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Life is very often unexpected, and it’s up to you whether to think of that as a pleasure or a pain. I have mostly endeavored to try and enjoy the unexpected when I can. That’s not to say I always do, or that things always work out for me. Sometime they do, sometimes they don’t. All in all, though, I find you get more out of life if you call something an unexpected pleasure and leave it at that.

It was raining like hell that night and I wasn’t particularly up for going out, but most of the usual suspects were, and I really didn’t have an excuse not to, so with our mostly inadequate raingear we headed into the chilly city rain to find a warm dry place with a good beer.

There were 7 of us, all lonely pirates out to make a mark on the evening to prove we still cared or mattered or whatever. But when the bars are quiet, it’s hard to muster up the energy for anything too boisterous, at least for me. That didn’t stop me from drinking almost my fill. Finally there came that point in the evening when some want to stay and some want to go.

Monica and Chloe, friends of mine from a few doors down, broke from the pack first. Being a chivalrous guy, I told them I could walk them home. The remainder cajoled us to stay, but we had already decided to go, so we left them at a pool table, sure that they couldn’t do that much damage without us around.

The walk back to campus was everything you could expect from a cold rainy night. We ducked and darted from one awning to another mostly in vain, if keeping dry was our goal. Instead it opened our veins and let the blood flow to previously closed parts of our brains, at least that became my theory later. We laughed and splashed and thought nothing of it.

As we lurched our way past a still open convenience store, Monica came to a sudden stop and ordered us to do the same.

“I’m such a sweet person that I am going to buy Lucy a bottle of cheap wine to share with her boyfriend!” she declared with a flourish.

I looked confused by this and Chloe set me straight.

“Lucy is going to see her boyfriend at Umass tomorrow.” She told me.

“Oh, I see.” I replied in a sedated, slightly drunken tone.

We all went in and selected a suitably cheap vintage for such an occasion and resumed the trip home.

By the time we reached the door to the dorm, we were all thoroughly wet.

“Sometimes Eric, you amaze me with your usefulness” Chloe said as I got out my key.

“How’s that?”

“I didn’t bring my key, and I know that my favorite bimbo Monica here, never does. So if you had not come back with us, we would be bitching in the rain! You are just so damn useful tonight!” Chloe grinned.

“I do try!” I nodded back, holding the door open for them.

“‘Bitchin in the Rain’, isn’t that a song?” Monica asked.

“If it’s not is should be, and you and I will play it in our band and Eric here will be our groupie.”

“Yeah! Cool! I always wanted to be a rock star!” screamed Monica as she played air guitar.

“What’s a job like being a groupie pay?” I asked as we stumbled up the stairs.

“About 2 dollars an hour, plus dental.”, Chloe responded without missing a beat.

“Shit that’s not even minimum wage!” I protested.

“Well you also get to sleep in the back of the truck and eat our leftovers so your overhead is real low.” she shot back.

“Ok, if you put it like that it sounds more reasonable.”

“Damn right it is!” Monica scolded me, “We could give that job to anyone you know! You should be grateful.”

“Oh yes ma’am, yes ma’am, I jus do whatevas you tells me to dew.” I cowed.

“Now all we have to do is learn how to play instruments,” said Chloe.

“Oh that won’t be hard,” chided Monica.

We had ulus escort stopped at my door and I had my key out.

“This is where I get off, I’d walk you down to your door, but I don’t want to see Lucy’s face when you wake her up to let you in the room.”

“What do you think the bottle of wine is for honey? That should smooth things over with miss Lucy-loo!” said Monica with a grin.

“I thought you were just being sweet?”

“Oh, well, that too!”

I laughed and told then I would see them both at breakfast. As I opened the door I watched them stroll down the hall, Monica taking long exaggerated strides and Chloe looking back at me to share a laugh about it.

I opened my door and flicked on the lights, knowing that my roommates had gone home for the weekend and pulled off my wet jacket and shoes. I stood looking at my CD’s trying to make a decision when I heard a knock at the door and the load, hoarse whisper of Monica saying my name. I laughed and opened up the door.

Monica and Chloe both stood there without much joy. Chloe handed me a note. “Read this.”

It was from Lucy and it said her ride to Umass had canceled on her os she took another ride with someone who was leaving tonight.

“The bimbo locked us out!” Chloe growled.

I started to laugh and Monica socked me in the arm.

“Oww!” I laughed still, “Why don’t you just wake up Theresa and get her to let you in?”

“No way! She is already out to get me! If I wake her up at 1:00 AM, slightly drunk, she’ll write me up again.” Chloe said.

