys in a way, as she sometimes used the sporty little car to her advantage when taking long sightseeing, and sight-giving little trips up the coast. But today, she’d use it for nothing more than the transportation required getting her over to the shopping mall, located several miles further away.

She pulled into the parking lot, but it took her long precious minutes before she was able to snare a parking spot located closest to the door that she’d intended to use as her get away in the event she needed for whatever reason, to make a hasty escape. Locking her car door, she still kept a key at the ready inside the car in an easy and quick accessibility so that she could within seconds, have the key in the ignition and be on her way if such a situation was required. She could unlock the car door remotely and then jumping immediately inside, have the key şişli escort in hand without having to rummage through her purse looking for it. Everything she did, every little possibility was carefully thought out ahead of time with backup plans, as well as backup toys prepared all set and ready for her.

Vickie took one last look at herself in the mirror, made a final adjustment to her wig and makeup, and then slid out of the seat, locking the door to her car, and made her way into the mall. Smiling behind a pair of dark sunglasses that further hid who she was, but hinted yet at a very sexy and sensual woman. Now she was on the prowl, once again, all a part of the game and the excitement. And as she cruised the Mall, she began to look for the perfect place or places where she could play her game, and possibly include a few fortunate and lucky individuals who might unknowingly at first, play it along with her.

Though the mall certainly wasn’t busy for a Saturday afternoon, it was drawing ever closer to the lunch hour, and she immediately thought of the “fast-food” dining area as the choice for the first of her sexy little encounters. As she had done previously though, thinking through every little step well ahead in her mind, she quickly made a small purchase in a nearby store. Something she needed and even wanted certainly, she wasn’t about to waste good money on “props”, but in her planning, she did need one.

Vickie then made her way to the now busy food services area, a place where you could order anything from Pizza to Oriental foods, with the basic standard fare in-between, of cheeseburgers, hotdogs and certainly hot spicy Mexican food. She immediately spotted her table of choice. The dining area was situated in the middle of the food court, with all the various ‘fast-food’ establishments circling about. The area was multi-tiered which also played into the scenario she had in mind. Picking the uppermost level she placed her bag on the table, and affixed the jacket she had also worn around the chair, effectively claiming her spot. Now she sat and waited. Sometimes the wait was long, but always well worth it if things came together for her as they usually did. A short time later, two young fairly attractive looking men came over and sat down at one of the tables nearby her, though on the next lowest level.

“Perfect!” She thought to herself.

And immediately left her table in order to place an order for a slice of Pizza, and take it quickly back to her saved table. Even eating food could be sensual, and she’d learned how to do that to perfection.

Vickie wound her way back through the crowd of people towards her table, passing close enough by to ensure the two men sitting at their table would take notice of her long slender legs and short skirt as she walked by.

As Vickie slowly ascended the three short steps up to the next dining level, she remembered having watched the movie “Basic Instinct” over and over again. In particular the scene in the movie where Sharon Stone is sitting in a chair, and then crosses her legs showing, as Vickie now referred herself to it as “The pregnant pussy pause”. She had even gone so far as to watch that particular scene in slow motion, frame by frame. Not so much as to see if the well known actress did indeed actually show her pussy, which she of course had, but so as to capture and emulate every movement in precise perfect detail until she could perform it and do it exactly the way that Sharon Stone had done in the movie.

Vickie reached her table, sat down and from the corner of her eye, ensured that she still had the two men’s undivided attention. Without looking over directly at them, she then performed the ‘move’ precisely the way she’d practiced doing it over and over again. The “pregnant pussy pause” glued their eyes to her table now, and she knew without a doubt that she need not even glance remotely in their direction after that. Having given them a full wide-eyed view of her bare pussy lips, all pink, swollen and clearly defined, Vickie knew the two men weren’t going anywhere until she did. If they did make any attempt to stand and approach her, she’d get up and leave immediately. And then if absolutely necessary, leave the Mall altogether, though she was certain the two me were more than content to sit there and see if they’d be lucky enough to ‘snatch’ another view.

Vickie leaned over, having ordered her slice of pizza with lots of extra cheese. It was dripping off the crust, exactly what she’d hoped for and intended for it to do. As she took the first bite, a gooey sliver of cheese rose up from off the pizza, and she of course had to scoot back slightly as though trying to ensure that it did not fall down upon her lap. Lifting the pizza up, along with the string of melted cheese stilling clinging to the tip of her tongue and to the slice of pizza, she twirled it momentarily, as though licking the cheesy cum-cream from off the tip of a just spurted penis.

