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I’d never felt so excited about a balloon flight before. I’ve been around hot air balloons for several years but only had my balloon pilots license for just over two months. This would be the first time I had flown without my trusty crew. I don’t know what I was more excited about, the flying without any experienced crew, or the fucking of the new crew.

I’ve always loved to fly and got my private pilot’s license almost 20 years ago. One of the people who had learned to fly airplanes at the same time as I did, got a balloon eight years ago. Since I keep my eyes glued to the sky, I saw him flying on some of his first flights and tagged along. Show up a few times and don’t object to doing a little lifting and lugging and sweating and you get invited to be part of the crew.

I didn’t really love my first balloon flight, in fact it scared me to death. I felt like the basket got shorter for every foot we climbed. Strange feeling for a pilot to feel, but I was afraid of heights in that thing. At first I flew, when Bob invited me, because I didn’t want to look chicken in front of the rest of the crew.

Bob went on to get a commercial license four years ago, so that he could charge for the rides. He didn’t really want to make money, but recover his expenses. In balloons, a commercial license is also an instructors license and lets you teach other people to fly balloons.

Three years ago Bob and I had been tipping a glass after a flight and I admitted to him how I actually felt about flying balloons. I loved being around them, but didn’t feel comfortable flying in them. We started talking and Bob suggested that perhaps I would feel better about it if I was in control. He offered me a free flying lesson in exchange for all the help I’d provided over the years.

One lesson and I was hooked. Once I put my hands on the burners and the red line, the fear went away and I was in love with flying balloons. My only problem was that after a fresh divorce, I was out of money. Still I started looking for a used balloon.

After two years of financial recovery, I managed to buy a balloon and all the accessories. Bob, ever the friend, was my instructor. We were a little crazy about flying and got the time in pretty fast. Any good day when Bob didn’t have a paying ride, he took me up for a lesson. We flew on many a day when the weather was too bad to consider flying a passenger. We started in early April, when it was still cold and few people wanted to ride and I took my check ride in late June.

Here I was, the brand new private pilot. Which means that I can fly passengers, but I can’t charge them. I can ask that they pay for the fuel, but not for any of the other expenses. Being totally in love with flying, but too broke to fly like I wanted, the only solution was to get people to buy the propane in exchange for a ride. When the balloon envelope wore out, I’d be done. Plus it cost for the insurance and the chase vehicle but what the hell! I never could afford an airplane and this was pure flying!

So I gave rides in my flashy almost new Cameron Viva 77 to anyone willing to pay for about 25 gallons of propane. Finding riders didn’t prove to be much of a problem especially since Bob charged $165 per rider and I could ask no more than $40 for two people. Bob didn’t mind, he wasn’t really in the balloon ride business. After a few years of intense flying, he was a little burned out anyway. He still liked to fly, but he did have other things to do. His commercial prices worked well for him. It paid all the expenses and left him a slight profit and thinned his list so he didn’t have to fly quite so much. I, on the other hand, wanted to fly all the time and my low cost promoted the experience.

Bob sent me my first rider. Then word of mouth went from there. I had a long list of people who wanted a ride and were willing to pay for the propane but couldn’t afford $330 for Bob.

My biggest problem was crew. There were about six of us who had crewed for Bob and we pretty well shared them. Poor Bob, we both needed three or four crew dogs for each flight and since I flew on every good day, and my name was crossed off from his crew list, he had a crew problem. If we were both flying, we needed more people than we had names.

Whenever the weather was good, I got out my three lists. First I called the crew people and saw who I could round up, then I started at the top of the list of riders. If I managed to find four crew people, I called the list of people who wanted to ride but couldn’t help with the work. If I had less crew, I called riders from the list of those willing to help.

I managed to convince most of my riders that they had to help with the inflation and the packing. That worked O.K. most of the time. I got one of the experienced crew people and made them crew chief for the flight. I watched the Balloon during inflation, they watched the crew. All of them had been working with balloons for at least five years and I trusted them to know what to do and ataşehir escort to be able to instruct the new riders/helpers.

