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Abella Danger

I personally admit to myself that I do not understand the fascination of black men and their cocks. Perhaps my view was skewed by the numerous porn videos of young, slender fair-skinned girls squealing at the sight of darkened flesh in their face; or how a group of close friends gossiped and catcalled when one of their own bragged about their first black dick. It could be that well-coined phrase “Once you go black, you never go back.” For some reason, I just could not comprehend the obsession over black cocks.

It comes off as a bit racist, but I am not a married middle-class suburban Caucasian wife with two children and a dog. Neither am I not a quiet, demure petite east Asian school girl nor a sensual, exotic Latina girl; in fact, I am black myself. Warm, mahogany skin, wide hips, size double-D breasts, thick full lips, and kinky, coily hair to describe my body minimally. Despite being raised in a conservative, predominantly black neighborhood, I felt no personal desire nor attraction to men who shared the same amount of melanin in their skin as myself and it didn’t bother me in my collegiate years.

However, enter the real world and my black cock obsessed friend Jeff. Two inches above me at 5’8″, Jeff was a slender, naturally tan, fashion-forward gay man with a penchant for black men. Cleverly dressed in a dark brown shirt, suede jacket and tailored slacks, the courteous fashion designer that was well spoken and respected by the community was gushing over his recent triage.

“And after I got them over to my place, I was like ‘come on, let me see ’em boys.’ They dropped their pants and oh- it was so luscious!” He sipped his cup of rose and jasmine tea. “They were so long and thick, could barely wrap my hand around them!” He flexed open his lengthy, skeleton fingers into a circle to indicate the thickness of the cocks. “But oh, they tasted so good in my mouth and I even let them ride me bareback.”

I nearly choked on my black bean burger as I heard the last part. Proclaiming himself as more of a top than a bottom, Jeff rarely let any man fuck his bubble butt, much less bareback. I steadily reached for my glass of water and sipped it fervently. Noticing my sucking sounds, Jeff stopped himself and looked at me.

“Jesus, Tia, didn’t know you were that thirsty!” Once the water dislodged the piece out of my throat, I put the glass down and looked up at him.

“Didn’t expect you to instantly bottom for a pair of black men.” I replied. “With each new episode, you seem to be turning into a black cock manslut.” I watched Jeff’s face, hoping to get a disgusted or offended expression from my casual remarks, but instead a calm blissful state curved his lips, relaxed his eyebrows and closed his eyes.

“ neither, but you’ve got to experience one in order to understand.” He explained. “You know how the saying goes-“

“-Don’t even start.” I interrupted. “Ok, so now you’re all ‘black men are the best, yadda yadda.’ You can have all the black men you want, I don’t give a fuck.” Now a look of offense crossed his face.

“Tia, how can you say such things.” He started.

“I can and I just did.” I answered. “Take them all, I just have no attraction towards them. More for you and every other black-cock obsessed bitch out there.”

“And let me guess, you’re the opposite? A white-guys-only kind of girl?” He taunted. “You know, not all black men are jerks, Tia. Some of them are really nice and will treat you well. Just give them a chance.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “They are very nice gentlemen in public. They have to be or else they risk being frisked by the police. But behind closed doors, just no way. And it’s not like I’m avoiding them like the plague; it’s just that everyone else seems to be..smitten by their presence.”

“You would too, Tia.” Jeff glanced down at his watch, keeping an eye on the time. “If you ever want to try one..”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” I cut him off abruptly. “You seem to have a never-ending supply of them. ” In my mind, I lurched at the thought- how many of these dark-skinned men had Jeff taken? Even worse, how many of them were straight-acting men with wives and girlfriends getting their lengthy, thick pieces of meat sucked by an affluent and ‘out’ gay man?

“Well it’s time for me to go, darling.” He cautiously pushed his seat back and stood up slowly, removing the napkin from his lap and straightening his clothes. Less cautious as he was, I stood up myself and merely wiped my charcoal slacks and re-buttoned the matching jacket. He leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek before departing for his hectic office.

