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This story is a a continuation of a previous one: “Sleepless”; it follows the same individuals, settings and obsessions. The events take place in one of those unbearable continental summers


“It’s too darn hot.” sang the radio, and Alex hummed with it.

It was really too damn hot, the late June weather was humid, sticky and nasty. Paris in the summer is unbearable, he thought, sweating at his computer. The pollution from the boulevard made the air heavy and unpleasant, no wonder everyone leaves in the beginning of July. But this was still June, and already too hot to do anything.

“According to the Kingsley report, every average man in town, likes to get his favourite sport when the temperature is down…” sang on the woman. True, Alex couldn’t really think about sex now, he just felt too sticky and dirty. Alone in the flat, he didn’t even imagine checking out porn on the web, just the idea of any more sweating was a big turn off.

“Ahhh…” he yawned, gazing at the on-screen report he had to read. The heat kept him awake at night and groggy during the day, working was just too hard in times like this. He scratched his back through the sleeveless shirt, feeling the sweat and dirt on his skin. Another shower, his second already, seemed unavoidable to feel decent.

The sharp buzz of the doorbell woke him from of his meditative scratching. He got up, shook his Bermudas and boxer shorts that got glued to his skin and went to the door.

“Hi Alex,” said Claire, as he opened the door and found her standing on the landing.

“Hi Claire, ahh…Daniel isn’t here right now.”

“I know, we’re meant to meet here.” She said as she kissed him on the cheek and walked into the living room, dropping her bag on the couch.

“Am I disturbing you?”

“No, of course you’re not.”

Alex watched her going in. His flatmate’s girlfriend wore creamy denims and a yellow top, hanging with two straps from her shoulders. Her dark skin glinting from sweat but also looked smooth and healthy. He looked, without staring, at her breasts as she dropped herself with a thud into the sofa and put her sandaled feet on the coffee table.

“Pheff,” she sighed, “I’m exhausted, the heat tires me so much.”

“I know,” he replied, “do you want some water?”

Claire nodded and shut her eyes, relaxing her arms and slouching into the sofa. He went to the kitchen and filled two tall glasses with some cold water. It was a shame they didn’t have anymore beer. He drank one glass, refilled it and took both of them back to the living room, Claire hasn’t moved.

“Here, drink, it’s important to drink a lot these days.” He handed her a glass and sat on the opposite couch.

They drank some water quietly. Alex could feel his body rehydrate, the cold water gave him a strange jolt of energy, like a plant revived. Though he was not looking at Claire, and he knew she wasn’t staring at him, there was undoubtedly some sexual tension going on between them. It had already erupted once in a crazy night with Daniel; but since then nothing.

“So what have you been up to these days?” Claire asked after putting down her empty glass. “Still working hard?”

“More or less, I can’t really concentrate in this heat.” He said, thinking on how he wasted most of the morning avoiding work.

“Yeah, I know, it is so tiring.” She leaned and nested her head on the back of the couch. “I think I’ll rest for some time before Dan comes, we’re meant to go out tonight.”

“Sure, I’ll turn off the radio.”

“Thanks,” she said and got up, taking her bag and going into Daniel’s room; Alex followed her with his eyes.

“Have a good siesta.” He said as she closed the door.

Alex finished his glass and took them both to the kitchen. Then he returned to his room, sat again facing the computer and sighed. This report was really too dull, and his mind was too heavy from the heat to deal with it. His eyes almost shut as he slouched in the chair and he very nearly fell asleep. In the last minute, before his head thumped the keyboard, he managed to wake himself and proceeded to check his email for the uncountable time today. Surfing the net kept him awake for about ten more minutes, but soon his head slumped once more.

“Right,” Alex told himself. “Shower time again.”

He undressed slowly, peeling off his sticky cloths and exposing his pale white skin underneath. Not minding the open window he draped himself in a towel and headed for the bathroom.

Opening the bathroom door, he was surprised to hear the sound of running water. The shower curtain was drawn, and he could see Claire’s dark silhouette behind it.

“Oh, sorry,” he said quickly. “I didn’t know you were here.”

“What?” said Claire surprised, “Alex, is that you?” her head popped out from behind the curtain and looked at him. “I was too sweaty to sleep so I decide to take a shower – sorry.”

