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[ Author’s note: A continuation of Trip, Slip, Unusual Bonding Part 1. Expect accidental/unexpected sex that completely disregards ordinary logic and/or the laws of physics, as the universe itself conspires to make these people fuck each other. I’ve been sitting on this for a few months now and figured I’d release it now, instead of waiting for inspiration to strike for the sixth scene. Enjoy! ]

Scene 4

Nick clumsily grabbed his phone, resisting the urge to throw it against the nearby wall for the crime of emitting its ear-splitting alarm – an alarm he had set for himself the night before. The day had just started, and it was already not going well for Nick. The evidence for this was his splitting headache, one that was decidedly not his fault, at least not this time. Unlike the regular culprit (too much beer the night before), today Nick was suffering from a strong, nearly incapacitating cold.

From his bedside table he blindly procured a drug strip of cheap over-the-counter paracetamol. He punctured the strip, threw back his head and swallowed the tablet with no water. He hoped that the pain would subside soon, if not immediately. In the process, he had forgotten to remember exactly why he needed to be up and active so early on a saturday.

A few knocks on the door came, and Nick ignored them. He ran a hand through his forehead and clutched at some strands of his short, black hair. He was close to pulling a few out as a way of distracting himself from the throbbing in his temples. At this point, Destiny came into the room without waiting for approval. Destiny was one of his two flatmates; she had pale skin and a somewhat curvy physique, readily visible through her pale pink nightgown that was draped over her supple form in the morning’s light.

“Nick?” she said with a hint of preexisting exasperation. “Get up already — you haven’t cleaned up yet? Come on, dude. You know what’s happening today, right?”

Nick wearily opened one of his eyes to get a good look at Destiny. She was already going about his room and starting to tidy up things without his approval or acknowledgement. To be fair to Nick, there wasn’t that much to clean – just a couple of loose clothes and a towel from last night’s shower draped over a desk chair. Aside from that, the room seemed tidy enough — but not to Destiny, who was combing the room for anything out of place.

“‘It’s clean enough,” Nick replied, half-slurring his words. “What’s happening?”

“Really Nick, I’m not your mother. Our new landlord’s coming by later and doing a full inspection – and you’re just in bed sleeping?”

Nick stretched his legs, and threw one of them over the side of the bed. Blood started to circulate faster through his body, pumping through his legs. For a brief moment, he felt a bit of subconscious panic. This quickly subsided as his migraine came back. Worse still, a bit of blurriness in his vision was starting to form as a result. Trying to focus through the growing blind spots, Nick could’ve sworn that Destiny’s nippes were poking right out of her nightgown, standing at attention and very clearly stretching the sheer fabric. Nick didn’t fully expect to see them that clearly – but part of his mind, or rather his body, triggered at the sight of them. Nick wrenched himself upright, and then started to stand up.

“My room’s not that messy.” Nick tried to say, trailing off into a yawn.

Destiny grunted a bit as she tried lifting up Nick’s dresser, which sat in front of the only window in the room. She tried to scoop out an errant sock with her foot, but couldn’t quite manage it. Nick was now fully upright, with a growing rigidity in his groin as the blood pumped through his legs. He took a hesitant step forward. Wearing only a vest-shirt and a pair of boxers, his tent was somewhat visible down below.

“What will the landlord say,” Destiny said. “When he finds out that not only are we somehow using more power every month…”

Destiny stopped trying to pick up the dresser and grab the sock at the same time. She instead scooted the dresser over slightly to the right, leaving one half of it a few inches apart from the wall on the left. Nick’s eyes widened in curiosity as he witnessed Destiny unintentionally shake her bum in his direction.

“But you and Shana keep your rooms messy?” she concluded, grabbing the sock and pulling at it. “Dammit! This thing’s caught on a nail or something.”

The sock was indeed caught on a loose nail underneath the dresser. The dresser had come with the apartment, and like many other parts of the apartment it was not exactly of high quality. As Destiny struggled in vain to pull it out, her curvaceous ass wiggled slightly from side to side.

Nick – against his better judgment, all things considered- took another step forward. His eyes shot open as he suddenly felt something hard and snake-like coil around his foot – a power cable for his laptop, left unplugged the night before, which he had just dragged his foot underneath.

