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Double Penetration

You climb into the boot of my estate car that has a dog guard up in case you get overexcited on the ride, I clip your neck collar back in place but only tether you to the guard using your cock collar. Safety first — if I were to need to brake suddenly, we wouldn’t want you being strangled! At least your little collar will stop you from being thrown around the back of the car and I’m sure you can handle a few tugs when we are going around corners.

After a short drive, with you yipping with excitement all the way, with the occasional yelp when you jump around too enthusiastically and end up with a sharp tug on your leashed balls, we arrive at the pet show. It’s a prestigious event and takes place in a grand exhibition hall in our nearest city. It is so popular that there are events for different animals, including bunnies, ponies, exotic pets, and kittens, but by far the biggest event of the day is the puppy show. As I unclip your leash from the dog guard, I make sure to thread it through your neck collar and wrap it tightly around my palm, keeping my excited boy on a short leash as you jump down from the boot and start to tug in excitement through the crowd, stopping every now and again to sniff at the other animals. Some of these pets shy away from my excited pup, but others enjoy the attention and present their hind quarters for sniffing, returning the interest as they snuffle their noses into your leashed puppy parts. Oh yes, my pup is enjoying himself here!

Whining with excitement, you strain at your leash as you spot a pretty little bitch who is sitting next to an elderly lady, who is stroking her long, glossy auburn fur. I walk you over and immediately, you say your hello by burying your head between her legs and lapping at her pink parts.

‘Rascal!’ I laugh indulgently, ‘Forgive my cheeky boy. He seems rather taken by your lovely girl here.’

‘Oh, it’s alright, dear,’ her Lady owner replies indulgently, ‘This is Vixen and she is a looker! And she can be quite a handful when she gets some male attention. Quite the slutty pup, that one.’ At that the bitch in question looks particularly proud of herself and presents herself even more lewdly to your eager tongue.

‘I’ve trained puppies all my life — I’m sure I don’t need to tell a Lady like you how much joy can be had from having a loyal, loving little pup in your life?’ At that, she winks at me rather lasciviously and I realised that this is more than just companionship for her! ‘My previous pups were all boys but as I’ve slowed down a bit I thought a young bitch would be easier to handle. However, it’s proved the opposite. I rather think I’ve taken on too much with this one and am having to consider rehoming. I don’t suppose you know anyone who might be interested in giving her a loving home?’

You perk up at this and I can see you are thinking that we should take her. Having a hot little bitch on tap would make you very happy, I think, if your hard, dripping puppy penis is any indication, but there is no way that I can take on another pet and I can only imagine the mischief the two of you would get up to when I wasn’t around to supervise your behaviour. No, my thoughts immediately go to Sasha from the grooming parlour.

I ask if I can snap a picture of Vixen and pull you away from your extended greeting between her thighs. At first she whines reluctantly and tugs at her lead to get back to you, but when I produce my phone, she preens and shakes out her glossy fur for the picture, looking every inch the pretty young pup she is. I type out a quick message, asking Sasha if she might be tempted, then return my attention to the naughty animals at bursa escort bayan my feet as you have used my distraction to get back to pleasuring your new friend.

However, now, Vixen is not just sitting back and enjoying your attentions. She has wormed her way on to her back and is licking at the spilled drops of your puppy cream, before tonguing your hard puppy penis, slurping down your thick cream directly from the source. Growling with pleasure, you redouble your efforts lapping at her pink parts and my own clit pulses in jealous arousal. I know that puppies like to play with their new friends and are not bound by the social constraints as their owners are, but I am used to having all that enthusiastic licking between my own thighs and my panties dampen in anticipation of when we get home. And, of course, if you win the show, I will be enjoying more than just your tongue tonight.

After a few more minutes of chat with the elderly lady, who introduces herself as Mrs Wagstaff and exchanges her details with me, I pull you reluctantly away from your new little friend. She howls in frustration at the interruption so close to her pleasure and I know by the look in your pained blue eyes that I’ve also ruined your fun, but it wouldn’t do to get you all hot and messy before your showing. Besides, a proud, firm puppy penis and heavy cream-filled puppy balls will only add to your appeal for the judges.

