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All characters are 18 years of age or older.

“Slow down…” I said, mostly to the twins. I then turned to the trio of girls I’d yet to have sex with. My cock was spent and I was completely nude as I felt their eyes roaming all over me. It was a bit off-putting considering the twins had just brought me to climax. “I’d like to know more about you girls. Is that okay?”

The three girls nodded. In truth I did want to know more about them, but I also had an ulterior motive for delaying any sexual activity for the time being — giving my body time to recover. I felt as if I had, at the very most, two more loads in me and I honestly had no idea if I would be able to satisfy these girls’ appetites. I didn’t even know where I would be allowed to cum. Yes they had essentially agreed to the outrageous rules of this lewd “club” the twins were starting, but I didn’t yet feel comfortable treating them the way I treated the twins. I wanted to hear from their own mouths where it was they stood.

“Of course, Daddy!” the twins said. “You wouldn’t be you if you didn’t cover all the bases! You’re so smart and thorough, Daddy! We love you!”

They puckered their lips at me and gave me an air kiss.

“I love you too, girls.” I said, turning to them briefly and then turning back to the three girls. “Well, considering the reason you are all here…would it be alright if I asked you three about your sexual history?”

Tiffany and Amber both answered, excitedly. I got the impression they were both trying to answer before the other.

“I don’t mind, Daddy!” Tiffany said, slightly before Amber spoke.

“I don’t mind at all, Daddy!” Amber said.

The two girls then glanced at each other, and I could sense the tiniest bit of animosity between the two of them for just the briefest of moments.

Gabi remained predictably quiet, but that was fine by me. I had no intention of pushing her, and besides…I had two other girls with equal-sized busts who seemed enthusiastic about all this.

“Okay…Amber. Tell me about your past. How many guys have you had sex with?”

At this Amber hesitated a bit.

“Um…” she said. Her face turned the same color as her hair. “…just three.”

“Really?” I said, somewhat surprised. “I find that hard to believe.”

She now grew even redder as she tilted her head down and glanced up at me.

“It’s true, Daddy.” One of the twins said. “Tell him why, Am.”

Amber fidgeted as she glanced at the floor and then at me repeatedly.

“Um…well…it’s just that…they didn’t really, um…you know…”

“Orgasm?” I asked.

“Oh, no!” Amber said, her eyes growing larger as she looked at me. “It’s not that. What I mean to say is that they didn’t really…I mean, I was the one who couldn’t…you know.”

“Orgasm.” I said.

Amber nodded her head.

“They all were able to…you know, pretty fast. But I couldn’t.”

“It doesn’t sound like that is your fault. It sounds like you were doing everything right, especially if they came quickly.” I said. “But…that’s not what’s concerning you, is it?”

Amber did not respond, so I continued.

“You think those boys just weren’t up to the task, is that it?”

“Daddy…” the twins said. “Those boys that Amber dated…well, how do we put this?”

“They’re supposed to be some of the biggest studs in school.” Amber said, matter-of-factly. She was looking down at the floor when she spoke, as though contemplating her words very carefully. “The other girls talk about them like they are sex gods…but…”

“I see.” I said to her. “There are any number of factors which can keep a person from orgasming; men and women aren’t so different in that respect. Often times, though, it isn’t so much a physical issue as it is a mental one.”

“What…um….what do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean there may be a thought of some sort which is keeping you from orgasming. When you were with these boys, was there ever a time you were made to feel uncomfortable?”

“Umm…I don’t know…”

Upon hearing this both of the twins quickly stepped to her and urged her on.

“Tell him, Amber. Just tell him!” they said.

“I…I don’t know…” Amber said, turning her red head away slightly.

“Daddy, Amber is very self-conscious about her butt.” one of the twins said.

“Ahh.” I said, drawing it out. “That doesn’t surprise me.”

Amber glanced up at me. Some of the shyness she had been experiencing had left her face.

“You…it doesn’t? Really?”

“Of course not!” the twins said. “Daddy’s very smart! He already knows your bra sizes. And we didn’t even tell him!”

“No way.” Tiffany said. “I bet you don’t know mine! Meow!”

“This old dog is smarter than you think.” I said. “Tiffany, you and Amber are both size 34FF. Gabi over there is a 32DDD.”

At this Gabi quickly glanced up at me, wide-eyed, without saying a word or uttering a single sound. Tiffany and Amber both spoke their next words in unison — jinx style.

“That’s right!” they said, before izmir escort bayan turning to each other in surprise.

