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Valentina has been my lover for several years now. Though she recently celebrated her thirty-third birthday she appears much younger. I have always admired her for that, she takes exceptional care of her body. Being healthy and active always seems to keep Valentina in a good mood, and today she was in a very good mood at that.

We share a modest yet clean flat just south of St. Petersburg. I met her two years ago on a rainy Thursday walking along the sidewalk, she was splashing her feet through rain puddles and laughing like a small child. I soon learned she was proud of being a skilled contortionist, we have been together since that very afternoon.

“Yuri!” she exclaimed as she burst through the front entrance door carrying several large shopping bags. “Wait till you see, darling! They are so so sexy!” She plopped down on the couch and produced a large cardboard box of pastel hue from one of the shopping bags.

“Close your eyes, lover. I have a surprise for you.” she purred, I obliged. I heard rustling of cardboard and paper as she fondled the box in her lap. I kept my eyes closed, becoming quite interested in this little game of hers. I heard Valentina shuffle carefully past me, and then she instructed me to open my eyes. “What do you think?” she excitedly asked as she twirled around in the middle of the room. She was wearing a sand colored snakeskin dress and matching knee high boots. The dress was gorgeous and hugged every luscious curve of her natural contortionist body, but it was the boots Valentina wanted my opinion on. Before I go any further, I should tell you a little secret about Valentina…..

You see…….Valentina has a thing for boots.

She loves boots not in the way most women love having many shoes, Valentina’s boot addiction is a deep lust centering around sex and orgasms. I have been amused many times watching her flirt with other beautiful women simply because they were wearing a pair of boots she liked. I once asked her what it was about the boots that turned her on so greatly. “It’s not something I can explain in simple words” she explained. “I like many styles of boots, and what I like varies with each style. If I had to pick some aspect to comment on it would be that I love to see the arched high heel and tight ankle curve of a women wearing a pair of boots. From there I look at the heel itself, to see if it would make a good cock surrogate!” Valentina giggled loudly as she stated this last sentence, knowing it would turn me on.

I don’t share the complete depth of Valentina’s boot obsession, but I do experience great pleasure watching her get physically turned on and enjoying herself. Having a nude contortionist for a girlfriend has it’s advantages. She has many fetishes, and I eagerly participate in anything that will make her cum. I was well aware that her current mood was to my advantage, getting pendik escort a new pair of boots always sends her over the edge.

“Those are beautiful, I really like them.” I said as I admired her newest purchase. I had to admit, this particular pair were getting to me. The texture of the snake scales and slight iridescent glint were almost mesmerizing. She looked hot and she knew it. Valentina suddenly stopped and looked me directly in the eyes, “Ooooh! I have the kinkiest idea! Go get the camera and take some sexy pictures of me. You can take them with you to work for those long bathroom breaks.” How I loved it when she teased me this way, I quickly grabbed the camera and stuck in a fresh set of batteries.

Valentina sat down on the small wooden corner chair and let her knees fall apart, I could see the crotch of her black silk thong. A wicked smile crossed her face and she lifted her legs up over her head touching the boot tips on the wall above her head. Her extreme flexibility never ceased to amaze me, and I began snapping pictures.

“Do you like when I stretch my long legs like this?” Valentina playfully asked me. “You know I do, I always do.” I replied, still taking picture after picture while she stretched and spread her beautiful legs in front of me.

The bulge in my pants was beginning to get a little uncomfortable, I discreetly tried to adjust the position of my cock. “Oooooh lover, I like to see you touch yourself like that.” She huskily whispered as she licked and sucked her own boot heel. Picking up on her hint I continued to adjust myself slower and slower, until there was more massaging and less adjusting happening.

This turned Valentina on and I knew it. Many nights have been spent masturbating together, we love to watch each other cum. Many more nights have been spent helping Valentina stretch to lick her own pussy, something I desired to see happen right now. Thoughts of having pictures of her head between her legs and her pink tongue on her clit gave me shivers. She had gotten quite good at this, she no longer needs me to help her reach. Our last experiment with this led to a very kinky anal sex penetration while she tongued her clit and my balls at the same time. I remember blacking out for a few moments, my orgasm seemed never ending.

Valentina began fingering her shaved pussy, and I resumed shooting pictures. I let my left hand lazily rub my stiff erection while I snapped picture after picture. Soon she ripped her panties off entirely and stood up on two legs. “My pussy is so fucking wet,” she purred, “I want to lick it and taste my juices.”

My dick instantly stiffened more, my balls began to ache. I watched Valentina bend down and then through her own legs. Her pink pussy and asshole spread wide before me and were only inches from her own mouth. I saw the glistening moisture on her labia and was escort pendik again reminded of how hard my cock was. “Beautiful baby, just beautiful!” I encouraged her as I continued to shoot. Her long flowing hair hung down between her legs as she stretched and strained to reach her swollen clit. The colors of her long hair hanging so closely to her snake skin boots complemented each other nicely, these pictures were going to turn out perfectly.

