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The few interested grannies would cruise the main drag late in the afternoon, letting the reddening sun play across their weathered flesh as they perused the anxious meat that solicited for their attention.

And guys like me tried hard to catch the gaze of an octogenarian motorist. I was in my high, cut-off jeans and small sweaty t-shirt. And I have been among the most desperate of them forming muscled knots with each other, sucking cock in pure frustration as, night after night, the competition for grannies simply ran too high, and the suitors vented their lust on each other..

Already this evening I had my moment of temptation: a man had stripped himself. asked on a bus stop bench and languidly masturbated a huge brown cock. I stopped a few seconds and considered the long odds ahead of me tonight, how I might just as well have dropped my pants jacking off and wrap my lips around his member. But an old cooze in. a rusted Mustang drove by. I could practically smell her lust. That kept je away from the bored, naked man with the huge brown cock, kept me from wasting my jism on the concrete jerking off as so many had already begun to do.

A lone young woman in a halter top approached me on the sidewalk. Black hair to her shoulders. Big tits. She looked into my eyes and ran a finger lightly where her slit showed in her cutoffs. No thanks, hussy, I’m only out for truly experienced cunt, not someone with your neoprene features!

Just ahead of me a young man lost control as a granny drove by, a fat one in a red nighty, big moles on her neck. The guy’s shorts were down around his ankles, and he was jerking hard, pleading with the big mama to stop and pick him up. Predictably, she drove on by leaving a silence in which I could hear his frantic cum plopping on the pavement. “No way to get a GILF,” I cracked, almost feeling sorry for the guy.

But who was I kidding? No one really knew what the grannies went for, only that it Haramidere escort took determination and the ability to hold your jizz. My last hookup was with a nonagenarian with flattened tits. I took a moment off sucking on them to ask her why she had chosen to pick me up. “Nice butt,” she said, which was a compliment but really didn’t inform me as to the mysteries of snagging grannies.

And all mysteries of the hunted aside, I was starting to get horned-out myself. My tiny cock was hard, my balls aching, and I found myself staring almost longingly at a couple of guys doing 69 on a lawn. I slowed down and focused on where one cock slipped into the other’s mouth, sliding in and out. I actually stopped walking to stare and wonder if I would cop-out tonight and join in on what was becoming ubiquitous masturbation and cocksucking along the street. In and out the cock went. My hand dropped to my crotch.

The car horn sounded like that of a terrifying angel, sending my heart straight into my throat. ” Not so fast there, mister,” came a voice following the horn blast. I turned around.

She was a vision in a convertible. Her gray hair lay thinned on her scalp due to patches of alopecia, her eyes glowing forth from her wizened face, She wore a tight halter that held up her sagging C tits and revealed the inner sides of their globes and the wonderful creased flesh between them. “Headed my way?” she said pulling over to me.

I gulped. “Y-yeah,” I stammered. Pulled up next to me I could see that she was nude from the halter down to some high-laced sandals on the car’s pedals.

“Well get in here, then!”

I jumped over the door and into the shotgun seat. A sandal hit the accelerator. A cool slipstream hit me as I admired the way the flesh on her thighs poured slightly off her bones to the hot red upholstery. Her skin was tanned and thin as crepe.

“I sure would like to suck your pussy,” İkitelli escort bayan I said, eyeing a few white hairs that came out of her crotch.

“First get out of those clothes!” she commanded, “and throw them overboard to show you mean business. if you can do that maybe I’ll let you taste my poon,”

Whoosh! my few clothes rolled off my skin and went flying to the pavement. Free, my little pecker stood up and sniffed the air. I confess I tried to go down on her there and then with the car in motion. “Just you wait, now! I’ll find a place to pull over and you can suck my clit! You look hungry, dear.”

“Uh-huh!” I said, rubbing my short pecker.

“Easy, Hoss! Don’t lose your load until I say so.”

“Yes, ma’am!” I said and gently laid my empty palm on her dark, spotted thigh.

“How come you weren’t on your knees out there with the other boys? Don’t you like sucking cock?” she asked.

“I like sucking cock just as much as the next guy, but I wanted to get picked up by a granny,” I said.

“Oh, hush! I pick up men who suck cock on the street. I love it when men play. Maybe we should find you a nice cock to suck tonight! she said.

“I’m all in!”

“What about this guy?” my granny said pointing out a redhead in cutoffs who was none other than Jay, whose huge member was always welcome n. my mouth.

“He’s great. Hey, Jay, wanna ride?”

“Only if you blow me” he said, locking his googly eyes on us. Granny slowed down to a stop, and Jay got in next to me. I put my hand on his crotch and discovered he was already hard, so I started unzipping his cutoffs.

“Do you two know each other?” our granny asked.

“You bet, I said. I yanked down his pants until his red cock rolled up into my waiting face. Jay already had his shirt off, and I tugged his pants down below his knees. I couldn’t wait to gobble his eight thick inches, so I did.

Then Jay said Escort Çapa his trademark words whenever someone started sucking him, “He sucks the golden dick.”

“Mmph!” I exclaimed, nearly gagging with joy.

“Okay, this is getting too hot for me. I’m pulling over,” the granny said. I felt the acceleration forces change in the car as my tongue found Jay’s coppery pubes with my tongue. I felt his cock head swelling. Wow! Was he going to cum already? The car came to a halt.

“Alright, come up for air, cock sucker!” she commanded. I lifted my head from Jay’s luscious cock and looked over to the granny. She had swung her legs over on the seat and spread them to reveal her fat pussy trimmed in gray hair. She undid her skimpy top and her globes fell down into two torpedoes pointed straight at her hole. “Eat this for a change!”

“Yes, ma’am!” I slid my face down into the red upholstery and along her crepe-papery thighs until my tongue found the bonanza of her cunt. I reached up with my hands and started to massage her drooping titties while I tasted the inside of her fat lips. Meanwhile, a target had presented itself to Jay: my gaping butt hole!

“Don’t mind if I do,” he said. He bore down hard on my hole with his monster cock. Now my anus can take any size cock, even Jay’s, but I pronounced my second “Mmph!” of the evening when he penetrated my rectum and said howdy doody to my prostate.

“Focus! Keep eating that poon, boy!” my granny commanded. I licked around her small lips and started a landing pattern toward her clit. My chin pounded her lower pussy as Jay pounded my ass. My pint-sized cock was rubbing itself raw on the seat.

“Eat my poon-clit, boy!” she yelled and swatted the back of my head. Jay’s and my cock were both getting rock-hard preparing to squirt. Granny started moaning. Jay began to wheeze. My asshole started to rhythmically contract, and I ate pussy with all my might.

Jay came first, unleashing a deluge of semen up my ass. Then I came, slicking the vinyl with my cum. Then the granny came, pumping and pumping her female ejaculation in my face!

After a couple of minutes the granny said, “Okay. Time to wipe up. I’m taking you men back to your homes.”

Overall, it was a good evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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