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First of all let me set the scene a little. My girlfriend Helen is 23 years old and stunning. Slim but with all the right curves. An F cup chest and long long legs make me feel like the luckiest man alive. Her long blonde hair cascades over her shapely neck and shoulders making her look even sexier.

Tonight she is having a girly night in with her best friend Kate while I’m out with the lads. Kate is a short brunette. Curvy but not fat she is definitely sexy and I must admit to having a bit of a crush on her. Of course being me I told my girlfriend this. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she also has a slight crush on Kate and like the idea of me fantasising of the two of them together.

When I came in from the pub the two of them where sitting on the sofa in the lounge ever so slightly tipsy with a couple of empty bottles of wine in front of them. Deciding it’s be funny to embarrass my girl friend I said, “I’m gutted. I’d hoped to come home and find you two having mad passionate lesbian sex on the kitchen table and here you are not even kissing!”

Helen smiled and looked at me sexily. “You know that’ll only ever happen in your dreams honey! I suppose we could kiss for you though if you’d like?”

As she said this last bit her gaze moved to Kate in a questioning, hopeful way.

“Fine canlı bahis by me” replied Kate. “I don’t mind kissing in front of him if it means he’ll find us some more wine.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. Here I was about to get a private show of two gorgeous women kissing just for me. Little did I know that by the end of the evening I’d be getting much more than just a quick visual treat.

Turning to each other Helen and Kate looked nervously in to each others eyes and started to move closer to each other. Slowly and tentatively at first they started to kiss. At first it was just little pecks on each others lips but soon their tongues were slipping in to each others mouths and they were getting really in to it.

All too soon they pulled apart and looked at me. “Well honey” said Helen, “Was that ok for you?”

“F-f-fine” I stammered slightly taken aback by my normally shy girlfriends confidence.

“Would you like to kiss Kate too?” She asked.

Not being able to say anything much I just nodded slightly nervously. Kate looked a little embarrassed and shy too but she smiled and said it was only fair that I get a kiss too.

Standing facing each other Kate and I lent forward and gave each other a nervous peck on the lips.

“Kiss her properly Tom!” Helen encouraged me. “Make bahis siteleri her weak at the knees like when you kiss me”.

Encouraged, I reach out and pulled Kate to me, kissing her passionately in the lips. Our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths and our bodies pressed against each other. Still kissing Kate I felt Helen’s hands slide over the back of my neck and down the front of my shirt. I was standing there kissing Kate while Helen played with my nipples under my shirt. After another minute or two Helen started unbuttoning my shirt, pulled me back round to her, and started kissing me. At this point, I was surprised to feel Kate’s hands circle round my waist and start to undo my trousers.

“This is all a little something we’ve been planning for you all evening,” Helen whispered in my ear before nibbling her way down my neck and kissing my nipples.

Kate’s hand slid down my trousers and she massaged my hardening cock through my boxer shorts. Then both girls spun me round and pushed me roughly in to a seating position on the sofa.

Turning to each other, they began kissing and fondling, each other while slowly sliding off each other’s clothes. All I could do was stare as I saw first Helen’s then Kate’s breasts exposed. Helen took on of Kate’s nipples between her lips and gently bahis şirketleri sucked it to life. I had been fantasising about this for so long I could hardly control myself. I forced myself to sit still knowing my fun would come soon.

Once bother girls were wearing just their knickers Kate knelt in front of me and began nibbling my cock through my boxers. Over her back, I could see Helen kissing Kate’s ass cheeks and sliding her hand down to stroke her pussy through the lacy thong she had on.

Once Kate had my cock totally hard, she pulled my boxers and trousers off in one smooth motion and started to lick and nibble my balls. At the same time Helen moved around and started to lick my cock from the side. Kate licked up from my balls and up my shaft until hers and Helen’s tongues met on the tip of my cock. Kissing each other passionately with my cock between there mouths they ran there hands over each others bodies both writhing in pleasure. The sight of these two gorgeous women sucking my cock nearly made me cum there and then!

Helen made Kate stand up and turn away from me. She then slowly guided her on to my cock until I slid deep inside her dripping wet pussy. As she started to slowly slide up and down Helen lent forward and started licking her clit and my cock and balls. Feeling a tongue on my cock and hearing Kate moan as she squirmed on my cock drove me right to the edge. Sensing I was about to cum both girls moved away from me before I could. They left my twitching cock behind to concentrate on each others pleasures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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