The rest of my afternoon slipped by quietly, as the deadline for the upcoming advertising campaign was weeks away. While I was busy analyzing the demographics of the target market, my mind wandered back to our conversation. So perhaps I did have a conceited attitude towards black men; I had no purpose or intention of acting in that manner. Memories of being the ‘uncool’ canlı bahis girl in middle and high school led me on a path to becoming a bit of a loner, a loser and escaping the attention of horny, egotistic males. I was naïve in thinking that most of the girls in high school left as virgins; in light of Facebook, I learned that I was one of the very few virgin graduates. I had drummed up my lack of sexual activity as a lack of luck and popularity; if given the chance I would have lost my virginity in high school and more than likely with a black guy rather a white guy.

My mind clouded with even more suspicion and paranoia than reason. Was I just plain old scared of black men to avoid them in college? No, I reasoned, I was very friendly and amicable with the black men at my college; just none of them seemed to be very interested in me. Ok, so what about after graduation and the real world? I shrugged to my own thoughts- I treated every man like a suspect, capable of raping me, it didn’t matter if he was rich, poor, from England, Thailand, or Ethiopia. Consent was the key to every sexual encounter and my refusals for sex were greeted with a casual “Fine ma, you missing out”.

Unable to focus on my market research any longer, I locked my computer and went home. A modest studio apartment within walking distance of a bus stop from downtown, I opened my door and immediately peeled off my jacket, boots, and slacks. Feeling free and inhibited, I walked over to my desk and turned on my laptop, then proceeded to sit down in my rather comfy beige rolling chair.

Once my internet connection was recognized, I typed in a free porn site into the browser and began searching for videos. I typed in “BBC” and over 1,000 results popped up. Scrolling through the video choices, I finally clicked on one with the title “My wife fucks 3 BBC while I film”. I waited patiently for the video to load.

A porcelain, overweight woman with mussy brown hair and deep brown eyes appeared on the screen. She was completely nude and flaunting her figure- an ample bust that resembled small pillows but with bright pink nipples, a flabby stomach rolling on itself at least two times, and wide hips with cellulite and stretch marks covering the landscape of her thighs and ass. After twirling herself around in front of the camera, she sat down on an old, worn mattress in a cluttered room that would make Jeff cringe with disgust.

On cue, three black men walked on screen, encircling the plump wife like sharks around its prey. The video quality was rather weak, but I was able to distinguish the men apart from one another. One man had a goatee and his skin was a smooth milky chocolate, the second man was shaven and had the thickest set of lips I had seen, and the last guy was ‘light-skinned’ with a full mustache and beard. All three of the men were wearing wife beaters and extremely baggy pants; they gave a complete disregard for the bed as they hopped onto it still wearing their sneakers.

With a look of amazement and astonishment on her face, the wife unfolded her legs and allowed the men to run their long, thick fingers all over her body. The man with the goatee took to her right breast, licking and sucking the nipple between his rugged lips while the shaved man opened and pried her lips with his own, sticking his tongue inside of her mouth. The light-skinned man rubbed and massaged her inner thighs up to her pussy, where he cupped it with his full hand. Using his palm, he jiggled the flabby outer skin of her pussy towards the camera before prying the outer lips open to reveal her pink labia and clit.

“Look at that pussy, we gonna beat that shit up.” He teased and the other two men laughed in response. A bit turned off by the vulgar language, I muted the video while the woman was still being fondled and licked by the three black guys. Then, within a five-second window, the men kicked off their shoes and took off their pants, revealing their cocks.

I was very impressed with their figures. The man with the goatee spouted seven inches in length (not including the balls) and nearly three inches in diameter; the shaven man was an inch longer but only two inches in diameter; the light-skinned one..I could have sworn it was a fake dildo or something- he was two inches longer than his shaven comrade but thicker than his goatee one. The woman’s jaw dropped at the sight of the cocks and they were not even fully hard yet. Spitting into the palm of her chubby hands, she wrapped them around two of the cocks while taking the third in her mouth. Her husband, quite experienced with the camera, moved around the bed, zooming in on close-ups of his wife coordinating hand and blow jobs to the three well-endowed men.

I repeatedly kept turning the sound on and off as I fought with my disgust for their dirty talk and love for sucking noises. The woman was pretty good at taking a thick cock in her mouth- she slurped and suckled on the lengthy pricks, getting them juicy wet before her head was bahis siteleri held and the cock slid past her teeth and down her throat. She gagged twice, coughing up a translucent mix of phlegm, mucus and spit and gargled frequently while being face-fucked.

