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Danny didn’t get many perks in his line of work, but after 9 years in his current role he seemed to be finally getting some perks as he sank back in the deep leather chair of the Hyatt Hotel in Amsterdam sipping his favourite single malt whisky from a crystal tumbler. The bar tender was skilled enough to know he wasn’t a yank and so hadn’t corrupted the malt with either ice or water.

Yes Danny could get used to this lifestyle as he looked around the bar playing his favourite game of people watching. He had over the years developed this game into a life skill as in his line of work his life could in the next few minutes depend on how he read people at any time day or night. Danny casually cast his eyes around the room, firstly and naturally looking for threats and after two laps of the room he saw none. This meant that on the third lap he eyes could enjoy the game of people watching and turn it into a sport of guessing, nay, dead reckoning, which businessman was here with his wife, his secretary, or a ‘companion’ rented over the phone for the evening and possibly to warm the businessman’s bed for the rest of the night.

Danny enjoyed the game for 20 minutes while he nursed and enjoyed his malt and waited for his meeting. Danny’s relaxed posture would fool the untrained eye, but those in the profession of daily survival in a hostile world might recognise another professional who sat with his back to the wall near the fire exit while being able to see the main entrance, the lifts and preferably any cars arriving. Danny had 20 years experience as a Policeman, and 9 of those had been spent working in Europe as the English liaison in various roles as part of the Euro Police force. For the last three years he had been specialising in people trafficking which was making a huge impact on the UK. The UK had a new growth in prostitution fed by a never ending stream of girls from Eastern Europe. In addition to this there was a market in human slaves which was more specialist than ‘simple’ human trafficking. That was why Danny was sitting in a posh hotel tonight waiting for a meeting that had taken three months hard work to bring to fruition. The malt whiskey wasn’t just a perk it was a means of appearing relaxed while his body remained ready to explode into action at the first sign of trouble.

A BMW paused briefly to offload two gents that looked like heavy protection with searching eyes that immediately checked out the entrance before they entered. After clearing the lobby they moved through to the bar and their eyes remained on Danny a second or two longer than anyone else in the bar.

‘Show time,’ thought Danny in a corny line from some film or other. The heavies settled in strategic locations in a ‘relaxed’ manner but ready for instant action. Danny signalled for a refill and had another casual look around updating his tactical situation.

Ten minutes later the night’s main event started with the arrival of a top of the range Merc and the heavies sitting up more erect in their seats. Danny took a final sip of his malt to wet his lips that had suddenly become incredibly dry. An eastern European well dressed guy in his late forties entered the lobby flanked by two more heavies and these had open coats suggesting they were packing some fire power. Behind them Danny could make out the shape of a woman’s legs but the three bodies moving in front blocked his view. The two heavies remained in the lobby watching the main entrance and the lifts as the target, code named ‘Trader” entered the bar followed by his woman, still walking out of sight behind him.

Danny slowly stood, looking relaxed, and stepped forward with his hand extended, “Good evening Mr Pritak, it is good to meet you.”

“Mr Evans, we finally meet, and I hope we can do some business together.”

“Care for a drink while we discuss opportunities for both our organisations?” Danny offered as he directed Pritak to a chair.

After doing so Danny swung his head to take in Pritak’s woman for the first time. It took all of Danny’s self control to stay totally impassive, not to alter his breathing, and not to swear under his breath as he came face to face with his ex-wife Sandra for the first time in the five years since their divorce.

Sandra twitched her eyes side to side to wave him off. Danny’s survival instinct kicked in immediately and despite much massed anger he knew now wasn’t the time to take her head off for the years of heartache she had put him and their two kids through. Danny took her hand, bowed and kissed her hand, “A pleasure,” he said pleasantly as he guided her towards a chair alongside Pritak.

They ordered drinks and waited until the waiter was out of earshot before they started discussing business.

