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Family Love

Hi, this is Jane and this is going to be the last of my Twin Summer stories. I have really enjoyed writing them and I hope they have excited you as much as I have been excited. Like all the other characters in this story they are at least 18 years old and my blonde bombshell twin sister heroines are finally leaving school and about to go to university. I always fantasied about having a twin sister with whom I could share my sexual adventures, and I hope I have managed to bring a sense of hedonistic chaos that we would have brought to those around us, especially at that age of sexual awakening in our late teens when, having discovered the delights of orgasms we just wanted more and more. I enjoy sex with other girls and I really enjoy having a boy enhancing our love making and sharing his cum between us. Enjoy the story and told by my fantasy other self, Lorna, love Jane.


Hi this is Lorna, we have just got home from a year at university and boy, err . . girl, err . . boy/girl was that a fucking good time which Laura and I will love to tell you about someday.

For those of you who have not read our other adventures, we are identical twins, we are blonde and blue-eyed Barbie Dolls. No, not really Barbies, ‘cos we got brains and we got nipples on the points of our rounded breasts and we have clits that need cultivating and pussies that need ploughing. Can you tell we were brought up on a farm?

Our skin is tanned a honey colour as we are lucky to have a pool at the farm and so can get a great natural tan. However, since we live with Mum and Dad, the skin under the bikini line is a beautiful alabaster white. We also recently waxed each other (it helps to have help), leaving just a matching narrow landing strip that points straight at our sensitive parts and the rest of our pubis are smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom. We have great fun as twins being virtually indistinguishable – except my bra size is 32b and Laura’s is 32c. We live on a farm in the county of Dorset near the south coast of England.

Anyway, Laura (who I have previously described as a nymphomaniac – not like me ;-)), she suggested that instead of writing about university, which is cum heaven, we would tell you about our last day at school.

It was the last day of the school year a half-day, with afternoon free and the morning given over prize-giving – so no lessons, but boring, boring speeches! Unfortunately, we did not win a prize for the school’s champion cum swallower (female), nor champion clit teaser (female), nor the girls who could turn on the most guys just by looking at them. Not for the best pairs of nearly matching beautiful breasts and not even for the most beautiful twin sisters! Nah, we had won nothing and prize-giving was going to be dull, dull, dull!

The July day dawned sunny and the birds tweeted loudly in the trees, the shotguns echoed in the woods – not strictly true as the shooting season had not started, but I like to wax lyrical and be all poetical:

“The sky was a cloudless blue and the day threatened to be steamy,

I dreamed of boys all in a line to taste their cum so creamy!”

Now schools and uniforms do not take into account the weather, they take into account the uniformity of appearance and never mind the discomfort. Because it was prize-giving, we were ordered, by the head teacher, that we had to be in blouses, skirts and blazers; instead of our comfier summer cottons. Now I am not trying to suggest that we are rebels, but Laura and I decided that we would have some fun.


1. Green wool blazer – into the wardrobe and there were our blazers from two years earlier which had run out of growing room in the chest/breast department, and our arms stuck out half-way to our elbows.

2. Blue/green plaid kilted skirt – from the wardrobe, two skirts from when we were about 14. Being kilts, they both rode high on our gorgeous thighs and split at the side.

3. White socks – white pop socks exposing our beautifully turned ankles.

4. White Blouses – knotted into a bow under our breasts to create maximum cleavage (we didn’t have that much to start with) and to expose our beautiful flat tummies.

5. White knickers – fair enough – we could not go commando in those short skirts.

6. Shoes black, heels flat – well the bottoms of the heels were flat, weren’t they? And they gave us some height, from which to look down!

7. Bras – none – the blouses were doing that job.

8. Jewellery – none.

9. Make-up – did the notice really say no make-up? Not fair, scarlet red glossy lipstick on our sexy pouting lips and then into the blazer pocket for later fixing up later. I did think about darkening our nipples to make them show more through the cotton of the blouse, but we would have probably just ended up with a red mess on our blouses and Mum would not be amused.

10. Hair, honey blonde and straight and swept and back and up into pony tails.

Did we look sexy? We did look sexy and would be murdered ankara olgun escort by our parents if we got caught.