The light-skinned man with his larger-than-life dick, motioned the woman to lie down on her back to better position her body for him. In a frantic hurry, the husband got up close to the woman and zoomed in as the guy eased the head of his dick in her pussy. With a low moan as encouragement, he continued pressing his cock into her until he was almost balls deep inside. Her legs held apart by the other two men, he began fucking her pussy relentlessly, pounding the body and making the body fat jiggle nonstop. I watched with earnest lust as the men rotated in a circle around the woman, one pounding the pussy while the other two were using her mouth. My own pussy soaked until the bittersweet ending, in which the men released themselves all over her body, spraying their cum on her tits, belly and inner thighs. She rubbed the cum all over, enjoying it thoroughly and the clip ended, with the men satisfied and her tired but very pleased. There was no anal in this video, and it left me a bit disappointed.

I wasted another two hours watching porn clips, some featuring women getting fucked in the ass by a big black cock, while others included scrawny white men sucking off their larger endowed partners. My pussy was thick and gushy and my tongue salivated at the sight of men and women enclosing their mouths around a chocolate dick. I wasn’t jaded, I told myself, I am attracted to black men, it is just the opportunity to have one for myself never came. Looking at my phone, I asked myself silently if I wanted to take the chance.

“Hey girlfriend,” Jeff picked up on the other end.

“Hey,” I said, quite breathy. “You know, I think I will take up on your offer.” A little girl squeal escaped his mouth.

“Now this is something I never expected!” He replied. “Tomorrow night, eight-o-clock at my place?”

“Deal,” I answered and quickly hung up. I had the rest of the night and all day tomorrow to fight between my growing lust and impeding fear. I rubbed my prominent clitoris to a whimpering orgasm, climbed into bed and went to sleep.

I was walking down a dimly lit street downtown late at night. Dressed in a short skirt and wearing a blazer, I frantically paced down the street. I was being stalked by a group of tall, husky black men. Just as a bypassed an alley with a trash dumpster, I felt two hands grab me around my waist and lifted me off of my feet. I kicked and screamed, trying to attract attention to my scene but no one was around. With the help of his buddies, the guy dragged my body down the alley and tore off my blazer, exposing my round breasts and pert nipples. The men forced me to squat, lifting my skirt up in the air to expose my bare ass. Their hands grabbed and squeezed my breasts and stuck their fingers in my pussy and ass. I yelled again for help, this time my mouth was stuffed with a gargantuan cock. Holding my head by the ears, my face was fucked by this cock, making me gag several times, even choking to the point of passing out. My legs were split apart and a cock slid in, breaking past the first set of walls, the cervix, uterus and deep into the womb. I was crying and shaking as I was being gang-raped in the middle of the night. Would they kill me after they were through with my body? I wondered as one cock replaced another, dodging in and out of me, causing great pain. Then the cock in my pussy relented and two fingers dove in, scooping in a handful of the juices inside and spreading along the outside of my ass. “Oh no..” I begged, “Please don’t fuck me there..” A huge thick cock pressed its forehead at the entrance of my ass and pushed in slowly, making me scream at the top of my lungs- but no sound was coming out. Instead, the laughter and grunting of the men around me pounded into my head as I sobbed, wailed and cried into humiliation…

I woke up with a racing heartbeat and in cold sweats. I pulled my blankets back and there was not a trace of blood on the sheets. As I swung my feet to the side of the bed, I felt no pain in between my thighs or in my buttocks. I let a small sigh of relief; I had not been gang-raped. The insides of my pussy itched and I spread my legs to find wet, sticky juice protruding from the lips and making a thin, slimy coat on my innermost thighs. In spite of my deep-ridden fears, the dream left me wet and aching to be handled roughly. Knowing Jeff, he wouldn’t allow such men near me and I assured myself that it was for the best not to think of such debauch matters.

The bleak morning hour transformed into dawn and I grumpily slew through my day at work, starting on my market research analysis report for the new products. I fidgeted more than normal in my chair and even had to rub my clit twice in the restroom to distract my mind. Once five-o-clock bahis şirketleri hit, I abruptly turned off my computer and caught the first bus to my apartment. Deciding not to go too slutty in my outward appearance, I dressed in a pair of loose pantaloons and a v-neck tank top that left enough cleavage to garner attention but not enough to suggest that I was a slut. I put on a pair of flats and applied a small amount of makeup on my face. No point in dressing up if I was going to suck and fuck cock, I thought.