Nick Maltepe Escort immediately fell forward towards the window, towards the dresser, towards Destiny. The sudden stiffening of fear in all his muscles caused him to tense up and straighten up suddenly. In the process, Nick’s member popped out of his boxers beneath the front button. As he fell forward, he tried to correct his course, knowing what was about to happen. However, within that time frame, he leaned a bit too close to the wall, and something further unlikely happened. A small nail, covered in ancient white paint, was sticking off the wall near where they were. At one point in the past, a painting would rest from that nail. But now its only purpose seemed to be acting as a hook, on which a cotton thread from the neck of Nick’s vest snagged on.

In a single motion, NIck had attempted to get closer to help Destiny, tripped over his power cable, gotten too close to the wall and gotten his vest caught on a nail, immediately pulling on his neck. And, of course, things got better from there. Nick’s cock, hardened by the glimpse of Destiny’s taunting physique, stuck out at the perfect angle to penetrate her, easily parting her soft labia. Destiny’s plump ass and moundful pussy folds perfectly accommodated Nick as, assisted by gravity, his hips slammed against her.

“Ooh!” Destiny exclaimed simply.

The momentum of the thrust forced Destiny down even further, trapping her slightly behind the dresser. Her left elbow touched the floor, as her whole body was tilted to the right to fit in the tight space. Nick, feeling a sharp tug around his neck, panicked instinctively, and started to gyrate back and forth to try and free himself, coughing as the neckline strained against his throat for a second.

Destiny tried to push off the floor with her left elbow, and used her right hand to try and clutch at the top of the dresser, yearning to yank herself free. She bit her lip in vain to try and stifle an excited noise she impulsively made. In mild panic, Nick tried unsheathing his cock from her all-too-accepting pussy by pulling his hips back, only to cause tingles of pleasure for the both of them as he slowly pulled his cock part way out.

“Bloody hell, Nick…” she said in a sly, mocking way. “Again? Really?”

Nick coughed as he tried pulling on his vest to rip it free of the nail.

“Sorry!” he spluttered.

Destiny simultaneously pushed with her elbow and pulled with her right arm; the motion brought her ass closer to Nick, who had just made an upwards gyration with his hips. A subdued slap occurred as Nick’s swaying balls slapped against Destiny’s plump ass.

“Balls deep, and all!” she teased. “I haven’t… even… had breakfast yet… and you’re… fucking… balls… deep!”

With every awkwardly met thrust and contradiction of movement, Destiny continued speaking in her coy, almost seductive tone. At this point, she was of course partially free of the space behind the dresser, and was looking behind with a smirk on her face. Nick had managed to calm himself down. Although he was now placid enough to avoid being choked by his own vest, he was still stuck in place, hooked by the nail on the wall. The waves of pleasure surging from their loins started to overtake their other thoughts. Now, Nick consciously began meeting Destiny with deliberate hip thrusts.

“K-Keep going!” she exclaimed.

Destiny used her right hand to pull up her right leg, giving Nick better access to her slick, wet hole. It was an unspoken truth between them that by now, this was more than deliberate.

Though a small amount of trial and error, the two finally found a rhythm, and got well into the swing of things. Destiny rocked herself back and forth in time with his thrusts, leading to hard, deep penetration, and a gentle, constant slapping sound as his balls slapped against her round ass. With a free hand, Destiny pinched her own nipple through her nightgown, and started to moan with pleasure. Nick let out primal grunts as he struggled to catch his own breath, moving his hips with all the strength he could muster.

“I’m.. cumming… fuck!” Destiny blurted out with vigor.

All Nick could do was grunt savagely, his own orgasm overtaking him.

An explosion of pleasure came forth. Nick erupted, shooting ropes of cum into Destiny’s waiting pussy as he thrust fully into her one last time, his erect cock harder than ever before. With his hot load filling her, she came too. Her vocalization turned into a muffled squeal. She squirmed with pleasure as her muscles contracted and her warm wetness engulfed Nick’s cock. As she did so, her legs wobbled, and she ended up stumbling backwards a step while arching her back skyward. Nick felt the force of this, and was thrown backwards too. With a sudden, slick pop, the two of them separated.

Landing in the right spot to avoid injury by falling onto anything, Nick still got a nasty jolt as he hit the ground. In the process of falling, Anadolu Yakası Escort his vest finally lost the battle against the nail in the wall, and the top shoulder piece was ripped apart. Hitting the ground, he let out a grunt of pain.