Luckily Dad was seeing to the cows and Mum was seeing to the horses when we, dressed to the nines, in our freely interpreted uniforms darted out of the house unseen and got to the bus stop.

Now I do not want you to take my word for it that we looked good, it must have been true. The bus driver’s face went puce when he checked our bus-passes, his eyes were on our cleavages and it took him far, far longer than normal. His tongue wetted his lips and a bead of sweat appeared on his brow, we couldn’t see the effect on his trousers, because he was sitting, but we could guess ha, ha! Laura gave him a tit waggle in appreciation and I thought he would die on the spot. There were wolf-whistles from guys which just got louder as we climbed the steps to the upper deck exposing long legs and knickers and there were screams of laughter from the girls as we tottered on our heels down past them to the seats to the back. “My god you’re brave,” said our friend Sophia, “you’ll get blasted at school.” Sophia was very petite and very cheeky and looked more like 14 than her 18 years, but she was definitely no innocent and I fondly remembered the taste of her honey . . . but you’ll have to read all about that in another story ( She was about 5′ nothing, virtually flat-chested and looked quite boyish with short mousey hair. She had a cute slightly turned up nose with a few tiny freckles. Her pale blue eyes were the colour of forget-me-nots and her lips were not very full. Her ears were almost elfish and the whole effect was made people joke she was “one of the little people”. She had to carry ID around all the time because no one would believe she was eighteen.

Some of the older guys came to the back and leaned over the seats in front of us to admire our legs and the hint of exposed white knickers. One of the other sixth-form leavers, called Adrian, came up and stood in front of us, in the gap leading between the rows of seats. We could see the bulge straining in his trousers – sort of in the same way our breasts were straining in our blouses. I decided this was a fun day for everyone, so lifted my hand and gently started to rub a finger up and down the length of his cock.

“Fuck!” said Adrian and the other boys cheered as they saw what was happening. I was just getting the feel of his solid erection when Laura reached out and gently cupped his balls with one hand. He froze and a crimson blush spread up his face. “Fuck.” He said again and Laura whispered “OK.” With her spare hand, she slowly lowered his zip. Then to more cheers, her hand went into his trousers and, after fumbling to release his rock-like hard-on, managed to pull his engorged cock free. Adrian gasped as his dick bounced out in front of us. Laura slowly leant forward, licked the tip experimentally a couple of times and then let me have a go. I teased the foreskin back and then took it full in my mouth to the shouts of glee from the rest of the crowd. I felt the head hit the back of my throat and then pulled back and forward again whilst Laura played with his balls. The crowd had gone silent is shock that we were actually giving him a blow job in public on the bus!

As I sucked hard I wondered how many other guys were getting hard-ons. I could feel a dampness developing between my legs and Sophie and Laura both groaned softly in anticipation. I moved back and Adrian’s cock came out with a loud sucking noise, as the vacuum that had formed in my mouth filled with air. Laura was straight in after me, grabbing the meat with her teeth and, very excited now, Adrian thrust deep into her mouth to another great cheer. Sophie was sitting next to me, looking like some petite angelic innocent, but with her lips slightly parted and a blush on her cheeks that spoke of her rising excitement. There was saliva all around my mouth and I leant forward, parted her teeth with my tongue, pushing my wet mouth hard against hers. We had a long deep, very wet and delicious kiss, whilst some of the boys shouted “Lesbo, lesbo!”.

But we didn’t mind and they were enjoying the sight of two girls kissing passionately.

Now unfortunately, Adrian was not someone who could control himself and as Laura moved her lips up and down the length of his dick with a little bit too much enthusiasm, her teeth catching the crown of his penis, he groaned and shuddered and his load shot into her mouth. As she held him there trying to drink his gushing sperm, some of the milky white cum escaped from her mouth and started to dribble down her chin, drops trickling down onto her cleavage. There were screams of delight from our audience and I am sure some of the other guys were hoping to get their cocks out for a blow job too!

At this point the bus braked violently and stopped and Adrian’s cock came out of Laura’s mouth with a sticky pop. He came tumbling ankara ucuz escort forward, completely off balance, his damp cock bouncing across my tits, leaving glistening marks on my blouse as he tumbled onto the seat on the far side of Sophie.

