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It had been two weeks since her agent had given her the news, and still she had nothing for him. Time was up and her career was on the line, for the first time in her life Tiana Marque felt hopeless. All she could do was keep playing the conversation over in her mind.

“Either you come up with a bestseller or Emerald Publishing is history. I have done all I can do. Do you have any idea how hard I had to beg them to give you one last chance? Do you even care that they were ready to shred your contract? For God sakes Tiana this is your future we are talking about and you have nothing to say.”

“What do you want me to say John?”

“Two weeks Tiana, you have two weeks after that if you still have nothing your career with Emerald is over. Do you know how hard it is to get published with them? You were one of the lucky few that sold them with your first book. They gave you the chance to shine Tiana and now look at you.”

“I’m sorry John, I just don’t think I have what it takes anymore.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it. It’s been over a year since the divorce. How long has it been since you gave your readers something they want? Let me give you some advice Tiana, romance is sweet and nice but it’s hot, steamy sex that sells, and honestly you have become boring. You need to spice things up, arouse your readers Tiana.”

“Thanks for the advice John, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.”

“I’m just saying. You have two weeks kid and that’s it.”

Tiana could still hear his words as if it were yesterday. She wanted her contract with Emerald but she wasn’t sure she had any desire left in her. Romance, hell she couldn’t even remember the last time she went out, meeting Eric for drinks to sign divorce papers didn’t count. Tiana always knew it was a marriage made in hell, but damn the sex was incredible, she could feel her pussy clench thinking about the last time it had seen any real action other than her fingers and endless supply of sex toys. She grabbed a bottle of water and her laptop, going out by the pool. A swim and some sun and maybe her creative juices would start flowing again, at least she hoped.

Tiana wasn’t sure how long she had been asleep when she was startled awake by a voice coming from behind her.

“Sorry ma’am I didn’t mean to scare you just wanted to let you know that we were here to clean the pool.” Tiana’s breath caught as the voice became a figure in front of her. She tried to speak but couldn’t find the words. She offered him a smile and he smiled back and suddenly her body came awake in places she had forgotten existed. Her nipples had become aching, hard peaks and she could feel her wetness soaking her bikini bottom. She reached for her cover-up not wanting the pool boy to see the effect he was having on her.

“Hey Devon can you stop flirting so we can get this pool done, I mean it’s not the only job we have today.”

Tiana had to do a double take when the second voice rounded the corner.

She couldn’t help but stare she only hoped they couldn’t see that her body was in an extreme state of arousal. They both began laughing as she continued to stare in awe.

“We get that all the time. I’m Devon and this is my twin brother Dimitri. Lawrence Brother’s Pool and Spa at your service.”

Tiana knew they would tower over her 5″6′ frame and if she had to guess, they were both at least 6″2′. Long black hair they had pulled back in a ponytail. Their skin was bronze from the sun and they had abs that were screaming for her to lick every ripple and she was more than ready to oblige. Their faces were clean shaven except for a patch of hair on their chin, which made her skin itch with a need to feel the burn of it between her inner thighs. The idea of two men seemed wild, daring-something out of a sexy novel, and soon it would be her sexy novel. How had she gotten so lucky she was in need of a bestseller and now she had one? She had never had a threesome before but the idea had always excited her and now was her chance. She knew without doubt that her tale of two hot, sexy pool boys would give her readers exactly what they want.

The boys had left to tend to the pool and she let her seduction begin. Pulling her hair clip illegal bahis from her hair and letting her fiery tendrils fall to her shoulders, removing her cover-up and seductively removing her bikini as she watched them watching her. Tracing her lips with her tongue and then taking a sip from her water before pouring the rest on her scorching flesh. Her hands roamed over her body, moving them back up taking time to gently massage each of her breast before taking her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers pinching and tugging sending ripples of pleasure through her body. While her left hand still massaged her breast she let her right hand slowly slid down and over the soft tissue between her thighs. Her folds were damp and tender as she parted them and dipped her finger inside. She let out a small gasp as she gently pushed on the bundle of nerves with her thumb as her index and middle fingers pushed inside her cleft. She couldn’t remember the last time masturbating felt so good. Maybe it was the two sets of hazel eyes watching her that made it more erotic. She had never been this turned on by pleasuring herself before and she hoped it wouldn’t be long before her sexy pool boys joined in. She could feel her climax building and as she closed her eyes she was lost in her orgasm.

