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Twins n best buds IX

Since a lot of people wrote and told us we should keep the stories shorter thats what we are going to try and do. Let us know what you think.

The next morning we were awakened around 10:30 when the phone rang. I answered it. Since it was Gavin’s dad I threw the phone at him and he woke up when it hit him. As soon as he finished talking he threw the phone back at me and said he had to get going because his parents were ready for breakfast and then they were all going out to see some sites.

Gavin’s boner was sticking straight up and was pressed against his belly when he got out of bed. I grabbed at it and he let me feel it a minute but then he said he had to get going. He went in to take a shower so I rolled over against Taylor and rubbed my boner on his hip. When he stirred he rolled to his back and that made it easy for me to reach and feel his dick, which I did. He moved his hand under the covers and found my boner and stroked it and asked what Gavin was doing. I told him that Gavin was going somewhere with his family and then we just laid there playing with each other until we heard the shower stop.

Gavin came out, finished drying off and as soon as he got dressed he told us he would see us later and left. Taylor called our parents room and told them we were going to sleep through breakfast and we would see them once we got up. Then he rolled to his stomach and we both fell back asleep.

About an hour later Taylor shook me and woke me up. We laid there and talked about Gavin and our fun the night before. I asked Taylor if he really liked when Gavin licked his feet and sucked his toes and he told me that it got him hot how it felt and asked what I thought. I told him that it was ok but it didn’t make me that hot. He told me that maybe if we tried it more it would and then we decided it was time to get showered. We both got up and grabbed towels. Taylor said he had to take a pee before we showered but I told him he should do it in the shower. Told him then made a joke about how then he wouldn’t have to force his dick down to aim it in the toilet.

Once we got in I grabbed his boner and mine in my hand and told him not to start the water. Then I told him to go ahead and pee. He laughed and said ok and let his stream go. His pee shot up between us and shot all the way up to our necks. Before he was done I let mine go so we had 2 streams shooting up on us and mixing as it ran down our bodies. It was so warm. We both looked down and watched our pee flow out and run down our bodies.

“Kinky” whispered Taylor
“Yea really kinky” I responded without taking my eyes kocaeli escort off of our dicks.
“Like it?” Taylor asked
“Yea what about you?
“Its pretty cool but I like it when you do it in my ass more.”
“Thats cool but I like this a lot to.” I whispered while holding his dick as the last drops of pee slipped out his piss opening.

Then we continued with our shower. I stood and Taylor washed me everywhere and sucked me a little and then I did the same to him. Once we were all rinsed off we got out and dried off and rubbed together a little and then we got dressed and went looking for our parents.

Aftr getting some food and seeing our mom and dad we hung out with Becky and her friends and when everyone else went into the wave pool me and Becky went to our room. We knew we couldn’t stay there very long but we both figured we could be alone for a little while at least. At first we sat on the bed and talked and then we started making out.

While we were kissing I moved my hand up on her bikini top and when she didn’t stop me I thought I had just hit a home run. We did some heavy making out and eventually she put her hand on my crotch and rubbed around on my boner. It felt awesome good when she did that so I moaned a little and squeezed her tit and pushed my tongue in her mouth. She responded by using her tongue more and squeezing my dick through my swim trunks.

I hugged her and pushed her so we were laying down and we kept feeling each other and kissing. I slipped my hand down on her mid-section and I think she thought I was going to try and rub her pussy so she put her hand on mine and stopped me. I didn’t care because I wasn’t going to feel her pussy. I moved my hand down so I could slide it up inside her bikini top and when I started to do that Becky didn’t stop me. So I got my hand under her top and rubbed he tit all over. That made her moan which was a good sign I figured. We kept kissing and she slid her hand under the waistband of my swim trunks and grabbed hold of my dick and stroked it.

We were both breathing really hard and doing a lot of heavy kissing. Her top slid up so that made it easy for me to fondled her tits and pinch he nipples. She kept a firm hold on my dick and stroked it and it didn’t take long for me to tell her I was going to shoot. She didn’t miss a beat and we kept kissing until my dick swelled in her hand and spewed out a few squirts of cum on her hand and my stomach. After I shot I kept feeling her tits and she kept holding my dick. I winced a few times when she rubbed the head. Its always real sensitive after I shoot as she found out lol. She told me that was the 1st time kocaeli escort bayan she did that to a guy so I admitted to her that it was the 1st time of really feeling a girls tits for me. I cleaned up and then we went back out and joined everyone at the pool.