Twenty minutes later Danny was the proud new owner of three Russian ‘virgins’ to be used in his UK prostitution business. The exchange would be handled by underlings for both parties and the girls moved across to the UK to be ‘broken in’ for their new profession ataköy türbanlı escort by three unknown high powered business who would pay to dollar so to speak for deflowering three young virgins in their own perverted way. After that the newly trained ‘pros’ would be offered up on the web for hire through one of his escort agencies in one of the many UK cities that were enjoying a growth in prostitution. This would show to Pritak that Evans was a successfully new businessman in the new era of European business empires.

In reality the three girls would be re-housed by the UK government in secret and given training in a new trade that wouldn’t require any form of deflowering.

Pritak finished his drink, said he looked forward to doing more business in the future before standing to escort Sandra out, with his heavies forming up around him casually. The cars pulled up as soon as he stepped through the front doors and took him away.

Danny called for a coffee to unwind and keep an eye open for any tail or surprises. Half an hour later he had what appeared to be a leisurely stroll through the city whilst checking for a tail or any other interested parties. Finally he entered his hotel and checked his tell tales on his door before entering his room and firing up his encrypted computer. The main question to his support team was “What the fuck is Sandra doing involved with the target?” He knew he wouldn’t get an answer tonight and probably wouldn’t until he got back to a secure location in the UK. Danny got into bed and finally slept well after going through his usual relaxation ritual to bleed off the stress of his profession.

Two months later and this time it was a hotel in Budapest to meet Pritak, his four heavies, and Sandra. But this time Danny was fully informed that his ex wife & policewoman had moved from the uniform branch into undercover. That still didn’t mean that Danny hated her guts any less after she had fucked about with a senior officer whilst they had both been in the same county police force.

Danny tried to put this hatred to one side as he negotiated the purchase of a further 20 virgins. He needed to focus, his life depended on it. After the deal was done and Danny had run his evasion routine, it took him an extra half an hour to bleed off the stress, not all of it from the meeting. As he lay in bed he remembered the hard times after he found out Sandra was shagging around and he was none the wiser until she left him and the kids. Danny remembered with building anger the years spent trying to balance his developing career with the education and growth of his kids. They were now at Uni and this allowed him to do the depth of undercover work that he was now doing. In his mind he wondered if Sandra’s undercover work was giving her rewards that included more shagging, jewellery and gifts from Pritak. These thoughts now meant he needed an extra ten minutes to unwind again before falling into a restless sleep where he dreamt of Sandra in her uniform shagging the Senior officer across the end of his desk; Sandra’s face sliding on the desk as he rammed into her behind, her eyes gazing at the photo of his own wife and three kids.

The transfer of the 20 girls in the dark streets just outside Hull docks didn’t go as planned. The money was just about to be exchanged when the armed offender’s squad burst into the warehouse quickly followed by a dog team and thirty other officers. Surprisingly Danny’s team managed to evade the officers and escape with the money. Pritak’s three guys were pinned by the red lasers of the armed officers and then didn’t part up any resistance as they were helped face down on the oily concrete floor and cuffed before being driven to the local police station for questioning along with the girls. The girls told the officers everything they knew which wasn’t much as they hadn’t seen much on their long journey from the east. Pritak’s men knew better than to answer or nod as their lives’ would be instantly forfeit. They had all seen Pritak viciously murder men & women who he deemed to have let him down. None of the victims died a quick or painless death. In fact all died screaming for their mothers as their lives were brutally cut short in pools of their own blood.

Two days later the meeting was in Zurich which each businessman deemed as neutral territory as the Swiss bankers held meetings in the bar & lobby around Danny and Pritak. This made it harder to speak clearly even though the Swiss were known for their discretion and turning a blind eye.

Danny was straight down to business with “I was most disappointed that my shipment failed to be delivered.”

“Hmmm ……. You got off lightly; I lost both the merchandise and two men. The merchandise is easy to replace but the men are not so. Plus I need to set money aside for their families to ensure they maintain a professional demeanour whilst staying at her majesty’s pleasure.”

“True,” replied Danny,” But ataköy ucuz escort I have 20 beds around the country that are not getting used as much as they should be. I have punters requiring service, and I have a reputation to maintain.”

