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Jack was staying with his friend Dee. During dinner some unexpected guests arrived – Dee’s parents and her eldest niece, Katie.

Jack couldn’t help noticing that Katie was growing up fast. Her hips had filled out slightly. More noticeable though was her cleavage which had filled out in a delicious way. Jack thought that her chest must be at least a C cup, which looked fantastic on her slim 18 year old body. Her washboard stomach was on view, peeping from under a cropped top she was wearing.

Dee’s parents explained that Katie had wanted to come and stay with Dee that night before they all went to visit more relatives the day after. Dee said “well we have a house full now, but we’ll find somewhere for Katie to sleep.” With that Dee’s parents departed.

Katie sat down at the dinner table opposite Jack and smiled at him. “When I heard you were going to be here Jack I thought you could tell me more about growing up with Auntie.”

“Yes, I can tell you about how we used to play with each other.” Katie’s cheeks reddened as she remembered asking that question of Dee and Jack innocently the year before.

“You blush most beautifully Katie,” said Jack. “In fact you’re turning into a beautiful girl.” Katie blushed again but suddenly realised that she wanted to be with Jack alone. Her aunt had described how she and Jack used to talk and touch each other when they were alone.

The evening passed quickly as the wine flowed; Dee allowed Katie to have two glasses as well. Katie felt very relaxed and did not notice that her top had slipped a little revealing her black bra strap.

Jack however did notice and couldn’t help imagining running his fingers over the black satin, as he used to with Dee. He had learnt with Dee how to make foreplay into an event in itself.

He was imagining having the same fun with Katie. Unknown to him Katie had exactly the same thoughts.

She was curious about her body and how it would react in a sexual encounter.

Making coffee in the kitchen Katie asked Dee about growing up. Dee told her that Jack used to turn her on with his gentle touches all over her body.

“He used to drive me crazy because he never touched my nipples and even when he used to rub my feet and thighs he never touched my panties.”

Katie started to wonder if she could somehow learn firsthand from Jack.

As they started to think about going to bed Dee said “Katie, you’ll have to sleep on the couch because the children are already in bed and Jack has the spare room.” Katie suddenly remembered the mattress under the bed in the spare room and said “There is that mattress under the spare bed. If we drag it out I can sleep on that”.

Dee said “Yes, now where should we put it?”

Katie said “Why not just leave it at the foot of the spare bed. I promise not to disturb Jack; I’m a very quiet sleeper.”

Dee was doubtful about whether this was proper but Katie said “I’ll stay dressed because I’m leaving early tomorrow anyway”. At this Dee relented, mainly because she was tired but also because she trusted Jack, even though her husband was away on business.

“OK just this once. Soon we’ll get another bed for the spare bedroom.”

Jack antalya escort had been in the en suite bathroom so had not heard any of this exchange. As he came out Of the bathroom wearing only his boxer shorts he found Katie crawling under the bed to pull out a mattress from underneath. He stood for a second admiring her pert backside. “Katie what are you doing in here?” he asked.

“Dee said I should get this mattress out and sleep on it tonight. She said it would be OK to sleep on the floor in here. Do you mind?” Katie asked with a shy smile.

Jack shook his head as rude thoughts started to run through his mind. He moved quickly to get into bed so Katie wouldn’t see his cock growing inside his boxers.

Katie went to the bathroom and Jack heard her flushing the toilet. She came out into the bedroom and asked to borrow some toothpaste. Jack said “sure” while trying not to stare at her beautiful breasts.

“OK” said Katie and wandered back into the bathroom. Jack noticed that she hadn’t bothered refastening the button of her jeans and from what he could see she appeared be wearing a black satin thong. “I’d love to see more of that” he thought.

Katie came out from the bathroom and leaned over Jack to kiss him goodnight. She smelled of mint and went to kiss Jack on the cheek, but he turned his face just as she leant towards him, so she ended up kissing his lips.

She pulled away amazed by the electric feeling that ran through her body. She leaned over again and kissed him.

Jack said “Katie, what are you doing?” Katie replied “Auntie told me that you used to kiss her and touch her when you were growing up. I wanted to learn about boys from someone older and I thought you could teach me about things. After all she trusts you so I think I can too.”

Jack started to wonder how this night was going to turn out, but said to Katie “If you want I could touch you like I used to touch her, but you must not tell her. If you turn the main light out I’ll put the side lamp on and you can snuggle up in my bed; rather than sleeping on the floor”.

With that Katie walked over to the door, turned off the light and turned back to face Jack. “How do you want me?” she asked suggestively.

“Well I think maybe you’ll be more comfortable without your jeans on.” he replied, with a cheeky grin.

Katie looked unsure, as she thought how revealing her skimpy black panties were. Eventually curiosity overcame her and she unzipped her jeans and slid them down. Jack’s cock got harder still as she stood up straight and he saw the outline of her mound for the first time.

Katie slipped into bed beside Jack, laid there not moving, just facing him with a smile on her face. “You’re going to get me in trouble I can tell” said Jack.

Katie replied “Well so long as you don’t get me in trouble. I’ve never slept in the same bed as a man, except for my Dad”.

“I’m not going to do anything that makes you uncomfortable” said Jack. “We can start by just cuddling together and see how things go on from there”.

With that Katie snuggled up against Jack’s chest. He could feel her breathing fast as her twin peaks pushed into his chest. Jon said kepez escort to Katie “Why don’t you face away from me and snuggle up against me”.

