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by Keith Hernandez

After Scott forced himself on me, I tried to carry on like nothing had happened. But it was impossible. I kept thinking about how hard Scott had fucked me. How he got me face down on the bed, how helpless I was when he grabbed my wrists in his strong rough hands.

And how he kept penetrating me. Pushing his hard cock deep inside my upturned butt, my raw anus stretched until I clinched my eyes shut and moaned loudly in agony and ecstasy. I could still hear his heavy grunts and the slapping of his pelvis on my cheeks, his deep breathing as he pumped into me. The smell of my gaping bowels. His cologne. His body odor. His semen. My semen. I swear I could smell him even the next day. On my skin, on my bed. Everywhere. I was emasculated…I felt like a cheap slut.

Aside from from the shame, I began to have some physical issues. Scott had fucked my butthole so hard I immediately had issues going to the restroom. Even sitting for dinner or having coffee with Gina was too much.

I did my best to hide it by telling her that I was having an upset stomach and I was tired from work. How could I tell her the truth? That my ex had showed up to “claim me” and fucked me so hard up the ass that I couldn’t sit down. The constant reminder of Scott was felt for almost two days, until I finally decided to see a doctor for my condition. I was afraid Scott may have caused internal damage.

I didn’t want my work colleagues to find out I needed my privates looked at, so I didn’t use my work-approved clinic. Instead, I went to a clinic in the Latino area of town near the city limits and paid cash. No one I know would come down there to see a doctor. It was in a seedier part of town and although the office was clean it was older and more spartan than my normal clinic.

After walking in and filling out the required paper work for my visit, I was called up by one of the nurses.

“Andrew Jones?” said the Nurse.

“Yes,” I responded to the fake name I had given the clinic.

“My name is Anna, please follow me to take some vitals.”

I looked over her name badge reading “Anna Torres.” She had a slight Spanish accent. She was fairly young, and very pretty, with large breasts and ample cleavage showing.

After taking my weight, blood pressure, and temperature, she told me to wait while she got the doctor.

I looked around the room and saw it was fairly clean with an exam table and diagrams, and one window giving a decent view of the city. I was getting antsy as I would soon have to answer the humiliating question as to why I was there. I hoped the doctor would be a woman. I didn’t know if I could take it if I had to admit what happened to another man.

The room was quiet and very clean. The clock on the wall with its soft clicks indicating the minutes made the wait feel like an eternity. The door finally opened and the busty nurse walked in, followed by a Hispanic woman in her 40s.

I was relieved, but I couldn’t help but notice her large, perfectly round bottom as she turned to grab her chart. She was also good-looking with beautiful dark hair. Maybe I was wrong. It was going to be hard to come clean to these two attractive women. I began to feel self-conscious just looking at them. I felt desire, but also more shame.

“Hi! I’m Dr. Soto, how are we doing?” she said.

“Um, I’m okay kinda,” I said nervously. She looked me right in my eyes and then with a smile she looked at Anna and winked.

“The nurse said there was a handsome man here to see me.” It was kind of flirtatious, but in a way that was trying to put me at ease.

“It looks like you are here for…difficulty with your bowel movements,” she said, looking at her chart. “That’s no good, we will try and see what’s going on.”

She istanbul travesti took her seat across from me and crossed her legs. I couldn’t help but look at her legs. Her dark panyhose and heels made her seem so sexy. I glanced up at the nurse and I think she caught me. She smiled knowingly. I was feeling embarassed and a wave of shame washed over me. I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t have let Scott take me. Why did I give in to him? What would Gina think? I was feeling confused and embarassed.

We went through the routine stuff and then the doctor started digging into my issue.

“Around when did this start–that you were having some issues going to the bathroom?”

“Been a few days,” I lied.

“Well it could be a stomach infection, but your question/answer sheet says there was a little bit of bleeding you noticed in the toilet…it sounds like something is causing irritation or perhaps…”

Dr. Soto paused her thought, but continued typing away on the computer, with only the sound of the clicking of the keyboard filled the room.

“Okay let me do a preliminary check,” she said, taking out a pair of latex gloves. “Why don’t you pull down your pants, take them off, and bend over the table.”

I hesitated, looking at Nurse Anna and then back at the Doctor. “Uh…okay,” I said, shifting in my seat but not moving.

I was hoping I could get away with some questions and a prescription but now it seemed certain that my butt was going to get an inspection of how hard Scott had pumped his cock into me.

