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Tom Farmer stood up and looked over the assembled group. He saw 8 of his Kappa Sigma brothers all wearing the required uniform of jeans and the official frat shirts. “Not a bad turnout for Spring Break Week,” he thought to himself. He looked at the 9 sisters of Beta Delta and was pleased at the costume they wore. All of them wore short black skirts and the white tank tops with the green Greek letters of their sorority on the front. He cleared his throat and waved to Sally, their sorority president, to get her to come up front and join him.

As she got there he raised his hands. “Okay guys. All quiet on the western front,” he said with a smile.

After he had everyone’s attention he continued. “Okay. Welcome to the annual Kappa Sigma-Beta Delta Scavenger Hunt.” After the applause and yells quieted down he started over. “Each of the teams is being handed an envelope. Inside each envelope is a list of ten items each team must obtain. Each team has a different list but both Sally and I have agreed that even though the lists are different each list is approximately the same degree of difficulty.” He smiled broadly. “Hopefully no one will get arrested this year.”

“Remember the rules. All items must be brought back to the house. Team members are not required to stay together, but both of you must return to the house before the team is considered to be done. Where and how you get the items does not concern me, but you are responsible for any problems that crop up. Is everyone clear?”

Everyone in the crowd nodded their heads. Sally looked at them all and smiled. “Everyone knows what the stakes are, right? The winning house is the one with the team who arrives back first with every item on the list. You will be disqualified and put on the loser list if you bring back an incomplete list or the wrong item. The house that wins gets the trophy to hold until next year. And the losing house has to strip, in public, and give their underwear to the winning house. After that the losers have to remain naked for the rest of the night. As a team prize the last team to arrive must be the party slaves for the winners. If the winning team is the same sex as the last team, the last team will be the slaves of the first opposite sex team to return with a completed list.”

The noise of the cheers from the hunters drowned her out. When things settled down a little she started again. “Does anyone want to back out? This is your last chance.”

She waited a moment and then said with a wicked smile on her face. “Then the teams may open their envelopes and begin. Good luck, Sisters.”

The sound of tearing envelopes was accompanied by the occasional groan or giggle as the teams looked over their lists. Within five minutes, Tom and Sally stood alone in the lobby of the frat house. She smiled as she walked over to him and gave him a long kiss. “How long do you think it will be before someone gets back?” she asked.

Tom kissed her and ran a hand over her breast. “At least two hours.”

“Shall we go upstairs then?”

“Why wait that long?” he asked as he pulled her shirt out of her skirt.

Sally took him by the hand and walked over to one of the couches. As she sat down and leaned back, Tom knelt between her legs. He reached up and slowly pulled her panties down and off, tossing them into the chair beside them. She reached out and rubbed her hands through his hair, encouraging him to move in closer. He kissed her softly on the inside of her thighs and then lifted her shirt, kissing the exposed skin of her belly as he raised it higher, eventually removing it and tossing it onto the chair with the panties. She moaned as he kissed higher, eventually taking a nipple into his mouth. He ran his tongue over the hardening nipple as his hand twirled the other one, moving back and forth between them until Sally was making soft purring sounds and beginning to writhe under him. As he pushed his hand up her thigh and under her skirt he could feel the heat coming from her. As his hand found his target the moisture and the scent she was giving off overpowered him.

Sally’s hands began to unzip Tom’s jeans and she reached in to stroke him. He broke from their kisses long enough to push his jeans and briefs down around his ankles and allowed her complete access to his cock. As he felt the climax building he pulled away and began kissing her breasts and belly. He started tugging on her skirt and she raised her hips so that he could slide it off. Removing his own shirt, he knelt on the floor in front of her and spread her legs, moving his mouth higher and higher on her thighs until she could feel his breath working its way into her center. He teased her slit with his tongue and continued ataköy türbanlı escort kissing her all around the trimmed areas of her mound. Sally started to move her head from side to side and pushed his head into her. He used his fingers to open her up and began to lick slowly from bottom to top, first concentrating on one side and then the other. He teased her opening with a finger as he licked her hardening bud, never actually penetrating her. As he continued to tease he felt her come, her legs crushing around his ears and her pussy quivering with pleasure.

