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When I woke up today, this isn’t what I had expected. My girlfriend and I had been discussing group sex. Hosting an orgy. Gangbangs turned her on as much as they did me. Still, this isn’t what I had expected.

The scene is her and me in the middle of the hotel room on our knees, side by side with young men all around us. You couldn’t look in any direction without seeing a penis. What I had in mind was maybe a threesome. What she arranged for us was so much more.

The first guy to approach us was well hung. I suppose maybe eight or so inches. Not too thick, not too thin. Tina, as she requested to be called, since we had agreed not to use our real names, took the initiative and grabbed my arm as she pulled me closer to this guy. She licked the side of his shaft without taking her eyes off of me, and pulled on me harder. This is something I’ve always fantasized about; this is something I’ve never done before. My heart is thumping from excitement. I’m almost scared; but I don’t care. I take the head of his cock into my mouth, and Tina moans from being turned on. She had always said that gay sex made her so hot. She messages his balls with her mouth, as I message his cock with my throat. This is so hot. Just the act makes me feel like I’m going to blow my load. Tina moves her way up to my mouth, and we share his cock. We kiss passionately with it between our mouths. Our lips are wrapped tightly around his head, meeting each other. The other men in the room, more than I could count close in on us. One urges Tina to get on top of him, to sit on his cock. She did this without disrupting the flow of anything. She was perfect. Another guy leaned down over her back. THey both slid themselves inside of her with ease. One guy pumping into her pussy; ankara escort the other guy thrusting into her ass. Moans of ecstacy escape what little of her mouth is free. I begin to kiss Tina on the neck, while she was deepthroating that one guy. I message her neck with my lips, and I can feel her throat working on this guy. Getting closer and closer to his cum.

I feel someone touch my butt. My lower back. I turn around to see a cute guy kneeling down behind me. He’s rather thin, with hair hanging down over his eyes.I felt his cock go inside of me. Deep. Deeper than that. Slippery and lubed up. It was so good. This guy, he’s fucking me in the ass; hard. So hard, I can feel it in my cock. Every thrust he makes; in and out, in and out, I can feel it, and it feels so good. Two more guys approach me, and I eagerly embrace both of their dicks. I blow one, while giving a handjob to the other, only to switch it up every few seconds, just like I learned in all the pornos I’ve seen. I take both cocks into my mouth at once and message them with my tongue. I hear moans coming from a few feet away. Somebody’s coming. I lean back and see Tina’s guy, the guy she was deepthroating, shoot his load into her mouth. Without missing a beat, she turns to another guy, and he shoots his load into her mouth, then another guy. She looks at me, her mouth so full of cum, and she comes over to me.


Abandoning the men who were previously forcing her to moan in pleasure, for me. The guy that’s fucking me. No, the guy that’s slamming his dick into me. I tell him to pull out, and I lay down. Tina straddles me, she takes my cock into her pussy. It slides in, and between it and her lips drips someone else’s cum. I spread my cheeks, welcoming the guy back into escort ankara my ass as Tina rides my cock and shares with me the joy of three orgasms. It isn’t the taste of the cum I love so much. It’s the cum itself; the fact that my girlfriend is giving me the loads of three men through a beautiful, passionate kiss. I’d come, but to be honest, when you’re getting nailed in the ass, it’s rather distracting. This guy that’s inside me, he speeds up. He starts going at it really hard. I mean really, really hard. This feels insane. I felt like it’s going to break something in the best way possible. I can feel it. I can feel his spurts inside of me as he moans and slows down. After a few more thrusts, he pulls out; obviously proud of the mess he’s made inside of me. Tina gets up, the drips and lines of cum connect my cock with her cunt until she breaks away and tells me that she’ll be back with more, then she winks at me. Before I can even smile, there’s already another guy inside my ass, smearing his cock with the cum from the previous guy. We fumble positions a bit, and I’m on my hands and knees. I’m sucking off three different guys. Going in a row; taking turns. Cock one, cock two, cock three, repeat. Another guy behind me wants to join. He wants in. I’m feeling kinky. I’m feeling hot. So hot. I pull my ass cheek to the side, and tell him that there might be room for one more. I’ve seen countless people being double penetrated in the ass. It’s no biggie. I can handle it.

When this new guy pushes his cock into my ass, on top of this other guy’s cock, it’s so tight. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just really, really tight. The fact that two guys are filling my ass outweighs the discomfort from the lack of room. They’re thrusting in and out, in perfect ankara escort bayan rhythm with each other. The guys I’m sucking off, they’re about to come; they tell me this. I take cock number one as deep into my mouth as possible, and as the other two men moan, I can feel hot cum hit my face, spurt after spurt, their cocks become hoses. I’m still busy sucking off number one, but my face is plastered with two huge loads of cum, then it happens. Number one grabs the back of my head and moans, and I can taste his cum. I can feel it hitting the back of my throat. I swallow every drop, then lick the other two guys clean from their orgasms. The two guys behind me, they’re still thrusting, and it feels better than anthing that my ass has ever felt. The friction from them goes away. I can feel it becoming slipperier, and one of the guys clenches my ass. He’s shooting his load inside me. Soon after, the other guy joins in and fills me up with more. When they pull out, the result of their orgasms drips out of me. Three loads in my ass. Four in my mouth. Two on my face.

I look at Tina. She’s more white than I am. She’s covered in cum. What started as a gang bang turned into a bukkake session. I get up and go sit beside her, and we share a kiss. This time, though, the cum from our faces mixes together. The cum from I’m not sure how many men connects our bodies together. We lay down, and I go inside of her. I’m thrusting inside of her and rubbing her clit with my hand, while men stand around us and stroke their cocks, every half minute or so a load is shot onto us. I can feel her body change. She flinches, shakes. Her pussy tightens, it squeezes my cock so tightly. Her orgasm leads to my orgasm, and I spray my cum inside of her already filled cunt.

We lay in each others arms. Taking loads from everyone. This is perfect. I thank Tina for putting this together. She responds by telling me that she enjoyed it more than I did, before leaning over to lick the delicious fluid off of my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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