Dr. Soto pulled on her gloves. “Based on eliminating the possibility of a blockage or any digestive internal issues, it sounds like we are going to have to look into this a bit.” She patted the table. “That means I am going to have to look at your anus and rectum to see how we can treat this.”

I reluctantly stood and did as she asked, sliding my pants down and exposing my smooth bottom before bending over in front of the two sexy women. I felt so vulnerable, with my bare butt exposed and ready to be probed, the opening where Scott’s cock had invaded me just waiting to be examined.

“Just relax Mr. Jones,” the doctor said. “You are in good hands with Nurse Anna and myself. Now spread your legs niiiiice and wide.”

I did as she asked. The nurse handed her some lube and looked at me with a smile. The next thing I know, the doctor put one hand on my cheek and rubbed my sore pucker with lube.

“Hmmm…definitely irritated there. Does it hurt?” she asked, as she gently rubbed my butthole and pressed up inside me with her finger.

“A little,” I said, clenching my jaw. It did hurt a little, but it also tingled and I could feel my penis stir.

She then moved her finger further in and felt all along my anus and rectum. I winced and a soft moan escaped my mouth. I couldn’t help it–I was still sore from being butt-fucked by Scott. As she went deeper I moaned again. Fuck! It was so embarassing that the cute nurse with her big tits was watching the whole thing as I groaned and bit my lip.

“Some discomfort?”

“Yes a little.” The physical discomfort was matched by the shame of knowing that she was feeling where Scott had deposited a huge load of cum, and the fact that the exam was causing my cock to stiffen. She fingered me slowly and then added a second finger, spreading my cheeks and digging deep, causing me to lower my head to the table.

The doctor withdrew her two fingers from my backdoor but then quickly inserted them again and pulled them back out. In Spanish, she told the nurse something that made my blood run cold:

“This one has been ridden.”

The nurse answered her in Spanish, “What?”

Because I am white, Latinos often assume I am not Spanish. But I am, and istanbul travestileri I understood every word they were saying.

The doctor held up two fingers and made eye contact with the nurse, “See? This is semen. It’s mixed with lotion of some kind. Someone has had their way with our little friend here. By the looks of things it was someone pretty big too. His walls are irritated and his opening is loose and bigger than normal. Come back here and I will show you.”

At that the nurse went back to my ass too.

“Can you reach back and pull your cheeks apart?” she asked me in English. “Stick your bottom up more too…that’s it.”

I was now in the humiliating position of spreading my own asshole open while I stood on my tiptoes and gave them full access. My face was squished against the paper on the exam table.

“See the irritation on the anus? That is caused by something really rubbing hard, being inserted, like repeated penetration by a big thick man,” she told the nurse in Spanish. “And if I reach way up inside,” she said, inserting her middle finger deep, “I can pull semen and lotion off the rectum walls. See? Semen.”

“I see now,” said the nurse. “He was roughly fucked. That’s too bad.”

“Yes it is,” the doctor said, an obvious anger rising in her voice. Switching to English she told me to sit down and assured me that I had an infection that she could treat with anti-biotics and rest. She wanted to clear things up with a few more questions. To be honest I was in a state of shock. My bottom was sore but my ego was even more bruised as the two sexy nurses sat across from me while I hid my hard cock with my hands.

“Has there been a change in a sexual partner recently?” Dr. Soto asked.

I almost froze when she asked that. “Ummm no, no.” I lied. I don’t know why–it was just my natural reaction. The doctor frowned and the nurse cocked her head at me.

“Mr. Jones, sometimes internal infections could be a result of a sudden change of sexual partners…was there a change of activity recently?”

“No, no I just…no.” My voice trailed off, and Dr. Soto sat silent for a moment while I sheepishly avoided eye contact.

“Okay well I better have a better look then,” she said. “Nurse, will you get the speculum?”

Oh no. The nurse looked at me and then moved over to a cabinet, opening it.

“Bend over the table again,” Dr. Soto said firmly.

I rose and with a wave of despair shooting through me, I bent over once more.

“You can do better than that,” she said knowingly. I arched my back and saw the large silver speculum.

“Nurse, will you hold his arms for me?” The nurse took hold of my wrists and with surprising strength, stretched my arms out in front of me as far as they would go. I was now flat on table with my legs splayed open and my butt upturned as though I was about to receive another cock. I was also starting directly down the blouse of the busty young nurse. I could see all the way down to her bra and the edge of her dark nipples.