Thankfully for him, he missed landing on the large and angular power bank connected to the laptop cable, meaning the only pain he had came from hitting the floor itself. During this time, Destiny grabbed on to the dresser, trying to keep herself upright in spite of her orgasm-induced wobbly legs. As she stood there, her ass presented towards Nick, his cum and her own juices slowly dripped out of her well-pleased pussy and down her inner thighs.

“Mmm…” Destiny moaned sweetly. “Not bad, Nick.”

She traced a finger along her inner thighs, gathering up a small drop of their mixed juices. Nick was splayed out on the floor, holding the back of his head and easing it with his right hand.

“Today’s thursday, isn’t it?” he said weakly. “Only the second time this week, right?

“Only.” Destiny repeated, putting a hand over her womanhood as she turned around. “Last week it was every other day. Honestly, Nick, you pick the worst times to have a headache.”

She casually licked the juices off her fingertip, savoring the taste for a moment before continuing her mission. She took a look at the power cable next to Nick, and, with one hand picked it up, setting it on top of the dresser and out of harm’s way.

“Sorry about your vest”, she said, holding out a hand to help him up.

Nick declined her hand, and managed to wrench himself up again, sitting on the edge of his bed.

“I’ll do the kitchen later,” said Nick. “Sorry about that. Will you be okay?”

He gestured awkwardly towards Destiny’s netherregions, inquiring in a roundabout way of the fact he had just raw dogged her through clumsiness.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said dismissively.. “We’re both making sure we’re on the pill now, just to be safe.”

Scooping up Nick’s laundry, Destiny went for the door, not even bothering to cover herself up down below. She shot a glance back at Nick.

“Shana and I have some errands to run in town, but we should be back before the landlord comes. One o’clock, okay? If you can do chores before then, that’d be great.” Destiny gave him a heartfelt smile.

Nick nodded. Destiny left the room, letting the door swing shut by itself. As Nick grabbed the back of his head again, he realized two things. For one, the release of pleasure from that encounter had made his migraine subside a fair amount. But the second thing he realized confused him slightly.

Destiny, Nick, and Shana all knew that things kept accidentally happening to them. At this point, the three of them were over a week into these strange, unintentional sexual situations that just seemed to occur to them. So, knowing that, and being able to prepare herself to prevent anything from happening…

Why had Destiny come into his room in her nightgown, and not worn any panties to cover herself?

Scene 5

Cleaned up and now wearing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a hefty jacket, Destiny walked into the kitchen-slash-living-room to appraise the situation. She walked past Shana, who was standing atop a four-step step-ladder, holding in one hand a modern lightbulb that she was looking to screw into a ceiling light. Destiny grabbed a small biscuit from a countertop jar.

“Do you think those’ll work?” Destiny asked, looking up towards Shana from a safe distance as she nibbled on the biscuit.

“Energy efficient bulbs are a bare minimum,” said Shana. “I can’t believe we overlooked them for so long. It’s got to be good enough.”

“What else have we got?” Destiny said.

“Shower curtain, have to go pick up the new one.” Shana said as she fixed the lightbulb in place with a few quick twists. “And we’re out of trash bags – and milk. And I need a new… uhm…”

“Pair of undies?”

Shana nodded without meeting Destiny’s eye. The two of them had a mutual understanding that any underwear they possessed seemed to have a much shorter life-span than usual as of late. Shana had shyly mentioned this to Destiny a few nights ago, after both of them had an incident that involved their underwear snapping apart.

“Quick shopping trip then,” said Destiny. “We’ll be back in time, right?”

Shana nodded. As she finally affixed the energy efficient light bulb in place, the ladder wobbled slightly. Destiny put a hand forward and grabbed it, keeping it stable and keeping Shana from falling.

“Hey, be careful now.” Destiny said calmly.

Shana very carefully descended the ladder, making sure that not a single bit of her clothing was caught on any of the steps or rungs. To her relief, both her denim jeans and her t-shirt were both completely free, and she was able to descend the latter without accidentally tripping and falling all over Destiny. By now, both girls were savvy to the misfortunes they İstanbul Escort had been having, and didn’t want to end up in a bizarre state of accidental cunnilingus – after all, they had errands to run.

