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Truth Or Dare

Jason and Mark ran hurriedly around the house getting everything ready for the game. The girls were going to be over anytime now and they wanted to make sure they had everything ready. The attic was the perfect set-up in Jason’s old three-story house, boasting thick walls and parents that went to bed early. The boys were both 18, enjoying their last year of high school with gusto. Parties, panties, and pornographic lifestyles in general seemed to be their taglines as graduation was only a month away. College plans had already been finalized, and now the only thing left to do was enjoy the immoralities of youth in all their splendor.
Mark turned as he heard the tell-tale pelting of the window by pebbles below, he opened it to reveal two beautiful girls both holding up generous amounts of alcohol.
“Wait right there!” He said as he tip-toed down the ladder and down through the house to let them up. He followed the girls as they made their way secretively into the house, both looking as gorgeous as ever.
Lexy was 18, a well rounded senior who’d been friends with both Jason and Mark since freshman year. She’d previously dated Jason for a time before they both found that they made much better friends. Her hair was a dark brunette, trimmed into adorable bangs that covered friendly green eyes and a sneaky smile. Her boobs were average in size, but the rest of her body bottomed out like a Greek statue. Maybe it was her sly confidence, or maybe it was her four years playing for the high school soccer team—the fact was, she’d been blessed with the most and perky ass of any girl in the school…a fact that not many knew thanks to her tomboyish ways. Walking with her and holding her hand, a foreplay-like tease Mark hated with a passion for its effectiveness, was a short Latin girl named Alicia who was a cheerleader for the school. Her jet-black hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her alluring smile and lips seemed to compliment what was indeed a cheerleaders figure. She wore a skirt, and as Mark followed the girls, climbing the attic latter up behind her he could see up her flared red skirt to where a pair of booty shorts hugged her delicious ass—the words “Wanna play?” printed achingly across them.
They reached the arched attic where the boys had been setting up the room—a wood floor was covered nicely by a thick rug big enough for each of them to sit. Around it, pillows, blankets, beanbags and sleeping bags had been laid out for whatever uses they may be employed. Directly against the wall where the rug began, a shelf covered in bottle openers, shot glasses, red Styrofoam cups, and chunks of bread (for the inevitable over-drinking no doubt) sat lined up in quite the organized fashion. To cap the make-due decorations off, large-bulbed Christmas lights hung through the rafters above them, their quaint coloring giving the room a cheery glow as the girls unleashed their alcoholic selections.
“Alright boys,” Lexy said, blowing a piece of hair out of her face as she heaved the heavy bottles onto the stand, an action she seemed practiced in. “We’ve got jegar…or course, some girly beers for Mark to chase his vodka with,” Mark laughed sarcastically, as she continued, “some southern comfort for when you’re feelin’ down, and of course, some 151 for when you’re feeling brave.”
“And I brought some cranberry juice and orange juice for the properly mixed fruit drinks.” Alicia said as she popped those into a mini-fridge set up next to the stand. The group poured their first round of jegar-bombs, quickly downing them as their collective eyes felt the night’s first awakening. Beers were opened from the boys on stock and they plopped down to the rug, engaging in various drinking games and laughter. It wasn’t long before the heat of the drinks caused the girls to shed their coats and the boys their sweatshirts, leaving both boys in jeans in t’s along with Lexy while Alicia had her skirt and blouse securely fastened.
They talked for a time about the year…classes that they hated and people that they hated even more. Two more rounds of jegar went by and the curious loosening of words slowly started to take affect. Lexy laid sideways on a long beanbag and Alicia, crossed her, laying her head down on her stomach as she stretched out towards the middle of the open rug.
Finally Lexy reached over and grabbed the bottle of 151, looking slowly to each member of the group before finally asking: “Is everyone either tipsy and/or drunk at this point if so raise your hand?” Each member raised his or her hand sheepishly, while Jason laughed at nothing in particular. “Good…then we should play a game.”
“Poker.” Jason said holding a deck of cards in his hand.
“Boring” Alicia said reaching out and knocking the deck out of his hand with her outstretched foot. Everyone laughed.
“Truth or dare.” Mark said, one eyebrow rising as if to be mysterious. Everyone quickly agreed that this was the winning suggestion. Rules were made so that they couldn’t be made to leave the attic for anything and that no one could be forced to drink until they threw up (a rule born out of another unfortunate attic party that Jason had thrown). It was decided that it would go girl/boy/girl/boy in sort of a zigzag formation due to the fact that the group was sitting with girls on one side of the circular rug and boys on the other, though they were still relatively close.
“Jason. Truth or dare?”. Alicia asked, her hand lightly stroking the top of the 151 bottle subconsciously, kocaeli escort though it didn’t appear that anyone but Jason noticed.