I got the first anonymous phone call in early August. It was a woman with one very sexy voice. She wanted to know if I gave “adult” flights. Being the sweet innocent man that I am, I told her that I seldom took young children and only with their parents. She then brought up the mile high club and I finally got the idea. I wasn’t exactly offended, but I didn’t think I really wanted to be flying 5,200 feet up while watching a couple writhe on the floor while I sweated the airplanes buzzing around.

We had several conversations after that. She never told me her name but each call became more descriptive. The second call suggested that I didn’t just have to watch. Not only would they fill my propane bottles but she would empty my personal bottles as well. Slightly more interesting to a divorced man, especially one who had been too consumed with flying balloons to date much. I was slower to turn her down on that second call.

I think she recognized a slight thaw in that second call. The third described some rather personal activities that she wouldn’t be averse to performing to and with me before, during and after a balloon flight. She had me hooked but still I had some concerns about the crew situation. She said she would be happy to provide some swinging friends to help. Now I knew that I couldn’t bring any of my old crew along! She was still a stranger to me and well I had a touch of hesitancy about it.

The fourth call suggested that perhaps I should come the day before and we could have dinner together, her, her husband and me and if we all got along, we could get errr ummmm acquainted that night and fly the next morning. I hadn’t had any errr ummmm in several months so how could I turn her down?

The final piece of the puzzle was that they weren’t from my home town. The 20 miles made it all work. At least my crew wouldn’t see me flying and wonder why they hadn’t been called. I didn’t know these people, but no one in that town would likely know me either.

I had handled this like any other flight. Friday morning dawned with some low broken clouds and high winds as the low pressure system slowly drifted to the east to be replaced by a high which would arrive over night and make for near perfect flying conditions in the morning.

Jody had, by then, given me her number and her name. At noon, I called her with the proposition that tonight would be perfect for dinner and tomorrow for flying. I didn’t expect an answer as soon as I called her. She had to have her schedule and her husbands open and be able to find at least two more able bodied friends to help. It was short notice.

She asked me if the four people had to be men. I told her another couple would work just fine so long as they could all lift and carry about 50 pounds. I’m not sure if I hoped she would be busy, or if I hoped it would work but I told her I needed to know by 3:00 so I could arrange another flight for tomorrow if they couldn’t do it.

Jody had called me back within 30 minutes. It was a go! She had another swinging couple to help and it was a perfect weekend. Her mother was taking the kids and they would be free for the weekend. She told me that I would really like the couple who would be helping us, especially Vicki, who could err ummmm with the best of them. I think I blushed a little at that. Jody suggested a place and time to meet and the day went on.

I’m not quite sure what I felt as I hitched up the trailer to the van after work and headed out. I know I was breathing heavily as I headed down the road. I know I was nervous but I’m not quite sure if it was about meeting these strangers or because I was anxious to err ummmm. Maybe I was nervous about the flying, but that was tomorrow. I surely had never had sex with a woman when someone else was there, let alone her husband. She had told me he was fine with it all but I found that hard to believe. I was going to be 20 minutes early for the 7:00 dinner date.

I always hate waiting for someone I don’t know at a restraunt and I had absolutely no idea what these people looked like, or them me. They knew what my trailer looked like and would find me. I could only hope that she didn’t take one look at me and run to leave me there like a fool.

By 7:05 I was feeling really insecure when the couple approached my van. I watched them and hoped it was them, but they wouldn’t be the first couple to check out the balloon trailer in the last 25 minutes.

The woman was a truly beautiful, petite blond with a really great figure. That was obvious because she was wearing tight jeans and a T shirt that clung to her figure. The man was also dressed in jeans and a T shirt but while I’m not much of a judge of men, I knew he was better looking than I.

The couple didn’t approach the trailer, but the van. The pretty blond smiled at me as they came up to the window. avcılar anal yapan escort “You must be Gary.” The smile on that beautiful woman took the starch out of my knees and moved it to my crotch. Suddenly, I didn’t care about her husband. I wanted to err ummmm with her!

I was wondering at this point if such a sexy woman would find a plain old man like me interesting enough to share some err ummmm with me or perhaps be interested in flying enough to trade some err ummmm with me for the flight.

