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I set my drink on the nightstand carefully and opened up my drawer of toys. I skimmed through the options: Bullet vibe? No, batteries were probably almost dead from how much I’d used it recently. The little clit stimulator? No, not tonight. My hand stopped, almost without my direction, on my black dildo. It was my largest, at 10″. The kind of thing you buy for someone as a joke to wave around at a bachelorette party and giggle at. I rarely ever used it, but tonight, drunk as I was, it felt like exactly what I’d needed. I set it on the bed and unfastened my robe in front of the mirror, letting it fall dramatically to the floor. I smiled. I was 34 and loved the way my body looked naked. My C cup breasts, my neatly-trimmed pussy, my firm ass. I smiled, my ex didn’t know what he was missing out on.

We’d divorced a year ago, and since then I’d seen a few men, but sex just hadn’t been the same. The two of us had known each other so well, and the excitement of being with new people wasn’t enough to make up for just how good the sex had been with my husband. It was fairly vanilla, by most standards, but it was good. In the end, though, it hadn’t worked out. And to be honest, I’d never really gotten over it. I spent a lot of time thinking about him, and he popped into my head most nights. Tonight, frustrated and bored after work, I’d gotten a little drunk. A little too drunk, possibly. As I looked at my body in the full-length mirror, I started to sway and nearly tipped over onto the floor. I steadied myself, careful not to look into the mirror any more, and swayed over to the bed.

I sat with my back against the headboard, legs spread, knees pull up, and began running a finger along my slit. I was a little wet already, but if I was going to ram that dildo into me I was gonna need some warming up. I reached over and grabbed some lube, flavored, out of the drawer and put some on the end of the dildo. WIth one hand I held my pussy wide open while I ran it slowly up and down, then attempted to push the head in. My head rolled back as it pressed into me. This was gonna be good. I pushed an inch more in, and then backed it out all the way, deciding I wanted to tease myself a little and enjoy this.

I took my other hand and fingered myself gently. One finger, then two. Then I did something I’d never done before: Took the dildo in the other hand and slipped it into my mouth.

I’d always enjoyed oral sex, both giving and receiving, but I’d never before taken a toy in my mouth before. I always figured there was no point. Why would I want some piece of plastic in my mouth? Boy, was I wrong. I was instantly turned on. I could taste myself along with the raspberry lube, and as I worked my fingers in and out of my cunt I worked the dildo into my mouth at the same pace. Soon, I was dripping wet. I could have just taken the dildo out of my mouth and fucked myself senseless with it like I’d intended, but something made me keep it there. The alcohol in my blood was making me bold, and I fucked my mouth more and more roughly. I twisted it and shoved it in against the back of my mouth. I had three fingers in my pussy now, something I rarely did when masturbating.

Suddenly, gaziosmanpaşa escort I wanted more. I grasped the dildo firmly and without hesitation leaned my head back just slightly and shoved almost the entire length down my throat. My eyes went wide and if it weren’t for the alcohol I probably would have panicked. As it was, I relaxed slowly, my hand at my pussy stopped. I slowly pulled the dildo out of my throat and took a breath. I’d never done that before. My ex and other men had tried to push me down a few times while blowing them, but it never worked and I always had to pull their hands off after a little. But this time, it just slid right in.

Slowly, I tried it again. I felt it go over my tongue, to the back of my mouth, and then, with a pleasant amount of resistance, into my throat. I kept pushing. Eventually I had almost the entire 10 inches in me. I felt my throat bulge as I ran it slowly in and out. I was an amazing feeling. And to make it even better, it felt so dirty that I was doing it to myself. I felt like one of those girls in the stories I’d read online sometimes, undergoing training to become better sluts. I felt like an absolute little slut, to be honest, throating myself with this massive dildo. I moved my other hand back to my pussy and shoved four fingers in. It was uncomfortable for a moment but I found I didn’t care. I wanted it rough. I began throat-fucking myself, slowly at first and then building speed along with the hand at my cunt. Almost immediately, I came. I felt my pussy spasm around my fingers, and I pushed the dildo in as far as I could.

Oh fuck!

I couldn’t breath. I moaned as much as I could around the dildo and closed my eyes, giving into the feeling completely. When it was over, I pulled the dildo out and I flopped over sideways onto the bed. The dildo was covered in trails of throat-saliva leading by to my mouth, and it bubbled and dripped over my red-lipsticked lips as I panted and gasped. I fell asleep there, dildo in-hand, pussy spasming, drunk and exhausted and covered in my own spit.

When I woke up, I had a killer headache, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d done. That was the feeling I’d needed. It felt so dirty to use myself like that. I was at work and found myself getting wet at my desk just thinking about it. When I considered how hot it would be to do that to an actual cock, I had to excuse myself early for the day, telling my boss I was feeling ill. I had more important work to do.

As soon as I got home I stripped naked and pulled out my laptop. I spent the next few hours alternating between watching deepthroat porn with a dildo in my mouth and a hand at my pussy, and looking up reviews for nearby sex shops and adult theaters. I knew what I wanted and needed: Cocks in my throat, as deep as they would go. After a little while, I found a nearby theater with reviews that implied they had what I wanted. I waited till after dark, then, feeling a little nervous, left.