“Is there anything else you want to tell me before I start with a much more thorough examination Mr. Jones?” Dr. Soto stood beside me and rubbed the metal like a weapon, lubing it up as I turned my head to see.

It was no use so I turned back to the nurse and looked up at her. She was smirking at my impending defeat. The doctor moved behind me and stood with her feet inside mine, keeping my legs spread-eagled. It was no use. It was no use trying to keep up the ruse. The speculum was pressed up against my anal ring.

“Okay okay!” I almost cried out, “I did have a change in sexual partner!”

Dr. Soto pressed the speculum harder, drawing a deep involuntary groan from me as it began to cleave my anal passage open. “Unnnggghhh!”

“A travesti istanbul change in sexual partner or a change in sexual activity?” she asked, pausing with the speculum only a couple of inches inside me.

“Yes both! Both!” I looked at the nurse with pleading eyes.

She pushed the speculum futher up my ass. It was painful and terribly humiliating to be stretched out and penetrated in front of the two beautiful women.

She bottomed out inside me as I grimaced and whined from the abuse, “Ahhhhh unnnnngggh…yes, unnggghhhh I got fu-fu-fucked…ohhhhhh gooddd stop…it hurts I’m so sore…ahhhnnnnngggh…ungh!”

Dr. Soto slowly pumped the speculum in and out of my ass, drawing tears and stifled cries from me as I tried to take it like a man.

“Who fucked you Mr. Jones? Hmmm? Who slid their big cock up your ass and came in you?”

“My friend Scott!” I cried, now totally defeated. I looked up at the cute busty nurse and she was watching intently as I was being manually pegged.

“He has such a nice ass doctor,” she said in Spanish. She held my wrists in one hand and reached my smooth bottom with the other. She rubbed and gently squeezed my cheeks as I was being penetrated.

“Such a shame!” she said, caressing it and lingering over my cheeks before returning to holding me down.

“Well at least it isn’t going totally to waste,” Dr. Soto replied. She slid the speculum faster and turned back to me in English.

“Does this Scott have a really big cock? Does he fuck you all the time? Does he pump big loads in you? Whenever he wants?” She was really pounding my ass now, the table squeaking as it rocked and started to slide forward. I howled in pain…but there was the unmistakeable surge of pleasure too. As I was being repeatedly impaled, my small cock fully hardened, even as tears rolled down my cheeks and my throat was raw from crying yes to each and every question she asked.

I was writhing in agony now, held down and fucked by the Doctor’s speculm. I cried out that Scott fucked me even harder, that Scott made me cum, that Scott took my asshole, until mercifully, Dr. Sota stopped ramming me.

She stopped with the device planted as deep as it would go, and then she slid the device out slowly. Inch by inch until it slipped from my gaping raw hole. She set it aside and the nurse released me. I pulled myself further up on the table. I didn’t want them to see my erection.

“You can get dressed now,” Dr. Soto said. “But what you are doing is a sin, do you understand me? And you and your kind can spread AIDS in our community. Do you understand? And don’t think I didn’t notice that you are shaved like a woman–you’ve turned your ass into a pussy. Aren’t you ashamed?”

I was out of breath, humiliated, and fumbling to get my pants on as fast as possible. My cock was stiff as a board and Dr. Soto and Nurse Torres looked at my hard penis as I struggled.

Again in Spanish the two laughed and commented on my small size. “He is so cute but maybe with that little tiny unit, that is why he gives it up to the strong men.”

“Maybe,” Dr. Soto said. “Maybe he has learned his lesson too.”

I buckled myself up and Dr. Soto gave me instructions on which pharmacy to go to and how to take my medicine to heal my “girl bottom” as she called it. The nurse reached down and squeezed my ass cheeks one more time while I listened, smiling as I glanced at her, my face red.

When she was finished Dr. Soto told me to take care not to be back here in need of “another treatment.” She smacked my sore bottom hard as she emphasized the last word, a final humiliation as she turned and left.

Nurse Anna lingered for a moment longer, sliding a box of tissues to the edge of the counter. “In case you want to take care of that,” she said, pointing at my crotch. She adjusted her large breasts as she turned to leave. “Just be sure to throw them away when you’re done, amiga.”

To be continued…


Copyright Keith Hernandez

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