Alex didn’t say a thing; he knew he was meant to apologise and leave, but didn’t. He tried escorts in london not to think of her naked body so near, under the refreshing water, but couldn’t stop himself. This made him sweat even more, as he stood on the cold tiles and held his towel tightly around his waist. It seemed almost unfair, the way she robbed him of his shower and made him even hotter.

“Are you still here?” she asked surprised after a few moments. He didn’t reply.

“Well, you might as well join me.” Her voice came, with an inviting edge, from the other side of the curtain.

“Really?” he woke up, uncertain about the seriousness of her proposition.

“Yeah, come in; just don’t tell Dan about it, will you?”

Alex quickly hanged his towel on a something or other, moving slowly the curtain aside, he climbed into the tub. Claire was standing under the water stream, her hands covering her tits and pussy. The water was running all over her tanned body, from her medium-cropped hair, down her broad shoulders, her ample breast, slimmer belly and wide hips. She wasn’t a skinny girl, but very far from fat, wide on her shoulders and waist, yet thinner in the middle. Definitely sporty; a strong contrast with his lanky and skinny frame.

Claire smiled at him shyly, almost apologetically.

“Hi,” she said, “here, take the shower head.”

Alex looked at himself, amazed at how white and narrow he looked compared to her. He tried not to get too excited, and keep his cock down. It wasn’t even erect yet, but has certainly grown a bit. He took the shower head and sprinkled himself, feeling the water wash away the stickiness of his skin and thee slumpiness from his mind. Then he smiled and splashed her with some water. The tub was very small, but they still managed to stand with almost a meter between them. So he moved closer, attaching the shower to the wall above them.

“Do you think Dan will be mad if he found us like this?”

“I don’t know, not really mad, but certainly annoyed.” She replied and shrugged her shoulders. Her body was so close but still they weren’t touching.

“Let me see you tits,” said Alex, trying to sound as authoritative as he could.

She looked at him with her bright blue eyes and let her arms fall. He looked down and saw her round breasts dangling a few centimetres from his chest; Water was running over them, making them look like two islands in the middle of a river, her nipples seemed hard from the cold water. His mouth felt dry, though they were in the middle of the shower and he had to swallow some spit. Everything felt dreamy, the water, the sight of her breasts, the way she invited him in.

Slowly, he lifted his hands and gently touched a breast with each. They were firm and solid, and the skin felt smooth when he touched it. She shuddered, just for a minute. Then Alex held them for a short moment, staring at them hard and trying to weight them in his palms. Finally, he slowly started to climbed up with his fingers and reach her nipples.

Alex looked up, and saw Claire looking at him. Her mouth was half open and her eyes were full of anticipation. He grabbed her nipples between his thumbs and middle fingers and started to rub them. They were hard and pointy, and he loved the rough feeling of their texture. With his thumbs, he brushed them softly and then flicked them, watching how they bounced a few centimetres. The water from the shower were running over his hands and down his arms, and covered them with a light sheet of water. Feeling a sudden urge, Alex grabbed again her entire breasts and squeezed them with his hands. He felt he could play with her tits forever.

“Nice?” She asked.

He nodded.

“You look like a kid who just got a new toy.”

“I am.” He replied. Now his cock really started to get hard. Every time he squished her cups his penis rose a few centimetres in the air.

“They’re lovely.” He said.

“Go on,” said Claire and laughed almost coyly, “I know you want to.”

So Alex bended, and took her right breast in his mouth. He started by licking her nipple, tasting the water on it and the small bumps on her skin. He lapped it with his tongue, feeling the hardness of it, and kissed it gently. Then he put his lips around her nipple and sucked softly, imagining there was milk in there; though all he could taste was water. Claire moaned briefly and passed her hand through his wet hair. Slowly Alex began to take more and more of her breast into his mouth, sucking in her aureole and as much as he could of the cup. All this time, his other hand continued to massage her left boob. After playing with her like this for a few moments he moved to the other breast and gave it the same treatment. This was bliss.

Claire reached down and started rubbing her pussy. She moaned and said:

“You’re getting me wet, don’t stop there.”