It wasn’t until her body finally relaxed that she opened her eyes to see Devon and Dimitri standing over her with very evident ridges in their shorts. Tiana’s lips curved into a smile as she bought her fingers to her mouth and one by one sucked her juices from them. They watched intently as she licked and sucked her fingers causing their already hard cocks to become strangled in too tight shorts. She reached down and parted her still swollen folds and the scent of her arousal became heavy in the air. It was the invitation they needed to descend upon her. They each took a nipple into their mouth, sucking and biting causing waves of pleasure to course though her veins. Her body had never been under such sinful attack as it was now. Devon had captured her mouth, invaded her lips dazzling her senses as he slid his tongue inside dominating everything he touched.

Dimitri had settled between her thighs letting his tongue roam over her mound of flesh, breathing in her scent causing his cock to jerk. He struggled but finally freed his cock of his shorts, he wanted to stroke his cock while he licked and sucked the sweet pussy under him. Tiana was completely enveloped in the two hot bodies that had her writhing in delight. Devon’s cock strained to be free with a need to push past her lips and invade her hot, wet mouth. Tiana reached for his cock and in protest he grabbed her wrist, holding her arms above her head as he swung one leg over the lounge chair straddling her. Holding her wrist with one hand he used the other to glide his cock over her lips, her tongue snaked out to taste the pre-cum that was leaking. She wrestled to free her wrist only to have him tighten his grip. She wanted to grab his cock and wrap her lips around it, licking her lips she opened her mouth to him and with one gentle thrust he was in.

Her lips tightened around his shaft as his cock fucked her mouth with long, deep strokes. The low growls coming from Devon caused more desire to peak in her core. Dimitri’s tongue was still assaulting her clit with delicious licks and nibbles as his fingers slammed her cleft, her own moans muffled by the cock that was still gliding in and out of her mouth. Devon released his grip on her as he captured her face in his hands and his once soft strokes became intense, powerful drives. She could feel his cock tighten and his thrust became faster and harder, grabbing her head and pushing her as far as she could take him. Devon’s head flew back and a loud, haunting growl escaped his lips as his hot, thick liquid spurted and rolled down her throat. Her hands finally able to touch him she stroked him as she continued to suck, licking the sensitive spot below the head to trigger more. Devon let out a slight groan when her teeth sank into his tender flesh as she realized her own orgasm was erupting.

Her core tightened around the two fingers that were piercing her core with urgency. Her moans became urgent screams as her own illegal bahis siteleri violent release left her insatiable for more. Dimitri withdrew his fingers pulling Tiana to her feet, he laid back on the lounger pulling her down on him. His lips found hers and she melted into his mouth. His tongue parted her lips and his tongue began a duel with hers. His voice was a lulling whisper.

“I need to cum and I want my cock buried in that beautiful pussy of yours, when I do.”

She could feel the head rubbing her opening and before she could say the words, he had pushed her hips down on him. She felt as if he was stretching and tearing her trying to accommodate his length. She moved her hips giving him better access. The pain soon became an aching pleasure, biting at her senses. Devon had let his hands attentively trail down her spine, moving across her ass and her body tingled under his touch. His lips touched her flesh and her muscles tensed when she felt her cheeks splayed apart and his tongue licking the very top of her ass, it felt so good, in a strange, dirty way. Meanwhile Dimitri’s hips thrust upward as she pushed down hard on his cock filling her to the hilt. She heard Devon start to moan a bit as he moved his tongue lower and closer to her tightened asshole.

“Relax babe. I’m gonna loosen your beautiful ass whether you like it or not, so no use fighting,” Devon said. “And you taste amazing on this end too.”

She could feel his tongue circling her hole before finally pushing through her barrier. Her body had no control over itself anymore; the sensations from front and back at the same time were simply the most primal thing she ever experienced.

Dimitri was urging her to move faster and harder as he grinded his cock into her. His hand moved between her thighs and his thumb placed gentle pressure on her clit coaxing her to climax. The thumb was her undoing, she threw her back and her pussy trembled as her orgasm crashed through her. He followed with a low guttural sound while he released into her in long, hot spurts. Her body became frozen as Devon’s warm tongue fucked her asshole and the exotic sensation felt incredible. How is it possible that she still needed- no wanted more from her two lovers? She felt Devon’s probing tongue disappear as Dimitri pulled her from his lap, taking his hands she followed him to the table where he sat. His cock thick and erect begging for her mouth to take him.

She bent over taking his shaft in her hand letting the moisture glide her hand down his erection. He moaned as she held his cock at the base with one hand, and curled her lips around his crown, sucking him gently. He gasped, gripping her hair in between his fingers, pulling it to the point of a delicious sting.

“God, your mouth feels so good on me. So damn good precious.”