When she relaxed he climbed above her, allowing just the tip of his cock to tease her clit. She reached down and guided him to her opening. “Now,” she said as he slipped inside her wetness. He slid in very slowly, a long “Oh” escaping from him as he entered. With agonizing slowness he entered her to the hilt and slid back out, leaving only the smallest tip inside of her. He continued to slowly move in and out until he was completely covered with her moisture. As he pulled out completely, Sally wrapped her arms and legs around him, letting him know that she wasn’t ready for him to leave yet. “I want you to taste yourself on me,” he said as he climbed up and placed a leg on each side of her head.

With a smile she lifted her tongue to his hardness and began to lick, slowly up one side then down the other. As she reached underneath to massage his balls and the sensitive area right behind them she began licking that magical spot under his glans. She felt his hardness become complete and his balls pulled up tightly to his body as he came, spurting onto her shoulder and the couch behind her head. As he started to soften she began to lick him clean and was rewarded with him quivering back into an erection. “My turn,” she said as she pushed him back. He lay back on the couch and Sally crawled up his legs, dragging her breasts over his cock as she climbed. She positioned herself over him, stroked him a few times until he was ready again, and slowly lowered her body onto his. He slid inside easily, their mixing fluids dripping onto the couch. She raised and lowered herself, gradually picking up speed and energy as she began to finger her clit. She came quickly, a loud moan exploding from her lips. She fell onto his chest, and they kissed passionately, tongues exploring the mouth of the other, until he softened enough to fall out of her.

“As much as I hate to say this, we should probably take a shower before anyone comes back,” Tom said as they lay there with their arms and legs wrapped around each other. “I really don’t want to get up yet, but the first team could be back soon.”

“Would it be a big deal if someone did walk in right now?” she asked.

“I guess not. But I just prefer a little privacy in my love life.”

“Spoil sport,” she said as they began to get up.

By midnight all of the teams had returned, each dropping their duffel bags on the floor of the house basement. Tom raised his hands to get their attention. “Okay. Are their any teams who did not complete their lists?” Two of the sorority teams and one frat team raised their hands. Tom looked over his time sheet and smiled. “Of these three teams, Mark and Joe were the last to arrive back here. Sorry guys, but you are the losers.”

A cheer went up through the sorority teams. Comments of “Come over here slave-boy” were mixed with the jeers of the frat teams. “The first team back was Tammi and Sabrina. Ladies, pull everything out of your duffel and show it to us. If the judges throw anything out, we go to the second team. The first team with a complete list wins.”

Sabrina and Tammi walked to the front of the room with their bag. Sabrina reached into her shirt and pulled out her list, accompanied by cheers from the guys. “Alright. Here’s the list,” she said as Tammi began rummaging around in the bag. “Item 1: a pair of men’s underwear, size 48,” Sabrina said as Tammi pulled it out. “Item 2: A license plate from a University truck. Item 3: a copy of June’s Playboy magazine. Item 4: a banana with a condom on it.” Sabrina laughed loudly. “This one was the hardest to get. Item 5: a bottle of. . .”

“Hold it,” Sally said. “Ladies, I hate to bring the bad news, especially since you’re one of our teams. But you’re disqualified.”

Sabrina and Tammi looked over at her. “Why?”

“Look at the date on the Playboy,” Sally replied.

Sabrina took the magazine from her and looked at the date. “Damnit!” she yelled as she threw it at Tammi. “You got the wrong month.”

“Sorry girls. The second team back was Mike and Chase,” Tom said.