Jody was in her early 30’s while I was a decade and a half older. The girl definitely took my breath away.

It wasn’t long before we were seated in the restaurant eating a fine steak dinner and talking about balloons and weather and life in general. About half way through the meal I felt a bare foot stretch under the table and toes begin to massage my leg and then move slowly to the bulge in my pants. Her toes worked up and down my erection. Our eyes locked and I saw an invitation in Jody’s look.

“Honey, I think this boy needs to finish his dinner and move this discussion home.” Her tone was throaty and sexy. She beamed that smile at me. I watched Allen’s face. He had a bemused smile on his lips. I guess that meant that not only did he know what we were up to, but he had no objections. I certainly didn’t object to the ministrations of her toes. I wolfed the last of my food.

“Hun, I think I’ll ride with Gary and make sure he doesn’t get lost.”

Allen smiled at me. “Watch her on the way home. Sometimes she gets carried away and we do want to make sure she doesn’t suck any parts off your body.” He smiled a mischievous grin at me.

“I promise not to bite and rumors of my sucking ability are slightly over rated. I might suck something out of you, but I won’t suck anything off of you. I promise not to hurt.”

“You two run along. I’ll be home in a few minutes and Gary, feel free to get started with Jody before I get there.”

I opened the van door for her and she was on her cell phone before I got in the drivers door. “Vickie, he’s a cutie. You just have to come over and meet him tonight. Besides, Allen would just love to fuck you ….. Great I’ll see you in a bit. I gotta go. I have a strange cock to suck.”

I felt lots of feelings rush through me right then. I’d never heard anyone talk like that before and a rush of heat flowed through me. I also felt a wave of raw sexuality. This beautiful woman wanted to suck my cock! I could hardly believe my good luck! Damn! I wanted this girl!

Driving a van with a trailer isn’t easy under normal conditions, but when you find a beautiful woman making you wiggle so that she can unzip your pants, is a dangerous proposition. The only thing worse is trying to concentrate on driving while you want to look down and watch a beautiful woman’s sensual lips sliding over your cock. Every once in a while, Jody would look up to see where we were and provide directions, then make her way back down onto my throbbing penis.

They lived a ways out in the country, so once we arrived, I wasn’t too dismayed to have Jody lead me out of the van by dragging me by the cock. I didn’t even protest and followed the beautiful woman easily.

The door had hardly closed when she closed on me and her lips met mine. Our tongues dueled as we kissed and then she led me up the stairs to her bedroom. We were naked in a flash!

I pulled her to me and began to kiss her neck. My fingers roamed over her body, cupping a breast before my lips moved to suck her nipple into my mouth. Damn! She had such beautiful round full firm breasts. I don’t know who gasped the loudest, her or me. We both let out a moan when my fingers found her wet pussy. Her hand grasped my cock and pulled me toward the bed. My eyes locked on hers. I saw the desire in her eyes.

She lay on the bed and my eyes took in the beauty of this girl. My lips met hers in another passionate kiss before again wandering down her body. I sucked each nipple and then kissed lower. My tongue ran circles around her belly button and then I kissed lower still.

I kissed her pussy softly, teasingly before kissing down her left leg to her knee and then back up her leg, bypassing her pussy and kissing down the other leg. As I came back up, her hands reached out for my head and pulled me to her center.

My tongue reached out for her pussy. I found her hard clit and slowly licked over it. My senses locked into her body. I listened to her breathing, tuned in to the slightest movement of her hips and her head. My eyes looked past her heaving breasts to her face as my tongue sought to pleasure her. Softly I licked from her pussy to her clit and put pressure on her love button before flipping over it and then softly licking it.

I listened to her moans and her breathing. I felt her hips thrust against my face, bucking in passion. I held my face tight as a finger stroked into her and another reached for her nipple, avcılar bdsm escort playing with a breast and then lightly pinching the nipple. She gasped and shuddered in orgasm. I kept up my ministrations until her hands reached for my head again and pulled me up her body.

I kissed her skin as my head yielded to the pressure of her hands. I kissed her belly button and then her breasts before my lips met hers and she sucked her juices off my face as her hand reached for my cock and guided it to the entrance of her being.

