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Another letter to Gary, my email friend.

Gary, I called Dan and Pam, friends that I had met on the internet, last Wednesday and told them I would be in Austin Friday and would be able to stay the night. They insisted that I not get a hotel room but stay with them and that they have a fax line that I could give out as my direct phone number. Well I thought I might be able to get by with that. They said there was just on new wrinkle. A couple they went to college with was coming in for the weekend and would get there about 3 PM. I opined that would limit our play time. Dan said don’t be too sure because he had sex with Lola before she and Alan got married and Pam had done the honors to Alan. They had seen each other several times over the years but never had approached anything sexual with them in fact they had never been in either’s home. They encouraged me to come and we would play it by ear. If they started something they encouraged me not to hold back. So I agreed.

I was able to finish my work early and got to their house about 1 PM. I had called them and told them I would be there early. They greeted me at the door she in a bikini and Dan his running shorts. We kissed and groped for a few minutes and then they had me put my things in the room next to theirs that had a connecting door. I told them I really needed a shower. They suggested instead let’s just get in the swimming pool. I told them to let me get my trunks. They insisted that I not get them. They could use my not having a suit as an excuse for us being naked in the pool when their friends arrive. Maybe this would get the ball rolling. So we went out to the pool and I stripped with the help of two eager sets hands. Pam started playing with my cock and Dan was exploring my ass. Pam said she just had to have a fast fuck. She led me of to the lounge chair. She lay back legs spread. With her finger she beckoned me and pointed to her kızılay escort pussy. Dan sat down beside her and as I approached he took my cock in his mouth and played with my balls. Then He pulled back and guided me into his wife’s sweet pussy. God, did that feel good! Dan got behind me and started licking my ass and balls. Not having cum in several days, I did not last long and exploded a big load in to her. Dan had put his finger up my ass just before I lost it. As I pulled out Dan took my cock in his mouth to get our combined cum and then he feasted on her pussy. We had our traditional three-way kiss. Then we all jumped into the pool.

We had been in the pool only a few minutes when the door bell rang. Dan got out and slipped on his short shorts. He told us to carry on and he would encourage them to come out and join us. Well, he was gone for quite a while and we began to wonder if he had met resistance. Then he came out followed by a very well shaped girl in a fairly revealing bikini and very fine looking guy in a Speedo. As they came toward the pool Pam swam toward them and told me to come on an meet their friends. As we got to the edge she pulled her self up exposing her tits above the water. Dan told us that he had told them about meeting me a few weeks ago and that we had quite a good time together. They laughed and said we didn’t know you were that open minded. They asked if they could join us and with that there were three more naked people by the pool and then in the pool. Lola had a very full figure without being fat and Alan was in very good shape with an uncut cock that was beginning to stand up.

Dan went over to Lola and they began to hug and talk. Alan came over to Pam and me and from behind began to massage Pam’s tits. I had my cock lodged between her legs pulling her toward me when I felt Alan’s cock dueling with mine for maltepe escort position between her legs. I reached forward and began to pull Alan closer with my hands on his hips. Straining I could get my fingers into his crack and barely feel his ass. As Alan did the same to me I was deep kissing Pam. I suggested that we retire to the bedroom and the three of us climbed out of the pool. It was then we notice that Dan and Lola were nowhere to be seen. As we approached the master bedroom we heard the moans of sex. We had found the missing duo. Dan was on top of Pam slowing moving in and out with a look of ecstasy on his face. Alan went over and started letting his hand move over Dan’s butt and asked Lola if Dan’s cock felt as good as she remembered it. She said it feels heavenly not that your cock is not great but a change is so sexy. Alan let his hand move down to the feel Dan’s balls and then his cock as it moved in and out of his wife’s pussy. All three of them moaned and Alan moved to place his cock where Lola could get it in her mouth. As she sucked on it Dan lowered his mouth to lick the base of the cock before him. Alan pulled back and moved his cock to Dan’s lips. It quickly disappeared down Dan’s throat all the way to the pubes. As we could see Dan’s throat drawing hard on Alan’s cock Lola was licking and sucking his balls. At almost the same time the three climaxed with cum running down Dan’s chin and juices pouring out of Lola’s pussy. The three of them kissed and Dan pulled out of Pam and went over to clean Alan’s cock and then dove nearly ears deep into Lola’s pussy. In a while she came over and shared the fruits of her licking with me.

Well I guess all inhibitions had been tossed aside by now. Since Alan and Lola didn’t know that Pam and I had fucked before they got there they began to feel sorry for us. I asked them if they were ready mamak escort to do something really wild. With one voice they all said sure! I had Lola lay on the end of the bed with her legs hanging off the end. I spread her legs wide and got on my knees between her thighs. I asked Pam to come sit on Lola’s face. Then I entered Lola slowly and asked Alan to get the KY jelly and lube my ass and his cock. He got the message and soon had his cock pubes deep in my ass. Dan got the picture and got juice from Pam’s pussy to lubricate his cock and her ass. Now starting from back to front, I had Alan’s cock moving in and out of my ass, my cock was moving in and out of Lola, Pam was diddling Lola’s clit and feeling my cock move in and out, I was feeling Pam’s tits, Lola was probing Pam’s cunt with her tongue while playing with Dan’s balls, cock and ass as he fucked Pam’s ass. This was Hedonism at its best. I asked everyone to go nice and easy and see how long we could make this last.

Well ten minutes later we were still going but from the moans I knew everyone was about to blast off. I told them I knew it would be hard to but try to think of something erotic and see if we could all cum on the count of ten. After they stopped laughing we all picked up the action. Moans got more intense. I felt a warm flood in my ass as I released strong load into Lola as she was screaming into Pam’s pussy and I muffled Pam’s screams with my mouth as Dan filled her colon with his warm load. He had nothing to mute his “OH God!” as he collapsed on Pam’s back. As we untangled, Alan got in front of me to clean my cock of his wife’s and my juices and then he turned to his wife’s pussy and with a mighty gusto began to literally slurp up our juices.

I felt a little bad that I had arranged so early in the evening what should have been the grand finale but no one seemed to mind. We sat around and talked about how we got to this point and how we had each been reticent in the past to let ourselves go. We decided it was time to get something to eat and drink and rest up for what ever we might think of to do later. That part will have to wait until later, when I have more time. I hope to get to see you personally soon and live out what we have fantasized about. Doer

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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