“Yeah me too.” Monica added.

“Damn you girls are paranoid.”

“Look dollface, your roommates are gone, why don’t you let us crash here tonight?” Chloe asked.

I though for a moment and said, “Ok, but I need a raise then.”

“How about 3 dollars an hour?”, said Monica.

“A little weak.”

“3 dollars and a t-shirt” added Chloe.

“Now you’re talking, come on in!”

They pushed me aside and spilled into the room, quickly taking off their wet jackets and piling them on mine. Realizing how wet they were, I grabbed some shorts and t-shirts and tossed them over.

“You can change into those if you want, I’ll go hit the bathroom.” I told them.

I walked down the hall, not necessarily in a straight line and took my time brushing my teeth so as not to walk in on the girls changing, never mind how nice that might be. Both girls were quite cute and had titillated me more than once before. Whatever ideas came up in my drunken mind I didn’t give much credence to them.

When I came back I knocked on the door and went in. Chloe was rooting through my stuff and Monica was sitting on a bed holder her bottle of cheap wine.

“Don’t you have a corkscrew in here?” asked Chloe.

I sighed, opened a drawer, and handed her the pocketknife from inside, while I gave Monica a look.

“What, you think I’m giving Lucy a bottle of wine after she locked us out?”

“Good point” I said.

I plugged in the “dorm room mood lighting” that consisted of several strands of Christmas tree lights and turned on the stereo. When I sat down they had both taken a drink from the bottle and Monica handed it to me.

“See what I mean Eric? So damn useful! What a guy you are giving us a place to crash. Here’s to you.” Chloe toasted me with an imaginary glass.

We sat and talked for a while, just shooting th shit and teasing one another as friends are prone to do.

“So is this at all like a slumber party?” it occurred to me to ask.

“A slumber party?” said Monica, “Not like any I have ever been to.”

“Yeah, it’s not really a slumber party until you play Truth or Dare!” added Chloe.

“Oh yenimahalle escort shit, yes! We have to play truth or dare!” squealed Monica.

Chloe and I both laughed at Monica’s exuberance.

“No, I’m serious, come on it will be fun.”

“Fine”, said Chloe, “I’ll play but you have to go first.”

“Eric, don’t be a weenie, you have to play too.” Monica ordered.

“Ok, already I’ll play, but you have to go first.”

“Fine, fine, someone ask me then,” Monica said, sitting up now and getting ready for her challenge. Chloe looked at me, but I deferred to her.

“Truth or Dare, Monica?”


“OK, did you hook up with Greg Childs at that party 2 weeks ago?”

Monica burst out laugh as her face turned red, “Oh my god, he wishes we did! I gave him a kiss, but that was all!”

“Monica? Truth?” Chloe insisted.

Monica held up a scout sign, “Honestly, scouts honor, I didn’t!”

Chloe looked at me skeptically and I said, “Come on, her and Greg?”

“You didn’t see how drunk she was.”

“Ok, Ok, your turn Eric, Truth or Dare?” said Monica.


“If you could hook up with anyone on this floor of the dorm, who would it be?”

“Oh shit, let me think?”

“Present company excluded”, Chloe added with just a little hesitation.

“Let’s see,” I thought out loud, “Oh you guys will kill me.”

“What, who?” said Monica.

“Theresa.” I said.

“What? She’s such a bitch!” said Monica.

“Oh my god, you just said that cuz she has big tits!” accused Chloe.

I laughed, “I guess I have a thing for authority figures, yeah she can be a pain, but she’s hot, ask around. Besides you asked who I would hook up with, not go out with.”

“You dork.” Said Monica laughing at me. I just grinned at her.

“Your turn Chloe, truth or dare?”

“Dare.” She said matter of factly.

Monica leaned over and whispered in my ear. When I heard what she said, I laughed.

“I dare you to do the splits.” I said.

Chloe rolled her eyes and said, “Are you kidding?”

“Nope, let’s se what you got, sport.”

She sighed and stood up. She set her feet apart, held her hands out and said, “I’m only doing this once.” Then she solely slid to the ground, stretching her legs wide until she sat in front of us performing a textbook split. Monica applauded and I joined her. Chloe curled back up into a sitting position and I asked were she learned it. Monica said, “She used to be a cheerleader!”

“Get out! You?” I said.

“It was only freshman year.” She said grudgingly.

“I would love to see those pictures!”

“Oh I bet you would.” She jabbed back, “Ok, Monica back to you, Truth or Dare?”

