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At seven Todd came back over with his girlfriend who was wearing her high school cheerleader uniform. Todd introduced her as Aimee.

“Hi.” she said ” Todd told me what you two did. I hope you don’t mind but I already licked all of your cum off Todd’s body and it tasted so good I can’t wait to taste it again.”

As soon as she said it my dick got as hard as a rock.

“I came straight from cheerleading practice so I didn’t have time to change, besides Todd loves it when I wear my cheerleader outfit and hope you do too.” cooed Aimee.

Before I could say anything Todd grabbed my hand and placed it on Aimee’s bare ass. Aimee looked at me and said ” Todd and I just made love before we came over so I decided not to wear my panties cause I just love the feel of the cool air blowing on my little pussy.

I ran my hand over her bare ass and then reached through her slightly spread legs to fondle her completely shaven pussy. It felt smooth as silk as I ran my middle finger back and forth along her gash. Aimee leaned her head back slightly and began to breathe deeply.

Todd in the meantime had stripped off all of his clothes and said ” Lets get on the sofa.” Todd reached over and undid my shorts which fell on the floor and as I was not wearing a shirt I was now completely naked standing in front of these two young sexy people.

Todd and I sat side by side on the couch as Aimee came over and stood directly in front of us. As I looked at her I noticed that her and Todd were almost identical looking twins. Aimee had long blondish hair that reached down to the small of her back, just like Todd and she had a thin petite body just like Todd except that she had a impressive set of tits that were straining to get out of her cheerleading uniform.

The stereo was playing canlı bahis softly and the lights were low as Aimee began dancing seductively for both Todd and me. Todd reached over and placed his hand on my dick and began slowly stroking it up and down. The pre-cum leaking out of my dick provided ample lubrication for Todd’s soft hand. Aimee lifted up her skirt showing her bare little pussy and started to run her middle finger along her pussy lips before finally inserting it deep into her pussy. Moaning uncontrollably, Aimee with her other hand began rubbing her clit.

Todd was stroking his own dick as well as mine to the sight of Aimee’s dancing and fondling herself. ” Aimee” I breathlessly said ” Turn around, bend over, and show us your ass!” Aimee smiled, pulled her finger out of her pussy, reached over and smeared her pussy juice under my nose and all over my upper lip. The smell of her young pussy was intoxicating! She turned around, bent over, and started wiggling her bare ass back and forth less than a foot from my face. I could see her fingers working feverishly on her sweet pussy.

I couldn’t stand it anymore so I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her down so that her bare pussy was sitting on top of my thigh. Using only my teeth I started to slowly unzip her one piece cheerleader uniform. She was not wearing a bra so I would unzip a few inches then I would kiss and lick each brand new patch of bare skin, particularly along her spine which was sending shivers of pleasure up and down her body. She would twist around to give access to her ample tits. Her tits were sticking straight out and they felt soft, warm, and friendly. When I finally got the zipper all the way down she stood up and let her cheerleader uniform slip to the floor. Her ass was perfect and full shaped. Aimee bahis siteleri turned around and stood before me in all her full nude glory, her nipples pink and swollen from excitement.

As she continued dancing Todd leaned over and began tonguing the head of my dick. My dick was so hard that the head of it was almost purple in color. Aimee saw this and squealed ” I want some too!” she got down on her knees and started licking my dick along with Todd. Their tongues would intertwine as they combined kissing each other with licking my dick. Todd started to deep throat me as Aimee sucked on my balls, the sensation was incredible.

Todd looked up at me and said ” I want your hard dick in my ass!” Aimee not to be left out spoke up ” Yeah me too!” Once again I grabbed Todd’s arm and led him into the bedroom, only this time Aimee was following us. ” Who wants to go first?” I asked. Aimee responded ” I want to see Todd with your big hard dick in his ass.” As she spoke she laid down on the bed on her back with her legs widely spread and drawn up to her chest. With one hand she began to pinch her nipples and with the other she started to finger her hairless pussy.

Todd got on his hands and knees with his face in Aimee’s pussy, his ass high in the air. I eased up behind him and placed the tip of my dick on his cute brown asshole. After a quick squirt of lotion I slowly pressed into his asshole. Todd lifted up his head from Aimee’s pussy and slowly sucked in his breath as my dick eased all the way down to the bottom of his ass. Aimee crawled back and rested her head on Todd’s butt as she watched my dick pull almost all the way out before easing back in. The pace of my fucking slowly increased until I was slamming in and out of Todd’s upturned ass. Aimee was not just watching as she had joined bahis şirketleri in and started to stroke Todd’s hard dick and with her other hand gently cupped my balls.

After about 20 minutes I knew that I would not last much longer and I just had to have my dick in Aimee so I pulled out of Todd’s ass and looked at Aimee and said ” Your turn.” Todd collapsed on the bed and rolled off to the side as Aimee got on her hands and knees in front of me. Aimee turned her head around and said ” I never been fucked in the ass before so lets make my first time something special.” I looked at her tanned body and realized that she hadn’t any tan lines. The little imp sunbathed in the nude, this turned me on so much that I began to kiss all over her smooth ass. I started to lick up and down her asscrack before finally plunging my tongue deep into her asshole. I tongued her asshole for a good 10 minutes before straightening up and placing the tip of my dick at her asshole. By now she was sucking Todd’s dick for all she was worth.

My dick was still lubricated as I slid my dick into her ass easily. Her asshole was very relaxed as my dick reached into her depths. My pubic hairs were pressed hard into her asscrack as I just stayed deep in her ass and slowly grinded away. I couldn’t stand it any more and began stroking hard in and out of her young ass. I would pull almost all the way out before slamming back in. We fucked like that for seemly an eternity when Todd yelled out ” I ‘m cumming!” and unleashed a big load into Aimee’s mouth , the last squirt on her face. The sight of this drove me over the edge and I shot my load all over and in Aimee’s sweet ass. I fell to the side as Todd pushed me aside and started to lick my cum out of his girlfriends asshole.

After he licked all of my cum off Aimee’s ass and out of her asshole he turned to me smiling with cum all over his young face and said ” Aimee has to go home now but we’ll be back tomorrow.”

“OK” I said. I can hardly wait.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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