“Speaking of which so do I,” Pritak replied, “and I will not suffer the loss lightly.” Sandra shifted in her seat ever so slightly, but both men noticed it without acknowledging the movement. She was dressed in knee length boots, a calf length suede dress, a satin blouse and a suede jacket, all nicely offset by a simple but heavy gold necklace that rested down onto her chest.

Danny was impressed with the way she dressed, but then again Pritak could afford more than he ever could when he was married to her.

“A large police operation such as that does not happen by chance,” Danny left the statement hanging in the air.

“I usually have good information regarding any interference to any of my operation, but this time I was let down. Someone will pay for that error.”

“But more important is the source of the information. I was given to believe that you ran a tight secure organisation Mr Pritak; maybe I was mistaken?” again Danny left it hanging in the air. He saw the hairs bristle on the back of Pritak’s neck. Danny saw anger flash in his eyes, he knew he was on dangerous ground but he decided to stir up the coals once more. “Mr Pritak, we will meet here again in 48 hours and if you can convince me you are secure then we will continue to do business.” Danny stood and offered his hand, “Until then.”

Pritak stood, his eyes blazing the fires of intense anger, but nothing showed on his calm face. “I look forward to it,” he smiled at Danny as he shook his hand.

Danny left and used his full counter detection skills to ensure that an hour later he was alone as he ate dinner and then took 20 careful minutes to return to his hotel. In his room he had a couple of miniatures to help calm him down as he knew he had pushed his luck as far as possible.

Danny spent most of the next 48 hours out of sight in his hotel room in case Pritak had people looking for him. He had a nice roast dinner an hour before the meeting and then he headed out on a circuitous route to the hotel, arriving ten minutes before Pritak, but after one of his heavies on advance recon.

Danny settled with a beer, he didn’t want the single malt to become a recognisable trademark that broke his tradecraft as an undercover policeman.

Bang on time the heavy rose and walked towards Danny. Danny shifted his weight slightly ready to explode out of the chair if needed.

“Mr Pritak invites you to join him in the car please sir,” the heavy politely requested without any malice. At the same instance the lead car pulled across the entrance and stopped. As Danny exited the main doors followed by the heavy Pritak’s car glided to a halt and the door opened for Danny to get in. He slid in. Pritak was to his left and Sandra sat across from him facing rear. He door closed and the car moved off as if it hadn’t stopped at all. They followed the lead car out of town and up into the mountains. Sandra served drinks as they cruised along and all three of them exchanged small chat about travel and places to enjoy the fruits of ones labours.

Half an hour later they pulled into a country tavern full of 20 or so young women all enjoying themselves with mulled wine and friendly company. They looked like a tour group, but the couple of heavies by the doors trying to look relaxed made Danny realise this was no tour group that was ever going to return home, and that their holiday would be ending in less than a weeks time. Danny showed no knowledge of this as the three of them sat down and one of the heavies brought over wine & glasses which Sandra took care of.

Pritak was straight down to business. “Do you like the quality of your replacement merchandise Mr Evans?”

Danny took a slow look around and wished he had come across these young lasses when he was in his prime and single. Behind his warm smile he knew what was ahead of them and how soon their laughing innocence would be brutally destroyed in the brothels in England. Only when they were fully trained, obedient and reliable would they be allowed out as escorts. Once he had cast his around the bar a couple of times did he nod and smile back at Pritak, “Very impressive and very generous Mr Pritak,” then he turned to look directly at Sandra, “I might test drive two of them myself, fresh pussy is always the most satisfying.

That got the reaction he wanted as Sandra tried to keep her face & eyes neutral.

Danny turned back to Pritak, his face also neutral, “And what of the other matter?”

Pritak lifted his glass in a toast to Danny, “All in good time Mr Evans.” He nodded towards the girls, “Would you care to sample any of the merchandise as you know I have a no returns policy once they are shipped?”

Danny felt his cock harden ataköy üniversiteli escort a little, the thought of sharing his bed with two young giggly 18-20 year olds was certainly enticing, but also out of the question.