Pulling his blazer close so that his cock could not be seen, he sat with red faced and panting. I looked at Laura’s mouth, pulled her towards me and quickly wiped away the escaped cum with a finger and put it in my mouth – another cheer from the guys. I do like the taste of cum!

But then Sophia lent across and licked away some that had landed on the naked skin just above breasts and patted the damp patches on my blouse with a tissue. It was just in time, as the bus driver had got upstairs by then and was coming along the deck towards us. “What the hell is going on up here?” the driver demanded, staring fixedly at our cleavages. Hopefully his eyesight was not good enough to see the damp patches on our clothes!

“Right back to your seats, all of you and stay there quietly, or I’ll complain to the head.” He was looking at Laura and me as though we were the ringleaders, which of course we were. “You two”, he growled “You look like a couple of whores. What were your parents thinking of letting you come to school dressed like that?” I stared at his crotch, smiled sweetly and said “Just, last day of school fun. Wouldn’t you like to cum and have some fun too?” For some reason, he went puce again, took a last look at us and stumbled back down the stairs. Everyone got back to their seats and conversation went quiet.

Adrian, who was still red in the face, got his sticky dick back into his trousers and sat with smiling contentment. Sophie sitting next to me, gently started to stroke my thighs, pushing her hand through the slit in the kilt, which made me even damper between the legs. The smell of sex was all around us and I grabbed Sophie’s wandering hand and brought it hard against my exceedingly hard hazelnut sized clit. With the knuckle of her thumb she started to rub my cherry and I gasped. “Whaaat!” went Adrian, boy what a virgin – he had just realised what Sophie was doing. She smiled at him and with her spare had took his and placed it between her own baby smooth legs, just above the knees. She sat back, her index finger finding its way into my panties and started to rub the edge of my damp slit, whilst Adrian started his hand’s exploration up between Sophia’s, making her gasp. Just as things were beginning to get hot, the bus pulled up at the school and hands were pulled out from between legs. I groaned. “Patience Lorna!” I told myself, sex at the back of the school bus, was not in the plan for the day, but more would have been nice.

We all slowly decamped. Coming from the back at the top Sophia, Laura and I were the last to get off and get to the school gates. Standing there was our favourite teacher, Mr Brown. He looked and Sophie and motioned her through, but Laura and I were stopped.

“No way, are you coming in dressed like that!” he stormed.

“But Mr. Brown,” bleated Laura, like an 11 year old, “we got to come into school, what about our education?”

“Go away and come back dressed properly.” He retorted.

Knowing what I knew about Mr Brown from our camping trip, I went right up to him and on my high heels, stood almost touching him with my pert breasts stuck under his nose. “We could be nice to you, if you were nice to us. Anyway, we are in uniform! Would you like to see us out of uniform . . . again?” I said with a sexy waggle and then looked deep into his eyes.

“Mr Brown!” shouted another one of the teachers coming up and standing behind him, “Is there a problem?”

“No problem,” he answered “I have told these girls they cannot come in dressed like that!”

The teacher, Miss Muffet, was about 22 and really beautiful. She had long chestnut hair that shone in the sun and green eyes. She was slim, but her breasts were a good size and firm. She could have been a model and Laura and I, as well as so many of the boys had a crush on her. She was actually still a student doing work experience as a PE teacher. She was dressed in polo shirt, which showed off the pale skin of her long neck and track-suit bottoms. She looked at us with amusement in her eyes and raised eyebrows. “Sorry girls,” she said “I am afraid Mr Brown is right. It’s not that you don’t look pretty it’s just, well, looking like that you could start a riot!”

Knowing we were beaten, I gave Mr Brown’s hardening lunch box a friendly pat, which made him gasp, and then Laura and I, giggling, skipped away arm in arm, flashing our white panties at the pair of them, as though we hadn’t a care in the world.

Next to the school was a park and in we went skipping still arm in arm. There on the park bench sat Iain who had been on the Duke of Edinburgh camping adventure with us.

“Hi Iain!” Laura shouted as we went and sat down on either side of him. “Why aren’t ankara yabancı escort you in school?”

“Mr bloody Brown did not like my bloody brown shoes! ‘They should be black!’ he said. ‘Wrong uniform, no entry.’ He bloody said that even though he knew I won the physics prize.” Thank the gods, we will never have to come back to this bloody place. I bet it was because of what happened on camp with that perverted bastard.”