His praise encouraged her. She stroked her fist up and down his shaft, developing a steady pace, while she licked and sucked his head into her hollowed cheeks. She felt Devon as he came in behind her grabbing her hips as the head of his cock teased her ass, pushing its way in. The pressure of the probing intensified, and she felt something inside her burning. The pain caused her to yell as Devon’s cock fought its way into her ass. The pain itself was actually pleasurable and this revelation surprised her enough to utter a small gasp. Her moans turned to ones of pain to delight.

The reality of what she was doing crept into her mind; she thought herself a whore for wanting to keep going. An element of shame crept into her thoughts and she banished it as quickly as it arrived. Her mouth was giving Dimitri the full treatment, trailing her tongue along his thick ridge and softly grazing her teeth across his crown. He grew thicker under her attention and her own arousal spiked. She intended to suck him to orgasm, she was desperate for it and her mouth greedily portrayed that need. Devon came at her harder from behind, his grip on one of her hips dug in even more. A low guttural moan came from him as several fast, hard jerks loosened her ass. Her mind exploded and shocks tore through her body. It all stopped with one final plunge. His clutching on her hips slacked as his hot liquid released inside canlı bahis siteleri her, and his spent cock finally withdrew from her ass. Tiana’s mouth still worked Dimitri’s cock until she finally felt him jerk and tighten as she swallowed his thick, creamy load. Dimitri pulled her by her hair but more gently this time, his arms encircled her still heaving breast and sweet kisses of relief pressed against her neck and face. The scent of sex and sweat still strong in the air. Tiana could feel a slight weakness in her legs and Devon braced her as her body collapsed, picking her up her carried her into the house, Dimitri following suit.

Finding the bathroom Devon placed her in the shower, her lovers joined her as the warm water cascaded over their spent bodies. Suddenly an odd sense of completeness filled her heart. One soaped her as multiple hands rubbed her all over. The touches were soft and gentle as her sore body began to relax under their strong hands. She could feel her senses coming alive again and she silently wondered how she could feel anything. Devon pulled her into his arms, stroking her wet hair from her face. He outlined her face with his thumb never letting his eyes leave hers, as if he was imprinting her image in his mind. Tiana could see the lust dancing in his pupils as his lips touched hers. The kiss was urgent yet intimate like the calm before the storm. She could feel the slickness between her thighs as Devon’s lips scorched hers. Dimitri’s arms encircled her waist from behind, his hands massaging her breast, a small gasp escapes her as pleasure builds in her core. Again her two lovers were fueling her hunger, causing a spark to ignite her already soaking pussy. Her body was under sweet attack and she was ready to surrender. Devon’s teeth took a nipple biting and licking while Dimitri’s fingers pinched and teased the other one. The pain was excruciating yet exquisite. It felt like electricity shot in blazing trails from the tip of her nipples deep into her breast.

Devon picked Tiana up, wrapping her legs around his waist. She could feel his cock playing at her entrance. Her breathing almost stopped as he finally guided himself into her dripping hole. Every inch of him resonated within her as he pulled her to his chest. Suddenly she could feel her cheeks being splayed apart along with a burning sensation as Dimitri’s cock pushed inside her ass. A small gasp came from Tiana as Dimitri’s cock moved in and out of her tight ass. The two cocks going in and out of her using opposite directions caused a gratifying friction against the muscle walls that separated the two channels. One sild in and out with ease due to the slickness she provided it, the other strained through the slacking resistance. Her mind was in conflict not sure which she enjoyed most. Her hips were not sure which direction to go. The multiple points stimulated at the same time sent shocks throughout her body and competed for mental attention. She was reaching the peak of orgasm and she closed her eyes trying to relax, she wasn’t ready for it to be over. She wanted to enjoy the ride for as long as possible. Devon’s thrust, powerful and intense while Dimitri’s were long and soft. She tried to move into both of them giving them equal amounts of her. She could feel Devon’s cock jerk and she could no longer hold back as he released inside of her. She trembled from her fingers to her toes never having experienced such an orgasm as the one that was wreaking havoc on her entire body now. Dimitri’s grip on her hips tightened as a low growl escaped him and one final plunge and he was filling her ass with his load. The three lovers clung to each other as the water still cascaded over their bodies.

“Excuse me. Ma’am.”

Tiana’s eyes opened as she tried to adjust to the sunlight, looking for the voice that had awaken her.

“I didn’t mean to bother you, just wanted to let you know I was finished with the pool and that I’d be back next week.”

Tiana’s eyes were searching but her two hot pool boys were nowhere to be found just Jake the same kid that cleaned her pool once a week.

“Yea Jake, that’s fine see ya next week.” It took her a minute but she finally realized it had been a dream. She smiled to herself feeling the dampness between her thighs. A very vivid, hot, erotic, wet dream. She let her finger dip inside her and bringing it to her mouth she sucked it in. She opened her laptop and began bringing her dream to life with words.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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