“Haha, hmm…this is really har..DARE!” He said taking another swig of beer.
“I dare you…to take off everything you’re wearing except your boxers!” She said, trying to seem innocent enough, though she had a devilish look in her eyes. Jason rolled his eyes at how early he was being made to take his clothes off, but the rules were the rules and he happily complied. It was Mark’s turn.
“Girls,” He started sinfully, “I dare you to each take a large shot of 151 and then make out with each other for two minutes.” The girls looked achingly at the bottle of vodka in front of them, before Lexy took the lead, pouring them each a tall shot of their devil drink. The girls linked arms and sat knees to knees on the rug in front of the guys. They hesitated for a couple more moments before looking at each other and counting to three. They downed the drinks and then grabbed each others heads, small tears forming in their eyes from the burn as their tongues played inside each other’s mouths. One minute in and Alicia began to moan in the pleasure of the kiss, causing both of the boys’ previously flaccid dicks to run instantly hard. They broke sometime after two minutes, giggling as they hopped back down to their seats, each sitting Indian style. Alicia looked to Jason’s tent in his boxer briefs and announced it to the group, as each of the girls commended each other’s performance. The turn came to Lexy.
“Mark,” she said taking a thin hair scrunchy from her wrist, “I dare you to take this off of Jason’s penis…” she crawled across to Jason ripping his boxers off of his body as his 7-inch penis flopped out and to attention “using only your mouth.” Both boys looked to her in disbelief.
“No! I will not that’s sick!” Mark said as she fastened the scrunchy tightly around the base of Jason’s dick, as he enjoyed her hands working on him. She sat back down next to Alicia who was already grinning from ear to ear at the dare. “I wont do it.”
“Oh come on Mark please.” Alicia said as she lifted her skirt, revealing the booty shorts. A visible wet spot marked her crotch and she rubbed with two fingers lightly as she smiled at him.
“Well, if you don’t do the dare, you’ll have to leave the attic…you know the rules.” Lexy said. It wasn’t that the boys didn’t find each attractive, it’s just that they weren’t gay…they were both good looking guys, both with shaggy brown hair and good sized dicks and chests…but this was crazy.
“Fine.” Mark said resigning to his task. Jason looked at him doubtfully for a second…but then let him do it. Mark reached his head down as Jason tried to focus on Lexy as she rubbed her pussy and watched. He felt Mark’s nose as it bumped into him causing Mark to groan…he could smell Jason’s dick and it reminded him of his own smell. With his teeth he began to grab the scrunchy…almost moving it once or twice before realizing she had tied it too tight, probably on purpose. He looked over frustratingly at Lexy as she took her pants off though left her white tennis on, revealing a light blue thong. She crossed one of her legs over Alicia’s and the two girls looked on at the boys’ predicament, slowly rubbing through their panties. Mark tried unsuccessfully to pull the scrunchy off from the side with his teeth for a good five minutes as Jason felt his dick being tugged this way and that. Finally Mark came to the unfortunate conclusion that Jason had already realized…he was going to have to come at it from the top. He grabbed the dick in his right hand, positioning his mouth over it as the girls giggled and looked at each other excitingly. Jason couldn’t help but feel a tingle as his dick responded to the touching. Mark stuck it into his mouth as he tried to open as widely as he could, his lips spreading as they tried to find the cotton edge of the scrunchy. He felt it just barely, but it was just out of reach and his mouth was beginning to touch more foreskin as he wrapped his lips onto the scrunchy. He knew it was too late to salvage anything as he felt the head of his friend’s dick finally hit his tongue..and he decided finally that quicker might be better. He pressed firmly against the scrunchy, his lips sliding down the dick as Jason moaned lightly from the pleasure. As he tried to pull it up by his lips he only made it worse as it pushed farther down his dick. He did this several times before finally getting hold of it again as Jason’s dick throbbed from the incidental blowjob. Mark could taste pre-cum everywhere and as much as he hated it he also had to admit in the back of his mind that the sheer taboo element of what he was doing was causing him to grow harder. He threw caution to the wind as he had secured the scrunchy, sucking hard on the cock as he slowly but surely brought it up all seven inches. As it finally reached the head, he dragged his head across his buddies piss-slit just to tease him even more, knowing that the girls wouldn’t know what his tongue was doing. He brought the wet scrunchy over to Lexy in his mouth, as she took it from with her own mouth, French kissing him in the process and licking her lips after they were done.
“Ooh, I can taste Jason on your lips.” She said smiling. Mark shook his head at his friend.
“Dude…you OWE me.” He said as he regained his seat. Jason’s turn had come, and he eyed both of the girls lustfully from where they sat, their smooth, tanned legs looking ever so good.
“Time to kocaeli escort bayan turn the tables girls.” He said going over to the small floor fridge and retrieving a cup full of ice.