“Alright,” the two men said as they high fived ataköy ucuz escort and walked to the front with their bag. “I’ll read them out in the order of the list rather that the order we got them in. Item 1,” Chase said as he pulled the list from his pocket. “A Polaroid camera. We actually had to break down and buy one. This was the first item we got since the stores were all closing at 9:00. I hope whoever made this list is happy. Item 2: a bottle of scotch. Item 3: a pair of black crotchless panties.” Chase smiled as Mike lifted them to his nose and parodied taking a big sniff. “And you’ll never guess whose drawer over in your house we got them from, ladies. Item 4: a swimsuit from the girl’s swim team locker room. Item 5: a vibrator. That one was in the same drawer as the panties.” He smiled at a group of girls standing in front. “You know who you are and you can see me during the party if you want to negotiate a price to get it back. Item 6: a copy of an intro biology textbook. Item 7: a drumstick. We didn’t know which kind you wanted, so we swiped one from the music building and then hit KFC for a snack. Item 8: a copy of a police report form. Item 9: a lock of snipped pubic hair and a certificate of authenticity from the lady who, uh, donated it to us.” Chase laughed. “This last one was the toughest so we went after it right after the trip to Wal-Mart. We were supposed to get a picture of a man and a woman having sex. So we ran from computer lab to computer lab all over campus trying to find one that was open so that we could print one off of the Internet. None of them were open. Then Mike had the idea of using his laptop here at the house. As we were coming back here we got lucky. We spotted two people fucking and, well, we happened to have a camera with us, so we pulled it out and started taking pictures. We didn’t use the flash because we didn’t want them to spot us, so the pictures are a little dark. Mike, show everyone.”

Mike reached into the bag and pulled out five Polaroid photos which he tossed into the crowd. “I think,” Chase said, “that if you look closely you can see bodies and some, uh, specific body parts.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out one photo. “But this one is the best,” he said as he tossed it out.

“Oh my God, “said the sister who caught it. “Damn Tom, you certainly have a big dick.” She held the photo up so that everyone could see Tom’s cock clearly as it entered Sally’s mouth. Tom’s mouth just dropped open with surprise as Sally hit him on the arm. “I told you we should have gone upstairs,” she said with a laugh. “I guess our secret’s out.”

“You’re not upset?” Tom asked.

She shook her head. “No. With all the places we’ve done that in someone would have caught us sooner or later.” She looked out at the crowd. “It seems that we have a winner. Sisters, you know the rules. I need the panties from each of you. Time for the show. Gentlemen, each of you will please take a seat.”

The men all walked to the chairs and old sofas around the edges of the room and sat down while the women gathered in the center. Tom started the stereo and, one by one, all of the women stripped for the guys. After each was done, she would walk over and drop her panties in front of one of the guys. Sally was the last to go. When she was nude, she opened up the duffel she had brought with her and pulled out an old battered keg tap and walked around the room gathering up the panties on the floor, leaning over with straight knees and wiggling a little to give a show to the guys. She ended up standing in front of Tom.

“As the President of Beta Delta Sorority, it is my duty to present to you the trophies for the Annual Scavenger Hunt,” she said as she handed the tap and the panties to Tom. “Wait ’till next year.”

Tom held them up over his head to the cheers of the men. He looked through the pile of panties and put one pair into his pocket. The others he handed out randomly to his frat brothers. “Let the party commence!” he shouted over their cheers.

“Hey wait a minute. What about our prize?” Sally said. “We get a couple of slave boys for the night, remember?”

“Mark, Joe. Front and center!” Tom shouted. He pulled the time sheet out of his pocket. “When we scratch off the first disqualified team, we get Linda and Beth. Where are you?”

Linda and Beth walked over to where he was standing. “Ladies, may I present you with your consolation prize? Mark and Joe are here to do your bidding for the rest of the evening. Release them at dawn, but until then they must do anything you say. Have fun.”

“You bet we will,” Linda said as she pointed to Joe. “You. Over here.” As he walked over she unzipped ataköy üniversiteli escort his pants and pulled out his cock. “Yeah,” she said. “You’ll do,” she said as she began stroking him into complete hardness. When he was fully erect she let go of him. “Strip and come with me.” She walked over to a couch and said down.