I felt her warm liquid lips beckoning to my manhood and I slowly pushed into her, feeling the warmth of her envelope my cock. I went in slowly, luxuriating to the feel of her pussy. I stopped when I was fully into her and kissed her lips. Her hips were moving and I began to match the way she moved, stroking faster as her passion built.

I pushed myself away from her lips and looked into her eyes as my cock slammed into her. It had been so long for me, but I tried to hold out for her. She threw her head back and bucked into me hard with her hips as I met her thrusts. I listened to her breathing turn to gasps and her pussy constrict in spasms around my cock. Knowing that she was cumming pushed me over the edge. I sucked in air deeply and thrust into her to my full length and then stopped as the waves built inside me. My eyes rolled closed in pleasure.

It felt as if my soul was surging to my cock and trying to escape to become one with her in that moment. My body convulsed as the first explosion burst from my dick, blasting into her. I pulled back and rammed into her as each explosion racked my body. I opened my eyes and looked into a beautiful smiling woman’s face.

I had been consumed with her pleasure but I lost track of her as my own passion surged through me. I had been so consumed with my release that I had not seen her face as she came but as consciousness slowly returned to my being, I saw the just fucked look on her face and knew that I had pleasured her.

Her eyes twinkled and she pulled me to her. “Wow! That was incredible!”, was all she said.

I smiled back at her. “Damn girl, you are good!”

For the first time I was aware of Allen. I don’t know how long he had been watching but he spoke from the doorway to the bedroom. “You two looked awesome! Was he good for you, Honey”

“Damn Allen, you have NO idea how good he was.” I felt a wave of pride wash over me and I smiled as I collapsed beside her.

I felt a touch of panic as Allen came to the bedside, but I need not have worried. He smiled at me and kissed his wife deeply.

We talked easily for a while and I relaxed in this position. I had thought that Allen would pounce on her but he kept his clothes on and we just talked of normal things. Jody was still excited by the prospect of the mornings balloon flight. It seemed natural that Jody and I were naked together. I couldn’t help stealing an occasional look at this woman’s sexy body. Her flat stomach, the curve of her hips, the soft mound of her pussy and most of all the large swell of her breasts with the perfect dark pink nipples. I couldn’t help feeling a slight return of my desire.

It was not long, perhaps 15 minutes later that the doorbell rang. Alan sprung up to get it and Jody smiled at me. “Guess we should go meet our guests. Or should we call them your new crew?” She said to me.

I watched her as she rose from the bed, the wonder of her nakedness stirring me. She surprised me as she headed for the door without attempting to get dressed. She stopped at the door and looked impatiently at me as I searched frantically for my discarded clothing.

She chuckled. “Don’t worry about your clothes, lover boy. Vicki and Tom have both seen naked people before. Besides, If you put your clothes back on, you’ll just have to take them off in a few minutes anyway.” Her words didn’t sway me, but she came back to me and smiled and then put her arm around my waist. I became putty in her hands and followed her naked down the steps.

Tom and Vicki were talking to Allen and looked up to acknowledge Jody and I. They didn’t seem to notice our nudity at all, at least they didn’t react to it. It seemed surreal to me that Tom came up and shook my hand, just as normally as if it were an introduction at the office. Vicki gave the naked Jody a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Tom was a pleasant man with a friendly manner. He had a look that just put you at ease. Vicki was stunning and a real contrast to Jody. Jody had shoulder length shimmering pale blond hair while Vicki had chestnut hair that came to the middle of her back. Vicki was several inches taller than Jody but with the same trim waist. Vicki’s breasts were not nearly as large as Jody’s but still made impressive lumps in her shirt. There was the same sparkle in Vicki’s brown eyes that shown in Jody’s blue eyes. The two women’s eyes locked and exchanged something I couldn’t read between them.

Jody pushed me by the waist to Vicki and I self consciously extended my hand. Vicki’s eyes locked on mine and then she ducked inside the outstretched hand and put her arm around me and brought her lips to mine. We exchanged a soft introductory kiss as I felt myself stiffen. I was blushing as we parted but Vicki had noticed my reaction and she was smiling from ear to ear.

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