I arrived at Jeff’s apartment complex fifteen minutes before eight-o-clock. Calling him on the phone, I knocked at his front door and waited for him to open it. Even in casual clothes, Jeff always seem to be in top fashionable shape- he was wearing a skin-tight forest green top with open sleeves, khaki shorts and a black belt with the Armani logo on the buckle. Giving me a kiss on the cheek, he invited me inside and instructed me on where to put my shoes.

“Come along in, dear.” After I pulled my shoes off, he grabbed my hand and led me into his spacious bedroom, all neat and organized.

“Now this is how the evening will play out,” He explained, “You hide in that closet right there-“He pointed to a walk-in closet with air vents on the door, “-and I’ll get the boys all warmed up and relaxed. Then, on my cue, you’ll bust out and go ‘voila! Do me!’ ok?” I nodded eagerly. “Alright then, girl, let’s get this party started!”

I opened the walk-in closet and found more than enough room inside to be able to sit without riding my pantaloons too terribly up my ass. As soon as I shut the door from the inside, I could hear Jeff’s voice float in from the front door. “Come on in, come on in.”

My eyes fixated on the two gentlemen Jeff brought into his bedroom, one was a tall, slim muscular man with silky ink skin that looked purplish in hue. His companion was the same rich skin tone, shorter, and with wider shoulders, bulky arms and thighs, and sturdy legs to support his figure. Unlike the video I watched, the men had taken their shoes and socks off before entering the room and were casually undressing themselves before starting. When the two men finally took off their boxer-briefs and freed their limp cocks, I drew in a sharp breath that received a ‘oh no you don’t’ glare’ from Jeff. The slim guy had the longer dick, he was stroking it with both of his ghastly hands and the cafe au lait head was protruding out of his two closed fists. The bulkier guy had a shorter but extremely thick cock- he couldn’t wrap his entire hand around it even in its softer state

Once undressed, the men climbed onto Jeff’s plush, luxurious bed while Jeff crawled in between naked himself. He took the longer cock into his mouth and began sucking earnestly, his thin puckered lips clasping on the ridges of the ebony shaft. His head rocked forward and back as he took more of the length inside of his defined mouth. Then he flipped over and began to suck the thicker cock, and with only the head inside of his mouth, his cheeks were puffed out and mouth stretched to its limit. The only sounds of his mouth service was the occasional slurping over the head, or the suctioning when the guy forced more of his cock into Jeff’s mouth and withdrew quickly. The two men didn’t kiss themselves, but instead ran their hands up and down Jeff’s slim body, pinching and twisting his sensitive brown nipples and occasionally spanking his round bubble butt. They made degrading comments towards Jeff, which in a weird, nonsensical way turned me on.

“Yeah, suck that shit white boy..” “Go deep on that black cock.” “Take that black cock in yo’ mouth, boy.” “Look at that thick white ass.”

“You gonna fuck him bareback?” The slim guy asked as the bulky guy pulled away from him. He contemplated the thought for a moment, then chuckled.

“Fuck naw, man. I know he clean and everything, but you never know what you might catch.” Jeff stopped sucking the slim guy’s cock long enough to reach over to his drawer and pull out a box of Magnum XXL Condoms. Grabbing the box, the bulky guy dove in and took a condom package out; he then tore the package open and fumbled with the condom before slowly sliding it on his expansive and hardened cock. I guess those sex education videos were right- when applied properly, condoms can fit onto any cock. Once he got the condom on, he positioned Jeff on all fours and opened his legs wide enough so that his cock was hanging down and ass was poised up in the air. Grasping his hands on each of Jeff’s buttocks, the bulky guy slowly inched himself inside of Jeff’s tight asshole. Jeff grunted deeply in response and the slim guy started to roughly fuck his mouth.

I sat in the still darkness of Jeff’s closet, awed and intrigued at his ability to handle two monstrous cocks. My pussy, still damp from last night, ached incredibly and I stuck a hand inside of my panties and flicked the clit around in a circle. It was an out-of-body experience- I felt my own lips salivating and pressuring on a cock and my own asshole stretched by another. My other hand slipped in the back of my panties and began to push my finger into my asshole. I was rubbing myself to an orgasm in my own aroused state.

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