“Wait…you’re the same size as me?” Tiffany said to Amber.

“Apparently.” Amber said.

“Wow!” Tiffany said. “You guessed all three of our bra sizes correctly! That’s amazing, Dr. Geoffries. Oh! I mean, Daddy. Meow!”

“He guessed our bra sizes too.” the twins said.

“Really?” Tiffany said, turning to the twins and then to me. “What’s their size? Tell us!”

“34GGG.” I said, confidently.

All three girls went wide-eyed and stared at the twins’ tits.

“Wow…” Tiffany said. “I mean we’ve always known they were huge…but actually hearing it out loud…”

“Makes them seem even bigger. Like they are larger than life or something.” Amber said, finishing Tiffany’s comment for her.

The twins cupped their bare tits and hefted them proudly as they stared down at their chests and smiled.

“Daddy loves our big boobs! He’s a real tit-man!” the twins said.

“That is true.” I responded. “But let’s stop talking about tits for now and talk about Amber’s ass.”

“Ohmygawd.” Amber said, growing red and glancing down at the floor once again.

I found it very cute the way she said that particular phrase. She spoke it as if it was all one, single word; and she spoke it quickly as though she were afraid someone might hear her. It almost seemed like she was barely even aware she was saying it at all; like an automatic reaction of sorts. It was the complete opposite of that Janice character from Friends. This was very appealing to me. The fact that she chose to speak it at all clearly meant that she wanted to be heard; this betrayed the badly masked embarrassment she was clearly faking. It was as if she was telling me not to pay her any attention in an effort to get me to pay more attention. I think there are a lot of men who would find a vain quirk like that to be annoying, but me…I found it to be quite the turn-on. I think I was beginning to grasp some small understanding of who Amber really was.

Based on what I had learned of her thus far I decided to continue.

“Something tells me these boys all objectified you, but you weren’t really hindered by that. Am I right?”

Amber nodded.

“That’s…that’s correct.” She said.

“So what was it that made you uncomfortable?” I asked.

“Well…” she began. “They…um…they…well…”

“They tried to put it in her butt.” the twins said, without hesitation I might add.

Having turned to the twins after their statement I now turned back to Amber.

“Is that true, Amber? Is that what made you feel uncomfortable?” I asked.

“S-sort of…” she said.

“C’mon, Amber, just spit it out already!” the twins egged her on.

“Okay, okay! Fine!” Amber responded, anger for the twins in her voice. “It’s just…I’ve never done that before, okay? And I’d like to try…but I wanna do it at a slow pace. And they just…they always just, you know, came. So fast. Like, really fast. There was just never any time to take things slow, you know?”

“I think I understand.” I said. “You were with these boys, and you now realize that they weren’t exactly right for you. For what you need or desire. Is that why you’re here?”

After her angry outburst as a result of the twins goading her she looked like she had suddenly become aware of her surroundings. Nervousness had overtaken her, and it shown through as she spoke.

“Y-yes.” She said. “I saw that video of you and them in the shower…and then after seeing you here today…I just…”

“You wanted to come here.” I said.

“Yeah, but…it’s not just that.” She said as she looked up at me. “I really want to be a member of Fuck Club.”

I lifted my head to the ceiling and let out a sigh.

“Girls, I really think we should just drop the whole ‘Fuck Club’ thing.” I said.

“What??” the twins said, almost angrily. The other three girls almost seemed to take offense to my statement as well. “Why, Daddy???”

“Look,” I said. “I’m under no delusions here. All of you girls are still young. You have your whole lives ahead of you. You’re going to head out into the world. You’re going to meet men your own age, marry them, have kids, etc.”

“Don’t say that!” the twins said, glaring at me as they stepped in front of me. “Daddy, don’t you realize what’s happening?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Daddy, this is the same thing you went through after we came into your life. It’s happening again because Amber, Tiff, and Gabi are just now coming into your life too. Can’t we just skip the part where you doubt our loyalty to you? Pleeeeeeeease?”

“I don’t know…” I said, still feeling uneasy.

“It’s okay; we discussed this. Right girls?” they asked as they turned to the other three.

There was a brief and awkward moment of silence, but then Amber spoke up.

“Actually, yeah. They did mention something like this might happen and we’d have to prove our loyalty.”

I saw looks of familiarity escort izmir come across the girls’ faces now.

“See, Daddy?” the twins said, looking back at me with masked triumph in their eyes. “They are prepared to prove themselves to you just like we did. And that will happen in time. But for now can’t you just fuck their willing pussies just like you fucked ours?”