They were served some warm snacks to go with their wine and as the bottle was emptied Pritak stood and said “Let’s take a stroll in the evening air.”

The three of them went out into the starlit night and Pritak headed off up a path through the meadow behind the tavern. The heavies stayed behind. Sandra struggled on the uneven unlit path so Pritak looped his arm through hers as they walked in front of Danny. Sandra snuggled close into Pritak’s arm and leant her head against his shoulder as they walked, her long hair cascading down the back of her jacket.

‘Touché,’ Danny thought as he realised the show of affection was for his benefit more than Pritak’s.

Danny fought the urge to make or take this personal. His survival came first and he had to keep his wits about him whilst he was dealing with Pritak. The police forces of Europe had tried many times to take him down individually and all had failed. This time with all forces working together then maybe they could outsmart him and finally bring down his evil organisation that spread hurt, tragedy and prostitution across most of Europe. Carefully Danny looked behind him in case any of the heavies followed as they walked up the hill side. After about 20 minutes of walking the lights of a Swiss hill side chalet came into view. As they approached Danny could imagine & almost feel the warmth of the thick timber home and the log fire burning inside.

On entering Pritak guided him near the fire whilst he fetched some more wine and a bowl of munchies. For the next twenty minutes or so he and Pritak had a friendly but guarded conversation about how their new working relationship could flourish to benefit both of them. Each was carefully not to expose too much detail of their activities as knowledge is power. No, lets correct that thought, use of knowledge is power. So it is best not to give away knowledge to someone who might want to take a slice or all of your business; especially a tax free business — people smuggling and prostitution.

Soon two bottles were empty and Pritak pulled out a small sachet of cocaine and cut three lines on the table in front of them, giving Sandra the longest line in front of her. The lines formed a triangle on the table in front of where each was sitting. Pritak pulled out three 100 Euro notes and passed them out. Sandra quickly rolled her note and took the line in two long hits. Danny’s fingers fumbled with the note and it fluttered under the table. “Shit,” he muttered and slowly bent down to retrieve it. This gave him time to watch Pritak start his line. So Danny now knew that the coke was clean and contained no surprises. Like Pritak he only took a third of his line before sampling more of the fine French red wine. Half an hour later all of the coke had gone and a considerable amount of wine. Sandra was started to look spaced out on the coke and hammered by the wine, obviously the result Pritak was looking for.

“Now about the other matter,” Pritak spoke quietly and clearly. Despite the wine and the coke Danny knew he needed to be at the top of his game now it was about to get interesting; and he knew Pritak was one of the world’s best in this business as many people had found out too late to their ultimate cost.

Pritak took another look at Sandra and saw the inane grin of doped pleasure on her face as she started her trip to who knows where. “Mr Evan’s I am a very careful man ….. you need to be to last in this game,” Danny acknowledged this with a salute with his glass …. “and I do this only by using people I trust or who rely entirely on me for their family’s future. I come from a very small rural town a few hours from Moscow. All of my people come from the same town. I have grown up with most of these people, been to school together, been conscripted together and struggled together. We have learned to rely on each other and they trust me. Myself I never trust anyone completely. Since the fall of the wall I have become the major employer in our town. I provide work, resources, supplies and security to the people. I provide for all of their families as well. All my people know that if they let me down or betray me then their whole family will suffer. It is a given, and everyone understands that.”

Danny listened carefully.

There is only one external person I have taken into my organisation who is not from my local town and she is with us tonight. She is an ex UK policewoman who was driven out because of a sexual affair with a senior officer. She came with a lot of resentment, a considerable knowledge of police & criminal intelligence, and a high sex drive. All of those factors I have used to my benefit. But after our loss earlier this week I am unsure if she is playing both sides of the fence. I lost two trusted men to the police and that has never happened before as I have very good intelligence from very sources. However Sandra has brought me intelligence that has been gold-plated and had worked very well to my advantage, so it is hard for me to decide where the leak is, people who have worked for me for years with families to lose, or my intelligence gold mine?

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