A huge smile grew on Joe’s face. “Yes, ma’am,” he said as he pulled his shirt off and walked behind her. The partygoers all gathered around the couch. Someone started chanting “Eat her” and the crowd picked up the call. Tom pulled two beers from the keg and joined Sally at the front of the audience. As he handed her a beer he saw Joe diving into Linda’s pussy with his tongue. He leaned over so that he could talk over the noise.

“You’re really not mad about the picture?” he asked.

She shook her head. “I was planning on going down on you tonight here at the party tonight anyway. Face it. If you guys were the naked ones sooner or later being nude in front of all these women would have gotten you hard. I planned on helping you out when that happened. I figured that if it was me who was nude, sooner or later someone would start something and I could get you alone on a couch.”

“Are you wet now?”

She took his hand in hers and placed it between her legs. As he felt her wetness she sighed heavily. “What do you think?”

“I never knew that the love of my life was into public sex.”

“Neither did she. And those better be my panties in your pocket.”

He pulled them out and handed them to her. “Want them back?”

She shook her head. “Keep them. A trophy of the night.”

They turned and watched Joe going down on Linda. She was pushing his head into her sex with her hands as he licked her. Someone started chanting “Come, come, come” and Linda exploded, her juices running down Joe’s chin. Tom looked around and noticed that most of the guys had a hand on a girl somewhere. Breasts were being fondled, asses were rubbed, and one woman was on her knees stroking a hard cock with both hands. Joe stood up and raised his arms above his head as Linda reached out and grabbed him. “You’re not done yet. Get back here,” she said as she pulled him on top of her.

Tom and Sally left the group and sat on one of the sofas. She curled up and leaned into his arm. “So what’s different tonight? You guys lost two years ago too but it didn’t turn into an orgy. And it certainly didn’t happen last year.”

“Probably because you and I got caught,” she said. “Last year there was a lot of minor molesting going on, but no one was brave enough to make the first open move. This year the party started with Chase pulling out that picture of us. And then Linda took charge and whipped out Joe’s dick. It won’t be long before everyone here is getting it on with someone.”

“Were you really going to give me a public blow job tonight?” he asked.

In response she reached down and began stroking his already hard cock. “It seems likely,” she said. She twisted around and began to unzip his pants. After she pulled them off, she folded up his briefs and placed them on the floor beside her. “My trophy,” she said as she slid them under the couch.

As her mouth closed around his shaft, Tom leaned back and closed his eyes. She began pumping her fist around the shaft and licking the head of his cock, swirling her tongue around the hole and the ridge. Finally she took the whole length of him in her mouth and began pumping her head furiously, moving faster and faster as he came into her mouth. Using her tongue and an old towel she found nearby, Sally cleaned him and then snuggled back under his arm.

Tom looked around and saw two couples in a missionary position, one with the woman bent over the back of a chair getting it from two guys who kept trading places, and a three-way of two girls and one guy. Linda was getting her ass pounded by Joe. Everyone else was fondling and stroking whatever opposite sex body parts they could reach.



“Have I told you lately that you are the greatest woman I’ve ever met and that I love you?”

“Not in the last few hours. You were too busy fucking me silly.”

“Well you are and I do.”

“Better not say ‘I do” too much or I’ll hold you to it.”

“Are you serious?”

She looked into his eyes and nodded her head. He leaned over and kissed her softly. “I know that this really isn’t the time or place I had in mind, but will you marry me?”

Her eyes teared up as she nodded yes. “But you can’t have any other women tonight.” She laughed softly and shook her head. “Most women get a ring when they get engaged. I get an orgy.” She looked at him seriously for a moment. “If you’re asking me to marry you tonight then I get you all to myself.”

“Okay. But what about tomorrow night?” he said with an evil grin.

“We’ll talk about that later,” she said as she squeezed his balls a little harder than usual.

“Okay. But what are we going to tell our kids about how we got engaged?” he asked.

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