All too soon, the tannoy announces that the pet show will commence with a puppy parade, and suddenly, from out of the crowd, proud owners and their excited pups line up along the start. You tug your way to the front, next to Vixen and her Mistress.

It is time to show off my handsome boy in front of an audience.

The Main Event

‘To heel, boy’, I murmur in my commanding voice. You know my expectations but sometimes your natural exuberance gets the better of you and you need a quiet reminder that you should not rush off ahead and pull at your leash. I know that having Vixen prancing saucily by your side is enough to distract you, especially as she swings her flanks jauntily making her tail wag even as her pouting petals are glistening wetly from your tongue. However, I am keen that you do not let yourself down. While the show is a fun day out, everyone cares deeply about the judging, and I also find myself wanting to impress Mrs Wagstaff – Elaine as she insists I call her – with her years of experience.

However, I needn’t have worried. You are on your best behaviour. Your head is up, showing off your strong, furred chest. Your back is arched, and your haunches are high, tight and proud as you strut around the hall. The audience is loving the show, and there is much excited chatter and pointing as people discuss their favourites. I notice that you are getting a lot of attention and I glow with pride.

After two laps of the arena, we are directed to separate into the different judging categories. Elaine leads Vixen to the enclosure for pups taking part in the Heelwork to Music competition, in which owners devise routines of up to four minutes, set to music, and perform the routines with their pup. Vixen is such a beauty, naturally graceful with a definite flair for the dramatic and I know she will love the attention.

I, however, have other plans for you. You are a very gifted pup, so I have entered you into the Freestyle category. Here, pups can showcase their various talents, and these are judged partly by the panel of experts and partly by the audience. This is the highlight of the show and is what the crowd is waiting for.

Freestyle is on last, so before your event I take a seat on the owners’ görükle escort benches, and you sit on the soft rug at my feet. The organisers have thoughtfully laid out water bowls and puppy snacks for the competitors while the owners, many of them Ladies like myself, are offered a variety of hot beverages and wine by way of refreshment. Some of the other pups have their heads buried under their Mistress’ skirts and already you are heading in that direction, licking your lips eagerly. I wonder if you are still tasting Vixen’s puphoney on your tongue? Well, there’s no harm in indulging you a little while you wait, and there are few better ways to spend an afternoon than in the company of like-minded individuals enjoying their pups while sipping a chilled glass of pinot grigio. Not wanting to distract those around me from the competition, I merely spread my thighs and tug the damp gusset of my panties aside, sighing in pleasure as your eager tongue worms its way between my plump, aroused outer petals to lap at the delicate folds inside.

Struggling to keep my eyes open and my focus on the event at hand, I nearly miss Vixen’s entrance as ‘He’s a tramp’ comes on the speaker. I smile as I recognise the song from the movie, Lady and the Tramp. It’s almost a serenade to my rascal, but instead of casting herself in the role of Lady, she’s associating herself with the slutty pooch from the pound. Yes, I commend Elaine’s judgement for what seems like the perfect choice for this horny little bitch!

As she executes her moves, it is almost as though she is glued to her owner’s ankles. She responds promptly to her verbal cues, giving a captivating performance; Owner and animal in perfect harmony, working seamlessly as a team. When the last strains of the song finish, the audience goes wild, and Elaine seems well pleased with their performance. She strokes and pets Vixen proudly as she yips and wiggles with excitement. Several more competitors show their routines, but none have captured the crowd like Vixen, and she barks happily as she accepts her first place rosette on her collar. Hearing her give voice, you extricate yourself from my skirts and look around, muzzle glistening with honey and growl excitedly as you see her soft little body jiggling enticingly as she receives her prize.

With this event over, it is time for your big moment. As we are called to the stage and you climb up onto the high judging podium, your talent is announced — Obedience. This is generally considered to be the hardest of all the disciplines. Everyone knows that following instructions does not come naturally to young pups and it shows how close is the bond between animal and Owner when one is able to excel in this event. However, this is something we have been training for and I feel confident that your secret trick will wow the crowd. If you can pull it off.