“Lexy…I dare you to eat an ice cube out of Alicia’s pussy.” Both girls’ jaws dropped.
“That’s not fair!” Lexy shouted as the girls looked to each other.
“Hey! Rules are rules…I think you just showed us that. And you have to get the ice cube out…if it melts inside, you’ll just have to start all over.” The girls resigned to their task as Alicia slid her booty shorts off, now wearing only her blouse and a pair of tall socks. She spread her legs and lay back in a beanbag as she took a piece of ice from the tray and slowly pushed it into her already-wet pussy, shuddering at the sensation. The boys looked at each other like Christmas had come early. Lexy tied her hair back in the scrunchy that had been on Jason’s dick and bent over on spread knees, as she paused in front of her friends crotch, staring at her luscious folds and perfectly shaved mound. The ice cube had completely disappeared and she knew she’d just have to go all out. She licked her tongue slowly across Alicia’s folds just to get used to the taste as she swallowed up every drop of her friend’s pussy. Finally she pushed her tongue into the warm pussy, feeling the tip of an already melting ice cube…she fished for it with her mouth as she held onto Alicia’s cute thighs for leverage. Alicia meanwhile was going wild. Between the ice and her friend’s friendly tongue she moaned lightly as her hands clutched the outsides of the beanbag.
“Dammit! It melted!” Lexy shouted as she reached for another ice cube and pushed it all the way into her friend. Both boys had started jacking off watching the two girls as Mark had now taken off all of his clothes as the heat from the alcohol got to him as well. The fwack fwack sound of their dicks was in steady rhythm with the tongue darting this way and that trying to get hold of the ice cube. Alicia was beside herself. She took her top off and kneaded her C-boobs in her hands as she watched her friend lustfully attack her pussy. Lexy opened her eyes and noticed she was putting on a good show for everyone…she stopped searching for the ice cube momentarily to suck on her friends clit as Alicia threw her head back moaning and ran her hands through her soft straight hair. Finally she put another ice cube in and tongue-fucked deeper than she had gone before to make sure she got it as she felt herself hitting her friends G-spot.
“Lexy don’t stop I’m cuming I’m cuming!” Alicia moaned as Lexy was about to stop. She looked up at her friends pleading face before pretending that she had still not found the ice cube and swirling her tongue around inside of her, her right hand finding her own crotch below her as she did. The site was almost too much for the boys as they jacked off furiously. In front of them Lexy’s ass stuck out in the air as she bent over licking her friends pussy, her own pussy being rubbed through her thin cotton thong by her skilled right hand. The boys admired her firm legs and toned calves work, sexy as hell with her white tennies still on though she was almost naked. Finally Alicia blew with a muffled scream as she threw a pillow over her sweet face. Juice flew out at Lexy as it oozed past her lips and onto her eyes and cheeks. She sat up with the final cube in her mouth, before Alicia popped up and kissed her, the cube melting in their mouths as their lips tangoed
Alicia smacked the boys’ hands off their dicks as they looked to the girls desperately. But they just laughed back at them, watching as both dicks throbbed relentlessly with the cum inside them. They took a break for more shots, as each was now definitely drunk…the girls each nursed fruity beers in their hands as they relaxed from their last dare. Alicia stared at the two boys through her beautiful brown eyes, considering the many things she could have them do. She whispered into Lexy’s ear, who laughed hearing her idea. “Brilliant” she said, as the small Latina girl got up and ran very quickly over to her backpack, cum dribbling down her leg from where Lexy had worked her over. She returned with a piece of paper and scotch tape, as well as some white rope. Jason was instructed to bend over on the ground, already not liking where this was going. His hands were tied behind his back and his ass was open and up into the air. From inside Alicia’s discarded blouse she removed a small bottle of lube, which she poured all over his ass crack as it oozed down inside his ass and further down to his balls…the sensation felt good but didn’t put him at ease. With the paper, she taped it directly over his butt, before finding a pen and drawing a circle about the size of a marble that lined up directly with Jason’s hole.
“Alright Mark,” she said, her boobs looking as sumptuous as Mark had ever seen them. “All you have to do is break through this hole using only your dick.” The boys seemed relieved…this didn’t seem too hard. He poked the paper with his own rock-hard 7 and half inch cock, pushing against it again attempting to break the paper. He couldn’t get it to budge. He gave it a harder push and Jason felt him poke up against his hole. This continued for a couple of minutes but he couldn’t seem to get a good rip in the paper.