I looked passed the twins to the other three.

“Are you girls agreeing with all of this? Is this all okay with you? I just…I need some sort of confirmation from one, two, or all three of you. Nod if you think the twins are right.”

I remember feeling relief when they had raised their hands previously, but now as I watched all three of them nod that same feeling of relief came back to me. Amber’s doubts and concerns had taken me by surprise. And since I was planning on saving Gabi for last (whom I knew was going to have her own doubts and concerns) I was determined not to let my mind wander from the one goal every girl here seemed to have, and that included my next interviewee: the busty blonde with the big blue eyes and the golden locks — Tiffany.

“Okay, then.” I said. “But I want you all to know that those thoughts…they are always gonna be in the back of my mind. No matter what happens. It’s just…my way of mentally preparing myself for the possibility of something like that happening.”

“Daddy that’s never gonna happen; but we know we can’t stop you from worrying.” The twins said. They then walked over to Tiffany. “We know you want to know about Tiffany next, right, Daddy?”

Both the twins and Tiffany were looking at me now.

“You’re right girls. Tiffany was my next objective. Is that okay with you, Tiffany?”

“Of course it is!” she said giddily as she smiled. “Meow!”

“Okay, my first question…and please don’t be offended by this…why do you meow?”

“Hm.” She said, contemplating her answer. “I don’t know! I guess I just really like cats. I’ve always wanted one, but my mom would never let me have one. She’s more of a dog person, I guess. I do have two puppies, though!”

My gaze dropped from her beautiful eyes to her chest; currently covered by a tied white blouse which struggled to contain her huge breasts.

“Yes, you certainly do.” I said.

“Hm?” she said. “How could you know that? Is it because you’re so smart?”

“Sure, let’s go with that.” I said.

“Tiff, why don’t you tell us what you were telling us about your puppies the other day?” the twins asked, smiling at me as they did so.

“Oh!” Tiffany said. “They’re big! Like, really big. They were born that way, but now they’re like…super big!”

“Do you like to play with them?” the twins asked, still smiling at me with those Jezebel smiles of theirs.

“Oh yeah!” Tiffany answered. “I play with them all the time! I love my puppies!”

“Do you ever let boys play with your puppies?” the twins asked.

“Erm…well, no. I’m not really allowed to have boys over.” she answered.

“Would you ever let Daddy play with them?” they asked.

“Oh yes! Daddy can play with my puppies anytime he wants.” she smiled.

“Good girl.” The twins said as they reached up and gently stroked Tiffany on top of her blonde head. Tiffany began humming and pushing her blonde head up into their hands eagerly in acceptance of their touch.

I didn’t know whether or not this was real or some type of show that the twins and Tiffany had put together for me. I found it hard to believe that Tiffany could actually be as bizarre as she was letting on, but, then again…it was also difficult to believe they could have known where I would lead the conversation. But my knowledge on the behavior of teenage girls was limited, and so I decided to keep my mind open about it. Either way I found it incredibly erotic at the way the twins were presenting her to me. It was like they were priming her for me and me alone.

“So, Tiff…” I said in the hopes she would let me call her that. “Can you tell me about your own sexual history? How many boys have you had sex with?”

Thankfully, she did not protest to me calling her Tiff. It barely mattered, though. I was fairly certain I would be calling her much more degrading things in the near future.

“Um, sure!” she said. “I’ve been with one guy!”

I looked at the twins and then looked to her.

“No way.” I said, in disbelief. “That has to be a lie.”

“It’s true, Daddy!” the twins said. “She’s only had sex with one guy. But…she’s blown two. Right, Tiff?”

“Ya-huh!” she said, smiling proudly.

“That’s still not a lot.” I said. “Wait, have you done anything kinkier that you’re not really counting as ‘real’ sex? You know, like anal or something?”

Tiffany giggled.

“No.” she said with a laugh. “I’ve never done anything else with anyone else!”

“How?” I asked. “How is that possible? I mean, look at you! You’re a beautiful young woman.”

“Oh.” She said. “That’s easy. The first boy I was with was gay.”

This confused the hell out of me.

“Wait…what?” izmir escort I asked.

“Oh it means…he liked guys instead of girls.” Tiffany said.

“Yeah, I know what it means. But if he had sex with you then wouldn’t that make him bi?”

The twins now spoke up.