Katie turned and pushed her barely clad butt towards Jack and his hard cock nestled between her cheeks. “Oh Jack – are you sure you’re comfortable, because you seem to have something hard in your pants?” Katie asked suggestively. Although she was only 18 she knew about reproduction from school.

“I’ll survive” said Jack, savouring the moment. He started to run his fingers along Katie’s arm. After a minute he allowed his fingers to run over Katie’s shoulder and down along her bra strap. He circled his fingers around the black satin making ever smaller circles until he could feel Katie’s hard nipple. Katie gasped as she started to feel excited. “Oh Jack – but Dee said you never touched her there.”

“Well I didn’t, but I was younger then and I thought you wanted to learn about what men do?”

With that Katie turned her head and kissed Jack to show her assent. As they kissed Jack slipped his finger under her bra strap and pulled it, along with her cropped top, off her shoulder. Then he carried on caressing Katie’s breast with his fingers.

Gradually he moved his fingertips lower and lower across Katie’s breast until her entire breast was exposed. Katie was turned on and she could feel the heat between her legs.

Katie wanted Jack to go further so she put her hands down and pulled her cropped top off over her head. Jack took the opportunity to unsnap Katie’s bra. “Well I might as well take this off too Jack, since you’re being so forward!” Katie said in what she hoped was a sexy voice.

With her breasts revealed to Jack in the dim lamplight Katie laid back on the bed with her arms above her head. Jack thought to himself how beautiful her nipples were.

Jack leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth. Katie parted her lips and Jack slid his tongue between her teeth. Katie got even hotter and she returned the favor, pushing her tongue into his mouth. After a few minutes Jack kissed his way down over Katie’s neck and shoulders. Eventually he reached her breast and started to lick her left nipple, very slowly.

Katie felt her nipple tighten even more than before, as Jack worked on it. He started to nibble it gently and Katie moaned “Oh God Jack that feels so good.”

He slowly used his left hand to caress Katie’s stomach and edged his fingers downwards. Katie wondered what would happen next although she was so turned on that she didn’t care what Jack did to her.

He took a chance and slid his hand lower over Katie’s stomach until he reached the elastic of her thong. He gently slid his middle finger under the edge and ran it across her stomach. Katie couldn’t believe how turned on she felt.

Jack then rolled back and pulled Katie onto him. He could feel her hard nipples pushing into his chest. She leaned over and kissed his mouth even more passionately. Jack took the opportunity to run his hands over her thong-covered backside.

Meanwhile she touched his hard penis through his boxers. Finally she found the entrance and slid her hand onto his rigid penis. She could manavgat escort feel the pre-cum leaking out of his cock and she smeared it over the end of his cock, hoping that this was turning him on. It was, and Jack gasped as he enjoyed the feeling of her slender hand on his manhood.

Jack ran his hands roam over Katie’s fabulously tight ass. After a few minutes he felt her thighs part and he slid his hand under her thong and down between her cheeks.

He reached her sparse pubic hair and felt how wet it was. He smiled to himself as he realized how much he had turned Jer on. Katie felt a moment of tension, as this was the first time a man had touched her most private place. Even so she didn’t want Jack to stop.

She was unsure what to do next so she whispered to Jack “I want you to make me feel even better than I already do. No-one has ever made me feel like this.”

With this Jack put his fingers under the sides of her thong and started to slide it down over her slim hips and thighs. Katie rolled off Jack’s body so she could pull it free of her legs.

With her thong removed she was completely naked and she lay on her back again with her legs slightly apart. Jack ran his hand slowly from her ankle up to the top of her thighs. Katie was purring at his touch. She had discovered masturbation years before but had never let a man do this to her.

As Jack started to move his hand over her fur-covered mound she grabbed his hand and said “I’ve never done this before. You won’t hurt me will you?”

“I promise all you’ll get is pleasure from me” replied Jack. With that Katie relaxed and spread her thighs further. He took this as a cue to let his fingers dip lower into the groove between her legs, slowly fingering her pussy. She was already wet so he slipped two fingers into her pussy and cupped his fingers.

He knew that this would stimulate her g-spot. As he did this he started kissing her nipples again. Katie was on fire. She was near to orgasm as he continued to excite her g-spot.

He could feel her hot wet pussy. He was really turned on by the thought of making this young girl come with his fingers. She was pushing her thighs up in time with the rhythm of his fingers.

Jack decided to really enjoy the moment, so he started to kiss her breasts again and then started to kiss lower across her stomach. He reached her mound and paused, breathing in the musky scent of her wet pussy.

Finally he let his tongue flick over Katie’s clit. With this Katie’s world exploded as she felt her orgasm overtake her.

Jack took his fingers out of her pussy and held onto her thighs with both hands while he continued to lick her pussy. Katie tried to muffle her voice as she realised that her aunt should not hear her passionate cries.

Katie’s thighs tightened around Jack’s head as his tongue continued to tease her clitoris. He eventually stopped and slid up so he was face to face with Katie. He leaned in and smiled then he started kissing her mouth again. She was still completely turned on by the series of orgasms that had pulsed through her body so she didn’t object when she tasted her own musky juices on his lips.

They lay entwined together for several minutes while Katie regained her composure. “That was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had” she said to Jack. “I’m glad” he replied as he lay there gently stroking her outer thigh. Eventually they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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