“Dude! Just do it hard and rip through it already!” Jason said, his face pressed against the carper as his body was bent over and he found himself in an unusual position on his knees. izmit escort Mark grabbed the sides of Jason’s ass and lined his dick up with the drawn circle…before ramming it hard into the paper and slightly entering Jason’s ass. Jason felt the dick slide into him just a bit but said nothing hoping that the paper would break soon. The girls watched, each of them biting their lips as they saw what was happening, as turned on as ever. Lexy ripped off her shirt and panties as she as she lay back in the middle of her friends legs, her head resting on her boobs as they watched the show.
Mark pushed at a consistent rate, each time bringing his dick back to find that the paper was crumpling more than ripping. Jason was getting worried as he could feel almost all of the head starting to enter his ass with each thrust…it hurt like nothing he’d ever felt before, but for some reason also felt really good.
“Dude be careful!” Jason said as his body naturally arched against his will to allow easier passage into his ass.
As Mark became more frustrated he began to make each thrust harder, before he too finally realized that he was slowly but surely fucking his friend. All of a sudden his head popped into the ass, pushing the paper with it…Jason arched his head back on the floor as Mark stopped for a second deciding what to do. He looked at the girls smiling at him and saw the advantage in his friend’s hands being tied.
“Mark…the dare has changed…we want you to cum in his ass. But we want you to fuck him slowly…let him really enjoy each moment, make him beg for your dick. And then we want you to cum more than you ever have before.” Lexy said as she slipped a finger into her pussy. Jason’s eyes grew wide as he listened to the girls instructions…he bit his lip as prepared for what was coming Slowly, Mark inched his knees forward and slid his dick further into his friends lubed ass, Jason’s eyes closing the entire way as the pain grew. At this point Mark had no idea where the paper was…he’d pushed it all the way into Jason’s ass and was now steadily fucking as he found he loved the sensation. The feeling of a hole so tight felt amazing and Jason moaned loudly as he began to thrust back into the dick, loving the new-ness of it as it rammed into his prostate.
“NO Mark!” Alicia said rubbing her friends boobs in front of her. “We told you to fuck him slow…now do it. Mark slowed down his thrusts as he allowed himself to feel every throbbing inch of his dick slide in and out of the tight hole in front of him. It was like fucking a virgin. Jason’s moans had become louder and pre-cum leaked heavily out of his dick as Mark fucked faster and faster, a steady whack whack whack sound formed as his dick smacked into Jason’s smooth ass. Mark had never been so turned on before…he’d never done anything with a guy, but having the girls watch him fuck Jason’s ass was incredible. Jason moaned constantly as he wished only to grab his dick and jack off during the sex.
Right then the cell phone from Lexy’s purse went off and she fetched it quickly, not wanting to miss any of the action. “Fuck! It’s my Mom…she texted me and told me we have to be home right now!” The girls looked at each other in complete sexual frustration…while the boys paused in their mid-fuck position. In less than a minute they had gathered up their things and ran out the door, climbing down the ladder of the attic and rushing down the street. Mark’s dick was throbbing as he sat next to Jason who plopped down so that he was laying on his stomach…his stands still tied tightly behind his back.
“Damn that sucks…Jason said as he looked back at Mark, who was quietly rubbing his cock in hand, covered in Jason’s lube and ass juices. “dude would you untie me?” Jason asked as he tried to move his hands. Mark climbed on top of Jason’s thighs and began to undo the knots…before him though, his dick was inches from the delicious ass he’d just been fucking and he looked at it temptingly. Jason saw the look in his eyes. As he inched up his thighs pretending he needed to be closer to untie the knot the dick slid back into place at Jason’s hole causing him to catch his breath as he felt the giant dick lightly flicking his ass.
“The dare’s not over.” Mark said. Jason looked at him wide-eyed, half in fear, half in pleasure. “They told me I have to cum in your ass.” He rammed the dick back in as he laid down on his friend, their bodies pressed together as Jason moaned.
“God yes fuck me hard Mark! Fuck me hard and cum all over me!!!” Jason didn’t know where this was coming from but he loved the dick inside him and his own dick was harder than he’d ever felt it. With each new ramming Jason’s moan escaped into the heavy rug as Mark began to feel himself getting close to cuming. He saw that he was looking right at Jason’s face as fucked and the two straight boys embraced as their tongues darted all over the place…the extra sensation was too much as Mark hit Jason’s back wall one last time and emptied his largest load ever into his friend, their moans crossing paths in their locked mouths.
After he had rested for a few seconds he rolled Jason over to reveal his still throbbing dick, his hands still bound behind his back. There on the floor was one of Lexy’s scrunchies and he applied it to his friend’s dick once again only this time sucking on it like he was hungry. Jason lost it a few minutes later as giant squirts of hot cum exploded down Mark’s thirsty throat. He swallowed the first few before gagging on the last as cum slithered down his chin and onto Jason’s balls. The boys plopped down, immediate exhaustion coming over them from the sexual exploits and new experiences…and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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