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Their lips sticky as the remains of the cum coats them, she kisses the woman deeply and tenderly. The eggs vibrating together maintaining a ever-growing sphere of warmth and excitement. Without words, their legs entwine and they rub against each other.

The woman behind her had separated from her at some point and she becomes aware of an emptiness where she had recently been stuffed. Her friend’s hands, unlike her own, are free to move and they caress her body as they continue their embrace.

With a final buss, the woman leaves her after rolling her onto her back. She lays in silence for a minute as bodies rearrange themselves about her and, with a groan of regret, the egg is tugged out of her sex. Aware of their proximity but left alone on her own island of the bed, she listens again to the sounds that reveal the actions about her.

Sucking sounds, she’s sure of that and she holds her breath to try to gain further insight. A sigh, male voice, to the left; then another from the right. Wet noises, smashing of lips, someone spitting followed by what can only be a hand jerking a cock.

Moans urging them on, she hears a cough, no a choked-off gag. Her mind’s eye sees both men laying like her, on their backs. The two women’s head’s bobbing up and down as they bring them back to fullness.

Movements on the left, a body brushes against her. Skin on skin close by along with the rustling of the sheets as the bodies align. Then the slow but unmistakable rhythm of fucking.

Soon they couple to her right are fucking as well. Her ears receiving a stereophonic playing not quite in sync and with varying levels of vigor but the actions clear though unseen.

Every so often, the couplings are subject to a variation and she is then treated to a kiss from one of the partners. Sometimes the lips full and soft, others times firmer and intrinsically harder, rougher. Once she was treated to a wet cock instead of lips but a hiss quickly put an end to that.

Finally, she hears the first man cum. He announces it with grunts and chopped words and soon he is cooing as he lets loose. Finished, esat escort he is told to go to the couch and the other man summoned.

Both he and the other woman move to her but, from the sound of it, he has changed partners and his cock is pounding away at her sloppy pussy. It doesn’t take him much longer and the sound of cumming, and dismissal, is repeated.

As soon as he is off the bed, she senses then smells a body above her. A moment passes and a very wet pussy is lowered to her mouth. She jams her tongue into it and immediately tastes the cum dripping from it.

Her face is pinned down by the sloppy cunt and she sucks and licks at it as best she can. A series of tensing assists the cum in exiting the woman’s pussy and her mouth. She greedily sucks and swallows it as it does, using her tongue to check for more once the flow stops.

Laying face-up with her head held firmly, the woman rocks her hips and rubs her pussy upon her face, making it wet and shiny both the exposed mouth and the chin and nose covered by the hood. This brings the woman to her climax and she floods her face with new cum. Cum that is licked and sucked and swallowed.

The woman rises up a couple of inches and looks down.

“Open,” said quietly as she once again plants her pussy down. She barely had time to comply and finds her mouth filling with hot piss. Once again sucking and swallowing, washing the cum down with this golden liquid.

With a growl of contentment, the woman moves off her. Her face is touched by a hand that found its way under the hem of the hood, and then lips kiss her. As the kiss continues, the woman’s hand slides down and finds her throbbing clit. Rubbing her quickly and surely, her orgasmic cry is smothered with a long deep kiss that manages to increase the intensity of her release.

Collapsing back onto the bed, she sucks in large gulps of air and allows her body to continue its release. The hand at her clit stops its manipulations and she feels the chill of the air as it finds her warmed flesh.

The bed etimesgut escort tilts and shifts in response to movements beside her. With her legs open, the first slap upon her very tender clit makes her jump and cry out. New pain as fingers dig in at her kneecaps, pulling and holding her spread open.

The next slap is harder than the first and she squirms on the bed with flashes popping before her covered eyes. There’s a pause and she again tries to recover her senses.

“Oh, I think she liked that. Looks how her bald cunt is pink already.”

More flashes as she is struck again and again. A deep blush raises the heat within the hood while another heat is stoked into her sex. The hand pauses to rub her then lashes out to strike her again, and again, and again.

She is screaming out but the pussy slapping continues. A sob tears her voice and, just as surprising as the first attack on her pussy, her eyes pop out as an orgasm racks her body. The change in her is noticed immediately and her pussy beat even harder to help her cum.

The fire between her legs burns hot and bright even though the hand has stopped. A soft click, a wet and cold spray over her mound and the weight about her shifts again as the hands gripping her knees let go.

A new weight is upon her and her feels the hardness rubbing up and down, back and forward on her slick mound. The man fucking her without entering and she moves with him, lifting and pushing up as he slides forward and back.

She humps and grinds, fucking like mad on the cock agonizingly outside of her, trying to get it to rub against her clit. His balls brush against her now and then and she finds that she has somehow wrapped her legs around his hips.

A grunt, another, and he freezes. A hot ribbon of cum painted on her belly tells her that he has reached his climax just as he rolls off her. A hand moves up the trail and smears the cum; no not smearing it, collecting it. The fingers thrust into her mouth, sticky and salty and gooey.

Sucking and swallowing, she almost etlik escort bites them as she is pussy slapped again. Reheated quickly before another spray of lube and another hard cock uses her mound to complete another jerk-off on her body. This ribbon was left to cool and harden on her belly.

Pushed sideways, the binds holding her arms are released and removed. She is lifted to a sitting then standing position, a hand gripping her by the throat, hot breath on her neck.

“So far you’ve been a good bitch. Try to keep it up.”

The hand tightens about her neck and a whiz of air behind her announces the paddle before it catches her ass. One, two, three. The thuds heavy and dull and her knees wobble.

“Don’t you fall. Don’t you dare fall.”

The grip cutting off her air. Four, five… And she moans in pain and agony, fighting to stay erect, a new fire surrounding the raw burn of her asshole.

Fearing that she will topple, relief floods her mind and her arms are lifted up. Her fingers find and grasp a bar just as rope or a strap circle her wrists, tying her to it. A kick and one leg is levered out to the side, another and she is spread wide with the tether holding her hands giving enough but not too far.

Steps on the hard floor and a whistle from the left. The leather whip striking her breast, then the other. Heels clicking, then the whip bites from another angle over her hip and half her right ass cheek. More clicks and the whistle becomes constant, interrupted only as the arc meets her body. Her torso and pussy and ass all fair game for the whip.

“Uhhhh, uhhhh, uhhhhh,” uttered in response to a series of blows on one breast. Each strike harder than the one preceding it. Repeated again as the other receives the same treatment.

“Uhhh, ohhh, ummm, ooouchhhh..,” the blows shifting to her mound and left leg.

As her breasts are struck again, she can’t help but twist and squirm and the blows are repeated with renewed vigor and strength. With no let up until she is gasping and hanging from the rope above her. Her body covered with a series of searing rivers born of the whip.

Limp, she bends at the waist as the rope is cranked down several feet. The heels click again from behind and hands take hold of her by the hips. The slick dildo slipping deep up her ass before she is again fucked by it. The strap on used with a vengeance by the woman obviously worked up by the exertion of whipping her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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