“Let us explain, Daddy.” They said. “You could technically say he was bi, except he’s never been with a woman besides Tiff. They’ve been broken up for a while now and we see him at school and stuff. I think he even tried to date that girl Kristen, right Tiff?”

“Ya-huh!” Tiffany said. “He told me she didn’t have a mouth like mine. We’re still good friends, but I don’t really like hanging around him anymore. I think after he dated her that’s when he decided he was gay.”

“It’s not a decision, Tiff.” One of the twins said. “He was already gay when you two started going out.”

At this Tiffany scratched her head.

“Oh yeah!” she said, smiling. “My head hurts! Meow!”

“Okay…wait, wait, wait.” I said. “So…this guy is definitely gay, and you two were having sex?”

“We only had sex once! Meow!” Tiffany answered. “But I blew him a bunch of times.”

“If he was gay then how did he stay hard?” I asked of her.

Tiffany hummed out the phrase “I don’t know” as she shrugged her shoulders.

The twins spoke next.

“Tiff, tell Daddy what your nickname is.” They said.

“Oh!” Tiffany said. “It’s BJ Queen!”

“Blowjob Queen?” I asked.

“Ya-huh!” she answered.

“Daddy…” the twins said as they looked at me. “Tiffany’s blowjobs were so good she made a gay guy cum. More than once.”

“Wow.” I said. “That is impressive. Although I suppose it’s not impossible. He could have been imagining it was another man sucking his dick, for example. Not that I mean to belittle your accomplishments or anything like that.”

Tiffany blinked at me repeatedly.

“What’s belittle?” she asked of me. “Is that like a little bee?”

At this point I could not stop the phrase “dumb blonde” from entering my mind. Sadistic as it may seem (more so than I care to admit) the thought of easily manipulating her to do things did turn me on…but the thought of manipulating her into believing things turned me on even more.

“Don’t worry about it.” I said. “What about this other guy you were with?”

“Oh!” she said. “That was Stacie and Kaycee’s idea!”

I turned to the twins for an explanation.

“It’s true, Daddy.” They said. “Tiff had already told us about the sex stuff she would do with Danny. But when we found out he was gay we had to find another guy to test out her blowjob skills.”

“Terry!” Tiffany said, as if she was happy because she knew who the twins were speaking of. “He’s gay, too!”

“No, he’s not, Tiff.” The twins said. “He’s actually bi.”

“Oh, right!” Tiffany said, slapping her forehead. “Wait…what is that again?”

“It means he likes boys and girls.” The twins stated.

“Oh! Right!” Tiffany said, giddily.

“Daddy…we had to see if Tiffany’s blowjobs were really that good, and it turns out…they are.” The twins said. “It was the only way to find out if she would be a good addition to your Fuck Club.”

“You girls really have all this thought out, don’t you?” I asked, looking toward the twins.

“Mhm!” they said, nodding their blonde heads matter-of-factly. “Of course! We’d do anything for you, Daddy…”

They then looked at me with lust in their eyes as they fidgeted with their pigtails and ever so slowly twisted from side to side.

“I think I’ve heard what I need to hear.” I said, taking note of the lust in the twins’ eyes. “Now, since you two are so filled with sexual hunger…why don’t you put on a little show for me and your friends? Daddy still needs more time to recover.”

“Of course, Daddy!” they said, clapping their hands together and smiling as they squealed giddily. “Anything you want!”

I sat back down on the couch, finally, in an effort to regain my stamina as quickly as possible.

“Start by making out, and then I’ll let you two decide from there.”

“Yes, Daddy!” the twins said as they nodded their heads.

All eyes were on the beautiful pair of twin sisters between us as each girl brought her lips to the other and pressed. There, in my living room, we witnessed an impossibly beautiful and identical duo kiss each other in a lovely, incestuous embrace. Their tongues began dancing around each other in a lewd and sexy waltz. It never ceased to amaze me just how far the twins were willing to go, but as I turned my head to gauge the reactions of the other three girls I saw that they were nowhere near as used to the scene as I was. Not that it was something I no longer found sexy as a result of repetition; I’m simply stating that the other girls were completely taken aback. I wondered if I had ever had that look on my face when in the presence of my two twin sluts.

As the twins made out, I addressed the other three girls as I stroked my cock from down on the couch.

“Raise your hand if you’ve ever kissed another girl.” I said.

Tiffany and Amber both raised their hands. The twins stopped kissing momentarily to speak.

“We’ve made out with both Amber and Tiffany, Daddy.” One of the twins said.

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