“Um, Truth.”

“You wuss.” said Chloe.

“Oh just ask me.”

“Ok miss Monica, tell us what your most unusual sexual experience was?”

“Oh shit!” I said.

“Oh, I’m not answering that!”

“Come on Monica, fess up, this was your idea, tell the truth now.” Chloe told her.

“Well, I don’t know, I mean what do you mean unusual?”

“That’s up to you to decide. Here have some wine, maybe that will jog your memory.” She handed Monica the bottle, and while she drank we both started laughing.

“Alright, but you both have to swear not to tell anyone else!” Monica said.

“Of course not, who would we tell?” I told her.

“I’m serious, you both have to promise what gets said here, stays here.”

“We promise, don’t we Chloe?”

“Yeah, we promise, now fess up!”

“Well, this one time my senior year, it was after a party at my friends house, we were sitting around, my friend and I and our boyfriends, and well, we kind of had a contest.” Monica told us, a little red faced.

“What kind of contest?” said Chloe.

“Well, kind of a who-can-give-their-boyfriend-the-best-blowjob contest.” Monica replied as her face grew redder.

We both sat their with our mouths open for a second.


“You gave them both blowjobs?!”

“No! We just kind of started at the same time and whoever finished first was the winner.”

“Holy cow!” I said.

“You little tart!” teased Chloe.

“Technically the fastest isn’t necessarily the best though,” I said.

“Oh shut up!” Monica snapped.

I laughed.

“So who won?” Chloe asked, and now Monica turned bright red and we both new the answer and burst out laughing.

“You go girl!” Chloe yelled and put up her hand looking for a high five from Monica, who rolled hher eyes, laughed, and slapped Chloe’s hand.

“Ok, Eric’s turn, Truth or Dare?” Monica said.

“Alright, dare.”

Monica looked at me cruelly, “I dare you to kiss Chloe’s ass.”

We all laughed again.

“Ok,” I started, “Chloe, you are so smart and beautiful, you are the best person I know in the entire world.”

Chloe continued laughing and Monica protested, “No, no! You know what I mean, you have to kiss her ass for real!”

I looked at Chloe and told her to assume the position. She turn around sticking her butt towards me. I leaned over and gave her a peck on her check then looked at Monica, “Happy?”

“Nope, I mean skin on skin honey, kiss that ass!”

I laughed a little uncertainly and looked at Chloe, not sure what to do.

“Oh just get it over with,” she said, and pulled back the top of her shorts exposing her shapely ass. I kept my eyes on Monica, smiled, and gave Chloe’s ass a big wet kiss. That’s when I realized something was happening.

Monica started laughing and calling me an ass-kisser and Chloe pulled her shorts back up and turned to sit back down but not before catching my eye with a look I had never seen before.

“Ok, I’m an ass kisser, ha ha. Chloe, it’s your turn, Truth or Dare?”


“So what is your most unusual sexual experience?”

Monica chimed in, “Wait, you can’t ask a question that has already been asked.”

“What? Since when?”

“Since always, try again.”

I took the bottle of wine and took a swig while I tried to think.

“Ok, what’s your favorite position?”

Monica laughed, “Oh good question?”

Chloe smiled and said confidently, “That’s easy, doggie. I expected a better question than that from you Eric.”

I told Chloe I would try harder next time, and she turned and asked “Truth or Dare?”


Chloe grinned, “I dare you to kiss Eric.”

“What on the ass? You can repeat questions.”

“I’m not repeating, I dare you to kiss him on the lips, with tongue.”

The room was quiet for a brief second and the proverbial tension hung in the air.

“Chloe, come on…” Monica started.

“Hey, it’s your game, if you are too chicken to play that’s fine.”

Monica looked at me, and then Chloe, trying to figure her out.

“Oh fine, god, it’s no big deal.”

Almost before I knew what was happening, Monica was in front of me. She leaned in close and pressed her lips to mine, gently at first, then harder until they slipped open and her tongue entered my mouth. I responded instinctively and we kissed like that for a few seconds, long enough for me to feel the electricity of the moment.

She drew away from me with a smile and turned to look at Chloe defiantly.

“Well Eric, did she use tongue?”

“Um yeah, yeah, she did.”

“Good, now it’s your turn” Monica asked me truth or dare and I said truth.

Monica stared at me and asked, “Are you turned on right now?”

I blushed right away, giving away my answer, but I said it anyway, looking at each of them. “I suppose I am”, I said a little breathlessly. There was another tense moment before I asked Chloe truth or dare.

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