“Arg! I can’t seem to reach this way, I need more back support.” she exclaimed frustratedly. She sat back down on the chair and pivoted her hips at the waist. Her legs were now spread completely apart, she looked down at her visibly wet pussy and licked her lips, “Mmmm, much better. I can reach now for sure!”.

She stretched a little more and sucked her boot heels again, giving me ample time to get some great zoom shots of her outstretched holes. I tried to ignore the embarrassing wet spot now appearing on the front of my trousers, I wasn’t about to stop shooting now just to change trousers I hoped I wouldn’t be wearing too much longer.

“I want to make myself cum so badly, want to wrap my lips around my button and suck it……” she teasingly said as she locked both of her ankles behind her head. This was my favorite position, my tongue slides into her pussy and asshole more deeply when she is like this. I love to suckle and tongue fuck her tight pink anus while she sucks at her swollen clit, making direct eye contact as we taste of her flesh together.

Valentina shifted a bit more, making sure her arms were in a comfortable position. Her puckered pink anus now slick with pussy juice looked so inviting, I envisioned my cock sliding in and out while watching her lick her own pussy. I further imagined watching her slurp my hot cum from her cunt. “Just a few more pictures.” I told myself, anxious to bury my throbbing erection into her. I watched Valentina lightly flick her clit with her tongue, the two shades of pink touching each other making for another excellent close up shot. “That’s right baby, see how swollen you can make your clit. Suck it a little, and moan while you do.” I suggested as I adjusted the lamp just off to her left.

“Mmmmmmm…..*slurp*…..Mmmmmfffmmmm…” she moaned as she nursed her shaven clit hood. Soon the delicate skin surrounding her clit became engorged with blood and turned a flushed shade of red. Her eyes were closed as she sloppily sucked at her clitoris, I could hear her moaning deeply in between breaths.

“Oh yes, that feels so good when I make noise. I feel my voice vibrate all around my clit!” she hurriedly whispered. “Mmmmmm…..*slurp*…..*suck*……*squelch*……” it was all too much for me. With her mouth locked around the top half of her now dripping pussy I dropped the camera to the floor and forcefully jammed my tongue straight into her asshole. pendik escort bayan Valentina squealed loudly as I tongue fucked her anus, I positioned my face so that my rather large nose penetrated her cunt. This must have pleased her, she began rocking her pelvis so that my nose would go in and out of her pussy hole as if it were a cock.

My face was soon slick with her juices, I felt it dripping from my chin. She smelled like heaven, and she tasted even better. I watched her cheeks collapse and inflate as she furiously sucked at her enlarged clit and I could take it no longer. I unzipped my crotch and started jerking my cock. I was close to cumming and I could tell she was too.

I straightened up while staying on my knees. I looked down and watched my purple cock head rub against her anus and cunt. Valentina’s eyes were open now, she was watching too. “Fuck my ass then shoot your hot cum on me so I can lick it off.” She growled between sucks.

Just the invitation I was waiting for. Slowly I slid the end of my cock into her asshole, she was very wet. As my cock penetrated her she moaned and rocked her hips against me in an apparent effort to get my cock in deeper. I let it go in a little deeper and winced at how tight her ring muscle was around the girth of my shaft.

I put my hands on the insides of her thighs, letting them slide down to her crotch. I began pumping my cock in and out of her ass, a little faster and a little deeper each time. With my hands still on her crotch I aligned both thumbs together and slid them both into her pussy.

“Oh FUCK!” She screamed as her cunt and ass tightened around my body parts, she was starting to cum! Panting and screaming she pleaded with me to go faster, to shoot cum onto her clit. I buried my thumbs deeper into her pussy and thrust once more into her asshole as deeply as I could.

“Ahhhhhggg oh GOD! Fuck me! FUCK ME FASTER!” She was like a wild animal, licking her clit like a dog while I pounded her asshole. I slammed her a bit too hard once and her boot heel left a very mean looking gouge on the wall behind her head. I could hold it no longer, I was ready to explode!

“Here it comes, baby. Right on your clit!” I panted as I pulled my cock out of her ass. I kept my left thumb in her pussy hole as I used my right hand to stroke my cock. I touched the end of my dick to her clit and in a flash her snake like tongue was trying to penetrate my pee hole, she wanted my cum so badly! I watched her lick my cockhead and her clit together and my cum started shooting all over her face. “Yes….mmmmmMMm…..yes!” she moaned as she slurped and licked my cum as it came out of me. Spurt after spurt shot from my body onto her pink skin and face, she squeezed my balls as she strained to lick more of my cock flesh. All too quickly it was over.

The orgasm was very intense for both of us, I dizzily watched Valentina lick every drop of my cum from her pussy and a wicked thought occurred to me…….I need to get the camcorder out next time….THE END

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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