“We’ll cheer you up!” I said and for the first time he looked up from his misery and looked at the pair of us properly.

“Wow!” he said when he saw how we were dressed. He clocked my cleavage and then clocked Lorna’s on the other side of him. “How about we have our own prize giving!” I suggested.

Iain smiled warmly, laid a hand on my knee and a hand on Laura’s knee and suggested we went for a coffee. So, we all three got up and holding hands went to the local coffee shop and ordered lattés and pain au chocolat.

We sat down at a small round table where our legs met underneath. Iain sat with his knees apart and one leg between my legs and one leg between Laura’s legs. The wool of his trousers felt hot against my bare skin, but I shivered with anticipation and pushed myself further in, Iain’s leg pushing my skirt back up my thighs until his knee was pushing against my pussy. I felt a warm blush on my cheeks and breathed out heavily.

“Must go to the loo!” Said Iain suddenly and with a wink at me, got up disappeared through the door marked toilets.

Laura looked at me, in that way twin sisters do, and we both agreed I should follow him. So, checking the barista was too busy to notice, I got up and followed him. Iain was in an outer room and as soon as I appeared, he guided me into one of the combined toilet and washrooms and locked the door behind us. He was on me in a moment, grabbing my head and pulling it towards him so we could kiss deeply. He was taller than me and after a few moments he put his arms around me and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist ramming my clit on the cold hard metal of his belt buckle. I could feel the head of his prick hard up against my pussy trying to force its way through the layers of clothes. We kissed with passionate abandonment, his hands playing and massaging my bottom and digging deeper into my panties to find my now burning pussy.

He swung me around and placed me a wide shelf. His hands pushed at the shoulders of my blazer and peeled it back over my arms and dumped it on the floor, then he was at the knot in my blouse and freed my breasts, massaging them and tweaking my nipples.

All the time, our tongues entwined and our kisses became deeper. Then his hand found the buckle of my kilt and pulling it away his tongue left my breathless mouth and he dived between my legs. He pulled the damp panties aside and drove his tongue deep into my slit, as I moaned with pleasure. His tongue worked and his nose rubbed against my clit. Coming up for air, Iain pushed my legs together, lifted me, and pulled my knickers down and off. Iain then lifted my legs apart so that each foot was up on the shelf and my naked steaming pussy was wide open before him, my juices glistening as he undid his trousers and freed his dick from his pants.

I expected him to thrust fast and deep, but he held back, rubbing his penis up and down the labia, then he played his red helmet against my clit. I groaned and shuddered and he repeated the process, playing his dick against my slit, while his hands played with my tits. I was growing desperate for the length of him to thrust deep within me. Then his pushed the helmet half in, then out again and down and up my slit it went, always finally rubbing against my clit.

My juiced were flowing and Iain bent down and rubbed his face against me, his tongue lapping my honey and his teeth nipping my clit. Then face wet with my sex he spread my juices over my nipples as he suckled me, the tip of his dick still exploring the outer reaches of my wet cave, but not going fully in. A hand went down and played with me whilst his mouth massaged my wet breasts, all the while my moans were getting louder.

Iain stood up his put his honey-dewed hand to my lips to taste and we kissed and shared my love juice, licking his fingers clean between us. He stood upright and stepped forward, this time his long hard pole going unresisting deep inside my hot wet pussy; I nearly screamed with pleasure. His hands now on my knees, keeping my legs spread wide he thrust, again and again, my pussy muscles grabbing his full length and then letting go as we got into rhythm. I put a hand on my clit and started to bring myself off and swirls of heavenly delight lit up my brain. This was one of the best fucks I had ever had, and it went on, Iain thrusting long slow and deep inside me as my clit hardened towards climax. My muscles tightened on his shaft and I felt the tipping point approaching, then the world went red as the deluge of delight passed through me, and a double orgasm in my clit and my vagina hit me and I shouted aloud, hoping it would go on forever. Iain lifted me, his cock still deep inside, off from the shelf and onto the toilet seat, then he pulled out and thrust his dick into my open mouth and spurted a huge surge of hot cum. There was so much, I thought I might choke and I pulled him out of my mouth. The rest of his load sprayed over my face and tits.

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