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Part 1: The Walk

“Hey Will!”

“Hey Rose.”

“Welcome home! I’m so glad you could meet me. Give me a hug and tell me about college. I want to hear everything!”

“Here’s your hug,” Will said, leaning down to wrap his arms around me, pick me up, twirl, and squeeze.

“Oh my God,” I laughed. “Think you cracked a rib. Put me down, you nut!” But I’m smiling and laughing, so happy to see him and his matching grin. He laughs too and kisses the top of my head as we start walking toward the track behind the neighborhood elementary school.

“So, finals were over last week. I aced them, and here I am, unemployed for the summer, gotta find a job.”

“Well, good for you about the grades, not so good about the job. Hey maybe we could both get a job at Sea World. That would be so much fun.”

“Not a bad idea, if one of us had a car.”

“True, but you’re distracting me.”

“How so?”

“I want to hear about the rest of college. The soccer, the parties, the girls, the sex and violence. The good stuff, and no detail is too small.”

Will laughs, takes my hand, brings it up to his heart, and declares with a surprisingly straight face, “You know, I am saving myself for you.”

That earns him a punch, and he’s nearly doubled over laughing.

“Come on, spill the beans, I want details.”

“You have to earn details,” he declares grandly.

So, I peer at him closely and give him a saucy smile, “That just means you didn’t get any.”

“Au contraire,” he loftily smiles and raises a brow. “A gentleman doesn’t tell.”

I’m about to bust him with a “What gentleman is that?” when thunder rumbles and lightning flashes. We’re about two-thirds of the way around the track when the sky opens up and the we’re hit with a deluge of rain.

“Run for the back,” Will points off to mecidiyeköy escort the left and takes off. I’m right behind him, getting soaked and not covering the ground as fast as his long legged stride. You can tell that playing soccer has stood him in good stead. We get to the overhang, and lean against the library door. It’s a good place to wait out the storm.

“Wow! That is some storm! You’re soaked.”

“So are you!”

“Yes, but you have on a white t-shirt! Lovely view!”

Wack, I smack him a good one, and toss back, “A gentleman wouldn’t mention that!”

He quips, “What gentleman and pulls my hand to his lips for a gallant kiss.

“Oh my God Will, you crack me up! I’ve never seen you be anything but a gentleman though. Have you other than making wet t-shirt jokes?”

Will laughs and says, “I’ve been known to bust a move now and then.” And he has the nerve to try to tickle me. I slap his hands, and he evades and renews the attack. Then we’re both sitting on the concrete and he pins me, really going for the tickle spots without mercy.

“Stop, I’m going to pee, if you don’t stop. Willlllll! Stop please!”

“What do I get if I stop?”

“The pleasure of not getting peed on.”

Well, then, how can I resist?” and he leans on an elbow and smiles down at me, very pleased with himself.

I quip back, “How can you resist me?”

But instead of laughing, he looks at me thoughtfully and holds my gaze captive and whispers back, “I can’t” I’ve never been this close to him or seen such a serious look and my heart beat goes triple time. He leans down and slowly, slowly, lowers his lips towards mine. Do I kiss him? Oh my God, what do I do? And then it’s too late, his lips are softly on mine, and it’s the best feeling ever. Butterfly kisses on the corner of my mouth. kağıthane escort Sipping then retreating. Pressing just the lightest bit.

I want more and tell him, “Kiss me!”

“My someone is impatient.” And he kisses me softly and longer, til the heat of my body is going up in flames. Then goes back to sips and fleeting kisses all over my face.

“Will,” I whisper, “Kiss me! Really kiss me! Please.” And then he’s eating at my mouth, going deep, his tongue forays into my mouth playfully rubbing , tangling with mine and retreats before coming back for more.

“Oh God Rose, you taste so good.”

“You do too,” and when I sigh and scoot closer he roles above me and settles his hips between my legs. I can feel the heat of him through his cotton shorts, and he’s hard, and hot. The downpour shields us from prying eyes in a pattering cocoon. All I want is to be closer and feel his weight on me. I reach up and cup his cheeks in my hands, pulling him closer still.

“I want you.”

“Want you more, but Will…” And the thought goes unfinished as he thrusts his cock against my short-clad crotch.

Liquid heat pulls in my private zones. I should stop him now I think, but Will caresses my thigh and pulls my leg up and over his hips. I am a goner. The friction is amazing. Just a minute more… and I can’t help it, I have to pull him closer griping his ass cheeks with each hand. Amazing!

“Rose I want to make love to you.”

“Will, about that, Oh God right there, rub right there. Yes, About that, I haven’t ever really done that… but that feels incredible. God, Kiss me, please.”

But he’s back to teasing me with light kisses all over my face and then he’s biting my neck, and I’m melting into a puddle of need, running my nails over his back. Pulling him tight and hanging beşiktaş escort on for dear life. He’s sneaky though and like an octopus, his hands are wandering. Lifting my wet t-shirt to the white bra beneath. Slipping a finger under the cup to whirl around the nipple. “Will, this probably has gone way too far,” I grip his hand to stop him, and his other hand snakes up the leg of my shorts going for the sweet spot, and rubs. “Holy shit Will,” and his tongue is in my mouth, mating with my tongue. His finger is rubbing my clit in time with the tongue thrusts. Spontaneous combustion R Us!

“Will, we should s-s-s-stop.” But oh my God, it feels good and my hips are flexing. Then it’s my hand up his shorts and Wow, I have his hot, hot flesh filling up my hand. And we’re both octopus hands and it’s amazing. He rubs my clit. I rub the length of his cock from stalk to tip. Feeling his pre-cum on my fingertips. It’s exciting, and new ground, and the rain is slowing down, but we are speeding up. The air soughing through our lips like we’ve run a marathon, and I lick his neck, then nip and gently sink my teeth into his nape.

“Rose, do that again.” So, I do and his hand cups my ass and lifts and he pushes a finger inside me. “Wait, I don’t think…” but Will is thrusting his finger in and out of my pussy and the tension is unbearable.

I tell him so, and he smiles, and says, “ok, let’s try this,” and thrusts a second finger inside me and starts pumping hard and fast.

I can’t breathe. “You should stop. Don’t stop. Oh God! Will,” and I’m seeing stars. I sob into his mouth, shuddering and shaking. His cum coating my hand. I can feel convulsions quivering through his dick. I keep stroking til they stop, then pull my hand from his shorts and lick my fingers clean one at a time. Will watches with avid gaze, petting me and licking his fingers clean too. He rolls to his side and spoons me, kissing my forehead as we try to catch our breath.

“Wow!” I say, “That was amazing.” I can’t believe we just did that in front of the school.”

Will laughs and kisses me gently. “You’re fun to go walking with!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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