To make your performance truly memorable, it is important to take the audience by surprise, so we start easy with a series of drills that showcase your puppy training. You flawlessly execute the commands to Sit, Stay, Come to heel, and end with Roll over, and the crowd applaud politely. However, now you are on your back, exposing your soft underbelly and hard, collared puppy parts and already the crowd can tell that this will be something rather different than they were expecting. There is an air of expectation, and the audience are sitting up and taking notice.

Clearly I command you to ‘Give paw’ and you start to stroke your impressively hard shaft, pumping your pelvis to increase the power of every stroke. Soon you are panting, and the crowd waits for the show of your cream bursa escort bayan but then I give one of your more challenging commands, ‘Wait for it…’ You paw stills and your hips thrust into empty air but still you hold your release as you have been commanded.

When I have made you wait for a full minute and I see that your breathing is more under control, I order you to give paw once again and repeat the performance. Again you stroke until you are on the verge of spurting and once more I demand that you ‘Wait for it’. We repeat this several times — each time stroking for a shorter period before being told to hold it – until you are whining with frustration, but still you follow my commands without question. Such a good boy!

And now, with your throbbing puppy penis bobbing with its own heartbeat and your swollen puppy balls achingly full of cream, the crowd is rapt. All chatter has stopped and there is an hush in the arena as they collectively hold their breath.

‘Up!’ I command.

You come to your knees, lifting your forepaws off the polished wood and locking them behind your neck. Your body is strung tight. Every muscle is vibrating with excitement, causing your tail to tremble visibly and the sight of your puppy penis straining upwards, glistening with the first drop of pre-cream, has the crowd on the edge of their seats.

‘Wait for it…’ Your face is a mask of concentration. This is the moment of truth. Will all your training pay off for this, your finest trick?

In a firm, demanding voice I command, ‘Cum!’

Without any manual stimulation, you instinctively answer your Mistress’ command and your penis jerks, a mighty rope of puppy cream arcing across the stage, splattering wetly as it hits the floor. This is closely followed by a second and third spurt, leaving a puddling path of pearlescent pupmilk that leads back to your still twitching and dripping penis. And still your paws have not moved from behind your neck.

There is silence for one beat, two, and then the crowd is on their feet. Never before have they seen a display of obedience like it. And you, my sweet, clever, rascal, bask in their adoration, your happy blue eyes locking with mine, your head tilted as though to ask, ‘Have I pleased you Mistress?’At the sight of my proud smile and gentle nod, you bark your joy for all to hear.

‘Aarrf!! Aarrf!! Aarrf!! AaaaRRRRRRffff!!!!’

Such a good boy. I am so proud of you, but your performance is not over yet.

‘Down boy. Now, clean.’ And with the pressure off, you bound eagerly down from the podium and lap happily at your release, leaving the floor and podium spotless.

As we leave the stage we are inundated by other owners rushing to exclaim at the impressive display they have just witnessed, to congratulate me on my boy’s performance and ask for the secrets of my training techniques. And I tell them the truth – the most important factor is the relationship between an Owner and her pet. Unconditional devotion works both ways. When you have that, anything is possible.

That we win the first-place ribbon is a foregone conclusion from the reaction of the audience and the panel of experienced judges, but to be awarded the giant silver trophy for Best in Show was more than I’d dared to dream. As we say our goodbyes to Elaine and Vixen, promising to meet for a playdate the following weekend, my pussy is throbbing in anticipation and my panties are soaking.

‘Oh, my dear. That was truly impressive,’ Elaine enthuses, her hand on my arm. ‘You have such a close bond with your boy, I’ve never seen the like. I’m sure you’ll be giving him a reward when you get home.’

‘Oh yes, I have something rather special in mind,’ I smile suggestively, ‘So if you’ll excuse me, we will take our leave.’ I lean down to ruffle your fur and breathe into your ear, ‘I think it’s time, sweet rascal, that you show me your best trick ever.’

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