I entered the theater and bought entry into the back. They had one big room, and single viewing booths. I went down the hall for the viewing gölbaşı escort booths, my heart in my throat with excitement. I peeked inside one. Inside there was a little screen set into the wall with a slot for money, and, as I had hoped, a hole in each side for cocks. I entered, shutting the door behind me, and discovered there was a little switch to turn an outside light on that would let others know the booth was occupied. I flicked it on and sat down on the little stool, then fed a few dollars into the machine.

It flashed to life and began playing a video of a woman in a booth, just like this one, sucking cocks through the holes in the walls. The video was from a high angle, and I looked up and realized there was a camera in the corner above me.

Well that wasn’t in the reviews… Oh well, I’m going to have my clothes on for this and it can’t see my face well from that angle anyways.

I turned back to the video. It was certainly from this exact booth, I realized as I looked at the walls. There were markings where people had put tally marks or messages and they matched the ones on the tape plus a few additions. The woman in the video was naked, and was working one massive cock with her hands and mouth. I turned up the volume a little and could hear the sounds of her shoving the cock against the back of her mouth. I was a little turned on, to say the least.

Just then, I heard someone enter the room beside me, and unzip their pants. Soon a cock was pushed through the hole and I moved closer. It was thick, not too long, and uncut. I reached out, a little nervous, and grasped it. Someone moaned slightly on the other side, and I leaned in to take it into my mouth, not wanting to waste any time. I closed my eyes and sunk down onto the cock, sliding it over my tongue, feeling it harden further in my mouth. I worked back and forth along the shaft for a minute to warm up, and then pushed further and tried, for the first time, to deepthroat a real cock.

I felt it, hard and so much warmer than my dildo, slide to the back of my mouth and then into my throat with that slight resistance I was beginning to love. I felt my throat bulge as I pushed deeper. I held there for a moment, as much of the cock in my mouth as possible considering the thickness of the wall, then began to move back and forth with it in my throat. I worked up speed and soon was plunging the cock in and out of my throat. Frankly, I was a little amazed at my new-found ability.

Of course, the man on the other side of the wall could only take this for so long. Soon, too soon for my taste, I heard him moan and hit the wall from the other side. I dove onto his cock just as he began to cum, and took a load straight down my throat for the first time ever.

I savored the feeling. The dirtiness of it. Just the first of many, I thought to myself. And, right on cue, another cock entered the booth from the other side. This one was long, darker colored, and cut. I reached out enthusiastically and grasped it, my mouth following a moment after.

“Fuuuuck…” came a moan from the otherside as I pressed forward and throated keçiören escort the man for the first time, “That’s one tight-ass throat-pussy you got on you.”

I began working up a rhythm and soon I had the whole thing down my throat. I pulled back and a load of throat slime came up with it and foamed out of my mouth and down onto my shirt. It was so fucking hot, I was in heaven. I felt light-headed from arousal, and could feel my pussy soaking through my panties.

But, I needed more. This goddamn wall between us was robbing me of nearly an inch of cock. I wanted to feel his balls on my chin as I shoved his dick down, or his hands on my head as he fucked my mouth like a pussy.

And so I did something stupid. I pulled myself away from the throbbing cock in front of me, ignored a new one that had just pushed through the other side again, and unlocked the booth door. Cautiously, I stepped out into the hall. Soon, the man who’s cock I’d been throating came out.

He didn’t see me at first. Clearly he thought I’d just bailed on him and left, from how disappointed he looked. But that changed when he looked over and realized I was standing there. I dropped to my knees, making clear my intent.

“Holy shit,” he said, and I heard the other both open behind me. I must have looked an absolute mess to him. A middle aged woman wearing a skirt and white blouse, cum and saliva smeared around her face, makeup running from my eyes watering, kneeling in front of him, smiling.

“You going to stand there, or are you going to give my throat-pussy another round? I fucking want this.”

He didn’t need another word. He stepped up, unfastened his pants again, and began using my throat in a way that finally began to satisfy me. He held the sides of my head and rammed his cock into my mouth over and over and over. Spit rolled down my chin, and when he finally came, he shoved my head down until my nose pressed into his trimmed pubic hair and my tongue touched his ballsack.

“Take it, slut, take my load down your throat.”

I came. So fucking hard. This was what I’d needed. I loved it. I loved losing myself in the rhythm of it and hearing him grunt and feeling my throat stretch around warm cock. I can’t fully explain why. I guess it’s just my kink.

He shot his load down into me and pulled back, panting. I gasped for a moment, before a hand on my shoulder turned me around. Three more men were standing behind me, jacking off. One had cum already and was on round two, clear from the semen that was now lubricating his strokes. I motioned him over, and got to work again.

I licked the cum off his cock, and slid it into my throat, feeling my eyes water from how tender I was getting. I powered on.

The four men ran a train on my mouth for the next half hour, taking turns dumping their loads into me until they were spent. I held my mouth open for all of them, knowing how sore I’d be in the morning. By the end, I was covered in my own spit and sweat, and their cum.

They thanked me, breathlessly, and one of them helped me up.

“Jesus, woman, you’re insatiable.” I nodded and gave an exhausted but sincere smile.

“Glad I could help you all out,” I replied.

“Fuck,” he said. “We are too! Let us help you out of here, you’re a mess and who knows who might try to hassle you in this neighborhood.”

I thanked him, and let him walk me out to my car, where I fell asleep, too tired to drive home, with not a thought of my ex in my head for the first night in a long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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