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Big Ass

So, here I was, kissing Julie, whose mouth was full, I mean full, of my come, and my girlfriend, Karen, had arranged the whole thing. Karen, my outgoing, red-headed, athletic girlfriend had been out drinking with her friend Julie, and had told her that I like to eat my own cream pies (well, and snowballs, and pearl necklaces, too!). This, apparently, got Julie turned on, and the two of them had schemed for Karen to get me in bed (like *that* would be a tough thing to do), and Julie would slip in the unlocked front door and watch, and join in!

So, when she got home, Karen led me to our bedroom and fucked me quickly to get a good cream pie in her, and while I was eating it out, Julie came in and the two of them blew me again, with Julie holding the snowball, and giving it to me.

And now, here I am between my Karen, pale white skin, luscious green eyes, and red hair (and yes, the carpet matches the curtains!), and Julie, tall, thin, dark skin, brown eyes. I look over at Karen with a quizzical look on my face.

“I told you she was jealous, and somehow I didn’t think you would mind having her join us. And now,” she said, kissing my neck and ears, “after you’ve had a bit of time to recover, I want to watch you fuck Julie, and then you and I are *both* going to enjoy a nice, um, chocolate cream pie!”

I looked at Karen and she nodded, enthusiastically, and then at Julie, who also nodded, a huge grin on her beautiful brown face. As exciting as that sounded to me, having already come twice, I thought a small break for some refreshments would give me time to recover my mojo, so I suggested that maybe I could get us some wine.

The girls agreed, and I got up to go to the kitchen, with their catcalls echoing behind me, as I did not figure that dressing was necessary. I returned with a bottle and three glasses, to find them kissing on the bed. I poured three glasses, set two on the nightstand, and sat with my own to watch the goings on.

The skin contrasts intrigued me, as I could clearly see white fingers caressing dark brown breasts, and dark fingers grasping white buns. Karen had never mentioned any bi-sexual tendencies or curiosities, but I somehow suspected this was not a first time for either of them, and in fact, wondered if it was not the first time for these two, specifically, to be together.

As I watched things getting hotter with them, Julie rolled Karen onto her back, and slid down her body, burying her face in Karen’s red pubic patch. I love eating canlı bahis Karen’s pussy, she has the sweetest taste, so I knew what Julie was tasting. I watched Karen start writhing around on the bed, and my cock was stirring at the sight. Added to that was now Julie’s ass hanging over the edge of the bed, her round cheeks pointing to her swollen labia, opening now as she splayed her legs in a seeming invitation for me to join.

I put down my glass of wine, and walked over to Karen and kissed her on the mouth. “Are you sure about this?” I asked.

“Oh, yes dear, I have been, um, enjoying you eating cream pies for a while now, and I want to experience it, too. Julie and I have made love before, back before I met you. And I want to join you eating your cream out of her pussy! Now, bring that beautiful cock of yours over here and let me have a taste!”

Who was I to refuse an offer like that? I moved up on the bed, straddling her chest and she hungrily grabbed my prick, licking and sucking the head into her luscious mouth, running her fingers over my balls. The sensation was wonderful, my girlfriend sucking my dick, asking me to fuck the gorgeous woman who was now eating her pussy, so that together we could eat my cream pie out of *her* pussy. I was really getting into the whole thing, when I realized how close Karen was to getting me to come in her mouth.

“Umm, Karen, if you keep doing this, I’m gonna come!” I was really starting to rock into it, and thinking I was almost at that point of no return, when she pulled me out of her mouth and squeezed my cock, holding me perfectly still until the urge passed.

Karen grinned at me, her eyes twinkling, “Not yet – in Julie! Go now, go fuck her!”

I climbed off of Karen’s chest and looked over at Julie, still licking and slurping on Karen’s red cunt. She looked up at me, stopped her ministrations, and said, “Just see how wet I am! I want you to fill me up!”

I walked around the end of the bed, again gazing at her beautiful, round, brown ass. I had to kiss it, and taste that cunt just the way it was. I kissed her ass, and licked around, and around, sliding my hands over her buns, and dipped my head toward the cleft. Kissed her bum hole, and slid my fingers into her sopping cunt. This was the first time I had been this close to a black woman’s pussy. I was fascinated by how the color changed from the dark brown of her labia to the pink inside her pussy. The scent of excited pussy hit my nostrils and I dove in, licking bahis siteleri the length of her lips to her clit, making her moan loudly. Her pussy was sweet, too, but maybe not like Karen’s was. Still, I thought, this will be delicious with a load of my cream inside.