Alex understood what she meant, and started to kiss her further and further down. He kept his hands clapping her breasts, but descended with his tongue to escorts in london her belly. She kept one hand rubbing her pussy and the other on his head, pushing him further down. He bended lower and lower until he reached her belly button. There he stopped, though she pushed him lower, and kissed it. Water was flowing in and around it, and he drank it, lapping it like a dog, only horizontally. After this he went lower and soon had no choice but to kneel on the hard ceramic of the tub floor. This he did and was now face to face with her public hairs. The water came running down her belly and into his eyes, which he had to half shut. With a deep breath he started munching on her public hair.

Claire’s hair was frizzy in the stream and Alex sucked water off it. He put his hands on her waist and kissed down until he reached her pussy. It smelled clean and fresh, like nothing really. Not wanting to go too quickly, he licked it a few times with wide tongue strokes. He traced the different parts of her genitals, feeling the water sliding through them into his mouth. Up above Claire started moaning, telling him she liked what he was doing. He moved his hands and grabbed her ass cheeks, massaging them and holding them tightly. He tried to explore her labial lips and to reach her clit with his tongue, but it was impossible from this position. So he drew back and looked at her, seeing her face towering above him above her bosom.

“Lean against the wall and crouch a bit.” He told her, pushing her gently.

She did as he asked, and spread her legs as much as she could. This gave Alex much better access to her pussy, and he buried his face in it. He drank the water that ran on her body and licked her in until he could feel the round button of her clitoris. Her hands pushed him further in, and he took the clit in his mouth and started to suck it.

Claire’s body shook lightly. Her voice came, muffled through the noise of the water:

“Hmm…yes, little sucker, don’t stop; I know you love it.”

He removed one of his hands from her ass and started penetrating her with his finger. The inside of her pussy was warm and she twitched every time he went it. Slowly and slowly her moans increased, turning deeper but not louder; her body shook more. Sexual energy was building hard in her fast, heading towards an orgasm. He sucked and played with her for a long time, attacking her sensitive parts from different sides, munching, licking and sucking. There was no other thing in his mind than this demanding pussy. He loved being here, literally at her feet. The pleasant stream of water running down her body and onto his head and shoulders, sinking all noises in the constant flow.

Finally his tongue got tired of the licking and he stopped. Claire looked at him down disappointed, it was clear that she hadn’t had enough. He looked up smiling.

“Give me the shower head.” He asked from his kneeling position.

She handed him it and he splashed some water on his face quickly.

“Good, now turn around and face the well.” He told her.

Claire looked intrigued, her eyes were questioning him, but she turned around and balanced herself on the wall, waiting.

Alex took the shower head and started washing her ass. It was a nice ass, round and full, pear like; rather firm as well. He looked at the water streaming down her cheeks and into her ass crack; this excited him very deeply and his cock, forgotten for a while, became hard again. He spread her ass with one hand, and placed the nozzle of the shower head to her butthole. The water current splashed in her ass and Claire giggled. Then, with his finger, he started to penetrate her ass carefully.

“Alex, you’re such an ass fiend.” She said.

He smiled, “you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Alex slowly pushed his long finger into her butt, up until the first joint and pulled it out again. Then he stuck it in and kept it there, making half turns with his hand like a screwdriver. With the shower head, passing it around her, he started rubbing her pussy. The strong water current went on and in her clit, giving her a delicate massage. Claire moaned softly and crouched a bit lower. Alex then began a double movement of pushing his finger in and out of her ass while rubbing the water nozzle on her pussy. This was clearly giving her some strong sensations, as she arched her back and pressed harder on the nozzle.

“Ohh,” she said, “I like this, I like this a lot. Put your finger deeper… “

“Hold this here, and rub yourself with it.” He told her, handing her the nozzle.

Claire grabbed the shower head and placed it to her pussy. She rubbed it slowly all over her lips and clit, letting the water splash her most intimate parts. She was almost masturbating on it like a dildo, and this clearly an effect on her. Alex, which now had a free hand, started to pinch her clitoris button and insert fingers into her snatch; he kept his other finger in her ass and was playing with both holes. Soon he had two fingers escort service up her pussy and almost an entire one in her behind. Feeling an approaching orgasm, he increased his pumping rhythm, jerking her from back and front simultaneously. The noise of his hand flapping her genitals became louder and louder in the small room, overcoming the running water, and soon mixed with Claire’s increasing moans.