Taylor couldn’t wait to ask where we went and what happened. I told him I would tell him later and then we all continued hanging out for the afternoon.

As we headed back to our room Taylor couldn’t wait to ask what happened with Becky. I tried to paraphrase but Taylor wanted to know every detail. He had a boner going when he took off his swim trunks so he rubbed it and grabbed at me and asked if I wanted to mess around. I said no at first but the feel of Taylor’s hand changed my mind. I grabbed his dick and we stood there stroking each other until Taylor sat on the bed and licked my dick and balls. We ended up laying on the bed in opposite directions. After we played with each other and sucked each other Taylor told me to try licking his feet and toes. I told him that didn’t sound fun to me but he pleaded with me to try it and promised to try anything I wanted if I did.

So I slid down a little further and held his foot and kissed it on the top and then kissed the bottom. He told me to suck his toes but I hesitated at doing that until he pleaded more and reminded me that he would try anything I wanted if I did. I opened my mouth and took his big toe in it and sucked it like it was a dick. Taylor moaned and told me to keep doing it and then he bent over enough to where he could suck my dick. He took my dick all the way in his mouth until his nose was touching my pubes and he worked the underside of my dick with his tongue. I sucked every on of every one of his toes on both feet and the more I sucked the more Taylor sucked me. We ended up 69ing and cumming in each other’s mouths.

Gavin came down to our room after he got back from site seeing with his parents. The 3 of us went back in the wave pool and played around and we hung out with some other kids before we called it a night and went back to the room.

It was kind of funny because when we took off our swim trunks all of our dicks were kind if shrunk up from being in the water. But as we dried off they all got a little bigger and by the time we were dry we all had boners.

That night we left the light on in the bathroom and we all got on the bed and sucked each other and rubbed together. Taylor stuck his feet in Gavin’s face, which Gavin really liked, and let Gavin worship them. I don’t understand why but doing that really gets Gavin all worked up. While he was slobbering all over izmit escort Taylor’s feet I got behind him and rubbed my bone on his butt crack and he was so worked up he rubbed his butt around on my dick. Taylor was laying there watching. He rubbed his feet all over Gavin’s face and reached over and handed me the lube so I smeared some on my dick and Gavin’s ass and I pressed the head on his hole Gavin reached back and let me know he didn’t want me to do that so I settled for humping up and down between his ass cheeks. Gavin moved his ass around and kept sucking Taylor’s toes. Taylor had both of his feet in Gavin’s face. He was holding them up against each other, sole to sole and was whispering for Gavin to suck both as many toes as he could. From where I was it looked like Gavin got both of Taylor’s big toes and most of the rest of them in his mouth and when he did that he really worked his ass into my dick. Gavin was breathing so hard. It was like he was making out with Taylor’s feet. I decided to try again so I pulled back a little and held my dick and put the head to Gavin’s ass and pushed it in.

Gavin gasped and took all of the toes of Taylor’s one foot in his mouth and sucked them while he rubbed Taylor’s other foot all over his face. I pushed my dick all the way in Gavin’s ass and then slowly pulled it out. Gavin gasped again then he stopped sucking Taylor’s toes and moved up so he could suck Taylor. I reached under Gavin and grabbed his dick and jerked him. He was leaking so much precum I smeared it around all over his dick and used it as lube.

So there we were, me behind Gavin pumping in and out of his ass and stroking his cock while he sucked Taylor.. I pumped Gavin pretty hard and pulled out right before I came shooting my stuff on his hole and ass cheeks. And Taylor, well he held Gavin’s head and shot in his mouth. Immediately after Taylor shot Gavin choked as he announced that he was going to cum and then his jizz shot all over the bed and Taylor’s leg.

After some rest we all got hard again sucked each other off before we went to sleep. I sucked Taylor while he sucked Gavin who sucked me. It was pretty cool. We all slept in one bed that night.

I don’t understand what it is about feet that excite Gavin so much. I know everyone has that thing that turns them on but I guess I never thought of feet as erotic. Gavin does for sure and it looks like Taylor like how it feels. Are there lots of people who like feet or like when someone worships theirs? Just wondering

The three of us messed around every night. For the most part it was a lot more of the same so I’m not sure telling you more of it would be very interesting. If you want to hear more let us know. Otherwise we’ve decided to tell you about other things we experienced growing up


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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