As bahçeşehir escort bayan she performed this particular maneuver, she once again spread her legs slightly a part, briefly, again acting as though she was struggling with the cheese to keep it from landing in her lap, and once again displayed her pussy, even longer and wider this time before suddenly pulling the cheese off of the slice, and drawing it inside of her mouth, and at the same time, once again closing her legs together.

All this had taken several minutes to do, and she had not even once glanced down in their general direction, though she was reasonably sure they had both been watching her with a keen pair of conspiratorial eyes.

Before she escalated this little adventure any further however, she did need to know that they were looking at her, and that she’d not been performing to a disinterested audience. Vickie leaned over, took yet another bite of her pizza, this time with far less cheese needing attention being paid to, and casually glanced about the room as she sat eating. She first looked in their direction of course although briefly before continuing on with her look as though she had taken no notice of them sitting there. The blondish haired man had actually had his mouth open as though he were having trouble breathing through his nose. He had been all but staring at her. The darker haired man had been looking at her too, but had turned his head away in response to her brief glance in their direction. Obviously he was pretending to have not been looking, and worse, been caught looking as he turned away as though suddenly interested in something else across the room from where she sat.

“Good!” Vickie thought to herself, and almost smiled outwardly as she did.

“Now it’s time to blow them both away, and hopefully give them something to think and talk about the rest of the entire day,” She added, silently telling herself.

She quickly set down the unfinished pizza, carefully wiping her hands, once again spreading her legs, though this time only slightly, giving the hopeful promise of more, but not quite revealing herself the same way she’d done in both previous instances. She then opened her purse as though fishing for something of importance. And she was of course, but nothing of the sort that either one of the two men who were certainly watching her could have even begun to have guessed. Vickie did carefully ‘search; her immediate area, ensuring that no one except for her two admirers could see what it was that she was about to do. When she was confident this was indeed the case, she withdrew a small slim shiny silver vibrator, lifting it from within her purse, but handling it in such a way as there could be absolutely no doubt as to its intended use and purpose.

Having retrieved the small toy, handling it expertly, but showing it off just the same, Vickie reached down, once again spreading her legs a part, doing so obscenely, purposely, allowing a much wider and obvious view. But this time without the “pregnant-pussy-pause” and inserted the toy quickly and easily inside her sopping wet cunt. Once assured it was where she comfortably wanted it and had positioned it, she reached down with her other hand and deftly twisted the end of the toy, turning on the small slim vibrator. Having accomplished all this, she then looked up, stared directly in the direction of her two unwitting accomplices, and caught them both, slack-jawed, stunned, and grinning from ear to ear like a couple of naughty school boys caught jerking off together.

Vickie’s eyes locked onto both of theirs. She smiled, licked her lips and blew them both a kiss before standing up, grabbing her jacket from the back of the chair as well as reaching down and taking up the small purchase she had made at the same time. Once again, she turned, looked at them directly, smiled again, received equally surprised but now knowing smiles in return, and casually, calmly walked away.

She could just imagine the two of them now, sitting there with massive erections, preventing either of which from standing up to follow her without revealing themselves. Even the thought of them having to do that, sitting there with two beautiful hard firm erections was all a part of her envisioned fantasy.

Even as the first rush of her orgasm claimed her, as she slowly descended the short flight of stairs on the opposite side of the tier she had been on, she continued to move away as the second hard-felt pulsating contraction claimed her pussy, causing a thin sliver of fluid to escape her furrow and slowly dribble down the inside of her thigh. She loved that part. Especially when her fluids truly filled her to overflowing with her pleasures, and secretly teased her as they ran in tiny little rivulets of cum-cream down her legs.

Making her way quickly to the women’s restroom, she entered one of the stalls and removed the hidden toy. So far everything had gone according to plan, and she was now even more excited than she had been. The second part wouldn’t be quite so easy however, but was equally as thrilling in finding the perfect place to nonchalantly expose herself to specific passers-by, including women if she saw one she found attractive enough to see if she could tease without outwardly alarming anyone or causing any unwanted disturbances.

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