“Oh, God, Karen, he does have a talented tongue! Oh, Tom, yes, lick it! Eat me, oh yeah!” Julie was getting into it.

“Thomas Jordan!” Karen barked, “I told you to fuck her!”

Once again, taking my orders well (after all I couldn’t refuse that!), I left the delicious snack box, and moved in behind Julie. I ran the head of my cock up and down her wet slit, eliciting another moan from her. “Oh Tom, fuck me, fuck me now, fuck me hard, FUCK ME!” she screamed.

Always one to keep the ladies happy, I plunged my cock into her as far as it would go, pinning her against the bed. God it felt good, as I grabbed her hips and and started in on a rhythm. I reached a hand around and massaged her clit as I fucked her.

“Oh, yes, YES! Oh yes, fill me up!” yelled Julie.

There was a commotion on the bed, and I realized the Karen was spinning herself around, and planted her face under Julie’s pussy, and I felt her hands caressing my balls, and she pushed my hands from Julie’s clit, and I could only guess that her tongue was replacing my fingers.

“Come on big boy, give sweet Julie your cream!” I heard Karen say from underneath Julie’s hips. “Your cock looks so good sliding in and out of her dark pussy. Her lips are grabbing your big dick on every stroke, oh Tom, it’s beautiful! Julie, doesn’t it feel terrific? Your pussy is delectable, your all sloppy, and wet and dripping your nectar!”

I knew that Karen was licking again, and all her jabbering was making it hard not to blow my load.

“Yeah, Tommy, yeah, give it to her, I want to see your balls contract and see your cock twitch as you fill her up! I want to watch your cream oozing out of Julie’s cunt lips, and I want to lick it up! I want to taste your cream pie with you, honey, give it to her, big boy, give it to her NOW!”

“Oh, god, Julie, Karen, I’m gonna come again! I’m gonna lose it all inside your dark, chocolate pussy. Are you ready girls, are you ready?”

“Now, Tom, fill me now, Tom, I am so ready!” screamed Julie.

“Ahh! Here it is!” I said, pushing into her deep and holding there as I sent streams of ejaculate into Julie’s cunt.

“Oh, my God!” said Karen, “I can see your ass clenching, and your balls jumping bahis şirketleri and I can almost see the come coursing through your shaft! This is amazing, I have never seen it from this perspective before!”

Julie just mumbled incomprehensibly as I fired all my stuff into her.

“Ooh, I see it dribbling out the sides!” Karen said, excitedly, and I felt her tongue lapping around my cock and balls. She grabbed my shaft and pulled me out of Julie, and immediately took my still dripping cock in her mouth, running her tongue all around. Slipping me out of her mouth, she said, “Now get down her and let’s show her how great it is to be eaten while oozing out spunk!”

Julie rolled off of Karen, and splayed her legs out wide, a wild look now in her eyes, “OK, you two, clean this all up before I go home to my boyfriend and he asks where the funny taste came from!”

Karen and I each grabbed a leg, and forced it out wide, nearly diving into Julie’s pussy. All around her pubic hairs had caught the drips of come that had oozed out while we were fucking, and a bigger glob was oozing out the bottom of her slit, and was slipping over her taint, toward her pretty puckered ass hole. Our tongues fought over which one would get to the bigger wads as they slipped from her pussy. We licked her pussy, and kissed each other, and licked each other and kissed her pussy, marveling in tastes, textures, and in each other.

We kept kissing and licking until we could scarcely find any traces of my come left to lick up, and by then, we has Julie in a heightened state, and just about to come again. I slipped a finger into her pussy, and so did Karen, and we kissed and finger fucked our friend, then Karen slid her finger out of Julie’s pussy and pushed it into her bum. Julie moaned again, and zoomed over the orgasm threshold.

As she settled down, she beckoned for me to come over to her. She grabbed my flaccid cock, and gave it a good tongue bath, cleaning off whatever was on me that Karen had not cleaned up.

“Umm, delicious. Karen, honey, that was a-mazing, and I can’t thank you enough for inviting me to experience that. Tom, with your come on my tongue, I am going home to kiss my backward boyfriend right on the mouth – with lots of tongue! You two have been wonderful, and have opened my eyes to things I never even dreamed of! Karen, I want to come back sometime, and help Tom eat out your, uh, strawberry cream pie – that is, if it’s OK with the both of you?

“Julie, Julie, you are welcome *ANYTIME*” Karen said.

I lay back, thinking, wow, what more could I want? This was the best sex I had ever had, or could ever imagine. Just proves, I need to work on my imagination, but, that’s chapter 3.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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