Ready to leave, Shana’s brown skin contrasted heavily with her bright yellow t-shirt, which she hid underneath a pale brown, light-fitting jacket that she grabbed from the nearby coat rack. Her bright orange eyes glanced over Destiny once, before affirming that they were ready to head into town.

By eleven in the morning, both girls anticipated only a short journey from their apartment in the suburbs to the city via a twenty minute train ride. What they didn’t quite expect was that today would be unexpectedly busy – the train was absolutely crowded from door to door, with many sharply dressed office workers all having to make do with a replacement travel service at the last minute. Thus, it was quite packed, almost feeling like rush hour traffic.

Destiny and Shana were packed into the train, having to stand near the doors for lack of any other room. With hardly room to breathe, they were surrounded on all sides by individuals involved in their own business – one man talked rather loudly to an earpiece, another had a large pair of headphones on and seemed to be off in their own musical world, eyes closed. A scruffy man and a tall and pale-faced woman talked to each other, trying to lean in as the scruffy man showed off pictures of his beloved daughter to her, who seemed enamored. Nobody else on the train really paid any attention to what followed.

Immediately after the doors shut, Shana felt a tug on her shoe – one of the shoelaces had gotten caught on the door! Her first instinct was to pull it out, but decided against it. Instead, she tried to lean down, but found that there just wasn’t enough room for her knees to even bend – and without an hour of yoga practice to her name, she wasn’t flexible enough for it despite how skinny she looked. The train lurched out of the station, and both girls wobbled slightly. They imperceptibly corrected their posture to account for the motions of the moving train.

Shana made a noise that sounded a bit like a hiss and a sigh rolled together.

“What’s wrong?”

“My shoelace… it’s stuck!” Shana exclaimed, trying to very cautiously pull it free. “I can’t move my foot-!”

In a manner that betrayed no sense of irony, Destiny’s eyes widened a bit.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get it!” she gleefully replied.

Destiny, with just a smidgeon more room to move, bent her knees and went down to yank the shoelace out. Shana tensed up, trying to stop herself from making any sudden movements. The scruffy man and the tall woman each took a small corrective step backwards themselves, as they continued their own conversation obliviously. Rolling onwards, the train went round a very strong bend, one that the two girls wouldn’t normally have noticed, except in this case it meant that Destiny’s corrective motion suddenly worked against her. As she was straightening herself up back to her full height, the lurch of the train meant she suddenly slammed into Shana with a hand outstretched. Shana got shoved into the corner of the door, face and body pressed up against the glass.

Destiny’s hand had hooked on to the inside of Shana’s brown jacket, and pulled it apart slightly. Trying to keep herself from tumbling headfirst into the door, she put her left foot forward, which stepped on the shoelace she had tried to free a second before. This made Shana lean forward even more. Destiny’s free hand grabbed for the first free thing it could find – Shana’s bright yellow top, which got yanked downward.

Now, this would’ve been an easy enough situation to correct, if it weren’t for the fact that the train came out of the corner, and started going the other way – the second half of an S-bend. This meant that the two girl’s immediate corrective motions were once again mistimed. In a sudden motion, Destiny’s hand that was gripping Shana’s shirt yanked it right down at the front. With one tug, Shana’s breasts slipped right out of her shirt at the neck!

The situation would have still been salvageable. But even more unfortunately for Shana, her bra decided at this very moment to give up on her. During the second bend, the man wearing headphones accidentally elbowed Shana in the back as he stretched one of his arms in time with the music. By sheer chance, the man elbowed Shana’s bra right at the clasp. On the spot Shana now had to come to terms with her decision to buy bras with a simpler release. Because of her agitation at a difficult clasp before, her choice in purchase meant that right now, on this train, her bra had just unclasped itself with the slightest nudge. As her chest popped out of her shirt, her bra also fell down in front of her.

In summary, as Destiny fell on to Shana, she pulled down her top. At that same time, the man wearing headphones had obviously hit Shana’s easy-to-release bra clasp. This meant that Shana’s breasts, and her small pokey nipples, jumped out of her shirt, as Shana fell forward and was pressed into the glass of the train door. Her small, dark nipples jabbed into the cold glass, and started to harden with a sudden sense of thrill – and embarrassment.

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