Her body started shaking hard, and she had to support herself on the wall, but didn’t stop massaging herself. Alex didn’t stop either, and explored deeper and deeper inside her with every gesture. After a few moments Claire was really losing control, her moans became turned into hard uncontrolled sighs; she dropped the shower head to the tub floor, as her body was shaking involuntarily. Alex, on the other hand, still didn’t stop, and continued to rub her, squeezing all her orgasm out.

“Ah, ah, ahh” she whispered between pants. “Go slower, go slower please.”

Smiling, though she couldn’t see it, he reluctantly calmed down the rhythm of his jerks and finally took his finger out of her pussy. He handed her back the shower head, and she hanged it above them. Water started flowing again all over her body, which was still slightly shivering. Alex then took his finger out of her ass as well and spanked her ass cheek lightly.

Claire was leaning against the wall, slowly retrieving her breath. Her pants became softer and softer, until she resumed her normal pace. Then she put a hand on each butt cheek and pulled them apart, showing Alex her small hole. His hands moved to join hers, and held her ass apart.

“It was a good idea to let you come in,” she said. “Now lick my little ass; I want to feel your lips on it before you fuck me there.”

Alex smiled, his cock made a small leap, getting all of a sudden very hard in the knowledge he will soon fuck her ass again, as he did some weeks ago. He moved in closer, still on his knees, and slowly buried his face between her ass cheeks. It was hot and dark, and water was flowing all over his face. He smelled the heavy scent of her butt mixed with the smell of water and couldn’t get enough of it. With his tongue he started to carefully lick her starhole. He did small, quick laps, licking it and sensing the creeks and ridges of her anus. His face was buried so deep in her generous ass that he couldn’t see anything, like a man wondering into a cave, a slippery, wet, tight cave. Claire started, almost mechanically, to rub her pussy again and moan as his tongue explored her behind.

He heard her mumbling something about her ass, but the water in his ears made it incomprehensible. He grabbed her ass stronger, pulling the cheeks further apart to give him move access and continued in his mission. He licked and kissed her anus, circling it with his fingers and trying to push his nose in. It was a fascinating place and he could have stayed buried in her butt for hours, but finally he had enough of this charming ass and got out to get some air.

“I love your ass; I wish I could lick it like this every day.”

She laughed mockingly, “I don’t think Daniel will agree to that.”

Alex slowly stood up, his knees hurt from kneeling so long on the hard tub floor. He looked at Claire, who was standing with her back to him and smiling over her shoulder. Slowly he joined their bodies and grabbed her tits from behind. Their faces were only a few centimetres apart, and his cock, fully erect, was dangling between her legs. He drew her closer and looked in her ear, which was dripping water.

“Kiss me. I want you to taste your ass.”

She looked bothered for a second, uncertain about this act of emotion, but then brought her lips forward and kissed his. It was an awkward position, him standing behind her, but their mouths joined for w few moments, exploring each other with their tongues and then separating for air. Then they kissed again whilst he massaged her breasts and she started to move her butt in circles, exciting his cock.

“Like it?”

“Uh-huh” she nodded.

“I’m going to fuck you there.”

She nodded again, “I want you to.” She whispered.

Alex smiled like a child. His hands left, somewhat reluctantly and with effort, her breasts and held her ass again. She pushed against the wall once more and said:

“Go on Alex, you ass freak, fuck me in the ass.”

Their loins were joined, and moved in a circle together for a short moment, before he grabbed his hard long, but not very thick, cock and placed it in her crack, exactly between her cheeks. The buns of her ass squeezed the shaft as he pushed them together. Water flowed down her back and gathered into her ass creek where his cock lay. Finally it received the attention he was desperately waiting for. Alex’s penis was wet from the water and shining with eagerness to pump her behind.

He pointed his cock to her hole and started brushing the head around her ass ring. She helped him by spreading out a cheek while he held the other. His balls were burning and he felt as if he had to sodomise her quickly otherwise he’ll explode. So he pushed the tip against her hole; feeling, more than he expected, resistance.

“This is probably going to hurt a bit”, he told her, “but the water should help”.

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